Stanstead Co Annexation Petition

Annexation in Stanstead County

[contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, December 2006]

In December 1849 and January 1850, there was a petition to have Stanstead County become part of the United States. There were over 1000 people who signed this petition. This could be an important resource if you are trying to find an ancestor as it would prove they lived in Stanstead County at that time. It is especially valuable because the 1851 census for Stanstead County is missing. This annexation list was printed in the Stanstead Journal and appear in the first Stanstead County Vital Statistics Book compiled from information published in the Stanstead Journal (researched by Elizabeth Brock & Jackie Tilton, November 1991) and available at the Stanstead Historical Society along with all the other volumes.


The petition reads as follows:

To John McConnell Esq. M.P.P. for the County of Stanstead.

Sir- The undersigned electors and inhabitants of the County of Stanstead, feeling that a great political change is necessary to the welfare and prosperity of this Province, and fully concurring in the principles set forth in the Montreal Manifesto, that a peaceful separation of the Colony from Great Britain, and a union with the United States, are the only means of relieving Canada from its present state of depression, respectfully request you to make public your sentiments and opinions upon this subject.
December 26, 1849, additional signatures January 3, 10, & 24, 1850.

[Listed alphabetically]

Abbott Abial S.
Abbott Augustin 2nd
Abbott Augustus
Abbott Cyril
Abbott George
Abbott Hiram
Abbott Josiah
Abbott Nelson
Abbott Philip J.
Abbott Thomas K.
Abby Alba
Abby Lawrence
Achilles A. C.
Adams A. A.
Adams Calvin S.
Adams Francis W.
Adams Franklin
Adams Lewis
Aiken Nelson
Aldrich Elisha
Aldrich Gad
Aldrich George
Aldrich H.
Aldrich Laomi
Aldrich Lewis
Alger Martin
Allen Alonzo
Allen Daniel
Allen Joseph P.
Allen Jude
Allen Lyman
Ames James
Amsden Amos
Amsden F. A.
Amy Jacob
Anderson George
Anderson Hollis
Anderson T. W.
Anson Carlos
Armstrong Thomas
Armstrong W. G.
Arnold Luther M.
Atkinson Benjamin
Atkinson Willard
Atwood D. E.
Atwood William M.
Austin David
Austin Nicholas
Avery Hanis
Ayer Gardner
Ayer Jonathan
Ayer Wilder
Ayer William
Bachelder George
Bachelder Jacob
Bachelder Jethro
Bachelder Milton
Bachelder Nathan
Bachelder Samuel P.
Bachelder Smith
Bacon Moses Jr.
Badger George
Bagley David B.
Bagley John
Bailey George T.
Bailey John C.
Bailey Joseph
Bailey Samuel
Baker J. G.
Baker John W.
Baldwin Ezra H.
Baldwin Francis
Baldwin George J.
Baldwin J. P.
Baldwin Lotis Jr.
Baldwin Oscar F.
Baldwin Richard
Baldwin Rufus A.
Baldwin Walter
Balke Chancey
Ball Amos E.
Ball Orvis
Ball Seth
Ball W.
Banfill George
Barnard Eliphalet
Barnard John
Barnes D. S.
Barnes David
Barnes Thomas
Barnes William
Baronette Hiram
Barry Ebenezer
Barry John
Barry Leonard
Bartlett Benjamin
Bartlett Collins
Bartlett Freeman
Bartlett Nelson
Bass Chester
Bassett Thomas
Bates Sylvanus
Baxter J. W.
baxter James E.
Bean Edmund
Bean Folsom
Bean Freeman
Bean John
Bean Joseph
Bean Luke
Bean Mark
Bean Moses
Bean Reuben
Bean Ruel
Bean Samuel
Bean Simon
Bean William
Bean Joseph Jr.
Beauchamp Elijah
Beebe Wesley
Beine Jeduthan
Bell John
Bell William
Bell William V.
Bellows Elias
Benson Henry
Benson J. E.
Berkeley W. C.
Bigelow L.
Binden Peter
Bishop Hiram
Bishop Nathaniel
Bissell P.
Blake Asa
Blake Chancey
Blake Israel N.
Blake Moses Jr.
Blanchard Alfred
Blanchard B.
Blanchard Benjamin W.
Blanchard Ephraim
Blanchard George
Blanchard Judson
Blanchard Thomas
Blanchard William
Blodgett Samuel S.
Blount Gardner
Bodwell Andrew
Bodwell Horace
Bodwell Wellington
Boody Daniel
Boswell S. B.
Bowen Butler
Bowen F.T.
Bowen John C.
Bowen John S.é
Bowen Nathan
Bowen Roswell Jr.
Bowen Shubel
Bowen Silas
Bowker Alexander
Boylen Dennis
Boynton David
Boynton Gardner
Boynton J. W.
Boynton Lewis
Boynton Lyman
Boynton R. C.
Boynton T. A.
Brock John
Brock Solomon B.
Brodie James
Brown Amos A.
Brown B. F.
Brown Benjamin H.
Brown Daniel Jr.
Brown F.
brown Frederick
Brown John G.
Brown John Q.
Brown Jonathan R.
Brown Levi
Brown Robie
Brown Sherburn S.
Brown Theo
Bryan Abram
Bryant C. Jr.
Bryant John
Buckland Alexander
Buckland Erastus
Buckland Franklin
Buckland Harry
Buckland Walter
Buckman Gilman
Bullard Nathan
Bullard Orison
Bunker Noble
Bunker Obadiah
Bunker William
Burbank George
Burbank John
Burbank Lewis
Burbank Lyman
Burns S.C.
Burpee Croyden
Buswell Andrew
Buswell S. C.
Buswell S. C. Jr.
Buswell W.
Caldwell Andrew
Call James
Call Richard
Call Whiting
Call William
Carpenter Henry
Carpenter James
Carrick G. C.
Carrick John
Carroll Peter
Carter Daniel
Carter Moses
Cartier U.
Cass John
Cass John C.
Cass Seth
Cassidy Alexander
Cassidy Thomas
Castle Erastus
Caswell Alden
Caswell Franklin
Caswell Lucius
Caswell Seth
Cate Benjamin Jr.
Cate Nathaniel
Chaffee Lynds
Chaffee Sidney
Chamberlain Orange
Chamberlin Asher
Chamberlin David
Chamberlin James W.
Chanon John
Chase B. H.
Chase G.O.W.
Childs Hanba
Childs Isaac
Childs Samuel Jr.
Chillson Luther P.
Chillson Otis
Chompeneau John
Christie John
Church Seavy
Church William
Clark Cushman
Clark George
Clark Kimball
Clark Osborn
Clark S.
Clement John B.
Clement Rufus
Clemons L.
Cleveland Ezra
Clifford Charles C.
Clifford Francis
Clifford Jacob
Clifford Meayer
Clifford Samos S.
Clough Charles R.
Clough Chase Jr.
Clough Marsalles
Clough Riley
Coburn Alex
Coburn Thomas
Coffey Patrick
Colby Amos
Colby B. M.
Colby Charles C.
Colby Daniel
Colby John
Colby Joseph
Colby Page
Colby Squire
Cole Benjamin
Cole John S.
Cole Justus
Cole Richard
Collins Ichabod
Comstock Peter G.
Converse Asaph
Copp M. W.
Copp Richard
Copp S.é F.é
Corey Almond
Corey Ira
Corkett George
Corliss James
Corliss John
Corliss John Jr.
Cowles C. W.
Cox Anson
Cox Charles
Cox Edward J.
Cox Joseph
Cox Joseph J.
Cox Lucius
Cox Orson
Crosby Oliver
Crowther Wilson
Curtis Hial
Cushing A. B.
Cushing John N.
Cushing M. T.
Dailey Selah
Damon A. E.
Damon Charles
Damon Isaac
Damon John N.
Damon Joseph B.
Danforth Charles
Danforth George
Danforth Luther
Danforth Will
Daniels Benjamin Jr.
Danville Baptiste
Darling Lyman
Darling S. W.
Davidson Clarence
Davidson Luke
Davis Alonzo
Davis Artemas
Davis David B.
Davis Edmund
Davis George
Davis Guy
Davis Moses
Davis T.
Davis William
Davis William H.
Davis Wright
Defond Louis
Defond Louis
Defond Matthew
Deman Francis
Demick Benjamin Jr.
Dennis William
Dezan Antoine
Dickey Nathaniel
Didavvin Nelson
Digby James
Digby John
Digby William
Dix Ebenezer
Dolloff Josiah
Dolloff Samuel
Dolloff Samuel F.
Dorman Orin
Dresser Albert
Dresser William
Drew Charles
Drew George
Drew Isaac Jr.
Drew Orville
Dubogee John
Dunham S. R. C.
Dunigan Owen
Dustin Walter
Dutton A.
Dutton Joseph P.
Dutton William
Dutton William Jr.
Dwyer Barzilla
Dyson Ebenezer
Dyson John
Eadie Samson
Earl William
Eastman Elias
Eaton John
Eaton Valentine W.
Elder Hugh
Elkins M. S.
Elliott Ashael H.
Elliott H. N.
Elliott Samuel
Ellis Elijah
Ellsworth Gershom
Emery John
Emery Lucius
Emery Nathan S.
Eno Almon
Eno O. D.
Eno Oliver D.
Evans Orin S.
Ewary William 3rd
Ewens James
Ewens William
Fannee Alba
Farrington Zenas
Farrow Daniel
Farrow Ebenezer
Farrow Leonard
Field B. B.
Fisher Abraham
Fisher Ezra M.
Flanders D. S.
Flanders Royal H.
Fleming John
Fletcher A. M.
Fletcher Chandler
Fletcher J. W.
Fletcher Russell S.
Fletcher Simeon
Flinn John
Fogg George W.
Folsom George S.
Ford Joseph
Foss Hiram M.
Foster Austin T.
Foster D. D.
Foster Stephen Jr.
Fox Henry
Fox Horace
Fox John
Fox Moody Jr.
Fox W.
French Samuel L.
Fuller G. A.
Fuller Lester
Fullerton David Jr.
Fulton David
Gage John S.
Gaines Francis
Gale George
Gardine James
Gardner Lewis
Gardner Roswell
Gardyne Robert
Garland William L.
Gates Daniel
gates George T.
Gaylord Asa
Geer Elijah
Gemmell Ivie
Gemmell Robert
Gibson James
Gilbert F. D. (M.D.)
Gilman A. M.
Gilman Chase
Gilman J. B.
Gilman Leander
Gilman Thomas
Glener Stephen
Glidden Ephraim
Goff Eli Willard
Golden James
Goodsell Thomas
Goodsend George W.
Goole Abraham
Gordon Andrew
Gordon Isaac
Gordon Isaac Jr.
Gordon Shepherd
Gordon William
Grammont Antoine
Grammont John
Grammont Jonathan
Granger Carse
Grant James
Grant Willard
Greenleaf Samuel
Greer A. C.
Greer John
Greer John R.
Griffin Moses
Griffin Moses Jr.
Griffin Silas
Grissel Francis
Gunning Richard
Gustin Amos H.
Gustin E. B.
Gustin Josiah
Hackett John
Hackett Porter
Hackett Taylor
Hackett William
Haines Charles
Haines John
Hall Alexander
Hall Amos
Hall Benjamin
Hall Joseph
Hall Joseph 2nd
Hall Samuel
Hall T. W.
Ham Thomas Jr.
Handy Sylvester
hanson Elijah
Hanson Lewis F.
Harding John
Hartwell Daniel
Hartwell Edwin F.
Hartwell Jerry
Hartwell Oliver
Harvey Amos
Harvey Benton
Harvey David
Harvey John Sen.
Harvey William
Hawes Harvey
Hawse Nathaniel
Hawse William
Hawse William Jr.
Heath Alonzo
Heath Calvin
Heath Daniel
Heath Daniel G.
Heath Jesse W.
Heath Michael
Heath Moses
Heath Reuben
Heath Eleazer W.
Hemmington Joseph
Henry Levi
Hidden Enoch
Hill Alvin
Hill Anthony
Hill Edward
Hill Ira
Hill Isaac
Hill Levi Jr.
Hill Nathaniel
Hill Samuel
Hill Timothy
Hinsley James W.
Hitchcock Beamond
Hitchcock Paul
Hitchcock Sumner
Hoag Andrew
Holbrook Ezra
Holbrook Nathaniel
Holland Richard
Holt Henry A.
Holt Rufus
Home James
Homer T. G.
Horn Francis
Horn Jeremiah
Horton Melvin
Horton Osmyn
House Francis
House Harry
House James
Hovey Chester J. P.
Hovey Horace
Hovey John
Howard Nathaniel
Howe Abram
Howlett John
Hoyt Asa
Hoyt Benjamin
Hoyt Nason Jr.
Huckins John
Hughes Ira
Hughes Warren
Humphrey Charles W.
Humphrey Hollis S.
Humphrey John
Humphrey Samuel
Hunt Manson E.
Hunt Orin
Hunt Zebulon
Hunter Henry S.
Hunter William S.
Huntington Seth
Hurd J. E.
Hurd R. T.
Hussey Charles G.
Ingram Hezekiah
Ingram Lucius C.
Irvine Louis
Islip George
Ives Frederick
Ives Harley
Ives John
Ives Joseph
Ives Titus
Ives William
Jackson Abel
Jackson Andrew
Jackson Daniel
Jameson Fergus
Jameson L. T.
Jamie Patrickl
Jereck Nathaniel
Jewson Noah
Johnson A. B.
Johnson Arthur
Johnson Henry Jr.
Johnson John
Johnson Shephard
Johnson Thomas
Jondro Francis
Jones Albert
Jones George
Jones John M.
Jones Philip
Jones Samuel F.
Jones Stephen
Jones William
Jordan A. L.
Jordan Edward
Judd Osburn
Kathan Lovinas
Keeler Bernaldus
Kenaston Moses
Kenaston Thomas
Kennedy G. W.
Kenny Sanford
Kent G. W.
Keyes Ira
Kezar Chauncey
Kezar Jesse
Kezar Josiah
Kilborn Charles A.
Kimball Asa
Kimball James
Kimpton Richard
Kinneson Nathan
Kneal Morrisà
Knight Albert
Knight F.
Knight Samuel
Knights Charles
Knowlton Horace L.
Laberee Henry E.
Ladd Ozro A.
Lafleur Edward
Lamb Josiah
Lamphier William
Lander Peter
Langlois Joseph
Langmayd B. E.
Lathum John
Lawrie Thomas
LeBaron C. H.
LeBaron Horace
Lebaron James
LeBaron Orin
LeBaron Richard
Lebois Henry
Leclerc Peter
Ledue Noel
Lee Ede 2nd
Lee Ede Jr.
Lee Elias
Lee Elias Jr.
Lee Josiah
Lee William H.
Levoy Lewis
Lewis A.
Lewis Alpheus
Lewis Auren
Lewis Charles W.
Lewis Samuel
Libbee Burton
Libbee Pearson
Lillee A.
Lilly Patrick
Lindsay Heman
Lindsey Rodolphus
Linton James
Linton Lewis
Litchfield James
Little Clinton
Little Eliphalet C.
Little John
Little John
Little Joshua
Livingstone Ferrand
Lock Thomas
Locke James M.
Locke James M.
Lord John Sen.
Lovejoy Jerry
Lovell Amos
Lovell John
Lovering Rodney
Lovette Zebulon
Lovewell Henry
Lowell Abner
Mack D. W.
Mack Silas
Mack Zopher
Magoon Aaron
Magoon Ehraim
Magoon Harris
Magoon J. M.
Magoon John
Magoon Jonathan
Magoon Lyman
Magoon Willard
Mansengh George
Manson James
Manson Manly
Manson William R.
Mansur David A.
Mansur James P.
Mansur William F.
Martin Allen
Martin Banjamin Jr.
Martin Benjamin
Martin Daniel
Martin Leonard
Martin Michael
Martin W. A.
Maxfield Deius
Maxfield James
Maxfield Jonathan
Maxfield Truman
May Lorenzo
May Sylvester
McAlistrer Robert
McCaw Hugh N.
McCaw James
McClary Chester
McConnell Oscar
McGaffee David
McGookin James
McGookin Patrick
McIntosh James
McIntosh Peter
McLane George
McLaughlin David
McNally Peter
McNamara Patrick
McPherson Alex
Mears William
Meigs John
Merrick Elias
Merrill Comfort
Merrill David M.
Merrill Israel
Merrill Peletiah
Merrill Peter
Merriman Ira B.
Merry Jon
Miller Elisha
Miller Harrison
Miller Ira
Mills Ebenezer P.
Miltson Daniel
Miner Simeon A.
Minor Welcome
Mitchell E.A.
Moore John D.
Moore Robert
Moore Thomson
Moreson Preston
Morgan Charles
Morgan Samuel
Morrill Charles V.
Morrill Henry W.
Morrill Isaac
Morrill Joseph
Morrill Ozro
Morrisette Peter
Morrison Caleb
Morse Horace
Morse Martin
Mosier Andrew
Mosier Jesse
Mosier Welcome
Moulton Amos
Moulton D. W.
Moulton H. D.
Moulton Jacob
Moulton Samuel
Munsey Andrew
Munsey Timothy
Nason John
Neal Cyrus
Newcombe Hart
Newcombe Levi
Niles D. S.
Niles Harris
Niles Thomas Jr.
Niles W.
Nixon David
Norris W. F.
Norton Abraham
Norton Anunah
Norton Arthur
Norton Calvin
Norton Calvin Jr.
Norton Joseph R.é
Norton Patrick
Norton Uriah
Noyes Adam S.
Noyes Charles A.
Noyes F. W.
Oliver E. B.
Oliver W. S.
Oliver William
Oliver William W.
O'Malley Charles
Orcutt John
Orcutt Rodney
Osgood Thomas
Packard Daniel
Page S. T.
Parker Alpheus
Parker Hiram
Parker J. C.
Parker J. O.
Parker Robert
Parkhurst Elias
Partlow John
Patterson Thomas
Peabody Francis
Peabody Francis S.
Peabody William
Pease Nelson
Peasley A. S.
Peasley Hiram
Peasley James
Peasley Joseph C.é
Peasley Leonard
Peck L.
Penny Joshua
Perdue Thomas
Perkins A. M.
Perkins Ezra
Perkins Hanson
Perkins John N.
Perkins Lent H.
Perkins Silas
Perry William
Peters William Jr.
Phifield Edward
Phifield Edward Jr.
Phifield Lorenzo
Pierce Charles
Pierce George
Pierce Henry G.
Pierce Wilder
Pike John S.
Pike Warren
Pinkham A.
Pinkham C. F.
Pinkham S. S.
Place Asahel
Place Horace
Plumley Appleton Jr.
Pomroy George
Pomroy hazen
Pomroy Lewis
Pool Ozro
Pool W. H.
Pool W. K.
Poole Henry S.
Pope Alonzo
Pope L. D.
Pope Marshal
Porter James
Powell William
Powson John
Pratt J.
Putney Joseph
Putney Joseph
Putney Judson
Putney Nicholas
Ralb S. G.
Ramford Joseph
Randall Charles 2nd
Randall Joseph Jr.
Randall Orin F.
Rankin M.
Readley Eli R.
Rediker Peter
Reed Elijah
Reed John
Reed Samuel
Reed Stephen
Reed Thomas
Remick George
Remick S. S.
Rexford Eli
Rexford Levi
Rexford Russell
Richards Thomas
Rickard Abner
Riddle A. D.
Rider Nathaniel
Rix William P.
Roberts George
Roberts Joel
Robertson Peter
Robinson David
Robinson James
Robinson John
Robinson John
Robinson L. R.
Rodgers H. A.
Rogers S. B.
Rogers William
Rollins John
Rollins Tristam
Rollins William
Rose George H.
Roshbaw Oliver
Roshpean Antoine
Rowe Peter
Rowell Nathan
Rudd Edward
Ruggles George
Ruiter Jacob
Ruiter Joseph
Rumsdell Charles C.
Rumsdell Lucius
Russell George
Sabens F. H.
Sabins Arundah
Sabins Tristam
Sanborn Carlile
Sargent Anson
Sargent Charles
Sargent Daniel
Sargent George
Sargent Jacob
Sargent Nathaniel
Sargent Roger
Sargent Samuel
Sargent Stephen
Sarles Harry
Sauthier Calixte
Scanlan Calvin S.
Scanlan Taylor
Scobbie Calvin
Scobbie Thomas
Scott Jacob
Scriven Anson
Senter Willard
Sharp James
Shaw Eleanah
Shaw Thomas
Shaw Timothy D.
Sherburn Horatio
Sherwin Norman
Shirtleff J. B.
Shorey Hollis
Shurtleff Joel
Shurtleff L.
Shurtleff R.
Simmons Lowell S.
Slo?? George
Small Isaac
Small Nathaniel
Small Samual
Smith Freeman Jr.
Smith Iscabod
Smith Joel E.
Smith Joel Jr.
Smith John L.
Smith Joseph C.
Smith Michael S.
Smith Osmyn
Smith P. N.
Smith Rodney
Smith Sabin
Smith William D.
Snow S. W.
Somers G. O.
Spalding Levi
Spinney Levi
Standish Robert S.
Stearns C. E.
Stearns C. H.
Steele Hugh
Steele Sanford
Stevens Charles S.
Stevens E. S.
Stevens Gabriel
Stevens William
Stewart D. B.
Stewart James
Stickney David
Stickney Jonathan
Stimson Abraham
Stimson Sylvanus
Stirup Edward
Stoddard Ebenezer
Stone Charles B.
Stone Dimond
Stone Judathan
Stone Simon F.
Stone Simon
Straw Chase
Streeter Benjamin
Sutcliffe Joseph
Sutton Daniel C.
Sutton John
Sutton Laman
Sutton Philander
Swan Frederick N.
Sweeney Francis
Sweeney George
Sweeney James
Sweeney Thomas
Sylvester John
Taplin Homer
Taplin Johnson
Taylor A. F.
Taylor George W.
Taylor Jacob
Taylor James L.
Taylor John
Taylor John W.
Taylor Mark S.
Taylor S. W.
Terrill T. Lee
Thayer Charles
Thompson Alexander
Thompson Henry
Thompson Peter
Thomson Theobald
Thornton John
Ticehurst Moses
Ticehurst Spencer
Tomlinson Josiah
Towle John
Towle Jonathan
Townsend Jonathan
Tracey Henry
Travers Charles
Travers George N.
Travers Jacob
Trioness Basil
True Seth
Truell B.
Turner Charles
Turner David
Turner Evans
Turner George E.
Turner Jesse
Turner Lanson
Turner Orin
Turner Orris
Turner Orris Jr.
Tuttle Lewis
Tyler Benedict
Tyler Lyman
Vance Robert
Verbeck Calvin
Verbeck L. M.
Verbeck L. M.
Wade William
Wadleigh Everly
Wadleigh Horatio
Wadleigh Luke
Wadleigh Osman
Wadleigh Rufus
Wadleigh Taylor
Wainright Thomas
Walker Chester
Walker John D.
Wallace Charles
Wallis Charles
Wallis William
Wane Asa
Wane Phenis
Wane Pheris
Ware Asa
Watson John
Webster Chester
Webster Hubbard
Webster Martin
Webster Orris
Webster Oscar
Webster Stephen
Webster Thomas
Welch Anthony
Welch Eliphalet
Wells Abram
Wells S. G.
Wells Thomas
Welton Ransom
Wenham Timothy
Westcott John
Westcott Wheeler
Wheeler Charles
Wheeler Elias
Wheeler George
Wheeler George S.
Wheeler Ina
Wheeler John
Wheeler Lewis
Wheeler Lewis
Wheeler Lewis L.
Wheeler M. S.
Wheeler Sylvester
Whipple John
Whitaker F.
Whitcher Bachelder
Whitcher E. D.
Whitcher James
White Charles
White Eli S.
White Erastus
White John
White Simeon
White Willis C.
Whiteby Carleton
Whiteford Cyrus Jr.
Whitney M. F. C.
Whittier Mitchel
Wiggins John
Wilcox P. B.
Wilcox Ransom R.
Wilkins W. W.
Williams Artemas
Williams David T.
Williams Samson
Williams William W.
Winn Isaac L.
Wiswell Levi
Witham John
Wood Francis J.
Wood H. O.
Wood Isaac D.
Wood Israel
Wood Willard
Woodard Abiathar
Woodard Amos
Woodard Ford
Woodard Hiram
Woodard Hollis
Woodard Joshua S.
Woodard William
Woodbury Ben
Woodbury Chancey
Woodman A. F.
Woodman John
Woodward Chester
Woodward Christopher
Wooster Benjamin H.
Worth Charles
Worth Chester N.
Worth Edward
Worth Jacob
Worth Selah
Worth Simon
Worthen Isaac
Worthen True
Wright Avery Jr.
Wright John
Wright Lemuel
Wright Thomas
Wyman Benjamin
Young A. Jr.
Young Albert
Young Andrew
Young David Jr.
Young Erastus
Young Horace
Young James
Young Oliver