Gleaner Extracts 1869

Gleaner Extracts 1869

01-07-1869 George Walker, of Godmanchester, married Jane Wallace, daughter of James Wallace, Esq., Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Lockhead.

01-15-1869 Robert Elder, Elgin Township, married Margaret Buckham, Elgin Township, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Mr. Lockhead.

01-25-1869 Patrick W. Higgins, married Bridget Ellen Leahy, only daughter of William Leahy, Esq., all of St Anicet, At St Anicet, by Rev. L.D.Laferriere.

01-27-1869 J. S. Boulter, of Chateauguay, married Lizzie Gebbie, second daughter of Thomas Gebbie, Esq., merchant, Howick Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C.M McKeracher.

02-04-1869 Thomas Milne, married Sophie Bradford, daughter of the late Christopher Charles Bradford, at the house of Mr. James Bisset, in Huntingdon, by Rev. James Watson.

02-16-1869 Hugh Walsh, of Durham, married Kate Campbell, youngest daughter of Mr. Neil Campbell, of North Georgetown, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

02-13-1869 Mary McKellar, wife of William Grant, North Georgetown, Aged 64 years. A native of North Esdaile, Argyleshire, Scotland.

02-13-1869 Major John Harvey, died, at LaGuerre, Parish of St Anicet, Aged 78 years . The deceased was about one of the first settlers in the Parish of St Anicet. He died on the 56? year of his marriage with the present Widow. His loss is deeply regretted by a fairy large circle of relatives and Friends.

02-16-1869 Helen Amelia Patterson, youngest daughter of Rev. James Patterson, at the Manse, Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 15 months.

03-02-1869 The wife of Alexander Cameron Elder, in Dundee Que, a son.

(Not dated) Merideth Johnston, pensioner, died in his residence, Herdman's corners, Hinchinbrook. Deceased was a native of county Armagh, Ireland.

12-06-1868 Catherine Downs, Widow of the late Robert Corbett, Huntingdon PQ, died at Montreal, Aged 63 years,

03-09-1869 Thomas Crawford, of Burke, New York, married Isabella Johnston, Elgin Township PQ, at Malone N.Y., by Rev. Samuel Call.

03-10-1869 John Fraser, Farmer, married Annie Ferguson, both of Dundee Quebec, at the bride's father residence, by Rev. D. Ross.

03-16-1869 Duncan McGregor Moody, married Elizabeth Aubrey, both of Dundee Quebec, at the bride's mothers,

02-15-1869 Andri Ann McNaughton, wife of Thomas Sanders, died at Havlock,Que., Aged 31 years 11 month's.

03-09-1869 Robert Dunsmore, died in his residence in Godmanchester, Aged 74 years. Deceased was a native of the county Donegal, Ireland,. Was one of the oldest settlers in the Township of Godmanchester, having emigrated to Canada in 1823.

03-24-1869 The wife of J. Morrison, Esq. at Huntingdon, a daughter.

03-22-1869 The wife of Andrew Wilson, at Athelstan,Que, a son.

03-23-1869 Alexander McFarlane, died at the residence of his Brother, Daniel McFarlane Sr. ElginTownship PQ Aged 87 years. Late Farmer of Braecessintully, near Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland.

03-24-1869 Elizabeth Moore, Relict of the Late James Walker, Esq., died at her residence, in Godmanchester, Aged 78 years. The dceased was a native of Sligo, Ireland.

03-28-1869 Aurlie Ranville, wife of Donald Mc Edward, died at the parish of St Anicet, Aged 34 years.

04-09-1869 The wife of Rev. J White, at the Manse, Wakefield, a son.

04-07-1869 William Stewart, married Christina Campbell, only daughter of the late Archibald Campbell, Esq., all of South Georgtown, at South Georgtown, by Rev. JC Muir, DD.

04-06-1869 James McCord, married Janet McDonald, both of Dundee Que, at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. D. Ross.

03-29-1869 Sarah Henderson, wife of the late Frederick Broder, died at her residence in Franklin Quebec, after a protracted illness, Aged 76 years.

04-10-1869 Christina McIntosh, Relict of the Late John McIntosh, Elgin Township Quebec, died, Aged 90 years, deceased was a native of Inverness-shire, Scotland.

02-18-1869 John McIntosh, died, Aged 57 years.

04-20-1869 John Johnston, married Margaret Herdman, eldest daughter of Arthur Herdman, Esq., in the Township of Hinchinbrook, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

04-07-1869 James Watt, died at the third concession of South Georgtown, Aged 84 years. The dceased was a native of the Parish of Ribbon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

04-19-1869 The wife of Theodore Wallis, at Elgin Township, a son.

(Not dated) Mrs. Spink, Widow of the late John Spink, died at the residence of her son, on Bittern Island, Dundee Quebec, Aged 62 years

04-26-1869 William Burns, died at a Hinchinbrook, Aged 84 years.

05-07-1869 The wife of J. B. Stott, Elgin Township Quebec, a son.

05-05-1869 Edward Boyce, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 81 years.

05-15-1869 Mrs. Robert McNarland, New Ireland Quebec, a daughter.

(Not dated) Samuel Clark, married Jane Black, both of the Parish of St Anicet, at the Manse, Dundee Quebec, by the Rev. D. Ross.

05-12-1869 Christina McDougal, Relict of the Late John McDougal, died at Ormstown, Aged 77 years. She was a native of Scotland.

05-04-1869 Eliza Ann Waller, wife of Andrew Lauder, (at present in California) died at Rockburn Quebec, Aged 43 years 06 months.

05-16-1869 James Bisset, died in the village of Huntingdon, deceased was a native of AberdeenScotland. (Cause of death, inflammation of the lungs)

05-27-1869 The wife of Henry Genier, at Port Lewis Quebec, a son.

05-26-1869 James McGregor, Miller, married Annie Jane March, daughter of Charles March, Esq., Trout River lines, New York, by the Rev. Andrew Miller, at his residence, Malone New York.

06-08-1869 Francis M. Speirs, died at Huntingdon, Aged 20 years.

06-15-1869 William Roger, Ormstown Quebec, married Ann Stewart, Jamestown, in Huntingdon, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

06-04-1869 Agnes Orr, Widow of the late James Knox, died at English River, Aged 58 years.

(Not dated) John Murphy, died at the second concession of Williamstown, County of Chateauguay, Aged 65 years.

06-10-1869 Rev. James McKenzie, Minister of the Free Abby Church, Dunfermline, Scotland, died Aged 52 years.

07-05-1869 Mrs. D. J. McRae, merchants at Dundee Village, a son.

07-06-1869 James Park, Esq., merchant, Montreal Quebec, married Maggie B. Cross, at the residence of the bride's father, George Cross, Esq. Ormstown Quebec, by Rev. W. C. Clarke, assisted by Rev. Joshua Fraser, of Montreal.

07-06-1869 Rev. William C. Clarke, Ormstown, married Mary Hargrave Walsh, at the residence of the bride's Brother, R. N. Walsh, Esq., merchant, Ormstown Quebec, by the Rev. Joshua Fraser, assisted by the Rev. James Patterson.

07-02-1869 Janet Mills, daughter of James Mills, Esq., died at Ormstown Quebec, Aged 20 years.

06-28-1869 Charlotte Isadora Caine, wife of A Branchaud, advocate, died at Huntingdon.

07-04-1869 William McLean, grocer, died at Huntingdon Quebec, Aged 50 years. A native of County Tyrone, Ireland.

07-05-1869 William Ogelvie, died at North Georgetown, eldest son of Mr. James Ogelvie, farmer, North Georgetown, died, Aged 22 years.

06-19-1869 Joseph Arthur, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 68 years.

07-12-1869 The wife of James Burke, Esq., in Hemmingford Quebec, a daughter.

06-01-1869 Charles K. Hardy, of Keene, married Matilda L. Douglas, daughter of Dr. Robert Douglas, Huntingdon Quebec, by Rev. J. W. Brown.

07-05-1869 John McMullen, Blytheswood, Ontario, married Ellen Douglas, daughter of Benjamin Douglas, Huntingdon Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. T. J. Williams.

07-12-1869 David White, Trout River, Godmanchester, married Rebecca Buckham Elder, eldest daughter of the late John Elder, Esq. in the township of Elgin, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

07-13-1869 Donald Finlayson, Esq., St Urbain, married Mary Jane White, only daughter of William White, Esq., Jamestown Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

07-21-1869 Alexander Kirkpatrick, of Montreal, married Lizzie Douglas, daughter of Robert Douglas, of Huntingdon Quebec, in St. John's Church, by Rev. W. T. Early.

07-13-1869 Andrew Greig, youngest son of Andrew Greig, Farmer, died at Williamstown, Chateauguay County, Aged 09 years 10 months 13 days.

07-10-1869 Henry Foster, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 75 years. Deceased was a native of County Sligo, Ireland.

07-24-1869 The wife of John Tyo, Inn keeper, at Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

07-23-1869 The wife of John White Jr., at Godmanchester, a son.

07-20-1869 John Vance, of Hamilton ON, married Christina Elder, daughter of David Elder, Esq., of the township of Elgin,PQ , in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, by Rev. T. G. Williams.

07-24-1869 John D. Fraser, died at Dundee Quebec, Aged 30 years.

07-22-1869 John McMaster Sr. died at Dundee Quebec, at an advanced age.

(Not Dated) William Cameron, Farmer, married Jean Stirrat, third daughter of William Stirrat,Esq, all of Dundee,Que. At the brides fathers, by Rev Donald Ross.

08-05-1869 John Weatherstone,of Ormstown, married Eliza Jellis, of Huntingdon, at Huntingdon, by Rev A Wallace.

08-13-1869 The wife of Rev James Patterson, at Hemmingford, a Daughter.

08-14-1869 The wife of A McKenzie, at the Parish of St Anicet, a daughter.

08-06-1869 The wife of Hugh McLean Jr., of the Parish of St Anicet, a daughter.

08-10-1869 John Patterson, Miller, married Hattie Berry, of Fort Covington, at Fort Covington NY, by Rev. Mr. Briggs.

08-20-1869 The wife of John Cameron, (Skye) at Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

08-20-1869 The wife of Angus McMaster, (Beaver), at Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

08-22-1869 Mrs. Barr, wife of Hugh Barr, Esq., died at Hillside, Trout River Quebec, Aged 70 years.

08-11-0869 Amelia Sayers, beloved wife of John Beach senior, died, at South Hinchinbrook, Aged 64 years.

08-28-1869 The wife of PW Leehy, a son.

08-25-1869 William John Whyte, youngest son of John Whyte Jr., Godmanchester , died Aged 04 weeks 06 days.

08-17-1869 Edward Robert Smellie, died at Virden Illinois, only child of Robert and Minnie Smellie, Aged 10 months, 29 days.

08-30-1869 Marion Gordon McCaskiel, died at Howick Quebec, Aged 72 years. A native of the Isle of Syke, Scotland and the beloved wife of Thomas Henderson, teacher.

08-26-1869 Robert Allan, died at his late place of residence, Jamestown, County of Chateauguay, Aged 73 years . He was a native of Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and early settler on the banks of the Chateauguay.

09-01-1869 David McClaren, Esq., Fitsroy Harbor, Ontario, married Sarah A Chalmers, of Huntingdon Quebec, at the Manse, Wakefield, by the Rev. Joseph White, assisted by Rev. William McClaren.

08-22-1869 At Silver City, Territory of Nevada, U.S., of typhoid fever, third son of Peter McNaughton, Farmer, of Newfoundout, Aged 23 years. Great sympathy is felt for the bereaved family, who received the news of his death three days after the first announcement of his illness. He was in the United States less than six months. He was held in much esteem for his quiet, generous, obliging disposition,.

09-03-1869 Ann Ramplin, wife of James Whithall, died at Ormstown Quebec, Aged 76 years.

09-15-1869 Samuel Ernest Ames, son of Fisher Ames, Esq., Franklin Quebec, married Jessie Cain, daughter of David Cain, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers, Wisleyan minister.

(Not dated) James H. McClatchie, merchant, Powerscourt, married Sarah Lunan, daughter of Alexander Lunan, Esq., Godmanchester, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers, Wisleyan minister.

09-24-1869 The wife of Michael Bannon, Esq., at Dundee Quebec, a son.

(Not dated) William Cameron, Farmer, married Jean Stirrat, third daughter of William Stirrat, Esq., all of Dundee Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Donald Ross.

10-05-1869 John Weatherstone, of Ormstown, married Eliza Jellis, of Huntingdon, at Huntingdon, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

10-13-1869 The wife of Rev. J. Patterson, of Hemmingford, a daughter.

10-09-1869 The wife of A.A. Fergusson, at Franklin center, a daughter.

10-13-1869 Clarinda Patenaude, eldest daughter of Maxime Patenaude, died, at Stockwell Quebec, Aged 08 years 08 months 10 days.

10-26-1869 William Whittal, St Lewis de Gongague, married Agnes Beattie, third daughter of John Beattie, of St Stanislas, at Huntingdon Quebec, by the Rev. Alexander Wallace.

10-19-1869 Euphemia Campbell, third daughter of Neil Campbell, died at North Georgetown, Aged 24 years.

10-19-1869 Margaret Leslie, beloved wife of Alexander McGregor, died at LaGuerre Quebec.

10-26-1869 Francis Stephen, Esq., merchant, married Helen Maria Davidson, eldest daughter of Alexander Davidson, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, 63 McGill college Avenue, Montreal, by Rev. Alex Young.

11-02-1869 The wife of Rev. T. G. Williams, a daughter.

11-04-1869 James Henry Seely, Elgin Township, married Mary Pringle, only daughter of William Pringle, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. T. G. Williams.

11-01-1869 Albert D. Gifford, of Stockholm NY, married Ellen Gorham Tate, eldest daughter of David Tate, of Covey Hill Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. Hawthorne.

11-02-1869 Mary McDonald, fourth daughter of Charles McDonald, died at Jamestown, Aged 12 years 05 months 11 days

11-16-1869 The wife of E. D. Phillips, Esq. , collector of Customs at Dundee Village, a son.

11-02-1869 George W. Lind, son of the late Rev. Adam Lind, Whitehill, Scotland , died at Skelmuiur, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Aged 38 years, brother-in-law to Rev. J. Watson of this Village.

11-12-1869 Alexander Rennie Sr., died at his residence in Hinchinbrook, Aged 70 years 10 months 23 days.

11-17-1869 Nichol Porteous, died at St Lewis de Gongague, Aged 66 years, native of Northumberland, England.

11-22-1869 Ellen Smith, eldest daughter of the late John Smith, of Dundee Quebec, died at Fort Covington NY, Aged 23 years.

11-23-1869 William Johnston, Hinchinbrook, married Ellen Brims, daughter of Daniel Brims, Esq., Elgin Township Quebec, at West Roxbury, MA, by Rev. Mr. Perkins.

11-25-1869 Janet McFarlane, wife of Peter Horn, died in Elgin Township, Aged 76 years 02 months 12 days. A native of the parish of Port of Montieth, Perthshire, Scotland.

11-29-1869 Alexander Ford, died, in Columbus, Kentucky, U.S. Aged 28 years 10 months, formerly of this place.

12-04-1869 Annie Baker, wife of Jacob Wade, died at Dundee Quebec, Aged 77 years.

12-05-1869 Christina Wright, beloved wife of William Cross, Esq., died at Beauharnois.

12-07-1869 William Maitland, teacher, died at South Georgtown, Aged 44 years, native of Campsie, Scotland.

12-28-1869 James Hunter, married Isabella Turner, both of the Parish of St Etienne, at Durham, Ormstown, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.