Zion United Church Old Cemetery, Dundee

Zion United Church Old Cemetery, Dundee
Cemetery List

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Dating back to the mid-1830's, and still in active use, the Old Cemetery is located on Dundee Centre Road across from the Zion United Church.  This cemetery originally served the many Scottish Presbyterian families who settled in the Dundee, St. Anicet, and Ft. Covington, NY. region.  The church and cemetery were later affiliated with the United Church of Canada when the congregation of Dundee Zion Presbyterian Church  chose to be included in the 1925 amalgamation of  Presbyterian and Methodist Churches.

This lists includes the names of nearly 500 individuals who were interred in this cemetery, who have been memorialized on the head stones found in the cemetery, or whose name appears on lists of burials for the cemetery. Because related records are incomplete, more names would inevitably appear if  we lived in an ideal world. It is probable that some head stones no longer exist. Some head stones are certainly now illegible. And, of course, some burials were never recorded in church records or on a head stone. 

If you are looking for a specific burial and do not find a listing here, you may also wish to check the list for the Zion United New Cemetery . The rocky nature of the soil where the old cemetery is located discouraged expansion and a  sister cemetery was established a few decades later in order to accommodate the community's needs.  Similarly, you will find that family members of persons buried in Zion United Church Old Cemetery are buried in the following cemeteries: Smith-Moody Cemetery , Isle of Skye Cemetery, and Calvin Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

With respect to the actual cemetery list, some of the information is extrapolated or the detail assumed. The information on the head stones does not always match the information in the church records. Similarly, in order to make the cemetery list as complete as possible, information is provided from additional sources with the hope this information will assist in understanding the relationships between the different family members buried in the cemetery. Where no photograph is provided for the listing, the burial was found in Burials of Zion Church, Dundee, Quebec, but no head stone was found to mark the grave.

The lot numbers provided in this list are generally those specified in Burials of Zion Church, Dundee, Quebec, except where the actual head stone was found on a different lot or where a possibility exists that the Arnold list is is not correct.  Therefore, the lot numbers provided here relate to the location of the head stone and there is a possibility that the actual burial was in a different lot. The lots in the cemetery are generally laid out in row with the first lot located nearest the southwest corner closest to the intersection of Dundee Centre Road and Smallman Road. The lot numbers increase by consecutive numbers as you move to the back of the cemetery and then restart at the front of the cemetery. The varying sizes of the lots, meanwhile, means that the cemetery is not a true grid. The east and extreme north portions of the cemetery have few or no burials .

Dundee Centre Road

South East
Corner Lot
73 63 53 43 33 23 13 1

Like any transcription, the information provided here is at times a best guess. Where a detail is important to your research, it is highly recommended to seek additional sources to confirm the information. Corrections and additions are very welcome.


 Zion United Church Old Cemetery - Cemetery List
 Arranged by Surname   Arranged by Lot Number   
Aa-Cz  Da-Lz Ma-Md Me-Zz 1 - 22 23-46 47-66 76-SE
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