Gleaner Extracts 1866

Gleaner Extracts 1866

01-02-1866 Reported at that date, John Patton, formerly of St Lewis de Gongague, County Beauharnois, Canada East, died at Elgin, Minnesota, U.S., Aged 42 years.

01-07-1866 Isabella Peterson , wife of Benjamin Hall, died at North Burke, New York, Aged 74 yrs 02 months 21 days.

01-18-1866 John Duncan, Farmer, St.Philomene, married Janet McFarlane, daughter of Peter McFarlane, of Elgin Township, at the residence of Thomas Clark, St.Philomene, by the Rev. Mr. Sym.

01-24-1866 Robert P.O. McDonald, youngest son of John McDonald, Esq. died at Rosebank, LaGuerre, Canada East, Aged 21 years

01-25-1866 David Anderson, died at his residence in Elgin Township, Que. Aged 72 years, a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland, deceased left his native place in 1817 for Canada, and after residing in different places, finally settled in what is now the Township unveiled, in 1824, and their established the home from whence he has been carried to his last resting place. His family were all present when he died, with the exception of a son who is in New South Wales. His partner, Christina Marshall, died nine years ago, and we have every reason to believe that they are now together again in the kingdom prepared for those who truly seek the lord. The funeral, which was conducted in the old Scotch Way, was largely attended. The Rev. Mr. Cochrane, addressed to the mournful gathering, about 50 Sleighs accompanied the body to the grave.

01-03-1865 Walter McVicar, at the Gore, Hinchinbrook, and from County of Argenteuil, died, Aged 69 years, Uncle to Mr. A McEachern, of Durham

01-19-1866 John Bruce, Esq., government inspector of schools, died Aged 70 years, at Lachine Que, a native of Perthshire, Scotland.

02-02-1866 Of interest, the following is a complete list of the mayors elect for 1866-67 Hemmingford, WB Johnson.Havelock, William Barrett. Franklin, Peter Polica. Hinchinbrook, Robert Kelly. Elgin, Daniel McFarlane Jr.. Godmanchester, Robert Douglas. St Anicet, Augustine Dupius. Dundee, Peter Aubrey. Huntingdon, James Fortune.

01-30-1866 The wife of Robert Greig, at Allans Corners, a son.

01-29-1866 The wife of George Pelliter Jr., of Elgin Township Quebec, of a son and a daughter.

01-16-1866 The wife of Peter Fraser, of Dundee Quebec, a daughter.

01-16-1866 The wife of William Fraser, of Dundee Quebec, a son.

02-06-1866 Robert M. Merson, Miller, Westport, Connecticut, U.S. married Mary Ann Outterson, second daughter of Peter Outterson, Esq., Hinchinbrook, at the house of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Watson.

01-24-1866 Donald Ross, son of the late Mr. John Ross of St Anicet, died at Steamboat Rock, Iowa, U.S. , Aged 39years

01-25-1866 Hugh Rankin, of St Anicet, died, Aged 35 years.

01-14-1866 Jane Barr, wife of Henry O'Neil, died at Covey Hill, Aged 26 years 07 months 10 days.

02-20-1866 Williams Sparrow, of New Ireland, Godmanchester, married Isabella McDonald, eldest daughter of Philip McDonald, of Huntingdon, at St. John's Church Huntingdon, by Rev. G. H. Parker.

02-12-1866 Mr. Robert Goiner, farmer, Minden, County of Peterborough, Canada West, married Eliza Bessie Burt, eldest daughter of Rev. Frederick Burt, at Minden, County of Peterborough, Canada West, by Rev. Burt.

02-22-1866 The wife of Charles J. Bradford, of Hemmingford, a daughter.

02-21-1866 John Leslie, died in St Anicet, Aged 74 years, a native of Badenock, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

02-26-1866 Kutusoff Nicolson, Esq., died at Valleyfield Que., Aged 53 years, a native of Ross-shire, Scotland.

03-08-1866 R. S. Park, Esq., merchant, Hawkesbury, Canada West, married Eliza Anderson, second daughter of the late Rev. James Anderson, at the residence of the bride's mother in Durham, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

03-14-1866 Hugh McNeil, farmer, Ormstown, married Isabella Beattie, of St Stanislas de Kostka, at Durham, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

03-11-1866 William John Cochran, son of Rev. William Cochran, died, Aged 10 and 1/2 months, Township Canada East.

03-08-1866 Sarah Wise, widow of the late Edward Charles, Esq., died Aged 86 years 08 months, at Elgin Township, Que..

03-08-1866 William Miller Sr., of Dundee Quebec, died, Aged 48 years.

03-10-1866 Elizabeth Tully Elder, infant daughter of George Elder Jr., died, Aged 05 weeks, at Elgin Township Quebec.

03-08-1866 Robert Anderson, died, Aged, 56 years, at the residence of Robert Smiles, Elgin Township Quebec, deceased was a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

03-08-1866 Duncan Robertson, of Hinchinbrook, died, Aged, 74 years, native of the Parish of Killin, Perthshire, Scotland.

03-26-1866 The wife of Andrew Somerville, Esq., registrar of the county of Huntingdon, at Huntingdon, a son.

03-22-1866 The wife of Edward Aubrey, at Dundee Quebec, a son.

03-20-1866 The wife of D.B. Jones, at Burke New York, a daughter.

03-22-1866 John Smith, Farmer, eldest son of the late Malcolm Smith, Esq., of the parish of Moy, Inverness-shire, Scotland, Aged 49 years, at Dundee Quebec

03-28-1866 Elizabeth McCombs, daughter of the late Patrick McCombs, County Down, Ireland, Aged 38 years, at the residence of her Brother, Mr. Joseph McCombs, Godmanchester.

03-26-1866 Michael Leahy, eldest son of John Leahy, Farmer, died, at St Anicet, Aged 10 years.

03-25-1866 The wife of Rev. James Sievright, at Chelsea, a son.

03-26-1866 Mrs. R. A. Farquhar, of 34 Alexander Street, Montreal, a daughter.

04-01-1866 The wife of Mr. William Lockerby, of Durham, Ormstown, a daughter.

03-29-1866 James Cayers senior, died at Ormstown, Aged, 86 years, and native of Roxboroughshire, Scotland.

04-03-1866 Alexander Graham, J.P., died, Aged 76 years, at North Georgetown.

03-20-1866 Harvey Stowell, Farmer, died, Aged 58 years, at Godmanchester, Canada East.

03-29-1866 The wife of Hugh Gebbie, at Craigs concession, English River, a daughter.

04-05-1866 The wife of Robert Dickson, at the third concession, North Georgetown, a son.

04-09-1866 The wife of Capt. Rogers, at Franklin Quebec, a daughter.

04-08-1866 The wife of John Winters, at Durham, Ormstown, a daughter.

04-09-1866 The wife of Mr. Andrews Stewart, at Howick Quebec, a daughter.

04-06-1866 The wife of Rev. Joseph White, at Wakefield, Canada East, a daughter.

04-14-1866 The wife of John McCartney, at South Georgtown, a daughter.

04-15-1866 The wife of Francois X.Saucier, of St Anicet, a daughter.

03-27-1866 William Graham, Esq., formerly of Huntingdon, married Widow Hankings, both of Vashua, Chickasaw County, Iowa, at Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa.

04-15-1866 Thomas Broder, son of William Broder, died , Aged 28 years, in Franklin Quebec.

04-18-1866 Jonathan Sparrow, died, Aged 72 years, at New Ireland, Godmanchester, a native of Kilkenny, Ireland

04-22-1866 The wife of Mr. Peterkin, at Elgin,PQ, a daughter.

04-22-1866 The wife of James Wattie, at Trout River Quebec, a son

04-17-1866 John Delmadge, of Moers New York, married Elizabeth Jane Blachford, second daughter of Cantelo Blachford, Hinchinbrook, Canada East, at the residence of G.V. Hoyle, Champlain New York, by Rev. Jake Copland.

05-01-1866 John Watson, Esq., St Malachie de Ormstown, married Mary McCartney, daughter of the late James McCartney, Esq., Jamestown, County of Chateauguay, Canada East, at the bride's mother's house, by Rev. James Watson.

04-30-1866 The wife of Farquhar McRae, at Dundee Que, a daughter.

05-07-1866 The wife of Robert Henderson, at South Georgtown, a daughter.

05-03-1866 The wife of John Nesbit, at Trout River Quebec, a daughter.

04-23-1866 The wife of William Cavers, at Ormstown Quebec, Twins.

05-05-1866 Mrs. McFarlane, died, Aged, 61 years, at Elgin Township, Quebec, after a long and lingering illness, A native of Wishaw, Lancashire, Scotland, and Widow of the late Parlan McFarlane, of Oak Creek, Township of Elgin.

05-04-1866 Rebecca Victoria Elizabeth Montgomery, infant daughter of Samuel Montgomery, died, at Huntingdon Quebec.

05-08-1866 Donald Sutherland, of Godmanchester, married Margaret Todd, of Hinchinbrook, at the Manse, Dundee, Canada East, by Rev. Donald Ross.

04-10-1866 Duncan Fraser, married Jane Fraser, all of Dundee, Quebec, at the bride's father's Donald Ross.residence,

05-10-1866 Marion Somerville, wife of Edwin Sawyer, only daughter of the late John Somerville, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, Canada East, died Aged 25 years, at Chicago IL.

05-10-1866 Elizabeth Wilsey, wife of the Elias Wallace, died at her residence in Elgin Township, Aged 62 years.

05-22-1866 John Shearer, Sierra County, California, married Herriot Amelia Scriver, eldest daughter of John Scriver, Esq., Elgin Township Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A Wallace.

05-12-1866 Frederick Broder, Esq., died at Franklin Quebec, Aged 78 years.

05-28-1866 John Berrie, Parish of St.Joachim, County of Chateaugay, married Annie T. McFarlane, at the residence of Mr. Peter McFarlane, Elgin Township Quebec, by Rev. William Cochran.

06-04-1866 John White, son of John White Jr., died Aged 15 years 06 months , in Godmanchester.

06-06-1866 Alexander Riach, farmer, Township of Nelson, married Isabella Campbell, County Chateaugay, Canada East, at Toronto ON, by Rev Alexander Topp, A.M..

06-13-1866 The wife of Mr. James Barrington, of St. Anne's Town, a son.

06-12-1866 The wife of Rodrick McDougal, at Lancaster, Canada West, merchant, a son.

06-16-1866 The wife of Daniel Baxter, at North Georgetown, a son.

06-08-1866 Jane Elizabeth Brown, only daughter of Samuel Brown, at Athelstan,Que., died Aged 03 years 08 months.

06-24-1866 The wife of John McIntosh, of Godmanchester, a daughter.

06-21-1866 The wife of Dr A Desaulniers, at St Anicet, Que., a daughter.

06-20-1866 Rev. Stephen Bond, Wesleyan Minister of Franklin Que., married Agnes Knox, Huntingdon Que., at the Wisleyan Church, Huntingdon Que., by Rev. E. B. Ryckman.

06-26-1866 James Ferns married Diana Blachford, youngest daughter of Cantelo Blachford, both of Hinchinbrook, at Huntingdon Que. by Rev. Mr. Wallace.

06-22-1866 Isabella, wife of John Wilson, Esq., died in the village of Howick Que., Aged 53 years.

06-28-1866 James Steele, Esq., of South Georgtown, married Christina Reeves, eldest daughter of Alexander Reeves, Esq., of South Georgtown, at North Georgetown, by Rev. J.C.Muir, D. D.

07-02-1866 David Steele, of Jamestown, married Kate McNeil, of Ormstown PQ, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev W. C. Clarke of Durham.

07-07-1866 The wife of Thomas Cooper, of LaGuere, a son.

07-05-1866 The wife of Robert Smaill, of Elgin Township, a son.

07-05-1866 John C. Thompson, Esq., Carriage Maker, Hemmingford, married Catherine A McFee, eldest daughter of John McFee, Farmer, St Jean Chrysostome, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. William Masson.

07-13-1866 Robert Lumsden, youngest son of Alexander Lumsden, Esq., Hinchinbrook, married Elizabeth McNiece, of Montreal, at the residence of Captain J Porter, Montreal, by Rev. Dr. Jenkins.

07-17-1866 Alexander Steele, Esq., of South Georgtown, married Elizabeth Bryson, second daughter of James D. Bryson, Esq., of Ormstown, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. C. Clarke of Durham.

07-11-1866 Ann Watson, Relict of the Late Alexander McDonald, died at LaGuerre, Parish of St Anicet , Aged 74 years.

06-28-1866 Mary Barrows, wife of Thomas Dunsmore, died , suddenly at Decorah,Winneskick County, Iowa.

07-17-1866 Alexander Easdon, died in Montreal, Aged 75 years, and native of Renfrewshire, Scotland, late of Chateaugay.

07-20-1866 The wife of John Purse, Hinchinbrook, a son.

07-11-1866 James Henderson, third son of Samuel Henderson, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 05 years.

07-17-1866 Mary Forsyth, Widow of the late James Beattie, died at her son's residence in Elgin Township Quebec, Aged 73 years.

08-01-1866 William Grant, farmer, North Georgetown, married Eliza Jane Porter, Jamestown, in the county of Chateaugay, Canada East, at Huntingdon, by Rev. James Watson.

07-15-1866 Margaret McLellan, wife of Farquhar McCrea, Esq., died, at Dundee Que , Aged 31 years.

07-24-1866 John Wattie, at Elgin Township Quebec, died Aged 76 years.

08-01-1866 Euphemia McLennan, second daughter of John McLennan, Beach Ridge, died at Ormstown, Aged 14 years.

08-22-1866 The wife of Alex Baker, Godmanchester, a daughter.

07-19-1866 Robert Stewart, formerly of Huntingdon, Canada East, married Annie Farr, of New York, in New York.

08-14-1866 Andrew Buckham, died at Trout River Quebec, Aged 36 years 06 months .

08-15-1866 Jane St Galbreath, beloved wife of James K. Edwards, died, at Manningville, Canada East.

08-14-1866 Of interest, (Money to loan. The trust and loan Co. of upper Canada have funds for investment on the security of farm property. The rate of interest on loans is 8%. The loans are usually for five or seven years, but can be made payable in yearly or half-yearly installments if desired by borrowers.10 dollars required with each application. For further particulars, applying at the company's office, commercial bank building, great St. James Street, Montreal, or to Andrew Somerville, Huntingdon.)