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A collection of genealogical information on the former county of Huntingdon, Quebec. Huntingdon County GenWeb is part of the Quebec and Canadian GenWebs.

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 Gleaner Extracts 1863 - 1951

Churches & Church Records
Census Information & Transcriptions Cemeteries & Cemetery Lists
1820 Petition regarding land grants in Dundee Godmanchester & Hinchinbrooke Permits 1823-1826
Local Diaries Hemmingford Statistical Return - 1828
Militia Pay Lists November 1838 Sainte-Cecile Parish Records (Valleyfield, QC)
Fenian Medal Registers 1824 Hinchinbrooke Statistical Reports
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Newspapers of Chateauguay Valley A Short Book List for the County
Hinchinbrooke Crown Land Grants 1799-1885 Additional Research Material

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