Gleaner Extracts 1863

Gleaner Extracts 1863

09-05-1863 This is a working copy of the Huntingdon Gleaner 1863 published every Friday morning, one dollar per year in advance, 1.25 it paid within three months, 1.50 it paid afterwards, single copies 06 cents each.

09-12-1863 The wife of Rev. Mr. Watson, a daughter

09-05-1863 The wife of Rev. William Cochran (late of Glasgow,Scotland) a daughter

09-14-1863 At Huntingdon, 14th by the Rev. Alex Wallace. The Rev. Joseph White, B.A. Wakefield, County of Ottawa, married Elizabeth Chambers eldest daughter of William Chambers.

09-16-1863 At the residence of the bride's father at Hinchinbrook, by Rev. Alexander Wallace, Mr. John Edward Robson, Hinchinbrook was married to Sarah Jane Kelly eldest daughter of John Kelly.

09-29-1863 Some facts, Quote, A Bar of Iron valued at five dollars, worked into horseshoes, is worth ten dollars and 50 cents, needles, 355 dollars, Penn knife blades, 3285.00, shirt buttons, 29.480.00 balance springs of watches,250.000.00, dollars09-23-1863 At the resident of the bride's mother, Rev.A Campbell of Brewers Mills, C. W. was married to Miss Clementine Abbott, daughter of John, Franklin Center.

09-16-1863 Jessie, third daughter of Donald McIntosh, died of diphtheria, Aged 08 years 01 month

10-05-1863 Hinchinbrook Township meeting at Herdman's Corners, present, counselors, Samuel Gibson, Archibald Cameron, Samuel Henderson, Robert Kelly, and Louis McKay

10-05-1863 Hinchinbrook school commissioners, met at, Merideth Johnston, Herdman's corners, present, Joshua Breadner Esq. Chairman, Mrs. William Anderson, James Kelly, John McHardy, school Commissioner absent, Samuel Henderson Esq. commissioners William Henderson, William McHardy, William Anderson, James Kelly, Peter Stevens, Arthur Herdman, secretary-treasurer.

10-14-1863 Simeon Cooper,Esq, of Elgin Township Que, married Annie Younie, daughter of the late Alexander Younie, of Ormstown by the Rev Mr Severight

10-20-1863 At the Union Hotel, Huntingdon, the wife of Mr. John Milne, a daughter.

10-21-1863 At North Georgetown, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. J.C Muir D.D Lt. McDougal, Durham, light infantry, married Jane Brodie, eldest daughter of late Robert Brodie, Esq.

10-19-1863 At Huntingdon, after a painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, Duncan McNee, Aged 60 years 05 months, a native of the parish of Buchanan, Scotland, emigrated to Canada in 1823, and has been a resident of Huntingdon for 40 years, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

10-23-1863 Mr. Peter King, Elgin,PQ married Harriet G. Moore, Elgin,PQ by Rev. Alfred Anders, Franklin,Que

10-31-1863 The wife of Rev. George Anderson, a daughter

11-06-1863 In the Catholic church in the village, by Rev. Mr. Gagnier, Patrick Ford, married Odile McDonald daughter of John and Laura McDonald

11-01-1863 At Beauharnois, the death of Catherine McNaughton, wife of Coll McPhee Aged 40 years

11-05-1863 The marriage of Mr. Alexander Chalmers, of Huntingdon, to Miss Catherine Goudy, daughter of the late Alexander Goudy, of New Glasco took place at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev.Wray M.A.

11-10-1863 Mr. William Way, married Ellen Grant, eldest daughter of John Grant, Boyd Settlement,Hinchinbrook,Que by Rev. Alex Wallace.

11-11-1863 Mr. William George Robson,of Hinchinbrook, married Mary Jane McCracken, of Hinchinbrook eldest daughter of the late David McCracken,

11-29-1863 Mr. Jon Spencer, Elgin,PQ married Miss Humiah Sutherland, of Godmanchester, by Rev. Cameron.

11-08-1863 At Ogdensburg NY, after a short illness, Jane Phillips daughter of Dr. G. H. Phillips died , formerly of Durham Ormstown

10-16-1863 In the hospital at Memphis TN Mr. John J. Sutherland, died of typhoid fever, Aged 38 years son of the late Walter Sutherland, Godmanchester

11-04-1863 At Sawyerville, Eaton, CE Rev. Robert Brown, Wesleyan minister, Aged 45 years Rev. Mr. Brown was pastor at one time, of the Methodist congregation in this village.

11-13-1863 At Rosebank, North Georgetown , the marriage of George Tait, Esq., West Stafford, to Jane Agnes Montieth, daughter of the late James Montieth, Esq. By Rev. JC Muir, DD

11-14-1863 Joseph Oliver, merchant, Aged 62 years, passed away at his residence, in the Portage, the late Mr. Oliver was a native of England, having been born near the village of Harbattle, in the county of North Cumberland and not far from the Scottish border. He immigrated to this country about 30 years ago and has been settled there to his late place of residence since that time. He leaves the Widow and a family behind him, who, most unexpectedly, are called to mourn the loss of a kind husband and affectionate father.

11-23-1863 Ahe wife of Mr. James McNair, a daughter, at Godmanchester

11-06-1863 At Hendersonville, Jacob Sheets, Aged 48 years deceased was a native of Upper Canada, and leaves a wife and seven children to deplore his loss.

11-12-1863 At Hemmingford, married, Mr. David Orr, farmer, to Miss Elvira Margaret Robson, third daughter of Roger Robson, Esq. Hemmingford by Rev. James Patterson

12-04-1863 At Trout River, Elgin, Thomas McFarlane, died of diphtheria, Aged 05 years son of Daniel McFarlane Jr.

11-17-1863 At 12 Duke Street, Edinburgh Scotland, James Crawford, Jr. Writer to this segment, the deceased was brother-in-law to the member for this county, Mr. Somerville.

11-24-1863 In the township of Dundee, the wife of Mr. John McMaster Sr. died at an advanced age.

12-07-1863 James Riley, died of diphtheria, on December 03, son of William Arnold, Godmanchester, Aged 08 years.

12-11-1863 Mr. Robert Thompson, Howick Quebec married Janet Gebbie, at the residence of the bride's father Thomas Gebbie, Esq. Howick Quebec Rev. A. Young, assisted by Rev Dr. Muir

12-10-1863 Mr. William Vass, Dundee Que married Miss Mary Cruikshank, Dundee Quebec by Rev. Mr. Cameron.

12-03-1863 Mr. Christopher Chisholm died suddenly in the township of Dundee Quebec.

12-10-1863 Mary Ann Brodie, aged 13 yrs 09 mo died daughter of the late Robert Brodie Esq. of North Georgetown.

12-30-1863 Philip C Moore Esq. son of the honorable P.H Moore, M. L. C. married Anna Markland Somerville eldest daughter of Robert B. Somerville Esq. M. P. P. at Athelstan,Que by Rev. James Patterson and Alexander Wallace

12-29-1863 James King, Carpenter, Elgin,PQ married Phoebe Wright, at Burke New York by Rev. Mr. Sievright.

12-22-1863 Mr. William Broder, merchant , of Winchester Canada West married Miss Mary Doran at the residence of the bride's father, Williamsburg N.Y. by Rev.Mr Yoemans, Wesleyan Minister.

12-30-1863 Mr. David Ford, Huntingdon married Mary Reid youngest daughter of George Reid, Esq. by Rev. Alexander Wallace.