Gleaner Extracts 1865

Gleaner Extracts 1865

01-02-1865 Fanny Weatherstone , youngest daughter of Capt. Weatherstone, Aged 18 yrs died at Ormstown

12-28-1864 Alexander Fisher, died at Ormstown.

01-03-1865 James Orr, Point Edward, Canada West, married Euphemia Robb, daughter of John Robb, Esq. at the residence of the bride's father, English River, Canada East by the Rev.A Young.

01-04-1865 James Fiddas, married Sarah Jane Gilmore, both of the township of Havelock, at the residence of Mr. W. Gilmore, by Rev. Alfred Andrews.

01-05-1865 John McLellan, Parish of St Anicet, married Helen Sullivan, daughter of the late Dennis Sullivan, Godmanchester, by the Rev. James Watson

01-09-1865 George Wilkinson, of Jamestown , married Mary Price, of Ormstown, Widow of the late John Best, at Ormstown by Rev. S. Huntingdon, (the united ages of the happy couple are 140 years.)

01-13-1865 The wife of Mr. Breadner, of Athelstan,Que, a son.

01-11-1865 The wife of Mr. Gardner, Dundee Quebec, a son.

01-13-1865 The wife of Thomas Baird of Durham, a daughter.

01-24-1865 The wife of Mr. John March, a daughter

12-24-1864 At the general hospital, City Point, Virginia, U.S., of typhoid fever, Thomas Joseph Sellars, Aged 25 years 06 months

01-03-1865 At St. Vincent, Gray County, Canada West, Elizabeth Currie, wife of John Sterling, late of Newfoundout, Parish of St Anicet, Aged 47 years

02-03-1865 Mary Oliver, wife of William Dodds, died in Ormstown, Aged 73 years.

01-13-1865 William McPherson, eldest son of the late Angus McPherson, died at his residence at LaGuerre, Canada East, Aged 35 years

02-11-1865 The wife of Mr. S. H. Lighthall, of Durham Ormstown, a son

01-26-1865 Robert Greig, Esq., married Jeanie Thompson Ness, daughter of Robert Ness, Esq. all of South Georgtown, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Dr. Muir.

02-14-1865 Archibald McIntyre, of North Georgetown, married, Katharine Rutherford, daughter of the late W. Rutherford, Teacher, Jamestown, by the Rev. Alexander Wallace.

01-28-1865 James Keir, died in his 34th year, a native of Perthshire, Scotland, at English River, Canada East.

02-10-1865 Fanny Baird, wife of Capt. Weatherstone, Aged 58 years, at Ormstown Quebec

02-02-1865 Donald McNaughton, farmer, married Ann Eliza Cairns, both of the township of Hemmingford by Rev James Patterson

02-07-1865 Hugh Jackson, farmer, married Sarah J. Clark, both of Hemmingford, by Rev. James Patterson

02-28-1865 Archibald Cleyland, farmer, married Jane Kearns, both of Hemmingford by Rev. James Patterson and at the same time, James W. Parkins, farmer, married Eliza Kearns, all of Hemmingford by the Rev. James Patterson

02-02-1865 William Stark Sr., died at his residence in Godmanchester, Aged 59 years, native of Scotland, having been born in the parish of Shotts, Lanarkshire, immigrated to Canada in 1833

02-27-1865 Alexander D. Stewart, of St Anicet, Aged 65 years, died , a native of Perthshire Scotland

02-18-1865 Mrs. John White, at her husband's residence in Trout River, Godmanchester, Aged 64 years

03-03-1865 The wife of Donald Chisholm, at Covington NY, a son

03-07-1865 The wife of Murdoch Murcheason, at Dundee Que, a daughter

03-10-1865 The wife of Mr. E. L. Normandin, N.P., at Durham, a daughter

02-28-1865 Alexander Sadler, Jamestown, married Marguerite Younie, fourth daughter of the late Alex Younie, at the residence of the bride's mother, Ormstown by the Rev. S. Huntingdon

03-15-1865 Mr. Robert Ness Jr., farmer, married Elizabeth Greig, eldest daughter of William Greig, Esq., all of South Georgtown Canada East, by the Rev. Dr. Muir

03-14-1865 Hugh Frazier, of Dundee Quebec , married Sarah Sutherland, daughter of the late Walter Sutherland, Esq., at the residence of the bride's mother, Godmanchester, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

03-08-1865 Jane Elder, wife of John White, eldest daughter of the late George Elder, at Trout River, Quebec, who immigrated to Canada in the year 1817, and settled in the township of Elgin, in the same year, being the oldest Scottish settler in the county of Huntingdon, deceased was a native of Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

03-16-1865 Alexander Cameron, son of the late Hugh Cameron, married Elizabeth Moody, daughter of the late Rev. Duncan Moody, at the residence of the brides mother, Dundee Que, by Rev. Cochrane.

03-09-1865 Henry O'Neill, Carriage Maker, married Jane Barr, second daughter of John Barr, Esq., all of Covey Hill, Canada East, by Rev. William Hawthorne.

03-29-1865 Peter McFarlane, Parish of St Anicet married Susan Ogelvie, at the Huntingdon Parish. of C. P. Church, by Rev James Watson.

(Not dated) James Knox, of English River, died Aged 68 years, deceased was one of the oldest settlers in the county.

03-27-1865 James Smith, died at his father's residence, Godmanchester, Aged 23 years 07 months.

04-04-1865 The wife of Mr. James Hyde, at Willow Bank, near Huntingdon, a daughter.

03-29-1865 Arthur J.Brereton, of Dave, Wisconsin, married Cynthia Towns, of Franklin, Canada East, at the residence of the brides Brother, Hiram Towns, by Rev. Alfred Andrews.

04-12-1865 John Anderson, Farmer, Elgin Township, married Janet Wilson, third daughter of James Wilson, at Huntingdon, by Rev. James Watson

04-06-1865 Robert Joseph Brydon, son of Walter Brydon, of Ormstown,died, Aged 11 months

04-06-1865 Nancy Emberson, relict of the late William Cairns, at Ormstown, died,Aged 95 years

04-04-1865 Alexander Stevenson, of Franklin, after a brief but severe illness, died at his residence, he leaves a wife and seven young children to mourn his departure, his remains were followed to the place of internment, on the 06th, by a very large concourse of people, and being a member of the volunteer company, and also the orange lodge, was buried with military honors and the funeral rights of the orange society.

04-06-1865 David Dunlop, farmer, married Mary Ann Kearns, daughter of William Kearns, Hemmingford, by Rev. James Patterson

04-06-1865 William Gentle, married Sarah Jane Wilkinson, both of Franklin, at Franklin, by Rev. H. Lancashire.

04-15-1865 James Coulter Jr., of the Gore Hinchinbrook, married Mary Jane McKay, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John McKay, of Victoria County, upper Canada, by Rev. Frederick Burt.

04-18-1865 Edwin White, of Powerscourt, Hinchinbrook, married Laura Goodrich, Hinchinbrook, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

04-27-1865 At the residence of Rev. Alexander Wallace, the wife of Rev. William Cochran, a son.

04-22-1865 The wife of David Ford, of Huntingdon, twin daughters.

04-22-1865 The infant daughter of David Ford, died in Huntingdon.

04-23-1865 Margaret Blackburn, wife of Mr. James Cavers senior, died at Ormstown, Aged 61 years

04-24-1865 The wife of Rev. A Andrews, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Franklin, a son.

03-07-1865 Mr. Andrew Walker Fortune, of Stratford, Canada West, married Rebecca Francis Roth, of, and at Baton Rouge LA U.S.

04-18-1865 Charles Reed Brown, of Londonderry, married Sarah Jane Sparrow, of Walpole,N.H, formerly of New Ireland, Township of Godmanchester, at Walpole N.H, at the residence of Henry Allan, Esq. by Rev Seth Hinkley.

05-13-1865 Charles Palmer, died at Ormstown, Aged 83 years.

05-17-1865 Robert Cavers, died at Ormstown, Aged 28 years

05-16-1865 Daniel Hadley, of Hemmingford, married Martha Burke, eldest daughter of Mr. James Burke, Hemmingford, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. Hawthorne.

05-24-1865 Charles Crawford, died at his residence in Elgin Township, Aged 38 years.

06-01-1865 John K. Elliott, advocate, married Corrinne Pelletier, daughter of A.A.Pelletier, Esq., N.P. , all of Montreal, Que. at the residence of the bride's father, the Rev. John Cordner

06-03-0865 Harry Stuart Phillips, youngest son of E. D. Phillips, collector of Customs, drowned at Dundee, Canada East.

06-08-1865 The wife of James Stephen, Brook Hill , Trout River, a daughter.

06-13-1865 Harvey Mills, merchant, Athelston,Que., married C.A. Hall, of, and at Burke, Franklin County, New York , by the Rev.A Miller.

06-29-1865 Mr. M. L. Livingston, of Montreal, married Maggie Kilgour, eldest daughter of William Kilgour, Esq. at the residence of the bride's father, at Beauharnois, Canada East , by the Rev. Mr. Courthard, assisted by the Rev. Sym, of Beauharnois.

07-14-1865 Of interest, at the election for school commissioners, for the township of Hinchinbrook, held on July 3 and 4, Mr. Samuel Henderson was re-elected, and Mr. James Cowan, in room of Mr. James Kelly, the board met on the 10th and re-elected Mr. Joshua Breadner as chairman, and Mr. Arthur Herdman as secretary-treasurer..

07-06-1865 The wife of George Walsh, of Ormstown, a son.

07-03-1865 The wife of William Miller Sr., of Dundee Que , a son.

07-07-1865 Thomas Anderson, Esq., married Jane Hamilton, of Elgin Township, in Elgin by Rev. William Cochrane.

07-04-1865 Edwin Levi Robson, married Caroline Kelly, third daughter of Robert Kelly, Esq. both of Hinchinbrook, at Chateauguay New York, by Rev. H Briggs.

06-27-1865 William Gruer, married Jane Younie, both of English River, by Rev. A Young.

07-16-1865 James Rae, died at Port Lewis, Que., native of Newton Airds, County Down, Ireland , Aged 72 years.

07-26-1865 Annie Elizabeth Knox, daughter of John Knox, Miller, died in the village of Huntingdon, age 09 years 06 months.

07-20-1865 Francis Greenway, married Elizabeth Stevenson, both of Havelock, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. S. Bond, of Franklin.

08-03-1865 The wife of Dr. J. E. Robichaud, at St. Martine Quebec, a son

08-04-1865 Agnes McNaughton, wife of Matthew Muir, Esq., farmer, Hinchinbrook, died , Aged 50 years.

08-07-1865 Mrs. Campbell, Aged 81 years, wife of the late Dugald Campbell, died at the Parish of St Chrysostome, Fertile Creek.

08-14-1865 Edwin Sawyer, Chicago IL U.S., married Marion Somerville, daughter of the late John Somerville, Huntingdon, Canada East, at Mrs. Gardner's, Athelstan,Que, by Rev. James Watson.

08-22-1865 The wife of Rev. James Patterson, Hemmingford, a daughter.

08-13-1865 Edward Johnston, eldest son of Thomas Johnston, formerly of Franklin, Canada East, died Aged 18 years, at Ellenburg, Clinton County, New York.

08-31-1865 The wife of John Morrison, Esq., Clerk of the county court, died at Huntingdon.

08-29-1865 In Detroit, on thurs, Aug 17, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Dr. Hogarth, John McFarlane, married Miss Mary Stuart, all of Detroit.

08-29-1865 William Edward Johnston, beloved son of Benjamin Johnson, died Aged 01 year. 09 months, at Franklin, Canada East .

09-11-1865 The wife of George McClenaghan, merchant, of Howick Quebec, a daughter.

09-14-1865 The wife of A Branchaud, Esq., advocate, a daughter.

09-19-1865 Robert Johnston, Elgin Township, married Barbara W. Morrison, fifth daughter of William Morrison, Esq., Godmanchester, by Rev. James Watson.

08-31-1865 Of interest, (quote), important! The well-known store, of James Anderson, Gore Hinchinbrook. This subscriber begs to return his sincere thanks to his numerous customers for the very liberal patronage heretofor accorded to him, and now requests that they, and many others will call and inspect his fresh arrivals and new stock of groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, ready made clothing, hardware, and just received from Montreal, consisting of teas, sugars, coffee, tobacco, liquor and wine of all kinds, fish, boots, shoes, cottons, coburgs, flannels, Winceys, prints, ribbons, and in general everything to be found in a country store. He had just returned from Montreal where he has purchased the most superior and largest stock of goods ever brought into this part of the country. From the advantages he possesses in purchasing, he can sell the best Japan Tea, from 60 cents to 70 cents per pound, good brown sugar from nine cents to 11 cents, rice 5 cents to 7 cents, soda, six cents, candles, 12 cents , soap, 4 cents, good strong boots, of which he had a very large and varied stock, warranted, doubles soled, from two dollars to two dollars and 25 cents, good heavy cotton from 10 cents to 18 cents, per yard, good cotton yarn, for two dollars and 25 cents per bundle, good prints from 14 cents to 20 cents per yard, good cut nails from 4 cents per pound.His stock of grocerys and hardware is large and well assorted. He has at present on hand a large supply of superior Labrador herrings, and other kinds of fish, at reasonable prices. He Invites an inspection of his stock, being fully aware that it equals if not supersedes any other in the country, and that parties can purchased from him cheaper than in any other store. Liquor of all kinds sold either wholesale or retail. Teas by the chest, or sugar by the barrel, highest price paid for all kinds of farm produce. Signed, James Anderson. The Gore Hinchinbrook, August 31st, 1865

09-26-1865 Ellen Sandeland's, the wife of James Pringle, died at the age of 58 years, at Hinchinbrook.

10-08-1865 The wife of Mr. William Cottingham, of Ormstown, a son.

09-29-1865 Horace J. Hall, Esq., Acton, Canada West, married Christina Montieth, daughter of the late James Montieth, Esq., at Rose Bank, North Georgetown, by Rev. Dr. Muir.

10-08-1865 Christon?, farmer, Trout River, Godmanchester, died after a long illness, Aged, 64years. The deceased was a native of the Parish of Kennoway, Fifeshire, Scotland.

10-16-1865 The wife of Mr. S. Montgomery, of Huntingdon, a daughter.

10-20-1865 David Stirrett, only son of William Stirret, Esq. at Dundee Quebec, died, Aged 22 years.

10-25-1865 Christy Smith, beloved wife of Angus McBain, died at Dundee Quebec, Aged 29 years.

10-18-1865 The wife of Brigade Major Fletcher, at St. John's, a son.

11-01-1865 William Gordon, Harriston, Ont, Canada West, married Agnes Stewart, daughter ofJames Stewart, farmer, parish of St Anicet, Canada East. At Huntingdon by Rev. James Watson.

10-13-1865 William McBain, infant, son of Angus McBain, of Dundee Quebec, died, Aged 24 days.

11-03-1865 Ellen Glennie, wife of Thomas McCrea, died, in Elgin Township, Que..

11-01-1865 John Fiddas, second son of George Fiddas, of Havelock, Canada East, died of diphtheria, Aged, 33 years.

11-23-1865 The wife of Mr. Walsh, of Huntingdon Que., a son.

11-22-1865 Andrew Sangster, son of James Sangster, farmer, Ormstown, died, Aged, 12 years.

12-08-1865 Elizabeth Fraser, beloved wife of Rev. William C. Clarke, Minister of Ormstown, and the daughter of Rev. Thomas Fraser, Montreal, died Aged, 30 years. At Durham Ormstown.

11-15-1865 Alexander Cameron, Esq., St. Lawrence Point, Lancaster, Glengary, Ont, married Sarah Wood, daughter of William Wood, Esq., Hickory Grove, Cornwall, Ont, Canada West, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Dr.Urguhart.

12-15-1865 The wife of James Mills, of Jamestown, Farmer, a son.

12-17-1865 The wife of Alex Stewart, of Howick Quebec, a daughter.

12-04-1865 James Somerville, married Margaret Glen, at South Georgtown, by Rev.A Young.

12-27-1865 James Anderson, died, Aged, 84 years, in the parish of St Anicet, deceased was a native of the parish of Clackmannan, Scotland. For many years he resided in Edinburg Scotland, from which city he immigrated to this province, Mr. Anderson was one of the earliest settlers who located themselves in this neighborhood, he passes away from our mist, having been long and extensively known. We may state that the deceased hailed the commission of Captainey, in connection with the militia of the township of Godmanchester, under the administration of affairs in this province by the late Earl of Dalhousie.

12-06-1865 Jane Cottingham, the wife of Mark Elrige, daughter of S. Cottingham, of Durham Ormstown, at Odelltown,Que. Aged 47 years.

12-03-1865 Mary Carroll, widow of the late Dugald Connolly, of North Georgetown, died, Aged 77 years, a native of Cantyre,Argylshire.

01-02-1866 James McCartney, of Godmanchester, married Mary Watson, of Ormstown, by special license, by Rev. A Wallace.

12-29-1865 Charles Tait, of North Georgetown, married Catherine Fiskin, daughter of David Fiskin, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, by River Dr. Muir.

12-23-1865 Catherine Leach, died at Ormstown, Aged 78 years.