Gleaner Extracts 1864

Gleaner Extracts 1864

01-01-1864 Mr. James Raddock, farmer Godmanchester married Margaret Bairns, daughter of John Bairns, Farmer Hinchinbrook Minister Alexander Wallace

01-01-1864 Mr. Andrew L. Spedon merchant St chrysostome married Agnes Learmont second daughter of James Learmont, Esq. Minister Alexander Wallace

01-06-1864 At Huntingdon, infant son of Charles Holbrook, Esq., Aged 03 months and 07 days

12-29-1863 Died, Thomas Weir, infant son of Robert, farmer Jamestown Aged 13 months

01-11-1864 After a lingering illness, Mrs. McNarland, passed away in St Anicet.

01-05-1864 After a lingering illness, Mary Moore, Aged 59 years, sister of Mrs. Arthur Moore of St Anicet, died.

01-12-1864 Roderick John McDougal, Esq . Merchant Ottawa Canada West married Margaret Bryson at the bride's father's in Stony Creek Ormstown, Minister Rev. Sievright .

01-13-1864 The wife of John Davidson Jr., Dundee Quebec, a daughter

01-21-1864 The marriage of Mr. Charles F. Abbott, Howick Quebec, and Jane Carson, took place at the residence of the bride's father, in English River. Rev. James Muir

01-22-1864 Catherine Lucy Stewart, youngest daughter of James D. Stewart, Esq. St Anicet died at the age of 06 years, and 02 months

01-09-1864 Alexander Frazier, passed away at an advanced Age, at Dundee Quebec

01-24-1864 James Middlemiss, Carpenter, a native of Roxburghshire, Scotland died in his 78th year at Hinchinbrook.

01-30-1864 At Ormstown, the wife of Rev. Daniel Anderson, a daughter

01-25-1864 At the residence of Mr. George Gray, Ottawa Street, Montreal, Amos Rowe, Esq. of the Huntingdon journal, married Mrs. Catherine McKay, of Detroit MI by Rev. Dr. Taylor

01-23-1864 The wife of James Buchanan, of Dundee, a daughter

02-07-1864 The wife of George Elder Jr. of Elgin Township, twins

02-11-1864 John McIntosh, farmer, married, Margaret Smellie, daughter of James Smellie, farmer, all of Godmanchester, at the house of the bride's father, by the Rev. Alex Wallace

01-19-1864 William Horn, son of France's Horn, Esq., Hemmingford, married Susan Goudy, of Rhode Island U.S. at the Presbyterian Manse, Hemmingford, by the Rev. James Patterson

02-08-1864 Joseph H. Laird, Aged 52 years, passed away at his residence, Godmanchester

02-07-1864 Gilbert Macbeth, passed away in Elgin Township

02-04-1864 Janet Stewart, youngest daughter of Alexander D. Stewart, Aged 14 years, 08 months, 01 day, of diphtheria, in St Anicet

01-27-1864 Isabella Wain Gibson, died at the residence of her brother-in-law, West Alburgh, VT 0f bilious fever, Aged 19 years, 06 months, daughter of the late William Gibson, the body was conveyed to the residence of her mother, and interned in the old burying ground at Black's Church, Hinchinbrook

02-16-1864 William Adams, married Melissa Blair, at the residence of the bride's father, in Hinchinbrook, by the Rev. A Wallace

02-12-1864 Mary McMaster, Widow of the late Donald McClelland, Torromore, and a native of Fassfern, Argyleshire Scotland, died at the Age of 95 years

02-18-1864 James Humphrey, farmer, son of France's Humphrey, married Eunice A Goodsell, eldest daughter of John Goodsell, Esq. all of the township of Hemmingford, by Rev. James Patterson, at the Manse, Hemmingford Que.

02-13-1864 The wife of Daniel Brims, of Elgin Township, a son

02-27-1864 The wife of Daniel Shanks, of Huntingdon, a son

02-28-1864 The wife of Samuel Lamb, of Huntingdon, a daughter

02-22-1864 The wife of Rev. James Fulton, M.A. Incumbent, Manningville, a son

02-22-1864 Mary Pearson, wife of James Duncan, Aged 85 years, died at St Jean Chrysostome

02-22-1864 William McNaughton, at Newfoundout settlement, Godmanchester, died, a native of Perthshire Scotland

03-03-1864 The wife of Thomas McFarlane, at Elgin Twsp, a son.

03-04-1864 The wife of Peter King, of Elgin Twsp, a daughter.

03-06-1864 The wife of William Buckham, of Elgin Twsp, a son.

03-05-1864 The wife of Rev James Patterson, at Hemmingford Manse, a daughter.

02-27-1864 Alexander McFarlane, son of the late Parlane McFarlane, Esq , of Elgin, C.E. married Mary Ann Wright, of and at St Mary's,Ont, C.W.

03-04-1864 Elizabeth Christina Mack, Third daughter of Robert Mack of Elgin, C.E. died, aged 08 years 06 months.

03-18-1864 At Huntingdon, Mrs Samuel Montgomery, a son.

03-16-1864 Euphemia Henderson, only dau of William Henderson, merchant, Beauharnois, married John McMartin, Merchant of Montreal,PQ.

03-24-1864 James Bissett, son of James Bissett of Huntingdon, died, aged 02 years 08 months, Bur, 03-26-1864

03-11-1864 Norman Mcdonald, youngest son of Duncan McDonald of Dundee,PQ died aged 03 years 15 days.

03-15-1864 Donald Murchison, son of John Murchison of Dundee,PQ. Died about 25 years of age

03-23-1864 Hugh McKellar of Ormstown, Farmer, died aged 74 years, a native of Argylshire,Scotland.

03-24-1864 The wife of John Smith of Dundee,C.E. a daughter.

03-23-1864 Stephen Bone, Farmer, Parish of St Cyprian, married Isabella Orr, eldest daughter of Alexander Orr, Esq Farmer, Hemmingford, at the residence of the brides father , by Rev James Patterson.

03-25-1864 Norval Douglas, married Catherine Jane Cameron, both of Montreal,C.E. at Howick,English River, by Rev A Young

03-30-1864 Andrew George McCallum, son of A McCallum of Huntingdon,C.E. died aged 06 months. Buried on Apr 01

03-27-1864 James Nesbit, while visiting Charles Lanktree, Esq., at North Georgetown, died, Aged 28 years. Deceased was a native of Glasgow, Scotland.

04-07-1864 At Groton Junction, U.S., Benjamin Ford, company B, 26 Regiment, MA, formerly of this place, married Hannah J. Copp, second daughter of the late Jonathan Copp, Groton Junction, MA. By Rev. Donovan

04-12-1864 John Paul, Elgin Township, Canada East, died, Aged 61 years

04-05-1864 Alexander Smaill, a resident of Elgin Township, Canada East, died after two months of severe suffering, Aged 57 years, a native of Lilliesleaf, Roxboroughshire, Scotland.

04-08-1864 Martha Annie Percy, daughter of Mr. S. Percy, died, Aged 01 year. 04 months, at Port Lewis Quebec

04-07-1864 Mrs. Robert White, of Montreal, a son

04-12-1864 Ann Sutherland, third daughter of the late Walter Sutherland, of Godmanchester, died, Aged 30 years

05-01-1864 Mrs. Alex Glennie, of Elgin Township, a daughter

05-02-1864 Hugh McLean, of St Anicet, married Christina Stewart, of Dundee Quebec, by Rev. J. Cameron, in the Township of Dundee

04-25-1864 James Laverock, son of James Laverock, of Howick Quebec, Baker, died Aged 01 year. 11 days

05-15-1864 Mr. Thomas Bruce Jr., farmer, married Catherine Ross Robb, daughter of Joan Robb, Esq., farmer, English River, by Rev. William Masson, Minister of the Church of Scotland, Russeltown Flats.

05-11-1864 Lewis Laberge, of Huntingdon, after a long and painful illness, died Aged 45 years

05-05-1864 Lewis Lavoie Sr., Esq., survived his wife, Dame Marie-Teresa Clairoux, by three days, by their marriage they had seven children, 47 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren, Aged 75 years, 11 months

05-17-1864 Mrs. Alexander Robb, at Trout River Canada East, a daughter.

05-19-1864 John McDougal, Caledonian foundry, Montreal, married, Mary Cowan, eldest daughter of John Cowan, Corn Merchant, Dunkirk, Park, Perthshire, Scotland, at the residence of the bride's uncle, James Cowan, by the Rev. Dr. Muir.

05-19-1864 Mrs. William Hunter, of Huntingdon, a son

05-03-1864 George Sandeland's, of Hinchinbrook, died, born in Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland, in the year 1811, and immigrated to Canada in 1827

06-17-1864 Hinchinbrook council, James Henderson, was appointed road, Fence, and ditch inspector, in rew of William Peak, who is unable to preforme the duties, and the appointment of Thomas Law was rescinded. The secretary-treasurer was ordered to pay the following accounts, to Matthew Levers, for the erection of bridge at Rennies, $24.75 George McCoy, for his services as inspector of same, $1.00 William Edwards Esq., P. L. S. for surveying town plot for Hall, $4.50 John McCoy, $5.25 Arthur Herdman $7.50 Matthew Muir $5.25 for their services as valuators, D. B . Jones $43.50 for erection of bridge on side road between lots 17 and 18,6th range.

06-14-1864 Mrs. John H. Gilmore, a daughter.

06-13-1864 The wife of Rev. James Sievright, of Ormstown, a daughter

06-16-1864 Thomas Sadler, Esq. of Ormstown, married Mary Graham, only daughter of John Graham Jr. of Ormstown, at the house of John Graham, Esq. J.P., by Rev. James Sievright

06-15-1864 Mr.A McLaren, married Mary Will, daughter of David Will, Esq. Hinchinbrook, at the home of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Wallace.

06-11-1864 On this date, Maria Adeline Alda Normandin, Aged 03 years, and Lewis Alexis Edmour Normandin Aged 06 years 04 months died at St Malachie de Ormstown.

07-13-1864 Mrs. James Anderson, at Huntingdon, a son

07-12-1864 Mrs. William Clyde, a son

07-12-1864 Joseph Kearns of Hemmingford, married Mary Jane Stewart, of Havelock Quebec, at Franklin, by Rev. A Andrews,

07-22-1864 Mrs. Daniel Black, Trout River, Quebec, a daughter

07-22-1864 Margaret Tannahill, wife of Mr. Daniel Black, Trout River, and eldest daughter of Hugh Tannahill, died Aged 24 years

07-21-1864 John Montgomery Ross, second son of David Ross, first concession of Hinchinbrook, died Aged 03 years.

07-21-1864 James Laverock, Baker, formerly of Montreal, native of Kennoway, Fifishire Aged 44 years, at English River Canada East.

07-21-1864 Alexander Dickman, farmer , Ormstown died Aged 76 years

07-20-1864 Julia Ann Guyle, wife of the late Peter Leslie, Aged 57 years 01 month 14 days, a native of Wethersfield, VT , at St Anicet Quebec

07-03-1864 Anna Anderson, wife of Alexander Copland, Esq., at Fountain Grove, Hinchinbrook, died Aged 60 years

07-15-1864 At Bradford Iowa, of cancer, Mrs. William Biggar, Aged 57 years 07 month's , formerly of Huntingdon,

08-01-1864 The wife of Rev. Joseph Whyte, Wakefield, Ottawa County, a son

08-11-1864 James Richards, Aged 28 years died youngest son of Patrick Richards of Ormstown

08-14-1864 Isabella Blackett, Aged 14 months, only daughter of William Blackett, of North Georgetown

08-06-1864 Alexander McIntyre, son of the late Hugh McIntyre, of Newfoundout, Parish of St Anicet, Aged 22 years 08 months 18 days died at St. Louis MO.

08-22-1864 At Meadow bank, Port Lewis, the wife of James Brown, Esq., a daughter

08-21-1864 The wife of Mr. John Wattie, of Elgin Township, a daughter.

08-31-1864 Andrew Somerville, Esq. Registrar of the County of Huntingdon, married Elizabeth Moore, daughter of the honorable Philip H. Moore, M. L. C., at Phillipsburg, Canada East, by Rev. Montgomery

08-25-1864 Archibald Petrie, Esq. Aged 74 years, at St. Leonards, Cumberland, Ottawa ON

09-06-1864 Mrs. Alex Chalmers, of Huntingdon, a son

09-01-1864 Sarah Morrison, second daughter of William Morison, farmer, died Aged 22 years at Jamestown.Que.

09-01-1864 William Smellie, farmer, of Jamestown, died, Aged 59 years

09-22-1864 Of interest, there will be an auction sale on Thursday for George Biggar, lot 25, fifth range Godmanchester, terms, over five dollars, 14 months credit, under five dollars, cash.

09-11-1864 Mrs. James Kelly, Boyd Settlement, a daughter.

09-11-1864 Alfred Abbott Shanks, son of Daniel Shanks, of Huntingdon, Aged 06 mo 15 days

09-19-1864 The wife of John B. Stott, of Elgin Township, a son

09-15-1864 George Frederick Lauderdale Greglistine, third son of J. H.Greglistine, Esq. of Montreal, Aged 04 months 23 days, at Huntingdon

09-19-1864 Nathan Kingsbury, at Hermon, New York died Aged 68 years

09-28-1864 Robert Henderson, married Margaret Caldwell, daughter of Allan Caldwell, Esq. near the village of St. Martine, Canada East, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev A Young

10-14-1864 In the Church of St. Joseph, Huntingdon, by Rev. L. J. Gagnier, Cure, Athanase Blanchaud, Esq. advocate, married Charlotte Isadora Caine, third daughter of the late William D. Caine, Esq. Huntingdon

10-08-1864 Jacob York, Township of Dundee, Aged 73 years , interred under the Masonic Order .

10-17-1864 At Stony Creek, Ormstown, Janet Selkirk, Widow of the late Robert Cross, Aged 79 years native of Brehead, Lanarkshire, Scotland

10-17-1864 Mrs. Christina Comb, widow of the late William Eddie, Aged 84 years, at Aberlady, Scotland.

11-08-1864 Joseph Watson, Hinchinbrook married Margaret Johnston, youngest daughter of Robert Johnston Hinchinbrook at the residence of the bride's father , by license, by the Rev. F. Burt.

11-07-1864 A C Stacy, died at Franklin, of Typhus fever.

11-04-1864 William Grant, Hinchinbrook, married, Caroline Norval Kay, in Elgin Township, by Rev. A Wallace

11-11-1864 Jane Smiley, eldest daughter of James Smiley Jr., of Godmanchester died Aged 02 years 11 months.

11-21-1864 Mrs. Andrew Learmont Spedon, at St Jean Chrysostome, a daughter.

11-25-1864 George Howden, son of John Howdenn, Esq., North Georgetown, Aged 19 years at Montreal

12-02-1864 Mrs. Charles McDonald, of Jamestown, a daughter.

12-06-1864 George Dunsmore, Godmanchester, married Ellen J. Douglas, daughter of Robert Douglas, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. Burt

11-29-1864 Oliver St. Louis, farmer, married Sofia Sinclair, daughter of David Sinclair, Esq. Ormstown , by Rev. James Sievright.

12-08-1864 Dewittville PQ, the wife of Mr. John Purse, Died, Aged 56 years

12-08-1864 James Gilbert, farmer, South Georgtown, died of inflammation of the bowels, Aged 62 years, deceased was a native of Kentshire, England.

12-20-1864 Peter McGill Speirs, fourth son of the late John Speirs, Esq., of Montreal Aged 19 years , the funeral will take place from the house of Dr. Sherriff on Friday, Dec. 23 at 10:00 a.m.

12-18-1864 William Tooney, died at the Gore Hinchinbrook. Aged 01year, only child of John Tooney, of New York

12-11-1864 Margaret Jane McCoy, Aged 25 years wife of James Glennie, Esq., of Elgin Township Quebec

12-15-1864 James Armstrong, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, died at Huntingdon, Aged 77 years

12-29-1864 Robert Biggar, Malone N.Y., married Janet H. Laird, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Laird, Esq.,

12-29-1864 Alexander Cameron, Township of Dundee, married Annie McMaster, daughter of Archibald McMaster, Esq., Godmanchester, in St. Anderws Church, Huntingdon, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

12-26-1864 Thomas Purse, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, died Aged 55 years.