Gleaner Extracts 1868

Gleaner Extracts 1868

01-02-1868 James Biggar, of Godmanchester, married Annie Crutchfield, Jamestown Quebec, by Rev. J. W. Wilson.

01-07-1868 Thomas Clyde, Keokuk, Iowa, married Marion Wallace Lumsden, youngest daughter of Alexander Lumsden, Esq., at Athelstan,Que., by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

01-22-1868 Duncan Sinclair, married Annie Rankin, both of St Anicet, by the Rev. Mr. Wallace.

01-01-1868 Josias Moore, married Alice Bustard, eldest daughter of John Bustard, Esq., both of Havlock,Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. Bond.

01-16-1868 Jonathan S. Priest, Esq., married James Cameron, both of Franklin Quebec, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, by Rev. S. Bond.

01-11-1868 William McCracken, died at Lowell MA, Aged 60 years , deceased was a long resident of this village.

01-15-1868 John W. McIntyre, son of the late Hugh McIntyre, Parish of St Anicet, died in Newfoundland, Aged 31 years 10 months

01-19-1866 Alexander Pringle, died in Hinchinbrook.

(Not dated) The wife of Donald Stewart, of St Anicet, a son.

01-20-1868 Lewis Fortune, Druggist, married Teresa Estella Ward, youngest daughter of Owen Eugene Ward, Esq., Clinton, Louisiana, at the residence of James Fortune, Esq., Mayor of the municipality of Huntingdon, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

01-20-1868 James Pringle, married Elizabeth Adeline Jellis, of Huntingdon, at the River Outarde, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

01-23-1868 John Rogers, died, at Jamestown Island, Aged, about 70 years.

02-04-1868 Findlay Wilson, married Susan E. Priest, both of Franklin Quebec, at the Wesleyen Parsonage, by Rev. S. Bond.

02-02-1868 Agnes Braidwood, Relict of the Late John Braidwood, of Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 81 years.

01-31-1868 Catherine Currie, wife of Malcolm Campbell, died, at Durham, Ormstown, Aged 45 years, a native of the Island of Islay, Argyleshire, Scotland.

02-10-1868 Alexander McFee, died at Havelock Quebec, Aged 67 years, a native of Inverness-shire, Scotland.

02-14-1868 The wife of Hugh Graham, Netherby, Huntingdon Quebec, a daughter.

02-16-1868 Gerrard Fennell, died at his residence in Hinchinbrook, Aged 73 years, deceased was a native of county Wicklow, Ireland.

02-10-1868 William Thompson, died at his residence in Hinchinbrook, Aged 79 years , a native of Cumberland, England

02-19-1868 Robert Long, married Jane Jack, both of the Chateauguay Basin, at the resident of the bride's mother, by the Rev. F. Sym.

02-25-1868 William Rice, married Agnes White, both of Ormstown Quebec, at the Manse, Durham, by the Rev. W. C. Clarke.

02-19-1868 P. B. Martin, of Montreal Quebec, married Mary Wilson, Valleyfield Que., eldest daughter of Hugh Wilson, Valleyfield Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Walter Coulthard.

02-10-1868 Mary Stewart, only daughter of Andrew and Mary Stewart, wife of John McFarlane, died, at Detroit MI, formerly of the township of Elgin Quebec, Aged 23 years 06 months.

02-13-1868 Roderick McKenzie, died at Howick, English River, Aged 53 years, a native of Ross-shire, Scotland.

03-03-1868 David Kee, married Mary Helena Rice, both of Ormstown Quebec, at the Manse, Durham, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

02-21-1868 Jane Tilford, died at the residence of her son-in-law, William Robson, Hinchinbrook, Aged 97 years , a native of Cumberland England, deceased has been a resident of this country for almost half a century.

02-27-1868 William Freeland, son of James Freeland of Godmanchester, died near Durham Village, on Thursday morning, caused by the fall of a tree while working in the woods, Aged 32 years.

03-10-1868 James K. Edwards, Esq., M.A., of the Toronto Globe, married Kate McFee, second daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Alexander McFee, at Havlock,Que., by Rev. William Masson.

03-03-1868 George Bustard, married Margaret McCort, both of Havlock,Que., at Havelock, by Rev. Mr. Fulton, M.A., incumbent.

03-10-1868 Daniel Cameron, died at Dundee Quebec , Aged 17 years 04 months, nephew of Mr. D.M Cameron.

03-07-1868 Matilda Black, third daughter of Alexander Black, died, at Allans Corners, Aged 19 years.

03-07-1868 Thomas Lanktree, son of John Lanktree, Elgin Township, died Aged 01 year 03 months.

03-19-1868 William Gordon, Farmer, died in the parish of St Anicet, Aged 65 years, a native of Nairnshire, Scotland. He was much esteemed and devoted Elder of the Presbyterian church, at LaGuerre.

03-09-1868 Agnes McIntosh, oldest daughter of Robert McIntosh, died at Ormstown, Aged 05 years 10 months.

03-25-1868 The wife of L. M. Livingston, of Montreal, at Valleyfield Que., a daughter.

03-19-1868 James Stewart, of Detroit MI, married Annie Young, youngest daughter of John Young, Esq., Millbank Place, Renfrewshire, Scotland, at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, Joseph Johnston, Esq., at New Orleans LA, by the Rev. Dr. Palmer.

03-30-1868 Charles Murphy, son of Patrick Murphy, at Huntingdon, died, Aged 03 years.

03-27-1868 Annie Erskine, Widow of the late William King, of Elgin Township,PQ died, in the house of her son, Thomas King, Elgin Township, Aged , 90 years, Known long and widely as, Granny King, she was greatly respected.

03-31-1868 The wife of Thomas Beattie, of Elgin Township Quebec, a daughter.

04-02-1868 Jessi Gordon, wife of John Cameron, youngest daughter of John Gordon, Esq., English River, died at Durham Village, Ormstown, Aged 34 years.

03-26-1868 George Wilkinson, died at Durham, Ormstown, Aged 89 years.

04-11-1868 William Baird, died at the residence of his father, Mr. Samuel Baird, Jamestown, Aged 31 years, of the firm of W. and T. Baird, Durham.

04-11-1868 Rosina Aird Speirs, died at Huntingdon, Aged 24 years.

04-15-1868 Margaret Lowery, wife of the late Alexander Cowan, died at her residence, in Godmanchester, Aged 57 years. The funeral will take place from her residence on Friday the 17th at 1:00, friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend without further notice.

04-14-1868 I.R. Baker, son of the late G. W. Baker, married M Flavie Brauchaud, youngest daughter of J. B. Brauchaud, both of the town of Beauharnois, at Beauharnois,Que.

04-17-1868 Euphemia Wright, Relict of the Late John Smith, died at Ormstown Quebec, at the advance Age of 88 years

04-16-1868 Michael Connelly, died at Durham, Aged 64 years.

04-13-1868 Isabella G. Barrett Graham, eldest daughter of Duncan Graham, died, at North Georgetown, Aged 02 yrs 06 mo.

04-07-1868 Mr. J. K. Speirs, formerly of Montreal, married , Marion H. Mass, of Galveston, Texas, at the residence of Mr. N Mayburn, in Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas.

04-25-1868 Mary S. Morrison, beloved wife of Alexander McMartin, died at Beauharnois.

04-25-1868 Francis Walker Sherriff Whyte, youngest son of W. L. Whyte, died, at North Georgetown, Aged 03 yrs 07 mo.

04-23-1868 The wife of William Clegg, at Elgin Township Quebec, a daughter.

04-30-1868 Agnes Henderson, died at the residence of her son, Hugh Symons, at St Lewis de Gongague, Aged 84 years, a native of Paisley, Scotland.

05-05-1868 The wife of Thomas Dalgliesh, at LaGuerre, a son.

05-12-1868 Dr. R. W. Cantwell, of Montreal Quebec, married Mattie M. Smith, daughter of the late Honorable H. B. Smith, of Montreal Quebec, at the residence of the bride's mother, in Chateauguay New York, by the Rev.A.M. Miller.

05-19-1868 John Helm, Elgin Township Quebec, married Christina Anderson, daughter of the late Alexander Anderson, farmer, Hinchinbrook, at the bride's mother's house, by Rev. James Watson.

05-15-1868 Agnes King, wife of James Hamilton, farmer, died, it Hinchinbrook, Aged 66 years.

05-18-1868 Mrs. Isabella McMaster, wife of Archibald McMaster, Esq., Godmanchester, died, Aged 63 years, deceased was a native of the Parish of Kilmailie, near Fort William, Invernesshire, Scotland.

05-28-1868 David Russell, died in Elgin Township, Aged 63 years, a native of Cumbernauld,Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

05-30-1868 Erwin Bell, died in Elgin Township Quebec, Aged about 73 years.

06-01-1868 Frederick S. Proper, Esq., of her Majesty's Customs, married Adelia Scriver, both of Hemmingford Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, William Scriver, Esq., by Rev. J. A. Gordon, Wesleyan Minister.

06-05-1868 Ann Hunter, eldest daughter of Jean Hunter, of Howick, English River, died at Montreal, Aged 21 years

06-17-1868 Thomas Helm, married Christina Hosie Elder, second daughter of the late John Elder, Esq., at her mother's residence, Trout River, Elgin Township Quebec, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

06-07-1868 Mrs. Robert Johnston, North Burke,N.Y. a daughter.

06-18-1868 Henry Thompson, married Katharine Baird Jamieson, second daughter of William Jamieson, Esq., at Hinchinbrook, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

06-25-1868 The wife of James Steele, Esq., at South Georgtown, a daughter.

06-25-1868 The wife of France's Robinson, Tullochgorum, a son, (still Born)

06-25-1868 Robert Robertson, Farmer, South Georgtown, married Margaret Kerr Currie, eldest daughter of William Currie, Esq., of English River, by Rev. William Taylor, D.D..

07-05-1868 Andrew McKenzie, married Catherine McIntyre, both of the parish of St Anicet, at the Manse, Dundee Que, by Rev. Donald Ross.

07-05-1868 William Smallman, Farmer, Dundee Quebec, died, Aged 65 years.

06-30-1868 Duncan Graham, died at North Georgetown, Aged 41 years.

07-18-1868 The wife of Joseph Hinerth, a daughter.

07-16-1868 John Stewart, Farmer, Howick Quebec, married B. Brown, eldest daughter of James Brown, Farmer, St. Martine Quebec, at the Presbyterian Church South Georgtown, by Rev. Dr. Muir.

07-06-1868 Edith Boyd Ross, infant daughter of Alexander Ross, Esq., died at East Saginaw MI.

07-15-1868 Hugh Bowis, died at Elgin Township Quebec, Aged 80 years, deceased was a native of Newton Airds, County Down, Ireland.

08-02-1868 William Hunter, Tinsmith, died in Huntingdon Quebec, Aged 55 years. In recording the death of Mr. Hunter, we would intimate that he was one of the oldest in this part of the country, his father having come to reside in this neighborhood 47 years ago. The deceased was long and favorably known. He passes away from our midst amid universal regret, leaving a widow and a small family to mourn his loss.

08-03-1868 Simon Rennie, of Hatley, married Elizabeth Fossburg, youngest daughter of William Fossburg, of Howick Quebec, at Christ Church, Franklin Quebec, by Rev. James Fulton, M. A, incumbent.

08-09-1868 Infant son of E P. Wallace, died in Godmanchester, Aged 02 months 16 days.

08-04-1868 Donald McLaren, of Montreal Quebec, married Ann Robina McDiarmid second daughter of James McDiarmid, Esq., Farmer, Havlock,Que., at Morning Side Farm, Covey Hill, Quebec, by Rev. William Hawthorne.

08-14-1868 Adam Dodds, Carpenter, died in Huntingdon Quebec.

08-17-1868 Elizabeth Allan, wife of Alexander Henry, Watchmaker, died in Huntingdon, Aged 54 years. Deceased was a native of Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

08-22-1868 Thomasina Sellar, only child of the late Thomas Sellar, died at Montreal, Aged 09 months 17 days.

08-23-1868 Mrs. James Davidson, at Dundee Village Quebec, a son.

08-27-1868 The wife of William A. Fraser, at Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

08-24-1868 The wife of Mr. P. Murphy, at Huntingdon Quebec, a son.

08-28-1868 George Hunter, died in Godmanchester Township, Aged 57 years.

08-28-1868 Charles Dewitt, died at Dewittville, Quebec, Aged 72 years 11 months.

09-01-1868 D. M. Cameron, married Mary Isabella Smith, second daughter of the late J. H. Smith, formerly collector of Customs, at the custom house, Trout River Quebec, by Rev. Mr. Ross.

08-31-1868 The wife of John S. Rutherford, at South Georgtown, a son.

08-05-1868 Maggie Mena Ross, third daughter of Thomas B. Ross, formerly of Huntingdon, died, at Pleasant Valley, Nebraska, U.S. Aged 03 years 07 months.

09-23-1868 Mary Muir, second daughter of Matthew Muir, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 23 years.

(Not dated) James Cottingham, Durham, married Elizabeth Gardner, daughter of James Gardner, Hinchinbrook, at St. John's Church, Huntingdon, by Rev. William Brethour, assisted by Rev. W. T. Early.

09-25-1868 James Stewart, of Godmanchester, died accidentally, drowned in the Beauharnois Canal, near St. Timothe, farmer, and cattle dealer, Aged 51 years , deceased was a native of Antrim County, Ireland.

10-06-1868 The wife of William Third, at Vankleek Hill, a son.

10-19-1868 The wife of Jonas Spencer, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

10-01-1868 James Harvey Fulton, M.D., CM, formerly of Winchester, Que. married Lizzie Avise Pollica, daughter of Peter Pollica, Esq., Franklin, Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers.

08-29-1868 Margaret Pace, beloved wife of James McGilvray, died, at Willow Creek, County of Bruce, Ontario, Aged 31 years.

10-19-1868 Elizabeth Wallis, daughter of the late Capt. Wallis, died at Elgin Township, Que., Aged 54 years.

10-22-1868 John Hastie's Sr, died, on the fourth concession of North Georgetown, Aged 67 years. Deceased was a native of Berwickshire, Scotland.

10-18-1868 The wife of John Blachford, at Boyd Settlement, a son.

11-04-1868 John Stark, of Godmanchester, married Isabella Elder, daughter of David Elder, Esq., Elgin Township Quebec, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. James Watson.

10-25-1868 Mary Campbell, Relict of the Late Hugh McKellar, died at Ormstown, Aged 84 years a native of Argyleshire, Scotland.

11-09-1868 James G. Hayes, of Chicago IL, married Annie S. Dunlop, third daughter of Daniel Dunlop, Hemmingford Quebec, at the Manse, by Rev. James Patterson.

11-14-1868 David Milne, died at his residence, in the village of Huntingdon, Aged 77 years 08 months.

12-04-1868 Of interest, (notwithstanding the complaints with regards to closing the post office at Herdman's corners, nothing has been done towards re-opening it)..

12-07-1868 The wife of John McIntosh, Godmanchester, a daughter.

12-05-1868 Aaron Priest, Moore Town, New York, married Agnes Arthur, daughter of Joseph Arthur, Hinchinbrook, at Huntingdon, by Rev. James Watson, (with license).

12-06-1868 Catherine Corbett, Widow of the late Mr. Robert Corbett, of Huntingdon, Canada East, died at Montreal general hospital, Aged 63 years.

12-01-1868 William McArthur, died at Howick Quebec, Aged 78 years , formerly of Glasgow Scotland.

12-10-1868 Jonathan Sparrow, of New Ireland Quebec, married Margaret Henderson, youngest daughter of Mr. Samuel Henderson, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, at Durham, by Rev. William Brethour.

12-23-1868 Thomas March, died at the residence of his son, at Trout River, Elgin Township, Quebec Aged 87 years. A native of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland.

12-02-1868 Edward Farr, died at Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 87 years. The deceased, (a Chelsea pensioner) was a native of Antrim, Ireland. And entered the service of the royal artillery in 1805, and served in the same corps 28 years as a sergeant, in the following places, England, Ireland, Malta, Messina,. His remains were followed to the grave by several veteran pensioners, some of whom notwithstanding the severity of the day, came from a considerable distance to honor the remains of on old comrade.

12-28-1868 Norman McDonnell, died, at Dundee Quebec, deceased for a long-term of years was secretary to the Dundee council.

12-23-1868 Esther, Relict of the Late David Russell, died in Elgin Township, Aged 63 years.