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If you have Eastern Township material at home, please consider doing lookup's for others. I will be happy to list whatever those books, films, notes, etc might be. Again, I ask that the resources be pertaining to English speaking settlers and families within the Eastern Townships: Brome, Compton, Missisquoi, Shefford, Stanstead, Sherbrooke, Richmond, Megantic, Drummond, Arthabaska or Wolfe Counties.

I also ask researchers who would like to enlist the help of these volunteers to remember just that - These people have VOLUNTEERED to help others. Do not expect immediate response, and be very specific in your requests. DO NOT request a listing of all SMITHS in the 1825 census, etc ! If you are not specific enough, so that the time involved on the volunteer's part is kept to a minimum, your request will not be filled.

Several volunteers are rather frustrated by requests being made. They cannot offer pages and pages of info. There are copyright issues here! Be reasonable about a "Lookup".


Willing to help with research of any BROME COUNTY families.
-------Tony Eldridge


"History of Compton County", by L.S. Channell , originally published in 1896 , reprinted in 1975.
-------Leslie Nutbrown

"History of Compton County", by L.S. Channell, originally published in 1896
------Robert D. Hawes


Trenholm United Church, Trenholm Cemetery Listing. This is a Methodist Burying ground approximately 4 miles north of Richmond on the St. Francis River. Our volunteer will do lookups.
-------Christopher Allen


"The Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County -
-------Leslie Nutbrown

Megantic Co. 1831 Census
Megantic Co. 1861 Census
Megantic Co. Protestant Cemetery Records
"Pioneers of Inverness Township"
"Megantic Co. and St. Sylvestre", Private unpublished genealogy of 3000 (!) English families. Gwen said "For some families I have only a few lines, for others many pages." Sounds like it could be a goldmine for someone!
--------Gwen Rawlings Barry


"Academy Days . . . In Old Missisquoi, with history and reminiscences of Stanbridge Academy," by Julia H. S. Bugeia and Theodora Cornell Moore, 1910, has interesting information on people who attended Stanbridge Academy as well as lived in Stanbridge.
-------Holly Martin

"Thura Truax Hires Manuscript, Vol. 2 - This has genealogies on Truax, and to a lesser extent, Clow, Baker, Larroway, Wightman and others.
-------Jennifer Smith

"The Quakers of East Farnham," by S.A. Zielinski, has detailed family histories of some of the residents in and around East Farnham from about 1820 to 1870.
-------Alan Rich

The Loyalists of the Eastern Townships
Ruiter Settlement Cemetery, by Marlene Simmons
Sutton, Quebec Area Cemeteries, by Marlene Simmons
Protestant Marriages in the District of Bedford 1804-1879, by Neil Broadhurst
Please remember to request only brief checks on names. Both Neil and Marlene are great supporters of ET research, and we don't want to hinder the sale of their excellent books.
------AArnie Burrows


Old Greenlay Cemetery (St Gregoire de Greenlay), in the town of Brompton.
--------Sue Reynolds-Phaneuf


Sherbrooke Daily Record Vital Statistics Feb 8, 1897 - Dec. 31, 1901, compiled by North Hatley Historical Society.
--------John Fowler


Wills in Stanstead County - Leslie has offered to check on a specific name within the index. If the name is found, Leslie is willing to drive to the Registry Office (about 20 miles away) and check on that Will. Please keep in mind, that THIS part of the service CANNOT be complimentary, as the Registry charges $5.00 per hour to research there. I would also expect that a small fee should be added on as well, towards gas, but that , of course, would be between you and Leslie. Let's remember though, just how valuable our volunteers are! Thank you, Leslie.
-------Leslie Nutbrown

Forest & Clearings: The History of Stanstead Co - Carolyn has offered to do lookups in this all important reference work for Stanstead County.
------ Carolyn Murphy

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