Gleaner Extracts 1867

Gleaner Extracts 1867

06-13-1867 The wife of Angus Colquhoun, at Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

05-30-1867 The wife of Robert Lumsden, at Athelstan,Que., a son.

06-17-1867 Alexander Anderson, Esq., Valleyfield Que. married Cornelia Shuyler, eldest daughter of Stephen H. Shuyler, Esq., of Huntingdon. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

06-10-1867 James Johnston, eldest son of the late James Johnston, in Hinchinbrook, Aged 31 years.

06-21-1867 John Sangster, died in Ormstown, Aged 80 years. Deceased was a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and one of the oldest settlers in Chateauguay.

07-04-1867 Isabella Anderson, wife of James Henderson, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 41 years, deceased was a devout Christian and died in the faith of her savior. The funeral will take place on Saturday from the residence of her husband, at 10:00 a.m..

07-09-1867 Mrs. George McFarlane, at Elgin Township, a daughter.

07-02-1867 Noel McCrea, of Beach Ridge, married Janet Gordon, second daughter of Robert Gordon, Esq., Hinchinbrook, at the Evangelical Union Parsonage, by Rev. George Anderson.

07-09-1867 Ellen Paul, wife of Thomas Biggar, died in Godmanchester, Aged 45 years.

07-07-1867 James Kilgour Graham, only son of Hugh Graham, Esq., died at Netherby, Hinchinbrook, Aged 08 years, much regretted by all who knew him.

07-11-1867 Elizabeth Greig, the wife of Robert Ness Jr., died at Howick Quebec.

07-12-1867 The son of Robert McNarlin, died in New Ireland,PQ Aged 01 year 07 months.

07-25-1867 Horatio Mills, married Mary E. Cain, eldest daughter of W. Cain, all of Franklin, by Rev. S. Bond.

07-04-1867 Hannah Moore, died at the residence of her son-in-law, James Cairns, Jamestown, Aged 88 years, deceased was a native of Belfast, Ireland,

07-27-1867 William Gruer, died at South Georgtown, on the 27th, and Jane Elspeth Gruer, died, on the 29th, children of Robert Gruer and Agnes Hamilton, in the 09 month of their age.

07-27-1867 Joseph John Charles Hennith, only son of Joseph Hennith, died at Huntingdon, Aged 03 months.

08-12-1867 The wife of Rev. William Cochran, at the Manse, Elgin Township Quebec, a son.

08-08-1867 William Wilson, Athelstan,Que, married Ada Seely, fourth daughter of John Seely, Elgin Township Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. Huntingdon.

08-20-1867 Edward Banlne, farmer, married Clemence LeBlank, both of St Anicet, at St Anicet, by Rev Joseph Auguste Chevallier, of Montreal.

(Not Dated) Duncan McNicol, died at his residence in the parish of St Anicet, at an advance Age, 94 years.

08-27-1867 Hannah Spencer, relict of the late Jonas Spencer, died in Huntingdon, Aged, about 84 years. The deceased was one of the oldest settlers in this part of the country, having, along with her husband, come into it about the year 1817 from the state of New York. Their place of residence was near to the Trout River lines, where she has since lived till within the last four months.

08-27-1867 The wife of Donald Mc Edward, Esq., farmer, at LaGuirre, Parish of St Anicet, a son.

08-29-1867 Williams Third, Esq., merchant, Huntingdon, Canada East, married Jannie McKillican, youngest daughter of Robert McKillican, Esq., Vanleek Hill, Canada West. At the residence of Alexander Rose, Esq., 338 Dorchester Street, Montreal, by Rev. Dr. Taylor.

08-27-1867 Hiram Seely, married Cornelia Johnson, both of Elgin Township, at the residence of James Johnson, Esq., uncle of the bride, by Rev. S. Huntingdon.

08-29-1867 William Gregory Dunning, of Clarence, Quebec. Married Annie Eliza Seely, daughter of Hiram Seely, Elgin Township Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Huntingdon.

08-31-1867 Samuel Hough, of Montreal, married Ruth Destan, second daughter of John Destan, Huntingdon Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Huntingdon.

09-10-1867 The wife of Mr. A McCollum, at Huntingdon Quebec, a son.

09-13-1867 John C. Lockerby, married Elizabeth C. Kilgour, youngest daughter of John Kilgour, of Jamestown, at Durham, Ormstown, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

09-18-1867 Alexander Blair, Esq., married Lizzie Anthony, daughter of Francis Anthony, J.P., Franklin Quebec, at Covey Hill, by Rev. A Sim.

09-30-1867 The wife of Anderson Ravel, Esq., registrar of Huntingdon, a son.

09-15-1867 The wife of A.A. Fergusson, at Franklin Quebec, a daughter.

10-01-1867 James Birkett, Esq., Ottawa ON, married Harriet Armstrong, of Trout River Lines, New York, at the residence of Mrs. Henderson, Elgin Township, by Rev. Mr. Huntingdon,

10-01-1867 Mr. L. Prentice, Brandon, New York, married Ellen Wallace, eldest daughter of James Wallace, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

09-21-1867 The wife of Duncan McRae, while on a visit to the residence of her son, in Cornwall, Ontario, died, Aged 73 years, the deceased resided on the first concession of Dundee Que .

09-27-1867 Gilbert Dunlop, a resident of Dundee Que , died, at the residence of William Stirret, Aged, about 70 years, deceased was an old resident of Dundee, and one who, for the past 20 years or more.

09-26-1867 Thomas Lanktree senior, died at his residence in the Township of Elgin, Aged 86 years, deceased was one of the first settlers in what is now the Township of Elgin, he immigrated from Ireland in 1817, and moved to Elgin in 1823. He was almost entirely confined to his house for several years past.

09-27-1867 Katherine Maria Sym, infant daughter of Rev. F. P. Sym, at the Manse, Beauharnois, died Aged 11 months.

10-05-1867 Mrs. James Bisset, at Huntingdon, a son.

10-08-1867 David Johnston, Farmer, Hinchinbrook, married Margaret Anderson, daughter of Mrs. Anderson, Widow of the late Alexander Anderson Sr., at the house of the bride's mother, by Rev. James Watson.

10-04-1867 Elizabeth Campbell, wife of Thomas Brown, Parish of St Anicet, died, Aged 67 years , deceased was a native of Glasgow Scotland.

09-21-1867 Daniel McLean, son of Alexander McLean, Farmer, died, Aged 01 year 09 months.

10-07-1867 Peter McNaughton, son of Daniel McNaughton, Farmer, died, Aged 01 year.

09-20-1867 Francis Horn, died at Hemmingford, Aged 77 years. Mr. Horn was a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and was one of the earlier settlers in this part of the country.

10-15-1867 The wife of John Gillies, at Huntingdon PQ, a daughter.

10-23-1867 David Cunningham, son of William Cunningham, died, Aged 27 years, the funeral will take place from his father's residence today, Friday, at 10:00 a.m..

10-18-1867 John Cameron, died in the township of Dundee Quebec, Aged 86 years.

(Not dated) John Cruikshank Elder, married Janet Sharp Tannahill, at the residence of the bride's mother, Godmanchester, by Rev. Donald Ross.

10-28-1867 William Todd, of Ormstown, married Eliza Ewart, of Durham, at the Manse Durham, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

10-23-1867 Robert Thomas Walsh, at Durham Ormstown, died, Aged 66 years, father of William Walsh of Ormstown.

10-07-1867 Maria Wattie, daughter of John and Armenia Wattie, of Worcester, MA, died, Aged 01 year 03 months 08 days.

10-27-1867 David George Ford, son out David Ford, blacksmith, died, at Huntingdon, Aged 06 weeks 06 days.

11-03-1867 The wife of J. Morrison, Esq., at Huntingdon PQ, a son.

11-05-1867 The wife of the late, Thomas Sellar, died, at Montreal, PQ.

11-05-1867 John Pringle, Hinchinbrook, married Margaret Elder, daughter of George Elder, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, Elgin Township PQ, by Rev. Alexander Wallace

(Not dated) John Grey, Elgin Township PQ, married Maria Roache, of Montreal, at Trout River, New York, by Rev. H.E. Warren, J.P..

10-29-1867 Hugh Watson, of Godmanchester, married Isabella McIntosh, youngest daughter of the late Donald McIntosh, at Chateaugay, by Mr. John Purse, J.P..

10-16-1867 Mary Guthrie, relict of the late John Reid, died, at Fertile Creek, South Georgtown, Aged 75 years , both natives of Forfarshire, Scotland.

11-24-1867 The wife of Rev. James Patterson, of Hemmingford, a daughter.

11-25-1867 Mrs. Thomas Rea, at Port Lewis, a daughter.

11-26-1867 Martha Montieth, wife of Robert Douglas, Esq., of New Ireland, Godmanchester, died, Aged 52 years, deceased was a native of Tyrone, Ireland.

12-04-1867 The wife of A Branchaud, Esq., advocate, a daughter.

12-01-1867 The wife of James Stephens, at Trout River, a son.

11-27-1867 Norman Cole, of Glen Falls New York, married Anna R. Webster, at Rockburn, by the bride's father, Rev. C. Webster.

10-17-1867 Elias Anderson, Esq., of Chandlerville, married Sarah M. Wallis, daughter of John Wallis, Esq., Trout River, at Potosi, Sierra County, California, at the residence of Mr. John Shearer, by the Rev. S. H. Todd.

(Not dated) James Graham, of Jamestown, married Eliza J. Cowan, third daughter of the late William Cowan, Huntingdon, at the residence of Mr. Thomas Cunningham, by the Rev. H. C. Clarke.

12-04-1867 John P?ae, married Jane Drummond Youngson, both of Ormstown, at the Manse, Durham, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

12-06-1867 The wife of Alexander Hunter, New Ireland, a son.

11-25-1867 The wife of Williams Stowell, Esq., at Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

12-02-1867 The wife of Rev. Joseph White, at the Parsonage, Wakefield Quebec, a son.

12-09-1867 Simon Fella, Valleyfield Que., married Elizabeth Aud, third daughter of Joseph Aud, Valleyfield Que., At Huntingdon, by Rev. Alexander Wallis.

12-07-1867 Mrs. James Rae, Relict of the Late James Rae, died at her residence in Port Lewis Aged 74 years

12-10-1867 The wife of William Crawford, at Elgin Township Quebec, a daughter.

12-10-1867 Agnes Anderson, daughter of John Anderson, died at Elgin Township, Aged 22 years.

12-15-1867 Andrew Anderson, youngest child of John Anderson, died at Elgin Township, Aged 07 years.

12-18-1867 The wife of William Allan, at Allans Corners, a son.