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Should get rid of this page as I never remember to update it, but in the meantime, the "addresses" page as well as "Places to Visit" have been updated and links verified. (2/7/09)

Added a PICO search engine -- now all I have to do is remember to reindex everytime I update the site. (2006)
Most of the new additions have been to the Archives section. Be sure to check it out! https://sites.rootsweb.com/~qceastwn/archives.html (7/9/05 -- 10/25/05)

Added some new "Families" on that page. If you haven't visited for a while, please do. https://sites.rootsweb.com/~qceastwn/families.html (1/1/05)

Mat Ardron has graciously sent info from the Sherbrooke Gazette. You must check out the Archives at: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~qceastwn/archives.html (12/12/04)

Alot of changes have been made and I have not updated this page. Two of the most recent are wonderful contributions by Doug MacFie and David Ellis - Noyan Concession Holders, and Landholders in St Armand. These can be viewed in the Archives: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~qceastwn/archives.html (6/20/03)
Finally getting around to moving this whole site over to Rootsweb. They gave me the site back in February 2000 and never had time to move it. I had an accident at work a few days ago and since I can not move around, I decided I would concentrate on learning Dreamweaver (to some extent) and moving this. So happens it coincides with the anniversary of the site. So now -- it is 7 years old and on Rootsweb. (11/25/02)
Following RootsWeb's and Ancestry's merging, our old GenConnect message boards have become much more sophisticated RootsWeb boards. Check out: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~qceastwn/queries.html (7/8/01)
Finally got around to adding a guestbook to the site. (4/02/01)

Just added a photo of Philip Ruiter, "1st child born in Cowansville". If anyone has approximate dates on this photo, please email me. (2/17/01)

Just thought I would let everyone know that our Eastern Townships Research website is 5 years old this weekend! It's come a long way, but still has so very far to go! Please send in your contributions for the Archives. Let's try to add as much information as possible. Lefty Dearborn has contributed a marvelous photo of the Fadden family to the Archives. Check it out! (11/23/2000 - American Thanksgiving)

Well, I have been forgetting to update the "What's New" page! In our "Archives" section we have added several items: 3 Family Bibles: MOTT-SALLS-SCOTT, William Henry YOUNG,and EDY. Russell Saffin also gratiously contributed his extractions from the 1901 census records for Tingwick, Shipton and Cleveland.(5/26/00) Send in your contributions!!

Elaine Morris has sent in several new files for our Archives!! We now have extractions for both the Potton and Bolton1825 census records. Please take this as a prodding to look over the records you might have at home that you might submit to benefit others! Come on, folks!! Let's make this site a worthwhile archives to help other researchers! (10/2/99)

There is a need for a section to house documents, whether they be census records, diaries, extracted records of what ever sort -- so I have created the ET Archives. You must go and checkout the first addition. It is the personal journal of Thomas Edward PATERSON of Upper Durham for the years 1871 and 1872. Quite fascinating! I have been so slow in making this available to researchers, and I do apologize. Life here in Orlando has been a tad hectic, and I'm sorry to say that genealogy,as well as this website, took a backseat for a few months. But, you must read the background info and sample entry to this journal! This will entice you to download the full document ( MSWord format) , I'm sure. One can really get caught up in the language. ;-)

Please feel encouraged to send in Bible records, journals, whatver you feel will be of help to others in their research within the Eastern Townhips. (6/27/99)

Wow! Sometime during the beginning of April, I added a link to a voting site for the best Canadian GenWeb site of the month.Well, on May 1st, the winner of the Best Canadian GenWeb site for April was announced, and guess who won? -- YES! Within the first few weeks, our readers made the award possible. Now, I will say, I'm not much into theaward scene, and who has the most awards on their site, etc. BUT, with this award, comes notification to many other researchers, and this may very well bring new researchers to our site. And we all know, the more readers, the better . So many thanks to all of you who voted the ET Research Website as best Canadian Genweb Site for April!! (Good thing, I don't have to be Canadian --- Pam, from sunny Orlando. (5/1/99)

With a lot of help from reader, Bob Heiling, I was able to contact all who had Surname postings on that board. He pulled them all into a format so I could easily e-mail all addresses.As a result, the Surname Boards have been cleaned up considerably! I have deleted all listings that had e-mail addresses which bounced back to me. Also, in the course of updating, the message let folks know about the QC-ETANGLO mailing list, and following the message we had at least 25 new subscribers, and that keeps increasing every day. As of today, there were 164 subscribers.(11/7/98)

Well, I FINALLY got around to adding a county map - dated ca 1871. Let me know what you think,and if you feel that we need others for earlier time periods. This one that I color coded was a bit beyond my present skills, but it's okay. (9/14/98)
Well, I'm trying out a new homepage here --- hopefully, it being more concise, with a lot less scrolling, will bring favorable results. Let meknow what you think. Although, I will admit, the graphics loked fine at work, but on my home machine, they look pretty yucky...looks like I need to go back to Photoshop with these. I have a lousy video card here.(7/28/98)

I have uploaded my Eastern Township SCOTT family. These are descendants of Walter SCOTT, who emigrated to Stillwater, New York from Ireland 10 years before the Revolution, but found his loyalty with the British. As a Loyalist, he and his family fled New York for safety within Quebec. (7/14/98)

Well, I enlisted the aid of Carol Hepburn, who has been setting up query pages for other sites which have joined GenWeb. So, we now have query pages set up for each county and are part of GenConnect as well! Volunteers are helping to make GenWebsites the best they can be! I certainly would not have undertaken a queries project without this option. THANK YOU,Carol! (4/25/98)
I am proud to announce that this site has joined Quebec GenWeb, so I will be making a great many changes here, hopefully, soon. I need to add a queries page, which I'm sure you will all love! And, we also need to add a Volunteer Lookup Page, which means I need your help.If you have source material on the ET's at home, please let me know, andI'll post your e-mail address as a volunteer for that particular resource.If we all help one another, we'll get further - faster! (3/21/98)

I have uploaded the first few generations of my COVEY line for the benefit of my COVEY-L mailing list. Samuel COVEY, Sr. left a great many descendants in both Quebec, Ontario, Vermont, and New York. (2/98)

You can check out the "problem" areas in my Eastern Township family lines, still under construction, or get my Grandmother Scott's ahnentafel. I had originally wanted to convert the gedcom to html, but her line alone totals over 5 megs worth! For now, the ahnentafel will have to do, or I'd need to rent more webspace (Again, that money thing!).
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