SFC=St. Francis Courier & Sherbrooke Gazette              SG=Sherbrooke Gazette                     FA= Farmers' Advocate & Township Gazette   FMJ=Farmer's & Mechanics Jrnl
Issue Event CT=Cdn. Times SN=Sherbrooke News SF=Sherbrooke Freeman by M. Ardron 23 Jan. 2005
Yr.Mo.Dy Yr.Mo.Dy bmd Surname 1 Given Name(s) Of Surname 2 Given Name(s) Of Place Age Event Place Comment
FA 1835.05.18 1835.05.09 d ?? Abel Dunham 74y Shipton torn
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.13 d ??? Francis Izaler?, notary 93y Nouville late member of L.C. Hse of Assembly
CT 1856.07.17 1856.07.16 b ??? ???? John D. E.? missprint
SG 1896.05.15 ??? d ??? 45y at least 1 death cut out
SG 1874.01.02 1873.12.?? d ?????er Rinaldo 58y damaged-see 1841.11.11 Ronaldo Webster
FA 1835.05.18 1835.05.06 m ???melee ?? M.D Waterloo Village Sanborn Mrs. Sarah Brome Brome d/o Hon. Luke Knowlton; Rev Geo Salmon
SG 1857.09.12 1857.09.06 d Abbo?t Philip J. abt 38y Hatley poor health for some time
SG 1857.01.17 1856.12.28 d Abbot Hannah w/o Parker Amos 95y Compton d. at res. of son.
CT 1855.06.28 1855.06.18 b Abbott s/o Abbott C. C. Shipton Slate Works
SG 1862.10.25 1862.09.21 d Abbott Mr Abial S. 49y Hatley very suddenly
SG 1862.12.13 1862.11.24 d Abbott Augustus father-in-law of Moore John D. 74y Compton short but severe illness; early settler etc
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.06 d Achilles Charles W. youngest s/o Achilles Charles ?2y 6m Georgeville
SG 1854.12.16 1854.12.06 m Addie George Dudswell Bayley Esther M. Eaton Cookshire Rev. Mr. Dalzie
SG 1863.07.04 1863.06.29 m Addie James Ascot Loomis Parthenia Ascot Ascot Rev. C.P. Reid
SG 1851.07.05 1851.07.01 m Aldrich Elisha Ascot Lord Maria A. Hatley Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1865.03.18 1865.03.06 d Aldrich Isamel 48y Huntingville consumption
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.19 d Aldrich Thaddeus A. 38y 9m 26d? Lowell, Mass. typhoid la grippe
SG 1894.06.01 1894.03.28 d Aldrich Lewis L. s/o Aldrich Orvis & Judith 17y 5m 20d Barnston
SFC 1832.01.03 1831.12.31 b Alger daughter d/o Alger Lyman   Ascot
CT 1855.06.14 1855.06.03 b Alger s/o Alger L.? Brompton Falls
CT 1856.06.12 1856.05.31 d Alger Lyman, Jr. 23y Sherbrooke
SG 1857.07.04 1857.06.30 m Alger William E. Foss Mary Ann Eaton Corner Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1859.04.02 1859.03.29 m Alger Nathan W. French Ellen M. Eaton eldest d/o Hiram French
SG 1857.02.14 m Alison Anthony Bury Fenn Angelina Bury Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.21 d Allan Hannah w/o Jamison Shaw W. ??y 7m Orford Junction long & painful illness
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.03 d Allard William Henry Shefford typhoid fever
FMJ 1841.03.11 1841.02.20 d Allen Dadley 51y Eaton
SG 1863.03.07 1863.03.01 d Allen Jerusha relict of Williams Asaph 80y Sawyerville
SG 1864.10.08 1864.10.01 d Allen Mrs. Nath'l 55y Norton Creek, C.E. consumption
SG 1864.12.31 1864.10.12 d Allis Thomas Cutler, Jr. Danville 23y Savanah, GA prisoner of civil war etc
SN 1876.01.13 1876.01.12 m Ananable Edward T. Newport Haliday Mary Ann Newport at res.of bride's bro.Rbt.Haliday;Rev.J.Peeren
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.02.16 d Anderson Esther d/o Anderson Rev. J. Melbourne 6y Melbourne
SN 1875.05.13 d Anderson Margaret Jane 28y Hereford after lingering illness of 18 mo.
FMJ 1839.03.09 1839.03.08 m Andrews Charles, merchant Montreal Kellum Lucinda M. Compton Sherbrooke Rev Mr Doolittle
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.05 m Andrews T. H. Coaticook Brown Jeenie Compton Compton Rev Mr Brown
SN 1875.12.16 1875.12.11 d Andrews Burnett, Sr. Londonderry, Ireland 85y Hereford res. 25y of Hereford
SG 1861.03.16 1861.03.05 m Annable C. G. Newport Farwell Emily E. Compton Compton Rev. A. Gillies
SG 1894.04.13 1894.03.31 m Ansell Henry Melvin Ayre's Flat Dowling Katie Maud Moncton NB Medford, MA youngest s/o late Henry;youngest d/o late…
SG 1894.05.11 1894.03.31 m Ansell Henry Melvin Ayre's Flat Dowling Katie Maud Moncton NB duplicate Medford, MA youngest s/o late Henry;youngest d/o late…
SG 1871.10.07 1871.09.25 m Archambault Jos. Azarie, N.P. Sherbrooke Camirand M. Azilda Sherbrooke 2nd d/o Oliver Camirand; Rev A.E. Dufresne
SN 1874.12.24 1874.12.19 b Archambault d/o Archambault J.A.,notary Sherbrooke christened Dec.21 by Bishop of Sherbrooke
SN 1877.08.16 1877.08.15 d Archambault Louis Joseph Antoine Azarie s/o Archambault J. A., N.P. 3m 8d Sherbrooke
SG 1870.10.08 1870.10.03 d Arms Miranda wid/o Arms William 71y Sherbrooke
SG 1855.07.28 1855.07.16 d Armstrong Mary w/o Carson James 38y Shipton ilness of 12 years.
CT 1855.08.02 1855.07.26 d Armstrong Mary w/o Carson James 33y Shipton illness of 12 years duration
SN 1875.04.08 1875.04.07 d Armstrong Mrs. John Melbourne 74y Sherbrooke funeral 2:30PM Apr.9 res.David Armstrong..
SG 1875.04.09 1875.04.07 d Armstrong Anne Melbourne 74y Sherbrooke
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.31 b Armstrong d/o Armstrong W. H. Waterville
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.09 d Armstrong William 61y Sherbrooke hemorrhage of the lungs
SN 1874.10.15 1874.10.13 d Arthur Elizabeth Mary eldest child of Arthur John & Elizabeth 1y 5m 11d Sherbrooke
SG 1874.09.04 1874.09.02 m Astbury Samuel McIver Catherine Capelton Rev D. Connolly at Wesleyan Parsonage
CT 1855.01.18 1855.01.06 d Atkins Frances Anne w/o Atkins James Melbourne d. at res. of Wm. Atkins, Esq.
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.06 d Atkinson Esther 75y Quebec
CT 1855.04.26 1855.04.16 m Atwater A.W. the firm E. Atwater & Co. Brush Julia Eliza Montreal 3rd d/o George Brush; by Rev.Donald Fraser
CT 1855.06.23 d Atwater Mrs. Frances W. sis/o Middlemile Peter New Orleans New Orleans
CT 1855.07.26 1855.07.13 m Aulis Lewis Compton Smith Susan Hatley Hatley Rev.H.G.Burrage
SG 1894.02.09 1894.01.26 d Auringer Lucius E. 69y 7m Sherbon, Mass apoplexy
SG 1871.10.07 1871.09.06 d Austin William 44y Ascot
SN 1877.03.01 1877.02.26 b Avery d/o Avery Edwin Belvidere Rd.,Ascot
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.10 m Avery Vincent Sherbrooke Gazette Rowe Lillian M. Brookbury, P.Q. Bridgeport, CT eldest s/o Edwin Avery; Rev L.W. Booth
SG 1861.09.28 1861.09.20 m Ayer George Hatley LeBarron Louisa S. Barnston Barnston Rev. J.F. Ferguson
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.2? d Ayer Ternah w/o Rice Cyrus O. 25y Cookshire
CT 1855.07.26 d Ayers Moore? C. 27y Compton d. at res. of father
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.10 b Ayerst d/o Ayerst Douglas Olcott, VT
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.06.28 m Aylmer Udolphus Melbourne, L.C. Journeaux Edward, J.P. Melbourne Melbourne eldest s/o Capt John Aylmer, R.N.; 3rd d/o..
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.20 m Aylmer Hon. Matthew Co Meath, Ireland Young Amy Gertrude Montreal eldest s/o Lord Aylmer; 2nd d/o Hon John Y..
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.10 d Bachelder Mary d/o late Bachelder Nathaniel 7y Stanstead
CT 1855.10.25 1855.07.10 d Bacon Darius abt 40y Brownsville, Texas from Sherbrooke; lvs wife & daughter
SG 1873.02.07 1873.02.02 d Bacon Chas Thos Stuart 3rd s/o Bacon Chas J.S.& Mary E.C. 6y 5m Sherbrooke inflammation of the lungs & whooping cough
SN 1875.12.09 1875.11.28 b Bacon d/o Bacon C. J. S. Sherbrooke
SN 1878.04.11 1878.04.08 d Bacon Chas. J. S. 49y Sherbrooke pleurisy
SG 1864.10.08 1864.10.03 d Badger Sarah wid/o Badger Peaslee 77y Brookville, Compton d at res of s-in-law C. Jacobs
SG 1858.04.24 1858.04.18 d Bailey Phinehas 78y Compton one of first settlers in twp 1803 from US
SG 1862.06.28 1862.06.27 d Bailey Jesse s/o late Bailey Joseph 19y 8m 14d Sherbrooke funeral June 29
SN 1876.06.15 1876.06.13 d Bailey Betsey E. wid/o Terrill Joseph H. 87y Sherbrooke
SG 1894.01.05 1894.01.03 d Bailey Cyrus Alexander 72y 11m Cookshire
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.12 d Bailey Roy Niel 2nd s/o Bailey Harry C. & Beatrice M. 3m Eaton
SG 1896.02.07 1896.01.21 d Bailey R. O. Cookshire 68y Spearfish, S Dakota
SG 1896.05.01 1896.04.23 m Bailey Charles E. Spring Road, QC Johnson Ida Milby, QC Lennoxville Rev J. Pinel at Methodist parsonage
SG 1896.06.12 1896.06.05 d Baird Emily Elizabeth w/o Willard Shurbel S. 38y 10m 15d Lime Ridge, QC youngest d/o Joseph Baird, E Dudswell
SG 1896.06.19 1896.06.09 m Baird William Paisley   White Elizabeth St Matthew's ch eldest d/o R.C. White; Rev Cruickshanks
SG 1896.06.19 1896.06.03 d Baird Emiley Elizabeth w/o Willard Shubel S. 38y 10m 15d Lime Ridge, QC corrected
SG 1851.05.10 1851.03.29 m Baker P.M. Barnston Stevens Mary S. Compton Barnston Rev. J. Green
SG 1896.03.13 1896.02.28 b Baker d/o Baker George Lime Ridge, QC
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.27 m Baldwin Dustin P. Coaticook Adams Francena A. Cambridge, MA Coaticook d/o Dean J. Adams m at res of A.A. Adams
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.04 b Baldwin d/o Baldwin Bruce R. Dixville
CT 1856.06.12 1856.06.01 d Ball Wm. Easter 64y Sherbrooke apoplexy
CT 1857.11.26 1857.11.14 b Ball d/o Ball A. P. Sherbrooke
SG 1862.02.01 1862.01.27 b Ball s/o Ball A. P. Stanstead
SG 1863.08.15 1863.08.02 b Ball s/o Ball A. P. Stanstead
SG 1864.10.01 1864.09.07 b Ball s/o Ball A. P. Stanstead
SG 1894.01.12 1893.12.22 d Ball Albert P. 71y Lee Farm, Stanstead formerly Mgr E T Bank, Stanstead
SN 1877.07.26 1877.07.23 d Ballantyne Margaret youngest child of Ballantyne John Sherbrooke 24d
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.09 d Banfill John 85y 3w 6d Compton
SN 1876.09.28 1876.09.22 d Barber Ellen E. w/o Morehouse C. E. 25y 9m Brandon, VT
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.25 m Barcelone D. A. St Catharines, ON Donahue Ealalfe? Sherbrooke Sherbrooke d/o late Arch. Donahue; Rev A.E. Dufresne
SG 1869.10.02 1869.09.19 d Barker Lucy wid/o Bailey Moses 90y Windsor
FMJ 1839.02.23 1839.02.19 d Barlow Betsey eldest d/o Barlow Curtis 19y Wickham buried Feb.22; etc
SG 1851.03.15 1851.03.05 d Barlow Margaret R. d/o Barlow Joel & P. 1y 11m 2wk
SG 1859.09.10 1859.09.05 m Barlow Charles Westbury Maynard Ann Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1861.12.28 1861.12.23 m Barlow Samuel S. Montreal Dackus Mary Winfred Montreal Sherbrooke eldest d/o John Dackus
SN 1877.12.06 1877.11.30 b Barlow s/o Barlow William Capelton
SG 1863.07.11 1863.07.01 d Barnard Henry 87y Danville 1st settler in Shipton Twp in 1801
SG 1857.05.16 d Barnet ?? relict of Barnet Moses 71y Compton long painful illness
SG 1855.07.28 1855.07.19 b Barrage daughter Barrage Rev. H. G. Hatley
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.02 d Barrie James Keith, Scotland 86y Birchton, Eaton Twp
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.26 m Barry Alvin Potton Ingrim Jane Ascot
SG 1865.03.04 1865.03.01 m Barter Frederick C. Bury Silvest Maria A. Bury Bury Rev E.J. Sherrill
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.03 m Bartlett Jesse W. Melbourne Willey Zelinda Shipton
SG 1851.11.08 1851.09.26 m Bartlett Asa Sherbrooke Croom Caroline Sherbrooke Rev. C. P. Mallory
CT 1855.02.08 1855.01.20 m Bartlett Collins, Jr. Boston, MA Lee Elmina Dixon Stanstead Stanstead Rev. R.V. Hall
CT 1856.10.16 1856.10.04 d Bartlett Nelson 42y Compton
SG 1894.01.12 1894.01.07 b Bartlett s/o Bartlett Nelson Cassvil's
SG 1896.05.08 1896.04.16 d Bartlett Marth A. wid/o Rea George 74y Compton
SG 1862.10.18 1862.10.13 m Bass James London, Eng. Ryan Mary Ireland Compton Centre s/o late Wm Bass; eldest d/o Michael Ryan
SG 1863.09.19 1863.09.12 b Bass d/o Bass J. Compton Centre
SG 1871.09.09 1871.09.04 m Bassett Wm. Henry Bolton, P.Q. House Mary Louisa Hatley Waterville Rev H.G. Burrage, M.A. at St Johns Church
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.16 m Bassett Henry G. North Hatley Walton Margaret Isabella North Hatley St Johnsbury VT Rev Douglas Smith
SN 1877.10.11 1877.10.04 d Bates Lucy Ann w/o Jackson Rev. W. 33y 6m Sherbrooke
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.08 d Batt Edward youngest shild of Batt Edward & Elizabeth 3m Sherbrooke
SG 1863.03.14 1863.03.06 d Baxter John W. 45y Rock Is Stanstead d. of paralysis
SN 1875.05.13 1875.05.04 b Baxter? d/o Baxter? John, J.P. Goald? Longwick
SG 1857.02.07 1857.01.27 d Bayley youngest d/o Bayley Phineas & Martha 20y Compton diabetis [sic]
CT 1856.05.08 1856.04.30 d Beaman Jonas F. 73y Melbourne
SG 1859.01.29 1859.01.24 d Beaman Albert James s/o Beaman L. 6m 6d Sherbrooke
SG 1859.02.05 1859.01.30 d Bean Lydia w/o Hawes Perkin 53y Hatley "Vt & NH papers plse notice"
SG 1862.06.21 1862.05.17 m Bean Luther Barford Parker Lucretia Barford Barford Rev. J.F. Ferguson
SG 1863.02.28 1863.01.24 d Bean Levi P. 34y Ascot Consumption
SG 1865.02.25 1865.01.09 d Bean Celissa w/o Lowell Phillip 21y 9m Hatley
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.12 d Bean Herman Wells s/o Bean Wells J. 3m 7d Orford
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.21 m Beardsley Charles H. Malone, USA Donally Matha I. St Thomas, P.Q. St Thomas Rev H. Cairns
SG 1896.01.17 d Beaton Malcolm Lingwick, yngest s/o late Beaton Norman 39y Wardner, Idaho pneumonia
SG 1896.01.31 1896.01.22 m Beaton Neil J. Hampden QC Heebink Johanna C. Baldwin, Wisc. Baldwin, Wis. m in Presbyterian Ch.
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.26 d Beattie Francis 87y 7m 6d
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.28 d Beattie Agnes 58y 10m 19d
SG 1894.04.13 1894.03.31 b Beattie d/o Beattie Chas. Brompton
SN 1876.01.06 1875.12.21 b Beaudet s/o Beaudet J. S. St.Patrick, Tingwick
SN 1878.03.07 1878.02.25 m Beaulne Alphonse Gendreau Alphonsine R.C.Ch.,Waterloo Rev.P.E.Gendreau,br/o the bride
SG 1861.08.31 1861.08.27 m Beaupré Joseph Mercier Mary C. Sherbrooke R.C. Ch. Rev. A.E. Dufresne
CT 1855.10.25 1855.10.17 b Beckett d/o Beckett Walter W. Sherbrooke
CT 1855.11.08 1855.10.31 d Beckett Caroline infant d/o Beckett W. W. Sherbrooke
SG 1861.03.16 1861.03.10 d Beckett Francis Henry s/o Beckett Henry 9y Sherbrooke
SG 1865.10.14 1865.10.07 d Beckett Margaret only d/o Beckett Walter W. 18y 7m
SG 1869.07.10 1869.06.26 b Beckett d/o Beckett F. J. Maple Grove
SG 1861.11.23 1861.10.25 d Beckman Rhoda wid/o Leavitte Jonathan 77y Eaton
SN 1876.09.28 1876.09.22 d Bedard Mary-Louise-Eugenie eldest d/o Bedard Joseph, Jr. 10y 7m Richmond She was very bright & remarkably clever
SG 1874.01.02 1872.12.24 m Beebe Noel S., merchant Beebe Plain, Q. Morrill Clara Derby Derby only d/o John F. Morrill; Rev J.G. Lorimer
SN 1874.11.19 1874.11.17 b Belanger d/o Belanger L.C.,advocate Sherbrooke
SN 1874.12.10 1874.12.04 d Belanger Eva Beatrice d/o Belanger L.C. 17d Sherbrooke
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.04 d Belanger Eva Beatrice d/o Belanger L. C., advocate 17d Sherbrooke
SN 1876.07.06 1876.07.04 m Belanger Remi Cookshire Labelle Mary-Elizabeth Montreal Cookshire s/o Chas.Belanger;d/o J.B.Labelle,organist
SG 1854.02.18 1854.01.11 d. Bell Mr. Xenophen 25y Compton typhoid fever
CT 1855.02.08 1855.02.02 d Bell William 45y Sherbrooke was Joint Prothonotary of Supr. Court, …..
SG 1859.06.11 1859.06.03 d Bellows 90y 2m Lennoxville
CT 1855.11.29 1855.11.15 m Bennet Joseph Butler Mary E. Bury Rev.E.J.Sherrill
SG 1869.07.03 1869.06.29 m Bennett John Albert Bury Andrews Lucia Marria Dudswell Grove Hill Rev A. Gillis
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.25 d Bennett Augusta Jane w/o Lake Samuel, Jr. 28y 1d Canterbury, P.Q. long & painfull illness etc;d/o Jane? & Ellen
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.25 b Bennett s/o Bennett Marcus J. Lennoxville
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.28 d Bennett Marcus Grey infant s/o Bennett Marcus J. Lennoxville 3 days old
SG 1865.09.16 1865.09.12 d Benoit Helen w/o Boudreau Antoine 80y Compton
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.26 d Benway Mrs. Jane 74y Dixville
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.11? m Berry  Albert E. Clark Florence E. Graniteville, VT South Ryegate, VT Rev Mr Jackson
SG 1896.06.05 1896.06.02 m Berwick C. B. Berlin NH Rowe M. L. Manchester NH Berlin NH Rev Mr Incemaster at the English ch.
SG 1896.06.12 1896.06.02 m Berwick Elisha B. Berlin NH Rowe Maria S. Westbury Berlin NH Rev Mr Incemaster at the English ch.
CT 1856.04.03 1856.03.31 m Betts John Compton Bellam Esther Compton Compton Rev.J.B.Selley, M.D.
CT 1855.09.27 1855.09.25 d Bickley Aubrey James GTR Sherbrooke,eldest s/o Bickley Euston Stn., Eng. 21y
SG 1855.09.29 1855.09.25 d Bickley Aubrey James eldest s/o Bickley Euston Stn. Eng 21y Sherbrooke a railway family
FA 1835.02.16 1835.01.29 b Billings d/o Billings Doct. D. K. Granby
FMJ 1841.05.06 1841.04.23 d Billings Lewis Dorwin s/o Billings Doc. D. K. 4y Granby
CT 1855.02.01 1855.01.04 m Binney Rt.Rev.Hibbert, D.D. Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia Bliss Mary Halifax d/o Hon. Justice Bliss.
SG 1894.02.16 1894.01.20 b Biron s/o Biron Dr. J. F. R. ?Showhegan, ?? torn
SG 1864.12.17 1864.12.14 m Bishop Wells B. Dudswell Carr Alma A. Dudswell Marbleton Rev T.S. Chapman, M.A.
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.04 m Bishop Edward Marbleton Peyton Mary Montreal St George's Montreal eldest d/o I. Peyton, Mtrl.
SG 1894.01.12 1894.01.07 d Bishop Nathanuel 87y 3m near Kingscroft
SG 1894.01.19 1893.12.15 d Bishop Merritt H. 68y 8m 21d Bishops Crossing
FMJ 1839.12.14 1839.12.04 d Black Rev. R. Old Light Secession Ch. 86y Perth, Scotland
SFC 1834.10.02 1834.09.16 d Blake Thomas s/o Blake John 2y Stanstead  crushed by a dead cow body
FA 1834.10.06 d Blake Thomas s/o Blake John 2y Stanstead killed by falling cart-body
FMJ 1839.04.27 1839.04.17 m Blake Ephraim Reed Mary Durham Durham youngest d/o Webber Reed, farmer
CT 1857.05.14 1857.05.06 m Blake Thaddeus Stanstead Adams Celina Stanstead Stanstead 2nd d/o Rev.L.P.Adams,Congregationalist
SG 1857.05.16 1857.05.06 m Blake Thaddeus Stanstead Adams Celina Stanstead Stanstead Rev R V Hall
SG 1859.12.17 1859.12.07 m Blake Gilbert Stanstead Gustin Esther Stanstead Stanstead Rev. L.P. Adams
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.07 d Blaylock William father of Blaylock Rev Thos., M.A. 76y Danville d at St Augustine parsonage
FMJ 1839.10.19 1839.10.07 d Bliss Olive only d/o Bliss Mrs. S. 18y 7m Compton
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.06 d Blodgett Carlos 68y 6m North Hatley d at res of Augustus Abbott
SG 1861.06.15 1861.06.03 m Blossom Barnet Page Celina M. Compton Hatley Elder C. Heard
SN 1877.09.20 1877.09.11 m Blue Walter, merchant Sherbrooke Hosking Nellie Sherbrooke Sherbrooke youngest d/o late Nicholas Hosking
SFC 1834.10.02 d Blunt Deacon Moses Stanstead Free Will Baptist
FA 1834.10.06 d Blunt Deacon Moses Stanstead
FMJ 1841.02.04 1841.01.16 d Bodwell Mary Ellen d/o Bodwell Capt. Eliphalet nearly 5y Stanstead
SG 1861.11.02 1861.10.29 m Boivin L. I., merchant Sherbrooke Brewer Helen St Hyacinthe St Hyacynthe Cathed Rev. I Lagorce
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.27 d Bonnallie Douglas Henry youngest s/o late Bonnallie William 17y Sherbrooke
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.06 m Booten John A. Sherbrooke McManus Mary E. Kirkdale Chicopee, MA s/o John Booten; Rev T. Kerr
SN 1875.09.09 1875.08.30 b Booth s/o Booth Robt. Sherbrooke
FMJ 1839.07.20 1839.07.06 d Bostwick Clarissa w/o Parker W., proprietor of Caledonia Springs
SN 1877.07.26 1877.07.16 d Bostwick Matthew 72y Sherbrooke
SG 1862.08.09 1862.08.05 m Bosworth J. L., daguerrean artist Sherbrooke Cameron Victoria Sherbrooke Rlwy train, Richmond Rev. Mr. M'Kay of Melbourne
SG 1873.05.02 1873.04.30 d Bosworth J. L. 43y Sherbrooke
CT 1857.07.16 1857.07.13 b Bottom s/o Bottom Geo. Sherbrooke
SG 1896.06.19 1896.05.25 d Bottome James brother of late Bottome George Sherbrooke 78y Southport, England
SG 1865.08.19 1865.08.13 d Bowden R. H., printer Cornwall Co, Eng. 30y 5m 13d Sherbrooke
SG 1896.01.17 d Bowdle Mary Ann w/o Young J. B. Brompton 73y 4m 3d
SG 1862.04.05 1862.03.31 m Bowen F. F. Compton Martin Mary E. W Clifton Matinsville Rev. A. Gillis [sic]
SN 1876.07.13 1876.07.07 b Bowen s/o Bowen F. W. W. Sherbrooke
SN 1876.09.21 1876.09.20 m Bowen John Putney Compton Bacheldr Louisa Hatley St.James', Hatley youngest d/o Milton & Hannah Bachelder
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.03 d Bowen Frederick W. W. 46y
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.26 d Bowen Walter A. formerly Waterville QC 26y 2d Lowell MA buried Bowen Cem Mar.28
FA 1835.12.28 1835.11.06 b Bowker d/o Bowker Cushing
FMJ 1841.02.11 1841.01.19 d Bowker Cushing 38y Stukely erroneous; see below
FMJ 1841.02.18 1841.01.19 d Bowker Abigail w/o Bowker Cushing 38y Stukely
SG 1859.04.16 1859.04.01 d Bowker Alda Eugene 2nd s/o Bowker Stephen C. & Maria P. 6y 9m Knowlton Falls scarlet fever
SG 1861.09.28 1861.09.23 d Bowker Betsey Merriam w/o Bowker Lyman 67y Newport C.E.
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.18 m Boyd Thomas W. Nichols Caroline Sherbrooke Montreal 2nd d/o Mr.L.Nichols; by Rev.James Hay
SG 1896.01.17 1896.01.10 d Boyd Elizabeth wid/o Lee John 61y 9m Montreal d at res of dau Mrs John K. Kerr
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.08 b Boyle s/o Boyle John Spider Lake
CT 1855.09.27 1855.09.12 d Boynton Abram 59y 5m 28d Sherbrooke
SG 1857.01.31 1857.01.22 m Boynton Alpheus S. Compton Grannis Jane Hatley Hatley eldest d/o Wm. G. Cook, Esq.
CT 1855.02.15 1855.02.09 d Bradford Hunter Montreal 57y? Sherbrooke
SN 1875.02.04 1875.01.28 m Bradford Geo. Sherbrooke Gazette Newell Ellen St.Johnsbury St.Johnsbury, VT
SN 1877.06.07 1877.05.21 b Bradford s/o Bradford Goerge H. Sherbrooke
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.27 d Bradley Mary Etta only d/o Bradley W. R. & J. L. 10m 18d? Sherbrooke
SG 1896.03.13 1896.02.22 d Bradley Elias J. s/o Bradley James Durham 28y 1m 5d Thetford Mines
SG 1896.03.13 1896.02.27 d Bradley James Durham 68y Durham d at res Maple Lane Farm
FA 1835.08.17 1835.08.03 d Brainerd Rockselana w/o Davis Aaron 31y Stanstead d/o Israel Brainerd; etc
SN 1875.11.18 1875.11.16 d Branswell Michael s/o Branswell John Sherbrooke 17y 8m East Sherbrooke long & severe illness
CT 1857.07.23 1857.07.19 d Bray Henry G. Philadelphia, PA 36y Sherbrooke consumption
SG 1854.09.30 1854.09.26 m Brazel John Eaton Knights Mary Anne Eaton Waterville Rev. C. P. Ried
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.11 m Brazil Charles Eaton Hall Lucy F. Westbury Rev. C. P. Mallory; [corr-Brazel]
CT 1855.06.07 1855.05.27 m Breadon Wm. Oliver eldest s/o Dr.Joseph Breadon Monsell Augustine Elizabeth wid/o Dr.Wm.Monsell Stanstead see later correction
CT 1855.06.14 1855.05.27 m Breadon Wm. Oliver relict s/o Dr.Joseph Breadon Monsell Augustine Elizabeth wid/o Dr.Wm.Monsell Rev.H.G.Burrage
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.03 b Brissett s/o Brissett Dr. St Johns
SG 1865.03.04 1865.03.18 d Broderick James s/o Broderick Daniel 2y 7m Sherbrooke Daniel proprietor of American Hotel
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.05 d Brodie William formerly Stanstead, s/o Brodie Alexander 65y 6m Prairie City,Oregon
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.10 m Brook Edward St Elizabeth Harvey Kingsey Siding page torn
SG 1854.01.07 1853.12.31 d Brooks Eleanor Hall only d/o Brooks late Sam 28y Sherbrooke w/o J. S. Sanborn, Esq. MPP
CT 1855.02.22 1855.02.19 m Brooks Geo. Thompson Clara Sherbrooke eldest d/o late Daniel Thompson
CT 1855.06.14 1855.06.06 m Brooks Samuel T., A.M., M.D. Sherbrooke Mills Lucy Clarke St. Johnsbury, VT youngest d/o late Jonas Mills;Rev.Wm.Bond
CT 1856.01.10 1855.12.30 b Brooks d/o Brooks George Sherbrooke
CT 1856.05.15 1856.05.05 b Brooks s/o Brooks Dr. Sherbrooke
CT 1856.09.25 1856.09.23 m Brooks Edward T., advocate Sherbrooke Clark Sarah Louise Sherbrooke St.Peter's, Sherbrooke 2nd d/o E. Clark
SG 1857.01.03 1856.12.26 d Brooks Rebecca J. Brooks G. W. 49y Ascot
SG 1857.11.14 1857.11.05 m Brooks Alphonso Sherbrooke McFarlan J. Pakenham Pakenham, C.W. Rev. Mr. Aitken
SG 1857.11.14 1857.11.10 b Brooks s/o Brooks E. T., advocate Sherbrooke
CT 1857.11.19 1857.11.10 b Brooks s/o Brooks E. T., advocate Sherbrooke
SG 1857.11.21 1857.11.18 b Brooks s/o Brooks Dr. Sherbrooke
CT 1857.11.26 1857.11.18 b Brooks s/o Brooks S. T., M.D. Sherbrooke
SG 1859.09.24 1859.09.22 b Brooks d/o Brooks Dr. Sherbrooke
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.27 d Brooks Charles brother of Brooks Hon E. T. 77y Chicago IL funeral in Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.03.11 1841.02.25 m Brown Chester W. Shirtliff Nancy Stanstead Rev R.V. Hall
FMJ 1841.05.20 1841.05.04 m Brown Theopyilus, Jr. Stanstead Wood Mary Stanstead Stanstead Rev John Swasey
SG 1851.05.10 1851.05.06 m Brown John Bradley Ascot Willson Margaret A. Compton Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1851.07.05 d Brown Nathaniel 39y St.Johnsbury VT consumption
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.12 m Brown Thomas Compton Merrill Elizabeth Compton Huntingsville Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1854.12.23 1854.12.12 m Brown Benjamin F. Somerset Co Maine Kent Amelia Compton Rev. C.P. Mallory
CT 1855.07.05 1855.06.10 b Brown d/o Brown Leonard Dunham
CT 1855.11.29 1855.11.20 m Brown George Compton Merrill Lucy Ann Compton Huntingville Rev.C.P.Mallory
SG 1861.03.16 1861.03.09 d Brown James only s/o Brown James H. 19y Sherbrooke suddenly
SG 1862.07.19 1862.06.21 d Brown Joseph 80y Windsor, C.E. settled 1804 on St Francis R bank etc
SG 1864.04.09 1864.03.24 m Brown Jas. L. Eaton Pope Sarah A. Eaton Grove Hill Rev A. Gillis
SG 1864.10.01 1864.09.25 d Brown Anna Clark 2nd d/o Brown Jonathan & Elizabeth Sherbrooke 4y 7m 4d Clinton, ME diptheria
SN 1874.09.10 1874.09.06 d Brown Florence Mary Charlotte only child of Brown H. Braithwaite,advocate Sherbrooke 14m Quebec
SN 1874.11.05 1874.10.30 b Brown d/o Brown H.Braithwaite,advocate Sherbrooke
SG 1875.04.09 1875.04.03 m Brown William Armstrong Catherine Rev P. Lindsay
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.05 d Brown Robert Campsie, Scotland Quebec long & painful illness
SN 1876.05.18 1876.05.16 b Brown d/o Brown H.Braithwood,advocate Sherbrooke
SN 1876.05.25 1876.05.16 b Brown d/o Brown H.Braithwaite,advocate Sherbrooke [Corrected]
SN 1877.03.15 1877.03.08 d Brown Bertha Olive d/o Brown H. Braithwaite,advocate 9m 20d Sherbrooke congestion of the lungs
SG 1877.10.12 1877.10.10 d Brown Alba E. youngest s/o Brown Goerge E. 25y Bradford, VT
SG 1894.05.11 1894.05.08 d Brown Belle A. w/o Weeks Willard 45y Bath NH d/o William B. Brown of Eaton
SG 1896.02.21 1896.02.10 d Brown Julia A. d/o Brown William B. 45y Eaton
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.03 m Browne Charles Langdale Bristol, Englang Roberts Bestie? Tregidio, England St John's Ch, Bury Rev H.S. Fuller
SN 1878.01.17 1878.01.09 m Bruce H. B. Dalrymple Co.Derry, Ireland Whitcher Emma Ottawa eldest s/o Lt.Col.Bruce;only d/o W.F……
SG 1854.01.07 1854.01.01 m Bryant Charles Hall Rebecca Sherbrooke Rev. Mr. Slight
CT 1855.03.29 1855.03.20 d Bryant William E. 50y Sherbrooke
CT 1856.01.10 1856.01.08 m Bryant G. G. Sherbrooke Hall Alicia Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev.James Robertson
SN 1876.08.10 1876.07.24 d Bryant William-Ernest only s/o Bryant George G. 4y 5m Sherbrooke
SG 1861.12.28 m Buchanan Wm. Lingwick Cowan Harriet Lingwick Eaton Rev E.J. Sherrill
SG 1863.10.10 1863.09.14 m Buckland Henry C., merchant Compton Bellows Sarah Barnston Barnston Corner Rev. Benj. Cole, Wesleyan Ch.
SG 1869.08.21 1869.08.09 d Buckland Giman W. 35y Boundary Line, P.Q.
SG 1894.02.09 1894.02.02 b Buckland s/o Buckland H. O. Barnston
SG 1861.06.29 1861.06.24 b Bullock   d/o Bullock Increase Georgeville
SG 1864.10.15 1864.10.05 b Bullock d/o Bullock I? Sherbrooke
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.24 b Burbeck d/o Burbeck J. J. Sherbrooke
SG 1894.04.06 1894.03.05 m Burleigh Ferman H. East Haverhill, NH Davis Susan Stanstead Lennoxville Rev William Adams at Methodist Parsonage
SG 1864.12.10 1864.12.01 m Burnett George F. Richmond Gorrie Charlotte Halkett Richmond Terrebone, C.E. 3rd d/o late Alexander Gorrie, N.P.
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.26 m Burnett Alexander Farnham Morrison Margaret Farnham Farnham eldest d/o James Morrison; Rev J McFarlane
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.29 m Burns A. D. Ascot Tuits Mary A. Drummondville Sherbrooke Rev. C.P. Mallory
CT 1856.04.17 1856.03.31 d Burns Phillip,high constable Three Rivers 74y Three Rivers d. after illness of 5 days
SG 1874.01.02 1873.09.01 d Burns Esther d/o burns John & Mary Ann 14y 9m Norwich
CT 1855.07.26 1855.07.19 b Burrage d/o Burrage Rev. H. G. Hatley
SG 1861.10.19 1861.10.13 b Burrage s/o Burrage Rev. H. S. Hatley
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.25 d Burrage Maud Niles d/o Burrage Rev H. G. 22y 3m 11d Somerville MA funeral may 28 from b-in-l res F.D. Walsh
SG 1894.02.16 1894.02.08 d Burreck Walter Edmond 'Wallie' only s/o Burbeck W. H. & Mary F. 5y 9m 4d Waterville
SG 1894.01.12 1894.01.03 d Butler John Sand Hill 73y 2m 23d Sand Hill after an illness of nearly 8 years
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.11 m Butler Thomas A. Sand Hill Oakes Annie R. T. Johnville Lennoxville youngest s/o late John & 2nd d/o Frank O..
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.12 b Butler d/o Butler William East Angus
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.20 d Butler Annie Maud infant d/o Butler Wm. East Angus
SG 1854.08.26 1854.05.18 m Butts Harry Grosvenor MD Esq Dysart Catherine Margarette 3rd d/o W.Bertie Wolsley, Demerara
SG 1859.09.10 1859.09.08 d Butts Stephen Richard eldest s/o Butts R.G., Insp Genl Police Demara Br Guiana 35y Lennoxville
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.21 d Byran Bridget F. wid/o Griffith Joseph 74y 9m 27d Sherbrooke
SG 1871.01.21 1870.12.26 b Cabana s/o Cabana H.C. advocate & editor Sherbrooke
SN 1876.05.18 1876.05.15 d Cabana Geo-Etl?-Eudore-Hubert s/o Cabana H.C.,advocate & editor Pionnier de Sherbrooke 5y 5m Sherbrooke
SN 1877.08.16 1877.08.13 m Cable Ephriam Newport Hamilton Isabella Newport East Clifton youngest d/o James Hamilton
CT 1856.03.06 1855.11.16 d Cairns Henry Co.Down, Ireland 73y Clifton
SN 1876.08.03 1876.07.25 m Cairns James R. East Clifton Bishop Almina M. East Dudswell East Dudswell d/o Nelson Bishop;Rev.W.J.Crothers,Meth.
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.11 m Cairns Ernest Evans Minnie Sawyerville Rev Mr Deeprose
SN 1875.09.02 1875.08.28 m Calder J.,advocate&editorGazette Sherbrooke Primeau Marie-Louise-Dolphine Montreal Montreal
SN 1876.06.15 1876.06.10 b Calder d/o Calder J.,advocate & editor Sherbrooke Gazette Sherbrooke
SN 1878.04.04 1878.03.26 b Calder s/o Calder J. Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.06.29 m Caldwell Moses Havehill, NH Pike Ellen D. Stanstead Stanstead Rev R.V. Hall
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.04 d Call Iver May only d/o Call Chas. 8y North Hatley
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.10 d Call George Ralph s/o Call Chas. 12y North Hatley
SG 1874.01.02 1872.12.16? m Cameron Roderick Sherbrooke Cummings Catherine Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev D. Connolly at Wesleyan Parsonage
SN 1875.02.11 1875.02.04 d Camirand Marie-Hortense-Eugenie d/o Camirand P. A. Sherbrooke 2m
SN 1875.12.30 1875.12.29 b Camirand d/o Camirand P.A. "Continental Hotel" Sherbrooke
SN 1877.05.10 1877.05.06 d Camirand Philippe-Arthur eldest s/o Camirand H. 27y 11m Sherbrooke
CT 1855.02.22 1855.01.25 d Camp John 22y small pox
SG 1871.01.21 1870.01.11 m Camp Ira Newport Adams Mrs. Dr. Montpelier, VT Stanstead Rev J. Rogers at res of L.K. Benton
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.08 m Camp D.M.editor Newport Exp Oakes A. A. Coventry, VT Coventry, VT Rev F.W. Dickinson
CT 1857.01.01 1856.12.30 b Campbell d/o Campbell John Sherbrooke
SN 1875.09.02 1875.08.30 m Campbell William Sherbrooke Cadieux Marie-Louise-Mathilde Lambton Lambton s/o John Campbell;eldset d/o Dr.P.Cadieux
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.?? m Campbell John W. Colby Myrtle C. Johnville Johnville, Eaton Twp Rev A.C. Baker; eldest d/o W.O. Colby
CT 1855.06.21 1855.06.09 d Canfield Henry 26y Stanstead
SG 1861.12.28 1861.12.26 m Capel Arthur Douglas 4th s/o Rev Capel, Eng. Mais Rebekah England St George's Lennoxville 3rd d/o Rev John Mais, Tintern Parva, Eng
SG 1862.07.12 1862.07.05 b Capel s/o Capel G. B. near Lennoxville b at Prestbury Farm
SG 1864.10.15 1864.10.10 m Carbonneau Napolean Sherbrooke O'Connor Mary Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev. A.E. Dufresne
SG 1864.09.17 1864.09.13 m Carceek Stephen Cornwall Co, Eng. Giff Ann Jane Belvidere Sherbrooke Rev C.P. Reid
FA 1835.05.18 1835.05.06 d Carlisle? Andrew 48y Kingsey torn
SN 1877.07.12 1877.07.02 b Caron s/o Caron Charles-Olivier Montreal
SG 1854.03.04 1854.02.16 d Carr Mrs. Catherine eldest d/o Mills John 36y Orford
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.21 d Carr Anna w/o Wooten John 41y Cookshire
SG 1894.02.16 d Carr Celia S. w/o Stark A. B. St Johnsbury VT s/o Mrs Julius W. Bishop of Bishop's Crssg
SG 1894.05.11 1894.03.11 d Carr Francis 81y Maple Ridge Farm Compton
SG 1896.01.03 1896.01.01 m Carroll James Eaton Watters Sarah Ann Eaton Wellington St. Rev Wm. Shearer at res of John Farquhar
SN 1875.04.01 1875.03.28 d Carshers? George Theodore s/o Carshers? Alfred 1m 9d Sherbrooke
CT 1855.06.23 1855.08.16 m Carter George Short, advocate Park Catherine Montreal d/o late William Park; Rev.Dr.Mathieson
SG 1855.09.01 1855.08.16 m Carter George Short, Advocate Park Catherine Montreal d/o the late Wm. Park
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.17 d Carter Julia A. wid/o Carter Calvin Lennoxville 70y 6m Rockland, MA buried Huntingville Jan 21st
CT 1857.02.05 1857.01.20 d Cary Thomas, Jr. youngest s/o Cary Thomas 21y Quebec brother of publisher of Quebec Mercury
SG 1862.06.21 1862.06.05 d Castle Lucy W. P. w/o Pratt William H. 42y 10m 23d Hatley consumption
FA 1835.02.09 1835.01.29 m Caswell Nathan Brompton Weed Mercy Melbourne Rev C.B. Fleming
CT 1855.02.22 1855.01.26? d Caswell Martha w/o Caswell Alonso F. 28y Island Pond small pox
CT 1855.06.14 1855.06.06 m Caswell Alden Compton Woodworth Eliza M. Ascot Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
SG 1862.07.12 1862.07.05 m Caswell Ezra Barnston Linton Charlotte M. Barnston Barnston Rev. J.F. Ferguson
SG 1864.12.10 d Caswell Franklin Windsor, C.E. Andersonville, GA of Co B, 9th VT Regt
SN 1877.05.22 1877.05.21 d Catchpole Wm. Colebrook, NH
SN 1878.02.21 1878.02.19 m Cate Oscar A. Sherbrooke Bangs Carrie V. Stanstead Stanstead eldest d/o L.L.Bangs; Rev.A.Moulton
SG 1896.02.07 1896.02.05 b Cate s/o Cate C. W.
SG 1854.09.30 1854.09.22 m Chaddock Dexter Eaton Joulan Sally Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1864.05.07 1864.04.14 d Chaddock Sally wid/o Pope Elijah Clifton 83y Compton
SN 1876.04.13 1876.04.06 m Chaddock Charles D. Newport Cairns Melinda East Clifton res.of bride Rev.Jas.Pearen,B.A.
SN 1876.02.24 1876.02.22 m Chagnon J.A.,advocate Sherbrooke Caron Marie-Herminie-Blanche Lennoxville Sherbrooke Cathedral 2nd d/o G.Caron; by Bishop Racine
CT 1855.09.13 1855.08.17 m Chamberlain P. R. Abbott Alice E. Derby Derby Rev. A.Norcross
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.21 m Chamberlin Ralph M. Magog Mobrey Esther Harriet Henryville, P.Q. Hatley Rev H.G. Barrage
SN 1875.04.29 1875.04.28 d Chamberlin Jennie only child of Chamberlin W. Sherbrooke 20y funeral at 3PM Sat., May 1 from father's res.
SG 1857.04.04 1857.03.31 m Channell James T. Bolton Knowlton Sophia S. S. Magog Rev. R. V. Hall; d/o late Lee K…
SG 1858.02.13 1858.01.09 d Channell Abram Fitz-John b.London>Boston 106y Georgeville some life highlights given
SG 1894.01.12 1893.12.26 d Chapin Andrew Robinson s/o Chapin Andrew & Bessie 7m 4d Derby Line, VT
CT 1855.03.15 1855.02.22 m Chapman Alfred Benedist Sarah O. Bethel, CT New York City eldest s/o Mrs.P.Chapman, Sherbrooke,….
SG 1863.04.11 1863.04.05 d Chapman Ruth relict of Farley Francis 80y Dudswell
SG 1869.08.21 1869.08.17 d Charnock Jane Elizabeth w/o Charnock John H. Ascot 57y
SG 1869.08.21 1869.08.14 d Cheney Samuel 61y Derby Line, VT
SN 1875.04.11 1875.02.23 d Chesney Henry 57y 9m Huntingville
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.23 d Chevalier John Cyril s/o Chevalier Adolphe & Elisa 3m 15d Brompton
SG 1894.01.05 1894.01.01 m Chick Henry W., machinist Littleton, NH Beane Rose Dixville Dixville d/o Luther Beane; Pastor W. Gregory
SG 1858.07.03 1858.06.26 d Child Elizabeth Howard w/o Sleeper L. 36y Coaticook only d/o M. Child
FA 1835.06.13 1835.05.30 b Childs d/o Childs Gardner Granby
CT 1856.12.04 1856.12.01 d Chillas George 2nd s/o late Chillas George Quebec 28y Melbourne Sec.Tresr.of Co.Richmond & Mun.Melbourne
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.23 b Chilvers d/o Chilvers John Echo Vale, L. Megantic
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.24 m Chilvers Edward Albert Orford Jackson Lizzie Lucinda Orford St Peter's Sherbrooke Rev H.F. Wright
SG 1854.02.18 1854.02.02 b Christie son s/o Christie Thomas, J.P. Melbourne
CT 1855.01.18 1855.01.15 d Christie Charles Robertson youngest s/o Christie Thomas, Esq., J. P. 11m 13d Melbourne
CT 1855.11.22 1855.10.24 b Christie d/o Christie Thomas Melbourne
SG 1837.09.23 1837.09.02 d Church Abigail w/o Wood Samuel MPP 49y East Farnham
CT 1855.01.11 m Cilley John A. Fairfield Jones Emily Clinton Waterville
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.24 m Cillis James Belvedere Farquhar Helen Windsor Windsor d/o Hugh Farquhar m by Rev Chas Tanner
FA 1835.06.13 1835.06.07 m Clark Elenzer Stanstead Haskel Miranda Ascot Lennoxville Rev Mr Doolittle
FMJ 1839.07.20 1839.07.15 m Clark Sewell Stanstead Dresser Harriet Stanstead Rev Thomas Turner
FMJ 1841.01.28 1841.01.08 d Clark Chs. Henry s/o Clark Bullard & Marietta 16m 12d Stanstead
SG 1855.09.15 1855.09.13 d Clark Ernest Frederick youngest s/o Clark E. 8m Sherbrooke
CT 1855.09.20 1855.09.13 d Clark Ernest Frederick youngest s/o Clark E. 8m Sherbrooke
CT 1855.12.20 1855.12.03 d Clark Mrs. Sarah wid/o Irish John 82y Clarenceville
CT 1856.12.18 1856.12.15 b Clark s/o Clark J. S. St.Francis Hotel
SG 1857.08.01 1857.07.23 m Clark Stephen Ascot Colby Hannah G. Cambridge MA Ascot Rev C P Mallory
SG 1869.11.06 1869.10.25 m Clark William D. Sherbrooke Cardell Elizabeth Sherbrooke Sherbrooke 3rd d/o late James Cardell
SG 1896.01.24 1895.01.12? d Clark William M. Sherbrooke 17y 5m Sherbrooke buried Brown's Hill cem Jan. 15 [year??]
FA 1835.05.18 1835.04.04 d Cleveland Sally N. w/o Cleveland Charles 26y torn
CT 1855.04.26 1855.04.11 d Cleveland Vester 77y Barnston Corner
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.21 m Cleveland George B. Barnston Hills Minola Compton Compton Rev J.E. Richardson
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.07 d Cleveland Charlotte May only d/o Cleveland C. C., M.P. 11y Groveland, Danville, QC scarlet fever
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.10 d Cleveland Foster Weare youngest s/o Cleveland C. C., M.P. 2y 8m Groveland, Danville, QC scarlet fever
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.18 m Cleveland Wm. H. Johnville Swail Mary Randboro, QC Randboro, QC Rev Mr Desprose
SG 1862.04.05 1862.04.04 d Coates Matthew Henry s/o Coates James D. 1m 4d Sherbrooke
SG 1863.06.27 1863.06.24 b Coates s/o Coates Jas. D. Sherbrooke
SN 1877.08.23 1877.08.05 d Coates Sarah Jane wid/o Bagley Bulwer, QC 29y father's residence d/o George & Lucy Coates; diabetes
SG 1894.05.11 1894.04.27 d Coates Jessie Maria w/o Gooley Albert H. 18y 9m 17d Johnville, Eaton Twp youngest d/o late Nahum O. Coates
SG 1858.08.14. 1858.08.10 m Coats Alfred Eaton Todd Sarah J. Eaton
FMJ 1839.07.20 1839.06.23 d Coburn Alice Ann only d/o Coburn Moses 21y Ascot
FMJ 1839.12.14 1839.11.23 d Cock Mrs. wid/o Cock Rev Alexander,minister Cruden 84y Aberdeen, Scotland
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.17 d Cockburn Adam Haddington, Scotland 74y Sherbrooke
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.01 m Cohoon John Sherbrooke Smith Jessie New London, QC New London QC Rev Dr Kellock; d/o Elisha Smith
SG 1854.02.18 1854.02.16 m Colburn E. F. Esq. Cabot Caledonia Co.VT Walker Amelia Sherbrooke Sherbrooke oldest surviving d/o Wm. Walker, Esq
SG 1855.09.15 1855.09.04 m Colby Alonzo Drew Eunice L. Glover VT Hatley Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1858.07.24 1858.07.12 d Colby Laviana w/o Little Jonathan 46y Hatley
SG 1864.01.16 1864.01.04 d Colby George 37y Hatley
SG 1871.09.09 1871.08.30 d Colby Harriet Alice 4th d/o Colby Charles C.& Harriet 11m 25d Stanstead
SG 1896.01.10 1895.12.23 d Coleman Clara w/o McCutcheon Charles formrly Westbury 37y Copley, Shasta Co, CA youngest d/o late Thos. & Mary Coleman
CT 1855.06.14 1855.06.03 m Collin Robert Sherbrooke Parks Mary Sherbrooke Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
FMJ 1841.02.04 1841.01.28 m Comstock Martin Mack Mary Ann Stanstead youngest d/o Silas Mack; Rev R.V. Hall
FMJ 1839.04.06 1839.03.31 b Connell s/o Connell David West Hatley
FMJ 1841.04.08 1841.03.25 b Connell s/o Connell David Hatley
FMJ 1841.07.22 1841.07.13 d Connell Albert James s/o Connell David infant Hatley
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.07 d Connelly Thomas 63y Quebec in her Majesty's Customs many years.
SN 1878.03.14 1878.02.15 d Connolly John Patrick 2nd s/o Connolly J. P. Lennoxville 4m 13d
SN 1875.10.21 1875.10.20 b Connoly d/o Connoly Mayor M. L. Lennoxville Lennoxville
SN 1875.07.08 1875.07.05 m Connor Hugh Sherbrooke Wage? Catherine Sherbrooke Rev.A.E.Dufresne
SN 1876.07.27 1876.07.08 d Connor Mrs. w/o Connor John 30y Sherbrooke
SN 1877.07.12 1877.07.09 d Connor Mary-A. d/o Connor Hugh & Catherine 9m 20d Sherbrooke
SN 1876.10.05 1876.09.28 d Cook Ada-Louisa d/ Cook James H. 21y Cookshire lingering illness
SN 1877.07.05 1877.06.21 d Cook Persis H. w/o Taylor Alexander 27y Cookshire eldest surviving d/o J.C.Cook
SG 1896.03.13 1896.03.03 b Coombs d/o Coombs James Rock Forest QC
SG 1894.02.09 1894.01.30 d Cooper Ruth Malvina w/o Gray V. P. 24y 6m 28d Conn Lake, NH d/o James & amry Cooper
FMJ 1841.01.28 1841.01.16 d Copp Susan w/o Copp Capt. Moses W. 30y Barnston
FMJ 1841.06.03 1841.05.26 d Copp Wm. W., trader abt 23y Georgeville after 6 day confinement
CT 1857.12.24 1857.12.16 d Corse Roswell Northfield, MA 80y Montreal res.of Sherbrooke 54y; business man….
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.07 m Cota Philip George Clifton Couture Matilda M. Johnville St Anthony's Lennoxville Rev F.N. Sequin; 3rd d/o Moses Couture
SG 1863.02.21 1863.02.09 m Cote Oliver W. Dudswell Warner Lucretia R. Dudswell Marbleton Rev T.S. Chapman, St Paul's Ch.
SN 1876.02.24 1876.02.15 m Coté Louis-Victor St.Hyacinthe Hébert Marie-Célina-Caroline St.Hyacinthe St.Hyacinthe Rev.Mr.Tétrault,of the seminary
FA 1835.05.25 1835.05.23 b Cotter two sons of Cotter E. Waterloo Village, Shefford
SG 1839.08.31 1939.08.30 b Cotter son s/o Cotter Edward Sherbrooke
CT 1855.02.08 1855.02.04 d Cotterell Francis, Esq. 69y
CT 1856.10.23 1856.10.14 m Cottrill J.P.C., advocate Milwaukee, Wisc. Camp Ellen M. Montpelier, VT Montpelier, VT eldest d/o E.S.Camp; Rev.W.H.Lord
SG 1858.05.08 1858.04.22 m Coulon John Sherbrooke Cockburn Harriet Sherbrooke Rev. Wm.D. Brown
FMJ 1841.09.09 list Council Stanstead & Hatley
FMJ 1841.09.09 list Council Eaton, Newport, Ditton & Clinton; Brompton; Wes..
FMJ 1841.09.09 list Council Ascot; Orford; Melbourne Niclet;Winsor, Stoke, etc
FMJ 1841.05.27 1841.05.13 d Cowan Isabella eldest d/o Cowan P., merchant 3y 6m Cowansville, Durham measles
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.17 d Cowan Archie eldest s/o Cowan Samuel 5y Eustis, QC scarlet fever
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.16 d Cowan Closy? d/o Cowan Samuel 8y Eustis, QC scarlet fever
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.18 d Cowan infant s/o Cowan Samuel 1y Eustis, QC scarlet fever
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.10 b Cowan s/o Cowan W. Latona, Washington
SN 1876.09.14 1876.09.06 m Cowling Robert-Charles Bury French Emma-Susannah Eaton Cookshire 2nd s/o Rbt.Cowling;3rd d/o John Dean French
SG 1894.02.09 1894.01.24 d Cox Charlotte C. w/o Cox Carlos 62y Massawippi
SN 1876.05.04 1876.05.02 b Crabtree d/o Crabtree T. H. Coaticook
SG 1859.01.01 1858.12.21 m Cragie Peter formerly Scotland Wright C. Henrietta Ascot Ascot Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.18 d Crawford Wm., Sr. 76y Orford
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.11 m Crosby Oliver K. Compton Demary Martha M. Compton Huntingsville Rev. C. P. Mallory
CT 1855.07.05 1855.06.26 m Crosby Alonzo O. Compton Elliott Mary Jane Compton Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
SG 1858.05.08 1858.04.29 d Crosby George William youngest s/o Crosby Milton & Sally 1y 7m Sherbrooke
SG 1854.03.04 1854.02.28 m Cross Lewmon G. Durham Harriman Hannah Melbourne Rev. J. Bayne[?]
SG 1862.09.20 1862.09.17 d Cross William s/o Cross Moses & Margaret Compton 21y protracted illness, etc
SG 1854.06.03 1854.05.28 d Crotty ____ Danville policeman fell dead of heart disease
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.04 m Crowe Joseph Coaticook Carpenter Henrietta E. Coaticook Coaticook Rev W.G. Goucher
SG 1851.03.29 1851.01.13 m Crown David Danville Taylor Mrs. Roxanna Sherbrooke widow of Wm. Belknap, Sherb.
SG 1863.08.08 1863.08.06 m Cruikshanks Robert Leeds Kinkead Louisa Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev E Barrass
SG 1864.08.27 1864.07.27 m Cuklen William E. Susquehana Co, U.S. Kennedy Marantha Compton Rev Benj Cole
SG 1861.08.17 1861.08.08 d Cull Georg James 52y Hatley protracted illness, etc
FMJ 1841.05.06 1841.05.01 b Cummings d/o Cummings Merrick Granby
SG 1851.07.05 1851.04.10 d Cummings Mrs. Elizabeth relict of Cummings Deac. Jothom   82y Morgan VT
SG 1870.10.08 1870.10.03 m Cummings Col Wm. G. Island Pond Customs Hse Pinney Corrilla S. Holland Holland d/o Henry Pinney
FMJ 1839.02.16 1839.02.05 m Cunningham Percy Arthur Sherbrooke Felton Maria Antonia Belvidere Belvidere, Ascot 4th d/o late Hon Wm Bowman Felton
SG 1862.12.20 1862.12.10 d Cunningham William s/o Cunningham Henry 12y Dudswell diptheria; buried St Paul's Ch, Marbleton
SG 1862.12.20 1862.12.16 d Cunningham Adeline d/o Cunningham Henry 17y Dudswell diptheria
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.10 b Cunningham d/o Cunningham H. South Dudswell
SG 1857.05.09 1857.04.19 d Currier Nathaniel 72y Eaton one of first settlers in twp
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.10 d Curry Samuel 64y Quebec of the Ordnance Dept.
SG 1894.01.19 1893.12.11 d Curtis Annie M. wid/o England Charles Dunham 77y Casville, Stanstead Co d at res of s-in-law L. L. Knowlton
FMJ 1839.06.22 1839.06.17 m Cutter Henry S. Melbourne, L.C. Sanderson Diantha P. Burke, VT Burke, VT Rev Rufus Godding
FMJ 1841.03.25 1841.03.16 m Cutting Chauncey S. Boston, MA Newcomb Laura Ann Stanstead d/o Israel Newcomb; Rev R.V. Hall
SN 1878.01.31 1878.01.28 d Cutting Mary Emilie d/o Cutting C. P. 11d Waterloo
SG 1861.09.21 1861.09.08 d D? Richard 65y Hatley
FMJ 1841.06.10 1841.06.07 d Daily Elizabeth w/o Daily Charles Compton Warning! Charles will not pay Elizabeth's ….
SN 1875.09.16 1875.09.16 d Dale Elizabeth Limer m/o Dale E. & F. Sherbrooke funeral 2PM Fri. Sept.17 from home
SG 1851.08.02 1851.07.24 b Dalziel son s/o Dalziel Rev. J. Eaton
FMJ 1841.09.16 1841.09.13 m Dame W. H., merchant Sherbrooke Mann Mary Anne Sherbrooke Lennoxville 2nd d/o Wm. Mann; Rev L. Doolittle [no pic]
SN 1877.10.18 1877.10.15 m Daniel Michael Windsor Mills Mullen Ellen Brompton Brompton Falls 2nd d/o mayor Hugh Mullen;Rev.Mr.Ponton
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.03 b Darche d/o Darche L. P. A. South Ham
SN 1875.08.26 1875.08.25 d Davidson Lindsay Coburn s/o Davidson James, Jr. 7.5m Sherbrooke
CT 1855.06.14 1855.05.27 d Davis Sally Ann w/o Davis Hiram 41y Barnston
SG 1855.09.22 1855.08.18 m Davis Dudley Jr. Coaticook Baldwin Clarissa Coaticook
CT 1855.09.27 1855.09.18 m Davis Dudley, Jr. Coaticook Baldwin Clarissa Coaticook eldest d/o Richard Baldwin, Jr.
SG 1864.12.10 1864.11.29 m Davis Edward Eaton Ward Lura A. Westbury Eaton Rev E.J. Sherrill
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.07 b Davis s/o Davis T. A. Boynton
FMJ 1839.04.06 1839.03.26 m Dawson Frederick Cook Ann Maria Stanstead Rev R. Hall at res of Major Ritchie
SG 1896.05.29 1896.05.28 d Dawson Annie Matilda w/o Mobbs Edward 24y 1m Sherbrooke funeral on Sat. [May 30] to Elmwood Cem.
SG 1862.08.16 1862.08.09 d de Beaumont C. Georgina d/o de Beaumont Alfred, advocate 17m 23d Montreal
SN 1876.11.16 1876.11.14 m De Rycke Alexandre Gand. Belgium Doonau Theresa-Agnès St.Sylvester, QC Sherbrooke s/o Leonard-Ferdinand De Rycke;d/o John
SG 1864.06.18 1864.06.09 m de Winton Capt. Royal Artillery Rawson Evelyn Elmwood Lennoxville d/o Christopher Rawson m by Lord Bishop
SG 1865.03.18 1865.03.08 m Dean Micah S. Canaan, VT Stone Lucina L. Eaton Rev E. J. Sherrill
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.01.06 m Dearborn Joel Reed Lorenda Hatley Rev A. Moulton
CT 1857.06.11 1857.06.02 m deBeaumont A. Sussex, England Short Matilda Sherbrooke Montreal youngest d/o John Short, prothonotary,Sher.
SG 1864.09.24 1864.09.18 b DeBeaumont s/o DeBeaumont Alfred, advocate Montreal
SG 1864.09.03 1864.08.30 b DeChair s/o DeChair Dudley Lennoxville
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.27 b deChair s/o DeChair Dudley Lennoxville
CT 1856.10.16 1856.09.18 d Denison Mrs. Eunice wid/o Denison Avery 78y Shipton
SG 1862.06.14 1862.06.02 m Derragh Bernard Quebec Cuzner Mary Ann Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev. Mr. Dufresne
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.07 d Derry Samuel 87y Shefford was soldier on American side in …?
SN 1878.01.10 1878.01.07 b Derville d/o Derville F. Richmond
SN 1877.09.27 1877.09.24 b DeRycke s/o DeRycke Alexander Sherbrooke
SN 1877.05.31 1877.05.26 d Desève J. B. Alfred youngest s/o Desève F. X. Sherbrooke 25y Sherbrooke
SN 1877.11.08 1877.11.05 m Desève Arthur L. Sherbrooke Courville Orpha Plattsburgh, NY St.Peter's, Plattsburgh 2nd s/o F.X.Desève;d/o late Joseph Courville
SG 1896.06.12 1896.06.10 m Devine Alexander Megantic, QC Taylor Eliza Jane Eaton Sherbrooke Rev Wm. Shearer at St Andrew's manse
FMJ 1839.12.14 1839.11.29 b Dickens d/o Dickens Charles, author London, England
FMJ 1841.06.17 1841.06.14 b Dickinson s/o Dickinson W. Sherbrooke
SG 1863.10.10 1863.09.17 m Dickinson B. F. Compton Will Margaret E. Compton Huntingville Rev. C.P. Mallory
CT 1855.01.18 1855.01.15 b Dillon d/o Dillon D. M. Sherbrooke
SN 1876.09.21 1876.09.18 d Dillon David-James formerly Sherbrooke; s/o Dillon D. M. abt 20y Richmond consumption; elder son also sinking fast
SN 1877.02.08 1877.01.23 d Dillon Edward 2nd s/o Dillon David M.,tailor 29y 10m Richmond
SF 1864.11.24 list Directory Prof'l. & Business Sherbrooke 2 images
SG 1859.05.28 1859.04.12 d Doak Robt. formerly Londonderry NH 79y 26d Hermitage, Compton settled in Compton abt 1810…etc
SG 1864.09.17 1864.09.08 m Doak W. R. Brookville, Compton Jenkins Anne Quebec St James Ch, Compton Rev John Kemp
FA 1835.12.28 m Doe George Roach E. Granby Rev John Gleed
SG 1865.08.19 1865.07.25 d Doherty Mary Jane only d/o Diherty W. M. Orford 26y 3m Rochester, N.Y. d in Convent of the Sacred Heart
SN 1878.02.28 1878.02.22 d Doherty Daniel O'Connell 2nd s/o Doherty Hon.Judge 24y Montreal
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.01 d Dollof Hannah 26y Stanstead of consumption
SG 1862.04.12 1862.04.04 d Donahue Archibald 69y Belvedere cancer in the breast
SG 1863.03.14 1863.02.15 d Donahue Alfred s/o late Donahue J. S. Sherbrooke 20y London U.C d. "suddenly of absess in the brain"
FMJ 1841.06.24 1841.06.18 b Donohue d/o Donohue J. S. Sherbrooke
SG 1862.06.14 1862.05.18 d Doolittle Rev Lucius, M.A. 62y less 5d Milwaukie, Wisc. d at sister Mrs John Marsh, etc
SG 1861.06.22 1861.06.01 d Doplaice Adah Nancena d/o Doplaice John & Margaret 3y 10m 21d Coaticook
SN 1875.12.02 1875.11.20? b Doply? s/o Doply? C. Sherbrooke
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.02 m Doran Dennis E. Fairfax Bigelow Gertrude Smith's Mills d/o L.C. Bigelow
SN 1876.05.11 1876.05.10 d Dougan Sarah L. w/o Connoly M. L. 36y 10m 10d Lennoxville funeral 8AM Sat.[May 13]
SN 1876.12.28 1876.12.26 d Dougan Eliza Ann w/o Ellis Mark W. 30y 10m 20d Bury long & painful illness
SN 1878.04.04 1878.03.19 d Dougan Catherine w/o Connoly John P. 33y 4m Lennoxville long obit
FMJ 1841.03.25 1841.03.04 m Douglas David, merchant Granby Rider Mary Abbottsford Granby Rev Thos. Johnson of Abbottsford
CT 1856.10.02 1856.09.28 b Douglas s/o Douglas Rev. John
SG 1894.05.11 1894.05.08 d Dowlin Levi W., L.D.S. 58y Sherbrooke
SG 1896.04.24 1896.04.14 d Downes John, Sr. 80y Brookbury
SG 1861.11.30 1861.11.25 m Doyle John Cuzner Eliza Sherbrooke Rev. A.E. Dufresne
SN 1876.01.20 1876.01.11 m Doyle Britton C. Sherbrooke Placey Almeda Durham Ulverton only d/o George A.Placey; Rev.Thos.Bell
SG 1863.08.15 1863.07.29 d Draper Horace A. youngest s/o Draper B.F. & Cinthia 5y Compton diptheria
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.14 d Drennan Mary 23y 6m 2d Cookshire
CT 1855.06.28 1855.06.16 b Drew d/o drew George W. Sherbrooke
SG 1862.07.05 1862.07.01 m Drew Charles Wesley Stanstead Hurd Ashsah Hubbard Newport C.E. Rev. R. Brown
SN 1877.07.19 1877.07.16 m Dubrule Joseph N. Richmond Conway Mary-Ann Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev.A.E.Dufresne in Chapel of Convent of…
SN 1876.09.21 1876.09.13 m Duchesneau Joseph R.,merchant Montreal Cote Marietta Compton St.Thomas',Compton only d/o Daniel Cote; Rev.Mr.Leblanc
SN 1877.06.14 1877.06.09 b Duchesneau s/o Duchesneau Joseph R. Montreal
SN 1878.01.24 1878.01.18 d Duffy Catherine w/o Howland George 27y 9m Lennoxville long & painful illness
SG 1859.05.28 1859.05.19 d Dufresne Marie Louise eldest d/o Dufresne Joseph Lapresentation Sherbrooke d. at res of Rev. Mr. Dufresne
FA 1836.01.04 1835.12.29 d Dugan Margaret w/o Dugan James 29y Ascot
CT 1855.07.05 1855.06.16 d Dunbar Jane 2nd d/o Dunbar John 18y Montreal
SN 1877.07.26 1877.07.16 d Dundon Hannoria wid/o Grace Thomas 73y Sherbrooke b.Co.Limerick, Ireland
SG 1851.07.26 m Dunham Sam'l. R. C. Stanstead Brown Jane Orford father's res. Rev. Mr. Slight
SG 1861.07.20 1861.07.16 m Dunn William Quebec Bell Kate Sherbrooke St Peter's Ch. Sherb. elder d/o late Wm Bell etc
SF 1865.07.20 1865.07.12 m Dunn Phillip Durham, England Charnock Clara Elizabeth Ascot St.George's,Lennoxville 3rd s/o late Philip James Dunn;youngest d/o
SN 1877.05.22 1877.05.15 d Dupont Mary-Louisa-Georgiana d/o Dupont Thomas & Sarah 1y 6d Marbelton
SN 1876.03.30 1876.03.26 d Dupuy Zephirin-Louis-Rodolphe s/o Dupuy Louis, jeweller 3y 5m Sherbrooke
SN 1876.05.18 1876.05.18 b Dupuy d/o Dupuy L., jeweller Sherbrooke
SN 1876.08.10 1876.08.02 d Dussault Marie-Rosalie-Alice d/o Dussault N. T. 15m 10d Sherbrooke
SG 1866.05.12 1866.05.09 d Dyer Mrs Lucretia Worcester, MA 63y Sherbrooke paralysis
SG 1859.11.26 1859.11.21 m Eager Rufus Lancaster, Mass. Hartwell Adaline Stanstead Stanstead Rev. R.V. Hall; youngest d/o Oliver Har..
SG 1854.11.04 m Eastman Edwin A. Derby Lane Stokes Anna J. Bury Manchester NH
SG 1869.08.21 1869.08.13 b Eaton s/o Eaton J. C. Sherbrooke
SG 1859.01.15 1859.01.04 b Eccles son & dau of Eccles Robert Ascot
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.12 m Edgell L. A. Esq. Burlington West Sarah A. Galway Galway NY
SN 1877.05.10 1877.04.29 b Edgell s/o Edgell Stephen Sherbrooke
SN 1877.10.25 1877.10.15 d Edgell Francis Austin s/o Edgell Stephen
CT 1855.05.17 1855.05.11 d Edwards Mrs. Mary wid/o Edwards Thomas Boston 86y 9m Portland
SG 1893.06.09 d Edwards William Nilestown 80y
SG 1894.04.13 m Edwards C. H. Cookshire Lowry Christie Sawyerville Rev Mr Deeprose
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.25 b Eggleston d/o Eggleston Oscar Dixville
CT 1856.04.03 1856.03.20 m Eldrige H. A. Sherbrooke Hall Bethany Roxton Granby Rev.F.Robinson
CT 1857.01.22 1857.01.20 d Elkins Mrs. w/o Elkins C. P., advocate 64y Sherbrooke funeral 1857 Jan.23
SG 1857.01.24 1857.01.20 d Elkins Sarah Louisa w/o Elkins C. P. advocate 64y Sherbrooke
CT 1857.10.08 1857.10.01 b Elkins   d/o Elkins H. A. Elkinvale, Ascot
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.21 m Elliot Lee E. Compton Kent Ruth A. Ascot Rev W.H. Rowon, B.A.
FMJ 1839.03.02 1839.01.31 d Elliott Eunice w/o Elliott Ezekiel Lennoxville 59y painful illness etc
SN 1876.01.20 1876.01.07 b Elliott d/o Elliott John Sherbrooke
SG 1869.12.18 1869.12.11 d Ellis Mary Maria 4th d/o Ellis Thos. Sherbrooke 22y 9m 4d Stanstead w/o Wm. Strong
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.24 m Ellis W. H. Coaticook Frost Emma J. Coaticook Sherbrooke
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.02 m Ellis Arthur Edward Sherbrooke Ames Vinnie A. Averill, VT Averill, VT Rev G. Murray
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.08 m Ellsworth Herman C. corrected 1896 Jan.24 Morrison Jennie A. St Johnsbury VT Rev B.M. Douglas at res of O.W. Orcutt
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.08 m Ellsworth Herman E. New York Morrison Jessie A. L. Megantic QC St Johnsbury VT Rev Henry Douglas at res of Mrs.O.W.Orcutt
SG 1864.12.24 1864.12.11 d Embury Wellington Henry s/o Embury Samuel G. 7y 1m Westbury diptheria
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.25 m Emerson Lucius N. Shipton Kimball Harriet A. Compton
SG 1857.02.28 1857.02.18 d Emerson Ernest Albert only child of Emerson Lucius & Adeline formerly Shipton 4y St Johnsbury VT d. after a short illness
SG 1861.06.08 1861.05.23 m Emerson Hiram W. St. Johnsbury, VT Young Mary M. Stanstead Rev. R.V. Hall; youngest d/o Capt Jas Y.
SG 1865.10.14 1865.01.04 m Emerson Oscar N. Shipton Morrill Elizabeth B. Lingwick Rev A.J. Parker, of Danville
SG 1871.10.07 1871.09.13 d Emory William 31y 3m North Hatley
SG 1896.06.05 1896.06.04 d Endfield Marie Louise wid/o Cabana Lambert C. Sherbrooke mother of H.C. Cabana; funeral June 8
SG 1893.06.09 1893.06.02 d English Joseph Quebec 79y Sherbrooke
SN 1875.09.16 1875.09.10 d Ennis Mary D. w/o Lesperance E. O. Sherbrooke 33y Sherbrooke 2 children; long obit.
SG 1851.03.08 1851.02.17 d Enright Richard John eldest s/o Enright Rev Jos & Catharine 4y 1m 19d S Hardwick VT died of croup
CT 1855.02.01 1855.01.24 b Esdaile d/o Esdaile John Montreal
CT 1856.03.27 1856.02.28 m Evans Capt.Chas.Rchd.Ogden Royal Artillery Evans Sarah Pendeforet,Staffordshire Tettenhall, England eldest surv'g s/o Gen.Tho.Evans;only d/o Rchd
SG 1863.10.10 1863.09.23 m Evans Zerah Dudswell Lothrop Annet Dudswell Huntingville Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1896.04.10 1896.03.26 b Everett s/o Everett C. B. Ascot
CT 1855.09.27 1855.09.06 m Eves John Byron, IL Bean Laura Marie Hatley Hatley eldest d/o Simon Bean; Rev.H.G.Burrage
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.01.07 m Ewins Thos. Daniels Marcena Barnston Rev A. Moulton
SG 1896.03.20 1896.03.12 b Fales d/o Fales John Sherbrooke b at 16 London St.; Quebec papers pls copy
FMJ 1841.03.04 1841.01.30 d Farewell Walter s/o Farewell Wm. 2y 3m Compton
FMJ 1841.03.04 1841.02.25 d Farewell Hart s/o Farewell Gladden, Jr.
FMJ 1841.03.04 1841.02.26 d Farewell Phebe w/o Nichols James abt 50y
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.10 d Farmer Louis A. s/o late Farmer Capt. Thomas B. Three Rivers 36y Levis a U.S. Coneclar? Agent
SG 1872.08.09 1872.08.07 b Farnam d/o Farnam A. B. Sherbrooke
SG 1859.05.14 1859.04.03 d Farnsworth Stephen E. Cookshire 28y 8m
SG 1857.05.23 1857.05.21 m Farwell Lemuel Arms Calista Sherbrooke Rev Jas Robertson; y'ngest d/o late Wm A
CT 1857.05.28 1857.05.21 m Farwell Lemuel Danville Arms Calista Sherbrooke youngest d/o late Wm.Arms
SG 1864.09.17 1864.09.11 b Farwell s/o Farwell Wm. Jr.
SN 1874.10.01 1874.09.28 b Farwell d/o Farwell Alfred Montreal b. at 2 McGill College Ave.
SN 1876.04.27 d Farwell Capt. Wm. Bury 72y crown land agent
SG 1894.02.16 1894.02.04 d Faunce Sarah wid/o Faunce Albert 79y Sherbrooke
SG 1857.04.18 1857.04.16 d Fear George formerly England 26y Sherbrooke Grnd Trunk Rlwy conductor & Mason
CT 1857.04.23 1857.04.16 d Fear George formerly England 26y Sherbrooke conductor on GTR; Freemason
FMJ 1839.04.06 1839.03.25 d Felton Louisa Magdalen d/o late Felton Hon. W. B. Belvidere 15y 8m Montreal funeral April 2 in Sherbrooke
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.25 d Felton Clara Charlotte only d/o Felton W. L. 13y 4m at 5pm
SN 1877.03.01 1877.01.23 d Felton Morris Victor s/o Felton N. O. 5y 10m Orford
SN 1877.11.15 1877.11.12 d Felton William-Locker-Pickmore,QC 65y Belvidere
SG 1873.05.02 1873.04.29 d Fenderson Eddie s/o Fenderson B.F. & Susan P. 1m Sherbrooke
SG 1837.12.28 1837.12.21 m Field Moses L. Innes Margaret Stanstead Plain d/o late Rev. Jos. Gibbs
SG 1855.08.25 1855.08.21 m Findley John Compton Curtis Adeline Compton Huntingville Rev. C.P. Mallory
FMJ 1839.12.21 1839.12.09 b Finlayson d/o Finlayson James Charleston, Hatley
FMJ 1841.05.27 1841.05.19 b Finlayson s/o Finlayson James Hatley
SG 1858.11.06 1858.10.22 d Fish Mrs. Sally w/o Fish Joseph 89y Hatley arr Hatley 1May1795, 1st white woman
SG 1859-04.30 1859.04.22 d Fish Joseph 89y Hatley early settler 64 yrs ago
SG 1894.04.06 1894.04.07 d Fish Leonard d at son-in-law res Dean R. 70y Minton QC
SN 1875.04.11 1875.02.27 d Fisher James 35y Eaton
SG 1877.10.12 1877.09.20 d Fiske Nellie F. only d/o Fiske William 21y 6m Sherbrooke
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.25 m Fitch Wm. W. Danville Baker Sarah A. Danville
SG 1861.08.17 1861.07.24 d Fitzgerald Andrew 66y Ascot
SG 1859.03.19 1859.03.11 d Flanders James H. C. 47y Waterville consumption
SG 1861.06.22 1861.06.19 d Flanders Phillip M. s/o Flanders D.S. & Sally 8y 6m Acton
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.12 d Flanders Rev Rufus N., Wes Min Clarenceville, C.E. 48y Charleston, MA
CT 1855.02.22 1855.02.16 d Fleet William Henry,advocate Belmont St., Montreal 39y Montreal
FA 1835.11.23 1835.11.16 b Fleming d/o Fleming C. B. Melbourne Parsonage
FMJ 1841.03.25 1841.03.17 b Fleming s/o Fleming Rev. C. B. Melbourne
FA 1834.07.14 1834.07.09 b Flemming d/o Flemming C.B. Melbourne Parsonage
SFC 1834.07.14 1834.07.09 b Flemming d/o Flemming C. B. Melbourne parsonage
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.02.11 m Fletcher Chandler Ham Betsey Barnston Rev A. Moulton
SG 1851.05.10 1851.05.01 d Fletcher Candace Elisabeth d/o Fletcher Arad Barnston
SN 1876.08.17 1876.08.16 d Fletcher Arthur Weymon?th only s/o Fletcher Charles H. & Emma Sherbrooke 1y funeral 4PM Aug.18 from res.at Commercial St.
FA 1835.12.28 1835.12.09 b Fling d/o Fling H. Granby Village
SG 1862.05.10 1862.03.14 d Fling Mrs Sarah 75y Compton
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.17 b Flint d/o Flint J. T. Derby Line
SG 1863.03.14 1863.02.28 d Fogg Ann M. Saco Maine; w/o Cheney Joseph 55y Derby Line d. of short severe illness
FMJ 1841.09.23 1841.09.16 d Footner Frederick youngest s/o Footner William 3y Sherbrooke
SG 1864.09.10 1864.09.05 d Ford John Compton 64y Compton
SN 1876.11.23 1876.11.11 d Ford Emilie E. w/o Cutting Cyrus P. formerly Hanover,NH 32y 6m 17d Sherbrooke consumption
CT 1855.06.28 1855.06.16 b Forest d/o Forest Rev. Charles Grenville, C.E.
FMJ 1841.07.22 1841.07.07 d Forsyth Sarah Ann d/o Forsyth Wm. 7y 5m Shipton scarlet fever
FMJ 1841.07.22 1841.07.09 d Forsyth Jasper Alonzo s/o Forsyth Wm. 5y Shipton scarlet fever
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.25 m Fortune J. Esq. Sherbrooke Wilson Mary Helena Melbourne Melbourne only s/o Col. F.; only d/o Geo. W.
SG 1855.07.28 1855.07.26 d Foss Emily Eliza youngest d/o Foss Joshua Eaton
CT 1855.08.02 1855.07.27? d Foss Emily Ellen youngest d/o Foss Joshua Eaton
SG 1861.04.27 1861.04.11 m Foss S. J. Sherbrooke Foote Mari L. Lee, Mass. Lee, Mass. Rev. N. Gale
SG 1863.07.11 1863.07.07 b Foss s/o Foss S. J. Sherbrooke
SG 1863.08.22 1863.08.09 d Foss Lucinda C. 35y Eaton
FA 1835.06.13 1835.06.03 b Foster s/o Foster Stephen, Jr., merchant Stanstead
SG 1861.01.12 1861.01.01 m Foster W. S. Cheney Maria Sherbrooke Rev. J. Robertson; d/o Elias Cheney
SG 1896.05.08 1896.05.04 m Foster Linmell Sherbrooke Dumaind Mary Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Cathedral
SG 1869.07.10 1869.06.28 m Fountain John, Jr. Magog Merry Mary E. Magog Magog Rev E. Mitchell
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.06.24 d Fowler Sarah w/o Perkins Capt. James 76y 10m Shipton one of earliest settlers of township
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.16 m Fowler Barnet Shipton Kirvan Mary M. Tingwick
SG 1853.01.07 m Fowler J. Henry Lewis K[?]ezia Melbourne Rev. Wm. Scott
SN 1874.09.17 1874.09.09 d Fowler Mrs.Lowell J. formerly Melbourne 56y 9m Sherbrooke typhoid fever
SG 1874.12.18 1874.11.05 d Fowler John E. s/o late Fowler Ellison Stanstead 59y 11m 13d Lowell, Mass. typhoid pneumonia
CT 1855.10.25 1855.10.12 d Fox Maria E. w/o Rogers George only d/o Major Amos & Eunice Fox,Stanstead
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.22 d Fox James 90y 3m Westbury
SG 1854.03.04 1854.03.02 b Fraser daughter Fraser Jno. D.
CT 1855.03.29 1855.03.17 b Fraser   s/o Fraser John D.
CT 1856.04.17 1856.04.08 d Fraser William Dudley 3rd s/o late Fraser Capt.John, 76th Reg't 27y Quebec
SG 1862.12.13 1862.12.12 b Fraser s/o Fraser John D. Sherbrooke
SG 1864.05.14 1864.05.07 d Fraser Ellie only d/o Fraser John D. 19y 2m Sherbrooke
SN 1876.01.20 1876.01.20 b Fraser d/o Fraser J. D.
SG 1894.01.19 m Fraser A., C.P.R.agent Scotstown Weston M. Cookshire page torn
SG 1869.10.02 1869.09.18 m Frasier J. A. Brompton Mills Rankin Fanny M. Windsor Sherbrooke eldest d/o A. Rankin
SN 1876.10.05 1876.09.22 d Frasier James Cookshire 80y 5m 8d Cookshire res.of Cookshire abt.60 years.
SN 1877.01.25 1877.01.19 b Frasier d/o Frasier J. A. Cookshire
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.10 b Fregau d/o Fregau Sam'l. T. Rock Is Stanstead
FA 1835.04.27 1835.03.11 d French Levi Richardson s/o French Levi & Matilda Eaton 22y Hardwick VT Illness of 5 yrs, blind 2 yrs, etc
SG 1854.08.26 1854.08.12 m French Wm. R. Lancaster NH Lankin Ellen A. Compton Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1859.03.19 d French Levi 82y Eaton d. at Hiram French res.;a 1st settler
SG 1859.04.02 1859.03.29 m French Levi? W. Eaton Goodhue Julia Ann d/o Mr. Asha Goodhue
SG 1859.07.30 1859.07.18 d French Luther 84y 5m Eaton
SG 1863.09.19 1863.09.10 m French Cyrus E. Eaton Hodge Lois M. Eaton Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1869.12.18 1869.07.03 m French Samuel H. Eaton Ellis Nellie H. Edinburg, OH Streetsboro, OH Rev J.A. Kirkpatrick
SN 1876.01.06 1875.12.26 d French Alice Maud d/o French Luther & Margaret 19y Cookshire
SN 1876.04.06 d French Arthur Henry s/o French Levi W. 5y 8m 23d Eaton scarlet fever
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.08 d French Eva Adaline d/o French George & Adaline 11y 3m Cookshire
SG 1865.04.15 1865.04.13 b Frihey d/o Frihey Thomas B. hotelkeeper Coaticook
SG 1862.02.02 1862.02.04 m Frizzle Benjamin Eaton Smith Esther Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherill
FMJ 1841.03.11 1841.03.05 d Frost Joseph s/o Frost Washington 5y Granby
FMJ 1841.05.27 1841.05.21 d Frost Maria d/o Frost Washington 3y 5m Granby
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.19 b Frost s/o Frost Chas. Lennoxville
SN 1875.11.18 1875.11.13 d Fuller James Sherbrooke 58y
SN 1877.08.23 1877.08.21 m Fuller Thos. W. Sherbrooke Brown Mary M. Stanstead Brown's Hill, Stanstead d/o Raby Brown; Rev.L.P.Adams
SG 1894.01.05 1894.01.02 d Fuller William 76y 1m 4d Sherbrooke
SG 1894.04.06 1894.04.04 b Fuller s/o Fuller F. J. Sherbrooke
SG 1896.01.17 1896.01.14 b Fuller d/o Fuller F. J.
SG 1896.02.07 1896.02.02 d Fuller William Edward s/o late Fuller Charles 30y 5m Sherbrooke
SFC 1832.01.03 1832.01.03 d Fullerton Jemima w/o Norris John 28y Potton lingering disease
SFC 1832.01.03 1831.04.09 d Fullerton Ozias b/o Fullerton Jemima 31y Malone NY crushed by a fallen tree
SG 1863.02.21 1862.08.18 d Fullerton Melissa w/o McClary J. W., G.T.R. agent Chaudiene Jcn 20y 7m Compton Consumption
SG 1862.06.21 1862.05.08 m Gahan Peter Barnston Marsh Rosan Barnston Barnston Rev. J.F. Ferguson
SG 1862.10.04 1862.10.01 m Gales Thomas Wells, Norfolk, Eng. Wright Anna Barford Coaticook Rev J.F. Ferguson
SG 1857.01.03 1856.12.16 d Gallop Edward Melbourne 88y Shipton
CT 1856.07.03 1856.06.26 d Galt Alexander Gillespie younger s/o Galt A. V. 3y Montreal
CT 1856.10.02 1856.09.29 b Galt s/o Galt A. T. Montreal
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.27 d Gamsby Nelson 82y 9m 25d Cookshire
SN 1876.02.24 1876.02.17 d Garceau Newell J. M. s/o Garceau Octave, councillor Coaticooke 37 2m 1d Coatocooke
FMJ 1839.12.07 1839.11.27 d Gardner Mercy L. w/o Gardner James 25y 7m Windsor
SG 1863.09.05 1863.08.19 d Gardner Sarah Ann d/o Gardner James & Julia 14y 3m 19d Windsor C.E. consumption
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.03 m Gardner William Henry Eustis, QC Cardwell Elizabeth Montreal St John's Ch, Waterville Rev M.A.W. King, M.A.
SG 1893.06.09 d Gauthier Francois 114y near St Charles, QC
SG 1896.03.13 1896.03.08 b Gauthier s/o Gauthier J. D. Dudswell Junction Chatham NB papers plse copy
CT 1857.07.23 1857.07.10 d Gavin Fanny Elizabeth w/o Bailey R. O. 24y Fort Atkinson, Iowa eldest d/o John Gavin, Cookshire, Eaton, CE
CT 1856.10.30 1856.10.17 d Gaylord Lucy A. w/o Baxter J. W. 29y Stanstead
CT 1856.08.14 1856.07.23 d Gee Edward M. s/o Gee John N. & Lucia Melbourne 11y 7m Melbourne
CT 1856.08.14 1856.08.02 d Gee John C. s/o Gee John N. & Lucia Melbourne 4y Melbourne
SG 1861.06.15 1861.06.04 d Gee Mrs. L. L. w/o Gee John N. 41y 23d Melbourne consumption
SG 1874.01.02 m Gibbs  damaged  damaged  damaged Clara Hatley Rev C. Heard [sic]
FA 1835.12.28 1835.11.18 d Gibson John S. 80y Sutton incredible soldier/hunter past !
SG 1859.12.17 1859.12.14 d Giff William John eldest s/o Giff late Jeremiah & Cecelia 23y Ascot
CT 1855.07.12 1855.06.28? b Gilbert s/o Gilbert S. H., M.P.P. Fredericton Wesleyan Mission Residence
SG 1861.03.23 1861.03.17 d Gilbert Adelia E. eldest d/o Gilbert Joseph P. & Betsey W. 23y Huntingville
SG 1865.02.11 1865.01.03 d Gilbert Francis Edward youngest s/o Gibert Dr. F. D. Hatley 6y 7m Cookshire effusion of the brain
SG 1865.02.11 1865.01.29 d Gilbert John W. eldest s/o Gilbert J. P. & B. W. Ascot 19y Washington Corpl in Co I 1st Regt Hvy Artly, NH Vol etc
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.10 d Gilbert Florence Violet d/o Gilbert W. O. 1m 4d Newport VT
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.15 b Gilkerson d/o Gilkerson James S. Chicago
SFC 1833.05.14 1833.05.09 m Gill John Brompton Knapp Lois Brompton Brompton
FMJ 1841.04.01 1841.03.25 m Gill Thomas Abbotsford Hungerford Marilla Granby Abbotsford Rev Thomas Johnson
SG 1862.06.14 1862.06.07 b Gillespie s/o Gillespie S. W. Williamsburg, Long Is.
SG 1861.02.02 1861.01.26 d Gillis Mary L. d/o Gillis Rev. A. 5y 8m Sawyerville
CT 1857.07.02 1857.06.18 d Gilman Alice w/o Smith Joseph 72y Compton
SG 1857.07.11 1857.06.18 d Gilman Alice w/o Smith Joseph 72y Compton
SG 1896.06.05 1896.05.30 b Gilmour s/o Gilmour R. W. Montreal
SG 1862.12.13 1862.11.30 d Glines Moses Sylester, M.D. 56y Compton Centre long & painful illness
SG 1857.09.12 1857.09.10 b Go?? Mrs. A. C. Sherbrooke
CT 1855.11.22 1855.11.04 d Goodhue Charles F. H. Putney, VT 73y Sherbrooke mbr of Prov.Parliament for Sherbrooke,….
SG 1861.05.25 1861.04.22 d Goodhue Asha formerly Eaton 62y Stanton, Minn.
SG 1862.04.12 1862.02.17 d Goodhue Charles formerly Eaton 21y 10m Mill Springs, KY. fever; of 2nd Minn. Regt of Volunteers
SG 1855.08.04 1855.07.29 d Goodwin Fanny w/o Goodwin James 22y Cookshire
CT 1855.08.09 1855.07.29 d Goodwin Fanny w/o Goodwin James 22y Cookshire, Eaton
CT 1857.10.01 1857.09.15 m Goodwin George Cookshire Parsons Priscilla W. Orono, ME Cookshire Rev.J.Dalziel
SG 1862.09.20 1862.08.30 d Goodwin William 31y Cookshire
SG 1874.01.02 1872.12.24 m Goodwin Robert Bury Crawford Az?? Bury Rev H. Fowler
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.02.08 m Gordon John Landaff, NH Gordon Hannah Hatley Hatley Rev A. Moulton
CT 1855.04.12 1855.03.28 b Gordon d/o Gordon J. A.
SG 1855.09.29 1855.09.13 b Gordon s/o Gordon Rev. J. Sherbrooke
SG 1861.05.04 1861.03.03 d Gordon Lewis formerly Sherbrooke, s/o Gordon Capt. Thomas 33y Calif.
SG 1862.08.23 1862.08.21 b Gordon d/o Gordon Clark Sherbrooke
SG 1863.03.07 1863.02.26 m Gordon Frederick Shipton Andrews Ellen A. Shipton
SG 1865.01.21 1865.01.10 d Gordon Thomas, customs collr 77y Lacolle
SG 1865.01.21 1864.12.24 d Gordon Anne W. w/o Reynolds S. 32y Cobourg, C.W. eldest d/o Thoms Gordon, Lacolle cust colr
SG 1864.04.16 1864.03.29 m Gorsham Robert South Ham Porter Eliza South Ham South Ham Rev T.S. Chapman, M.A.
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.12 m Gozenbach Ernest St Johnsbury VT Colliston Bernice Ethel Barton VT Barton VT eldest d/o E.G. Colliston; Rev Douglas
SG 1859.04.16 1859.04.06 d Grace Thomas Co Wexford, Ireland 55y 3m Sherbrooke immigrated in 1826
SG 1894.05.11 1894.04.25 m Graham Donald J. Milan QC Bailey Flora M. Cookshire St George's Montreal Rev C.D. Baldwin of Cookshire
CT 1856.05.22 1856.05.04 d Grant Henriette 2nd d/o late Grant Alex. Portclair, Scotland Sherbrooke after a long & protracted illness
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.08 d Grant George s/o late Grant John Brompton 23y 22d Brompton
FMJ 1839.02.23 1839.02.19 d Greaves Alfred abt 38y Compton funeral Feb.22; etc
SG 1861.10.26 1861.10.12 b Green twins/o Green Chas. Lennoxville
SG 1862.01.11 1862.01.01 m Green Joseph Montreal De Golyer Melissa H. Montreal Montreal s/o Rev Jas Green; d/o H.G. De Golyer
SN 1874.11.05 1874.11.03 m Green Wm. Sherbrooke Bloomey Amelia J. Ascot St.George's,Lennoxville eldest d/o B.Bloomey; Rev.A.C.Scarth
SN 1876.07.06 1876.06.26 d Green Andrew-Bloomey s/o Green Wm. & A.J. 6m 18d Sherbrooke
CT 1855.11.22 1855.11.09 b Greene d/o Greene Rev. J. Huntington
SG 1855.09.08 1855.09.05 m Greenlay John Wm. Coaticook Fraser Catharine Coaticook Coaticoke Rev. J. Pugh, Wesleyan Minister
CT 1855.09.13 1855.09.05 m Greenlay John W. Coaticook Fraser Catherine Coaticook Coaticooke Rev.J.Pugh, Wesleyan Minister
SG 1865.01.21 1865.01.09 d Greenlay Wilhelmina Margaret d/o Greenlay Lazenby & Louisa 15y 10m 13d Brompton consumption
SG 1865.01.21 1865.01.11 d Greenlay Rachel Ruth d/o Greenlay John & Eliza Leeds 19y 1m 7d Brompton measles
SG 1896.03.20 1896.03.12 b Gregoire d/o Gregoire Thomas St Hyacinthe
SG 1857.05.16 1857.05.07 m Griffin Charles H. Barnston Buckland Clarisa M. Barnston Rev C P Mallory; at res of J. Humphrey
SG 1851.03.15 1851.03.11 d Griffith Ellen Eliza d/o Griffith Jos. 3y 1m scalded by water on 10th
CT 1855.06.28 1855.06.23 b Griffith s/o Griffith John, engr.Locomotive Dept. GTR Sherbrooke
SN 1875.05.13 1875.05.06 d Griffith Thomas 65y Sherbrooke after a long illness
SN 1876.11.09 1876.11.02 b Griffith d/o Griffith W. F. Richmond
SN 1877.07.21 1877.06.19 m Griffith John J. Sherbrooke Groome Julia M. Montreal Montreal Bishop's Ch. only d/o late Thos.Groome;Rev.Can.Leblanc
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.24 m Griffith Fred J., asst sec-trsr of Sherbrooke Paul May. A. Newport, P.Q. Newport, VT Rev Wm Clairmont
SG 1871.01.21 1870.01.11 m Grimes William Newport Magoon Lizzie Stanstead Derby Rev J.G. Lorimer
FMJ 1841.09.09 1841.08.21 m Grove John Barnston Hanson Dorcas Maria Barnston, L.C. Rev John Swasey
CT 1855.04.26 1855.04.03 m Grylls George Borlase Lanhydrock, Cornwall, Eng. Wilson Emma Maria Kingsey, E.T. eldest s/o Rev.Chas.Grylls; youngest d/o….
SN 1877.01.04 1876.12.31 d Guimond John Alfred s/o Guimond Honoré 18m Wolfestown
CT 1856.01.24 1856.01.19 d Guitte Henry Joseph only child of Guitte P.J., prop.of Courrier de  St. Hyacinthe 6y 4m St. Hyacinthe
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.19 m Gunn Angus Harkness Henrietta L. Sherbrooke St Luke's Ch, Montreal Rev T.E. Cunningham
SG 1862.05.03 1862.04.27 d Gunning Carry d/o Gunning Richard 4y Sherbrooke clothes caught fire from brush burn etc
SG 1859.10.01 1859.01.24 m Gustin Eliphalet H. Stanstead Bean Mary Hatley Hatley Rev. H.G. Burrage; d/o Simon Bean
FMJ 1841.01.21 1841.01.12 m Hackett Patrick, merchant Granby Duyre Mary Boonville, NY St Casaire d/o John Duyre; Rev Mr Lamore
CT 1855.08.09 1855.07.15 d Hackett Benjamin D'Urban 2nd s/o Hackett James Lennoxville 30y British Guiana
SN 1876.04.13 1876.04.08 d Hackett Andrew Dickey s/o Hackett C.H. 6m Compton congestion of the lungs
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.16 b Hackett d/o Hackett Hon M. F. Stanstead
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.21 m Hadley Alonzo C. Stanstead Parsons Mary Janette Stanstead Wesleyan Parsonage Rev J. Tomkins
SG 1858.11.20 1858.11.17 m Haighton? Danforth? Clifton L?ry Mo?? Orford Rev. W.D. Brown
SG 1861.06.29 1861.06.20 m Haines Justin Clifton Hitchcock Matilda Compton Compton Rev. A. Gillies
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.14? m Haines George W. Clifton Sherman Elizabeth Clifton Compton Centre m at Methodist Parsonage
SN 1875.04.29 1875.04.25 d Hale Hon. Edward Sherbrooke 73y Quebec
FMJ 1839.04.06 1839.04.01 b Hall s/o Hall Rev. R. V. Stanstead
FMJ 1839.07.13 1839.07.04 m Hall Julius C. Hatley Badger Matilda J. Hatley Stanstead Rev R.V. Hall
FMJ 1841.08.12 1841.07.31 d Hall Mary wid/o Hall Capt. Hananiah 82y Eaton
SG 1851.05.10 1851.05.01 m Hall James L. Stanstead Barnett Thirza A. Compton youngest d/o Moses Barnett, Esq.
SG 1854.10.28 1854.10.19 d Hall Amos Ireland, Megantic Co. 94y son Ira b.CT USA>1806 Compton>1811 Irlnd
CT 1856.11.06 1856.10.08 d Hall Mary Catherine only d/o Hall Rev. R. V. 14y 24d Stanstead Congestion of the brain
SG 1857.05.23 1857.04.27 d Hall Ira Ireland Twp d of lung abcess; had asthma for 30 yrs.
SG 1858.08.14. 1858.07.14 m Hall J. N. Eaton Blodgett Martha Ascot Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1862.10.25 1862.10.15 m Hall Robert Newton, advocate Stanstead Kendrick Lena Compton Compton Rev Richmond; eldest d/o Aldra W Kendrick
SG 1864.11.05 1864.10.29 d Hall Thankful Elvina d/o Hall John & Margaret 25y 11m Eaton
SN 1875.03.04 1875.02.28 d Hall A. J. w/o Lanigan Geo. 58y Sherbrooke
SN 1875.06.10 1875.06.03 m Hall Archibald George Montreal Fowler Catherine Louisa Melbourne St.Ann's, Richmond s/o late Archibald Hall,M.D.;3rd d/o late Wm
SN 1876.03.23 1876.03.20 d Hall Jennie youngest d/o Hall Peter Lennoxville 20y Lennoxville Congestion of the brain
SN 1876.03.30 1876.03.27 b Hall s/o Hall James B.,M.D. Silema Lodge, Magog
SN 1876.04.27 1876.04.12 d Hall Maria Louisa eldest d/o Hall Mrs. O.N. 25y 11m 20d Marbelton
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.09 b Hall s/o Hall John M.
SG 1894.05.11 1894.04.23 d Hallam Alfred Edward only s/o Hallam Samuel F. 3y 5w Eustis, QC
SG 1862.06.14 1862.07.11 b Hallowell d/o Hall J. Sherbrooke
SG 1862.10.18 1862.10.10 b Hallowell s/o Hallowell J. Sherbrooke
SG 1863.09.19 1863.09.16 d Hallowell Robert Harrison only s/o Hallowell John, advocate 11m 7d Sherbrooke
SN 1876.04.27 1876.04.23 d Hallowell John Sherbrooke 46y of decline
SG 1857.10.31 1857.10.20 d Hamilton Fames twin s/o Hamilton A. 1y 11m
SG 1861.06.01 1861.05.19 d Hamilton Margaret Mair eldest d/o Hamilton Andrew 22y 4m Sherbrooke
SG 1862.07.05 m Hamilton Jeremiah Brompton Falls McKay Catherine Red Mtn, Lingwick Rev John Milloy; d/o John McKay
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.27 m Hamilton Athur Stanstead Place Anna Stanstead Barnston Elder D.W. Sornberger
SN 1875.08.12 1875.08.06 b Hamilton d/o Hamilton Andrew W. Spring Hill, Melbourne
SG 1894.03.02 1893.11.09 d Hamilton John Bolton youngest s/o late Hamilton Col Digby St Vincent Bath 27y Brisbana, Queensland formerly of Lennoxville
SG 1857.10.10 1857.09.20 d Hammond Bradford 85y Eaton d date obscure but 20th was a Sunday
SG 1896.02.07 1896.01.31 d Hancock Harriet wid/o Hunt Rev Francis 76y Lennoxville d at res of W.F. Hunt
SG 1864.05.21 1864.05.13 m Hanlon John Henderson Ann Jane East Sherbrooke Rev E. Barass
CT 1856.01.31 1856.01.30 m Hanning Henry Rowland Danville McKenzie Lydia St.Peter's, Sherbrooke s/o late James Hanning of Cloyne, Ireland;..
SG 1851.03.08 1851.02.27 m Hanson Lewis F. Barnston Hill Minerva Barnston Rev. J. Green
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.09 m Hanson James William Montreal Bo?twick Georgiana Lanovale? Rev. William Anderson
CT 1856.10.30 1856.10.22 d Hanson Sarah Ann d/o Hanson Lewis & Lydia 19y Barnston
SG 1859.12.17 1859.12.11 m Hanson George W. Stanstead Stearns Sarah Ann Stanstead Rev. R.V. Hall
SG 1874.01.02 1872.12.24 m Hanson Herbert L. Barnston Ma?…. Barnston Barnston Elder D.W. Sornberger
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.18 d Harding Alma M. only child of Harding John & Almira L. 1y 11m 3d Huntingville pneumonia; funeral Oct.21
CT 1855.12.06 1855.11.24 d Hardy John 55y Richmond lvs wife & large family; hotel prop'r.
SG 1896.04.03 m Hardy Robert H. Portland ME McDonald Christie frmly Lingwick Portland ME d/o A.F. McDonald, Falmouth ME, etc
CT 1857.05.14 1857.04.28 m Harkness John Compton Hyatt Miranda Ascot Compton Rev.Aaron A.Allen
SG 1859.10.15 1859.10.07 m Harkness James Compton Murling? Mary Jane Rawdon St Peter's Ch. Rev. C.P. Reid.
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.24? m Harkness Jones Sawyerville
SG 1896.01.31 1896.01.26 d Harkness Mary wid/o Watson Robert 75y Sherbrooke
SG 1865.02.04 1864.12.20 d Harper Emily M. d/o Harper Thomas & Lucitta Shipton 21y 8m Springfield, MA consumption
SG 1864.06.18 1864.06.05 d Harran Joel E. 56y Compton
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.27 d Harrington Bessie w/o King Lt.-Col. Chas. 73y Sherbrooke
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.27 b Harrison s/o Harrison M. Chicopee Falls, MA b at 36 Summer St.
CT 1855.02.22 1855.02.16 b Hart twin d/o Hart A. E. Three Rivers
CT 1855.11.29 1855.11.23 d Hart Harriet d/o Hart Ezekiel Three Rivers
SG 1874.12.18 1874.10.21 d Hartwell Mary w/o Cummings A. Compton 65y
FA 1835.04.27 1835.03.26 d Harvey Cordelis d/o Harvey John & Nabby 17m Ascot
FMJ 1839.12.21 1839.12.14 b Harvey d/o Harvey Cyrus Shefford
FMJ 1841.11.04 1841.10.26 m Harvey Gardner Hatley Boyington Lydia Hatley Charleston, Hatley Rev I. Perkins etc
CT 1855.11.08 1855.10.17 d Harvey Asa L. formerly Stanstead 52y Morgan, VT
CT 1857.04.16 1857.04.09 d Harvey Mrs. Clarinda w/o Harvey John P. 48y Newport, C.E.
CT 1857.04.16 1857.02.05 d Harvey Ophelia Ann 2nd d/o Harvey John P. Newport 24y
SG 1864.04.16 1864.04.09 d Harvey Emily F. d/o Harvey Silas East Burke, VT 27y 8m Rock Is Stanstead w/o L.R. Robinson, editor Stanstead Jrnl
SG 1864.12.31 1864.12.17 d Harvey Mrs. Judith w/o Woodward Christopher 73y 7m Hatley
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.20 d Harvey Amanda O. 25y Newport C.E.
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.24 d Harwood Mary Ann w/o Young P. C. 37y 1m 12d Lennoxville illness of 6 months
SG 1858.07.24 1858.07.14 d Hasbrouck Mariah wid/o McCullough James, sr. 80y
SN 1876.05.04 1876.05.01 m Haseltine Charles H. Bradford,Yorkshire,England Bottom Mary. A. Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev.C.P.Reid,M.A.
FMJ 1841.11.11 1841.10.29 d Haskell Harriet d/o Haskel John & Lucy 18y Ascot long & painful illness
SG 1855.07.28 1855.07.10 d Haskell Rebecca 26y Haskell Hill consumption
CT 1855.08.02 1855.07.10 d Haskell Rebecca 26y Haskell Hill consumption
SG 1859.08.27 1859.08.17 d Haskell Ellen Rebecca infant d/o Haskell Alonzo 3m West Farnham
SN 1876.09.21 1876.09.20 d Haskell Maria w/o Johnston John 62y Haskell Hill
SG 1851.01.25 1851.01.29 d Haskill John Bradley Ascot
SG 1874.01.02 1873.12.21 d Haskill? Ruperta F. d/o Haskill R. D. Sherbrooke w/o F. C. Reyor?
SN 1874.12.31 1874.12.26 d Hasseltine Nancy Judson w/o Sanborn Hon.John S. Montreal 48y 4m
SG 1865.03.04 1865.02.14 d Haswell Jonathan 78y Compton severe illness
SG 1858.09.25 1858.09.11 m Hatch C. Varney M. Brompton Mills Rev. W.D. Brown
SG 1859.11.26 1859.11.15 d Hatch Mrs. Laura Ann 43y Stanstead
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.17 m Hatch Frank Suffield, QC Christie Jennie Suffield, QC
SG 1896.06.19 1896.06.02 d Hatch Frederick Elmore Capelton 24y Canon City, Col.
SN 1875.02.25 1875.02.18 b Hawley s/o Hawley A. A. Bury
SG 1862.02.01 1862.01.15 d Hawse Lydia w/o Moulton Oel 45y
CT 1855.01.18 1855.01.01 m Hayden C.H., editor of Rutland VT Herald Harwood Louisa C. Boston Boston
SG 1861.11.02 1861.10.23 d Hayne Charlotte w/o Stuart William Henry 61y Lennoxville 3rd d/o Rev. W. Hayne, Devonshire Eng.
SG 1894.05.11 1894.04.28 d Haynes Susan E. wid/o Carr Francis 77y Maple Ridge Farm d/o late John Haynes registrar Pittsburg NH
SG 1854.12.16 1854.12.03 d Hays Jonathan in 90y
SG 1857.10.10 1857.09.28 d Heath Alzina w/o Heath M. B. 21y Ascot 2nd dau of Ira Blodgett
SG 1858.02.13 1857.12.15 d Heath Almon D. only s/o Heath Darius & Catherine 24y 6m Compton
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.11 d Heath Ruth w/o Burroughs Capt. William 80y Barnston d at son's res, Wm. Burroughs, Jr.
CT 1857.04.23 1857.04.21 b Hencker d/o Hencker R. W.
SG 1861.06.15 1861.06.03 d Henderson John 3rd eldest s/o Henderson James 16y Sherbrooke lingering illness
SG 1865.08.12 1865.08.11 d Henderson Farquhar 61y Sherbrooke funeral Aug. 13
SN 1875.02.18 1875.02.17 d Henderson Marianne w/o Davidson James, Jr. 29y Sherbrooke funeral 2 PM Sat.Feb.20
SN 1875.09.09 1875.09.06 d Henderson Henrietta May only child of Henderson P. G. Sherbrooke 13m 3w
SN 1876.01.27 1876.01.21 b Henderson s/o Henderson Peter G. Sherbrooke
SN 1877.12.06 1877.12.04 b Henderson d/o Henderson P. G.
SG 1857.04.25 1857.04.21 b Heneker daughter Heneker R. W.
SG 1858.08.07 1858.08.05 b Heneker s/o Heneker R. W.
SG 1861.06.15 1861.06.08 b Heneker d/o Heneker R. W. Sherbrooke
SG 1861.08.10 1861.08.05 d Heneker Caroline Louisa d/o Heneker R. W. 3w Sherbrooke
SG 1855.09.15 1855.08.29 d Henry Ella youngest d/o Henry Chs.S. & Cynthia 6m 7d Lennoxville
SG 1864.12.10 1864.11.12 d Henry Elizabeth Ann d/o Henry John Sherbrooke 8y Sherbrooke diptheria
SG 1864.12.10 1864.11.12 d Henry Margaret Jane d/o Henry John formerly NB 4y Sherbrooke diptheria
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.27 m Henry Wright Compton Ives Mary Francis Hatley res of bride's brother Rev W.H. Rowon, B.A. etc
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.18? d Henry Albert Edward s/o Henry Wright & Mary F. 9m Coaticook dysentery
SG 1893.06.09 1893.04.20 d Henry John 63y 11m 24d Ascot Corner
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.29 d Henry James R. formerly Sherbrooke, s/o Henry Thomas 33y 10m Newport NH
SG 1870.10.08 1870.10.06 d Hepburn Andrew 61y Ascot funeral Sunday Oct. 9
SG 1863.04.18 1863.04.12 d Heron Joel Edgar eldest s/o Heron Joel & Mary Ann Compton 26y Compton
CT 1855.06.21 1855.05.30 d Herron John Dunham
SG 1865.10.21 m Hewes Joseph Orford Whitney Emily Bolton Orford Rev R. Barry
CT 1855.08.30   d Hibbard Eunice Augusta w/o Middlemile Peter New Orleans New Orleans yellow fever
SG 1859.11.26 1858.11.19 d Hibbard Mr. P. V. formerly Sherbrooke 69y St Andrew's some life highlights given
SN 1876.06.01 1876.06.01 d Higgins Sarah-Jane adopted child of Olivier Mrs.widow V. Sherbrooke 22y 5m Sherbrooke funeral Sat.3rd inst.from Wellington St.res.
CT 1855.12.13 1855.11.29 m Hill Merrill J., principal of Derby Academy Bates Jane S. Derby Derby, VT d/o Hon.Jacob Bates; Rev.A.Norcross
SG 1894.04.06 1894.02.18 d Hill Clarence L. 41y 3m 19d Heathton
SG 1894.06.15 1894.05.29 d Hinery J. M. s/o late Hinnery Thomas Sherbrooke 33y 9d Newport VT d at res of sister Mrs J.P. Rann
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.19 m Hislop William St Thomas, P.Q. Miller Mary St Johns Mary wid/o J. Macfarlane & sis/o Simpson ?
SG 1857.04.04 1857.03.06 d Hitchcock Lovina W. w/o Hitchcock Beamond Hatley 30y Hartford VT d at res of her fthr Deacon Z? Lyman
SG 1869.07.03 1869.06.29 m Hitchcock Hollis R. California Farnsworth Amelia Compton Wesleyan Parsonage Rev M.M. Johnson
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.31 d Hitchcock Benjamin Compton 79y Coaticook d at Dr Ives res; funeral June 3 Methodist Ch
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.03 d Hitchcock Hollis 73y 2m 16d San Francisco, Cal.
SG 1864.10.08 1864.09.08 m Hobson Richard Arnwood, Lennoxville Ware Agnes Susan Winsham, Eng. Winsham, Eng. s/o late Chris Hobson; d/o Rev Geo Ware etc
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.21 m Hodge David Wells Eaton Jordan Jane Eaton Eaton Rev A. Gillies
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.22 m Hodge George Nelson Williams Annette M. Eaton Rev E.J. Sherrill
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.24 b Hodges s/o Hodges M. A. Hatley
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.27 b Hodgin d/o Lodgin George Buckland, MA surname both ways
SG 1865.04.15 1865.02.05 d Hodgman Mehitable w/o Coats Rheuben 82y Eaton
SG 1894.02.09 1894.01.25 d Holbrook Deborah wid/o Holbrook S. W. 88y 2m Compton Centre short illness; the Misses Holbrook thank….
CT 1857.01.15 1857.01.02 b Holland d/o Holland H. A. P. Melbourne
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.21 b Holland d/o Holland Lawrence St Paul, Minn.
FMJ 1839.03.23 1839.03.23 d Hollister Nathaniel 67y Barnston
SG 1865.10.21 1865.09.05 d Hollister Mrs Mary A. wid/o Hollister Harry Barnston
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.10 d Hollister Mrs James S Groveland MA
SG 1857.02.07 1857.01.07 d Holmes Dr. Daniel D. 69y Hatley
SG 1864.09.24 1864.09.20 m Holwell W. J. S., prov surveyor Danville P?rius Caroline R. St John's C.E. s/o W.A. Holwell, Military Staff, Jamaica
CT 1857.09.17 1857.09.12 d Hope Mrs. Hester w/o Hope John 45y Lennoxville
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.21 b Hopkins d/o Hopkins W. M. Dundee, Scotland b at 7 Park Terrace
SG 1861.01.19 1860.12.21 d Hopkinson Col. Noyes 72y Salem, VT
SG 1865.02.11 1865.01.11 m Hopkinson Frederick Sherbrooke Simmons Elizabeth Sherbrooke Passumpsic, VT Rev E. Evans
SG 1869.08.14 1869.08.05 d Hopkinson Violet Ina youngest child of Hopkinson William & Clarissa 1y d notice repeated 1869.08.21
SG 1894.06.15 1894.03.10 d Hopkinson Rose d/o Hopkinson William C. & Clarina 27y 2m Sherbrooke
SG 1859.09.03 1859.08.24 m Hore F. Standish, Lieut. H.M. 39th Regt. Scott Julia Stewart Stoneham only d/o late James Guthrie Scott, barstr
SG 1851.04.05 1851.03.22 d Horn Jeremiah 43y 3m Barnston consumption also killed 2 br & 2 sis
SG 1863.07.04 1863.06.25 m Hough Joshua New Ireland Orr Mary Jane Dudswell Sawyerville Rev. R. Brown
SG 1893.06.09 1893.06.02 b Houlahan d/o Houlahan P. Sherbrooke
SG 1864.02.27 1864.02.13 d Houstin Mrs. Mary w/o Houstin Wm. 38y Brompton suddenly of heart disease
SG 1864.08.06 d Hovey Malinda w/o Wadleigh Taylor 62y 9m North Hatley
SG 1896.01.03 1896.01.02 d Hovey Alonzo 77y 4m Sherbrooke d at res of son P.A. Hovey; funeral Jan.4
SG 1864.10.15 1864.10.11 m Howe David E. Barford Cross Matia L. Barnston Waterville
CT 1855.04.26 1855.03.26 d Hoyt Nancy w/o Currier Benjamin 47y Magog d/o Ebenezer Hoyt; d.of lung inflammation
FMJ 1839.02.23 1839.02.17 d Hubbard Lucy Maria w/o Hubbard J. M. 24y Stanstead lingering and painful illness; etc
FMJ 1839.04.27 1839.04.04 m Hubbard Rev. A. O. Melbourne, L.C. Hays Julia South Hadley MA South Hadley MA d/o late Rev Joel Hays
CT 1855.02.15 1855.02.12 m Hudon Joseph Stukely Camband? Louise Compton Sherbrooke
CT 1855.11.08 1855.11.06 b Hughes d/o Hughes Henry, roadmaster GTR Sherbrooke
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.16 d Hughes Willard M. Compton 27y 6m Compton
CT 1856.02.28 1856.02.14 m Hull William J., engineer NY & Erie RRY Bliss Emily Compton Rev.John B. Selley
CT 1855.02.22 1855.02.06 m Humphrey Sylvender B. Barnston Cushing Sophronia P. Barnston, L.C. Lowell, Mass. Youngest s/o S.A.Hum..; 3rd d/o Deac.M.T.
SG 1864.10.01 1864.09.18 b Humphrey twins/o Humphrey Curtis Coaticook
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.17 d Humphrey Holis S. 29y Barnston
SN 1877.07.12 1877.07.08 b Humphrey s/o Humphrey C. G. Mount Look-Out Cottage Belvidere Rd.,Ascot
FA 1835.12.28 1835.11.07 b Hungerford d/o Hungerford S. L. Oranby [=Granby?]
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.18 b Hunten s/o Hunten Atherton Johnville, Eaton Twp
SG 1896.06.05 1896.05.20 m Hunter Rev Jno. Norreys, B.A. Magdalen Is missionary Richardson Florence C. M. Scarboro Scarboro eldest d/o John H. Richardson, Tresr Twp…
SG 1863.08.01 1863.07.19 d Huntington Charles E. s/o Huntington Josiah & Laura 1y 6m Compton
SG 1872.08.09 1872.07.28 d Huntington Seth 81y Huntingville Seth & br Wm arr 1815 from Hubbardton MA
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.28 m Huntington Lucius Albert Compton Bishop Nellie L. Barnston Hatley Rev Albert Stevens, M.A.
CT 1855.11.29 1855.11.05 m Hurd Augustus H. Manchester, NH Studdert Anne Elizabeth Stanstead Stanstead d/o E.F.G.Studdert; Rev.M.McDonald
SG 1862.02.08 1862.01.10 d Hurd Wm. C. s/o Hurd Rev. C. P. Hatley 25y Madison, Wisc. Co. F, 16th Reg. Wisc. Volunteers
SN 1877.02.08 1877.01.29 d Hurd Samuel Andrew 61y Sherbrooke
SG 1853.01.07 1853.01.02 d Hyatt N. C. Ascot Derby Line
SG 1858.09.11 1858.08.27 d Hyatt Cornelius Albert s/o Hyatt Abram & Amanda 12y Ascot consumption
SG 1859.06.25 1859.06.18 d Hyatt Mrs. Amanda w/o Hyatt A. C. 49y Ascot consumption
SG 1861.06.01 1861.05.17 d Hyatt Abraham 89y Ascot lived on same farm nearly 70 yrs
SG 1863.04.11 1863.03.14 d Hyatt Frank Wallace s/o Hyatt Orange & Cynthia 3y 27d Clear Water, Minn. scarlet fever
SG 1865.10.14 1865.08.09 m Hyatt Stephen A. Ascot Sanders Amelia C. Compton Huntingville Rev C.P. Mallory
SG 1861.05.18 1861.05.04 d Hyndman Robert 19y 10m Ascot
SG 1862.07.19 1862.07.16 d Hyndman Carey M. C., Court Crier 65y Sherbrooke
SG 1864.07.09 m Hyndman J. B. Lennoxville Forsyth Isabella Sherbrooke St Peter's, Sherb. 2nd d/o late Wm Bell m by Lord Bishop
SG 1865.04.15 1865.04.06 b Hyndman s/o Hyndman J. B. Bishop's College Lennoxville
SG 1857.09.05 1857.08.18 d Hynds Miss Margaret 19y Brompton consumption
SG 1869.11.06 1869.10.24 b Ibbotson d/o W.E. Sherbrooke
SG 1857.05.09 1857.04.27 m Impey Thomas Compton Young Elizabeth Brompton Sherbrooke Rev W O Brown, in Wesleyan parsonage
SG 1863.04.11 1863.03.17 d Impey James Almer s/o Impey Thos. & Elizabeth 1yr 10m 6d Compton
SG 1865.02.18 1865.02.09 d Innes George D. 71y Black Hills, Brompton farmer abt 30 yrs in Twp etc
SN 1876.01.27 1875.12.19 d Innis Mary d/o late Innis Thomas, clothier Glasgow 29y Co.Down, Ireland s/o J.S.Innis, Eaton Corner.
SG 1863.08.22 1863.08.12 d Irwin Nancy wid/o Bamford Saml. Manchester NH eldest sister of Jared Irwin, Melbourne
SG 1855.09.15 1855.09.06 m Ives John Byron IL Bean Laura Maria Hatley Hatley Rev. H.G. Burrage; eldest d/o Simeon
SG 1861.06.22 1861.06.12 m Ives Avery Hatley Pool Eleanor F. Hatley Hatley Rev. H.G. Burrage M.A.
SG 1864.05.21 1864.04.30 d Ives Selina w/o Boynton A. F. 29y Wilton Centre, IL d/o Joseph Ives, Hatley
SG 1864.06.18 1864.06.15 m Ives Eli, M.D. Marbleton Hitchcock Melissa Compton eldest d/o Benjamin Hitchcock
SG 1864.12.31 1864.12.26 d Ives Lucretia w/o Kellam A. O. 40y Compton consumption
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.27 m Ives Wolferd N. Stanstead Ives Ellen Stanstead Stanstead m at res of Joel H. Ives by Rev Ryckman
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.26 d Ives Mary F. w/o Henry Wright 30?y 4m typhoid fever
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.27 d Jackman Alice wid/o Jackman Wm. H. 69y Brompton
CT 1856.12.25 1856.11.25 m Jackson John Ham Township Mitchell Margaret Ham Township Ham Township Rev.T.S.Chapman
CT 1855.01.04 1854.12.23 d Jameson Margaret w/o Middleton Robert, Esq. Proprietor Quebec Gazette 45y Quebec lingering illness
SG 1862.04.12 1862.04.09 d Jameson Ann Eliza d/o Jameson Shaw & Hannah 6w 3d Sherbrooke
SG 1862.11.29 1862.11.13 m Jameson Joseph Sherbrooke Nudd Helen M. N.H. Holderness, NH Rev. Mr. Sargent
SN 1875.11.04 1875.10.21 d Jameson Hannah Allea w/o Jameson Shaw W. 46y 7m Orford Jcn. long & painful illness
SG 1894.02.02 1894.02.02 d Jameson R. Wm. only s/o Jameson James 33y 6m 3d East Sherbrooke funeral on Sunday, Feb. 4th
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.27 b Jencks d/o Jencks Albert Sherbrooke
CT 1855.09.13 1855.08.22 m Jenne Harry Hopkins Harriet Derby Derby Rev. A.Norcross
SN 1875.04.15 1875.04.05 d Jewitt Rebecca w/o Jewitt Henry,publisher of the late  Sherbrooke Times 63y London, England
SN 1874.08.27 1874.08.26 d Johns Sidney Frederick s/o Johns Wm.Henry & Catherine 1y 8m Sherbrooke funeral Aug.28
FMJ 1841.02.04 1841.01.24 d Johnson Mr. -------- Stanstead Cavalry Stanstead scarlet fever
FMJ 1841.03.11 d Johnson John 49y Hatley lingering illness
SG 1861.12.07 1861.12.05 d Johnson William, barber
SG 1862.01.18 1862.01.14 m Johnson Thomas E. Eaton Hyndman Mary Jane Ascot Rev. Wm. Hansford?
SG 1862.11.01 1862.09.16 d Johnson Herbert s/o Johnson Haynes J. & Mary 4y Barnston
SG 1862.11.01 1862.09.23 d Johnson Haynes J. Barnston 44y Barnston
SG 1864.10.01 1864.09.12 d Johnson Harley B? eldest s/o Johnson O. H. & Martha A. 12y West Hatley diptheria
SG 1865.04.22 1865.04.16 d Johnson Jane d/o Johnson John, J.P. 18y Haskell Hill, Ascot
SG 1874.09.04 1874.08.29? m Johnson Walter Hatley Martin Lucinda Ascot Sherbrooke Rev Peter Lindsay
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.22 d Johnston Wm. 63y
SG 1861.11.23 1861.11.14 m Johnston James Bell, M.D. Sherbrooke Wyatt Mary Ann Frances London, Eng. Quebec 2nd d/o late Charles Wyatt
SN 1878.01.03 b Johnston s/o Johnston John L. Salisbury Lodge,Sherbrooke
SG 1896.01.03 1895.12.21 m Johnston Dr Wyatt Galt Montreal Turnor Elizabeth Julia [Lisette] Lennoxville St George's Lennoxville s/o late Dr J.R.;d/o late Michael or Rugely
SG 1896.06.05 1896.05.30 b Johnston d/o Johnston James 88 Queen St. Sherbrooke
SG 1858.10.23 1858.10.19 b Jones s/o Jones Lewis P. Waterville
SG 1861.04.06 1861.01.15 m Jones Lieut. Col. I. C. H.M. 54th Reg. Gray Eveline Allahabad, Bengal only d/o Capt. McKenzie, formerly Sherb
SN 1875.01.07 1875.01.06 m Jones George W. Newport Leggett Lucy M. Aukland, QC Grove Hill Rev.A.Gillies
SN 1876.01.06 1875.12.23 m Jones Dr. M. Sherbrooke Osgood Florence Marion Fort Edward, NY Ft. Edward, NY only d/o John Osgood
SG 1894.06.15 1894.04.12 d Jones Mary wid/o Jones George Welshpool Liverpool, England d at 31 Vandyke St.
SG 1859.01.01 1858.12.29 m Jordan Jonathan Francis M. Ann Eaton Eaton Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1859.05.28 1859.05.20 d Journeaux Edward J.P, Dist. of St Francis Melbourne
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.12 d Joyce Thomas 64y Lime Ridge
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.12 d Joyce Thomas 54y Lime Ridge
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.01.26 m Judd Osburn Hatley Brown Belinda Stanstead Hatley Rev A. Moulton
SG 1896.01.31 1896.01.29 d Judd Ellen Rose niece of Farwell Wm, genl mgr ET Bank Sherbrooke Sherbrooke short illness
SG 1896.02.21 1896.02.18 m Kaulbach Rupert Lunenburg NS Brown Violet Sherbrooke St Peter's Sherbrooke only s/o late Hon H.A.N. Ka..;eldest d/o …
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.28 d Keenan Margaret wid/o Learned William 72y 11m 15d Cookshire funeral on Sat. [March 3-see correction below]
SG 1894.04.06 1894.02.24 d Keenan Margaret wid/o Learned William 72y 11m 15d Cookshire
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.20 b Keene d/o Keene E. F. Sherbrooke
SG 1864.11.12 1864.08.18 d Keezer Louisa Jane 20y 8m Hatley diptheria [see 1864Nov19]
SG 1864.11.12 1864.08.19 d Keezer Amos Hollis 1y 10m 8d diptheria
SG 1864.11.19 1864.08.18 d Keezer Lovina Jane 20y 8d Hatley
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.23 d Keir Mary W. w/o Keir Duncan 64y Compton
CT 1855.03.15 1855.03.12 d Kellam Ada Frances youngest d/o Kellam A.O. 15m Compton
CT 1857.11.19 1857.11.05 d Kellam Lucinda Maria w/o Andrews Charles J. 50y Lennoxville heart disease
SG 1857.11.21 1857.11.05 d Kellam Lucinda Maria w/o Andrews Charles J. 50y Lennoxville heart disease
SG 1866.05.12 1866.05.09 d Kellam Clara Maria d/o Kellam A. O. Compton 16y 5m Compton billious fever
FMJ 1841.11.18 1841.10.28 m Kenaston Mager Mosher Louisa Barnston Rev John Swasey
SG 1851.05.10 1851.05.07 m Kenaston Eli W. Hatley Sampson Mary Hatley Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1859.08.13 1859.07.30 d Kendall Mr. Cepha 77y Stanstead
SG 1859.08.13 1859.08.04 d Kendall Mrs. La??a Jane w/o Kendall Squire Hatley short illness
SG 1861.11.23 1861.11.12 m Kendall Thomas, merchant Liverpool, Eng. Bowen Louisa Aylmer Quebec Cathedral youngest d/o Hon Chf Justice Bowen
CT 1855.02.08 1855.02.02 d Kendrick Nathan Hanover, NH 82y Compton
SG 1861.01.12 1861.01.06 d Kendrick Mrs. Ruth wid/o Kendrick Nathan 76y Compton
CT 1855.07.05 1855.06.21 m Kennedy William, Jr. Montreal Stephenson Elizabeth Burtonville Burtonville, Lacolle Rev. Charles Morice
SG 1858.05.15 1858.05.10 d Kennedy w/o Kennedy John 29y Sherbrooke
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.25 d Kennedy Honorah s/o Kennedy Councillor J. W. 50y Cleveland
SG 1858.07.24 1858.07.18 d Kent s/o Kent Jacob L. 9y 11.5m Ascot
CT 1856.05.22 1856.05.15 m Keyes Henry,pres.Pass.RRY Newbury, VT Pierce Emma Frances Stanstead Plain Stanstead d/o Wilder Pierce; Rev.M.McDonald
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.06 m Keyes W. M. Lakehall, Georgeville Willard Nellie Heart Bolton Centre Bolton Centre Rev Rural Dean Brown, St Patrick's Ch.
SG 1863.02.21 1863.02.18 m Kezar George   Harvey Sarah Hatley Hatley Rev. C. Hurd at Harvey res.
CT 1855.01.11 1854.12.29 d Kilbourne John 64y Paris
FA 1835.06.13 1835.06.09 m Kimball William, merchant Sherbrooke Willard Caroline Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev Mr Doolittle
CT 1855.01.04 1854.12.12 m Kimbell Otis Johnson Emeline A. Brewer Burlington
SG 1861.10.26 1861.09.08 d King Ira formerly Sherbrooke 64y 3m Barnston
SG 1864.05.14 1864.05.09 m Kingsley Gardiner Dudswell Lothrop Amanda M. Dudswell Dudswell only d/o Galen Lothrop; Rev W.H. Peake
SG 1896.05.29 1896.05.27 m Kingsley James Bulwer, QC Martin Emma L. Bulwer Sherbrooke Rev Wm. Shearer at St Andrew's manse
SFC 1834.10.02 1834.09.08 d Kinney George s/o Kinney Oliver 18y Barnston  
FA 1834.10.06 1834.09.08 d Kinney George s/o Kinney Oliver 18y Barnston
SG 1874.01.02 1872.12.25 m Kinney Walter J. Coaticook Marsh Luvia A. Barnston Barnston
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.11 b Kinney s/o Kinney Wm. Dudswell Centre
FMJ 1839.03.09 1839.03.07 m Kinsman Philonas Clifton Shirtliff Adeline Compton Rev E. Bolterell?
CT 1855.10.18 1855.10.04 m Kirby Henry G. Hatley Keezar Susan H. Hatley Hatley Rev.C.P.Mallory
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.19 d Kirkpatrick Mary w/o Meigs George East Hatley consumption of the bowels
SG 1859.11.19 1859.11.13 d Knapp Mary Ann d/o Knapp Thomas Brompton 32y Lowell, Mass.
SG 1865.02.04 1865.01.20 d Knapp Betsey wid/o Coats Simeon Compton 65y 4m 12d Windsor inflamation of the lungs
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.12 b Knapp s/o Knapp A. H. Brompton
CT 1855.10.25 1855.10.03 b Knight s/o Knight Albert Stanstead
SG 1864.06.18 1864.06.15 m Knight William Eaton Manning Matilda Jane Johnville Rev C.P. Reid
SG 1851.11.08 1851-1017 m LaBaron Orin Hatley Digby Mary Ann Hatley Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1857.04.11 1857.04.06 m LaBaron Benjamin Hatley Huntington Almira Hatley Hatley Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1851.01.25 1852.01.05 d Laberee Theodosia w/o Sawyer John Eaton
SG 1863.01.31 1863.01.11 d Laberee Henry Edwin 37y Eaton consumption
SG 1858.09.04 1858.08.25 d Labonte Alfred s/o Labonte L. 21y
SN 1874.08.20 1874.08.02 d Labonté George s/o Labonté Windsor Mills 18y Windsor Mills d. at father's res.
SG 1872.12.06 1872.12.02 d Lachance Charles 2nd s/o Lachance John & Elizabeth 17y 8m Sherbrooke
SG 1857.01.10 1857.01.07 m Lackey Wm. Mount Forest C.W. Trenholm Mary Kingsley Kingsley only daughter of Robert T..
SG 1857.02.28 1857.02.18 m Ladd Hiram E. Barnston Peck Emma A. Compton Rev. J. B. Selley, M.D.
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.18 m Lafor Anthony Jr. Compton Arnold Margaret Compton Huntingsville Rev. C. P. Mallory
SN 1876.03.09 1876.03.05 d Lafrance Marie-Josephine-Elmire d/o Lafrance P.G.,mgr.Banque Natl. Sherbrooke 8y 3m Sherbrooke
FMJ 1839.06.15 1839.04.27 d Lamb Gideon J. 41y Burke, VT
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.09 d Lamb Andrew E. s/o Lamb A. & S. M. 37y 3m 21d Berlin Falls NH
SN 1874.08.27 1874.08.20 d Lamothe Marie wid/o Boisvert J. B. 89y Yamachiche, QC m/o Mrs.Geo.Crochetiere, Sherbrooke.
SG 1863.12.12 1863.11.30 d Lampkin Lucia 4th d/o Lampkin Willis D. 19y Waterville
SG 1858.05.01 1858.04.17 d Lancaster Hannah wid/o Lancaster Thomas 81y 8m Melbourne
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.09 b Larigee d/o Larigee Mrs. Richardville
SN 1877.09.13 1877.09.07 b LaRocque d/o LaRocque A. Villa Mentana,Waterville
SN 1877.11.08 1877.10.28 d Lathem Ann Coventry, England; w/o Lloyd Robert G. 72y Sherbrooke
SG 1855.09.15 1855.09.12 m Lathrop Alfred T. Dudswell Andrews Clarinda Dudswell Huntingville Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.24 d Latimer Hugh Fleming only surviving s/o Latimer R. J. & H. 3y 5m Montreal membraneous crroup; burial June 2
SG 1896.05.29 1896.05.18 d Lawless Eliza wid/o McCarthy John Compton 60y Sherbrooke d at son's res, M.M. McCarthy
FMJ 1841.01.28 1841.01.25 d Lawrence Charles Maria eldest d/o Lawrence P. H. & Martha 2y 5m Waterloo
SG 1851.08.02 1851.07.25 d Lawrence Lucy d/o Lawrence Noah abt. 13y Melbourne from eating rhubarb
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.04 m Lawson Edward Thomas Julia Elizabeth Melbourne eldest d/o Leonard Thomas; Rev.McDonald
SN 1878.02.28 1878.02.20 b Learned d/o Learned J. M. Learned-Plain
SG 1862.04.05 1862.03.28 d Leavitt Sarah d/o Leavitt Zebulon 18y 1m 19d West Hatley
SG 1862.10.11 1862.09.28 m Leavitt Jonathan Hatley Kezar Roxanna L. Hatley Rev C. Heard [sic]
SG 1865.02.11 1864.09.19 d Leavitt Mary Elizabeth d/o Leavitt Zebulon & Alice 15y 16d Hatley
SN 1875.09.09 1875.08.20 d Leavitt Luther formerly Eaton 40y 5m Port Sarnia, ON softening of the brain
SG 1894.01.12 1893.12.25 d Leavitt Annie wid/o Rowell Nathan 51y? Springhill, QC
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.04 d Leavitt Mrs. D. 41y Canterbury?
SG 1864.05.21 1864.04.16 d LeBaron Orin 59y 7m Hatley
CT 1855.03.22 1855.03.02 d Lebourveau Sally wid/o Lebourveau John 75y Eaton Corner
SG 1858.01.09 1858.01.06 d Lebourveau Willert Corridon s/o Lebourveau Charles & Lucy L. 10m Westbury
SN 1876.12.28 1876.12.21 m Lebourveau Siedman A.,advocate Montreal Low Margaret Sherbrooke Sherbrooke d/o John Low; Rev.C.P.Reid
SN 1877.04.05 1877.03.23 m Lebourveau Stewart C. Eaton Alger Hattie M. Eaton Sawyerville Meth.Prsnge d/o Henry Alger; Rev.W.J.Crothers, M.A.
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.24 m Lebourveau Alvin M. Eaton Weir Alice C. Island Brook Is Brook Methodist Ch Rev C.D. Baldwin of Cookshire
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.15 b Ledoux d/o Ledoux Joseph Richmond
SG 1894.06.29 1894.06.21 d Leech Elizabeth w/o Page Robert R. 61y 4m 17d Brompton
SG 1859.08.20 1859.08.11 d Leet Reuben 74y Sherbrooke Twp d. suddenly
SN 1875.01.07 1875.01.04 b Lefebvre d/o Lefebvre C.A.E.,merchant Sherbrooke
SN 1875.01.21 1875.01.18 m Lefebvre James Newport Paquet Adele Newport Sawyerville Rev.James Pearen,B.A., methodist
SN 1876.08.10 1876.08.06 d Lefebvre Clement-Olivier s/o Lefebvre C. A. E. 3m 8d Sherbrooke
SN 1877.10.18 1877.10.12 d Lefebvre George-Edouard s/o Lefebvre C.A.E.,merchant Sherbrooke 2m 27d Sherbrooke
SG 1837.09.23 1837.09.13 m Lelievre Roger Sherbrooke Weatherhead Ann Elizabeth Yonge Yonge U.C. only daughter
SG 1894.04.06 1894.03.04 d Leonard Hugh 2nd s/o Leonard Jas&Elizabeth Pallister 6y 5m Stornoway, QC
CT 1855.09.06 1855.09.03 m Leslie R. W. Black Jane S. New York Holchelaga d/o late Alex. McG. Black; Rev.J.Rogers
CT 1857.07.02 1857.06.26 d Leslie Robert Wood s/o Leslie S.W.H.Leslie Medical Dep't. 26y "Montreal" drowned off the "Montreal"
SN 1876.11.02 1876.10.30 m Lesperance E.O., merchant Sherbrooke Renaud Rose-Eélima Sherbrooke Sherbrooke d/o H.Renaud; Rev.Mr.Dignan
SG 1854.01.07 1853.12.27 m Lewis Wm. W. Melbourne Cutter Ellen Allan Amelia Shipton Shipton Rev. M. McDonald
SG 1894.04.06 1894.01.17 d Libby Charles G. 81y Libbytown
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.13 d Lincoln Lydia M. 2nd d/o Lincoln W. G. 23y Stanstead typhoid fever
SG 1854.01.07 1853.12.28 d Lindsay Abigail w/o Smith George Eaton
SG 1857.02.14 1857.01.20 m Lindsay Isaac Clifton Jordan Clarissa Newport Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1857.04.11 1857.02.05 m Lindsay Albert G. Eaton Caswell Armenia A. Eaton Eaton Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1859.02.05 1859.02.04 d Lindsay Arnold of the firm Carr & Lindsay 30y Sherbrooke Funeral on Feb. 8th.
SG 1862.05.10 1862.05.02 d Lindsay Ralph abt 60y Eaton fell from barn scaffold onto pitchfork
SG 1862.09.20 1862.08.21 d Lindsay Arnold 66y Brompton
SG 1866.05.12 1865.12.30 d Lindsay Mary Louisa w/o Colby Abner 64y 3m Eaton
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.14 d Lindsay Sarah Louisa formerly Eaton 47y 2m 6d Chicago IL
FMJ 1841.03.25 1841.03.16 m Little Joshua Bachelder Eliza Ann Stanstead Rev John Swasey
SG 1855.08.04 1855.07.23 m Little Carlos Hatley Hawes Lucelia L. Hatley Huntingville Rev. C.P. Mallory
CT 1855.08.09 1855.07.23 m Little Carlos Hatley Hawes Lucelia L. Hatley Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
SG 1858.02.20 1858.02.11 d Little Sarah w/o Bean Simon 49y Hatley
SG 1859.03.19 1859.02.26 d Little Bond 75y Hatley 1st settler 51 yrs ago.
SG 1861.09.21 1861.09.17 d Little Mary w/o Little Bond 76y Hatley
SG 1861.12.21 1861.12.18 m Little Jonathan Hatley Ball Sarah E. Ascot Ascot Rev. J.F. Ferguson of Barnston
SN 1875.07.15 m Little Charles Eaton Kingsley Mary Eaton Colebrook, NH Rev.Thos.S.Martin
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.25 d Little Sarah Jane wid/o Hussey James 60y Massawippi
SG 1851.01.25 1851.01.09 d Lloyd Patty Sophia Elizabeth d/o Lloyd Rev. W,V. Melbourne
CT 1855.07.26 1855.07.12 b Lloyd s/o Lloyd William Montreal
SFC 1832.01.03 d Locke Betsey w/o Musher John 27y Barnston date given as " 94th inst." =Jan ??
SG 1864.08.20 1864.07.27 b Locke s/o Locke Thomas Barnston
SN 1875.04.22 1875.04.19 b Lockett   d/o Lockett Edmund Robinson, Bury
CT 1856.02.14 1856.02.10 b Lomas s/o Lomas Adam Sherbrooke
CT 1856.12.25 1856.12.17 d Lomas James 76y Sherbrooke d.at res of son, Adam Lomas.
SG 1859.04.02 1859.03.31 d Lomas John T. eldest s/o Lomas Adam & Ann 23y 8m Sherbrooke funeral April 2.
SG 1859.08.13 1859.08.10 d Lomas Wm. Adam s/o Lomas Adam & Ann 8y 11m Sherbrooke
SG 1862.06.21 1862.06.18 m Lomas Daniel Sherbrooke Burrowes Amelia Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev. Mr. Hansford
SN 1877.07.21 1877.06.20 b Lomas s/o Lomas Alexander G.
SG 1896.01.03 1895.12.24 m Lomas Edward I. McGee Maggie St Peter's Sherbrooke Rev Canon Thorneloe
SG 1854.09.26 1854.08.30 d Long Hosea Ballow s/o Long Rich.& Charlotte 1y 3m 16d Sherbrooke
CT 1855.11.08 1855.11.03 d Long Barnabas Sherbrooke
SG 1862.11.01 1862.10.58? b Long s/o Long R.
FA 1835.03.09 1835.02.13 m Longley Edmund Shefford Kilborn Annis Matilda Shefford Waterloo Rev G. Salmon
FMJ 1841.07.22 1841.07.21 d Loomas Heman youngest child of Loomas F. 3y Sherbrooke
SG 1854.07.29 1854.06.16 d Loomis Francis R. Sherbrooke>SanFrancisco 27y Is of Wight, Eng consumption
SG 1861.09.28 1861.09.15 d Loomis Catie Annie d/o Loomis Warren & Armonie 2y 1m 17d Ascot
SG 1863.07.11 1863.06.25 d Loranger James, merchant St Anne Yamachiche 42y St Anne Yamachiche sickness of 15 days
SG 1896.03.20 1896.03.24 d Loranger Marie Louisa d/o late Loranger Michel 21y Sherbrooke
SG 1851.07.05 1851.05.23 m Lord Royal L. Tingwick Ewing Anna Tingwick
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.24 m Lorimer Benjamin Stanstead Holmes Lucretia M. Eaton Newport, P.Q. Rev A. Gillis
SG 1894.06.15 m Lorimer Leonard Beebe Plain, Q. Gilson Sylvia Dixville Dixville d/o Mr D. Gilson
SG 1861.12.07 1861.12.03 d Lothrop Thos. 20y Dudswell suddenly
SG 1865.02.04 1865.01.24 d Lothrop Margaret d/o Lothrop Galen, Jr. 17y Westbury
SG 1865.03.04 1865.02.25 d Lothrop Charles s/o Lothrop Galen & Mary Ann 6y Westbury
SN 1874.10.15 1974.10.13 m Lothrop Eben L. Eaton Planche Elva J. Newport Sawyerville d/o Wm. Planche;Rev.Jas.Pearen,Methodist
SG 1851.03.08 1851.02.17 m Lovell H. Barnston Meriman Artemissa Stanstead Rev. J. Green
SG 1862.06.21 1862.06.11 m Lovell W. H. Barnston Merriman O. H. Barnston Barnston Rev. J.F. Ferguson
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.06 m Lowd Charles L. Sawyerville Leggett Mary Elizabeth Auckland Grove Hill Parsonage Rev A. Baker
SG 1861.09.21 1861.09.16 b Lowe s/o Lowe Robert, engineer Sherbrooke
SG 1854.08.26 1854.08.03 m Lowell Daniel G. Hatley Young Elizabeth Hatley
SG 1865.02.25 1865.02.17 d Lowell Celissa d/o Lowell P. 6m
CT 1855.01.04 1854.12.21 b Lyman s/o Lyman Henry Montreal
CT 1855.10.18 1855.10.09 m Macculloch Ferdinand Robertson Maria Louisa,wid/oChas  Wm.Zuhlcke Montreal Cathedral 3rd d/o late Dr. Robertson
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.13 m MacGillivray Geo. B., principal Descanso P.S., Calif. TRUE M. W. Sherbrooke Los Angeles, Cal. youngest d/o G.W. True, Sherbrooke
SG 1863.09.19 1863.09.16 m Machin Henry Turner Portland Hale Lucy A. d/o Hon. E. Hale Sherbrooke Rev. C.P. Reid
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.11 d MacKay Christina w/o McLellan Jas. J. 25y 10m Sherbrooke
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.05 b Mackay d/o Mackay R. J. South Ham
SN 1875.02.18 1875.02.10 d Mackie Ignace f/o Mackie J.I., N.P. Cookshire 58y Roxton
SG 1858.11.06 1858.10.28 m MacLeay Roderick Shipton Cleveland Sarah Danville Danville only dau of Charles Cleveland
SN 1878.01.17 1878.01.10 m MacRae Wm., L.C.S. Eaton Corner Cooper Christie A. Sawyerville Sawyerville eldest d/o John Cooper; Rev.W.J.Crothers
CT 1855.04.12 1855.04.01 d Magoon Martha M. d/o Magoon E. B. & Olive 2y 4m 16d Sherbrooke
SG 1863.08.01 1863.07.18 d Magoon Willie B. s/o Magoon Ephraim B. & Mattie J. 1y 2m 8d St Johnsbury VT entero colitis
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.27 d Mahady Patrick, J.P. Waterloo, P.Q. 60y Eng Hosp, Montreal suddenly of lung hemorrhage; b Ireland
SG 1857.06.20 1857.06.09 d Mallory Huldah relict of Mallory Aaron 86y Lennoxville Consumption
SG 1865.01.28 1865.01.26 m Mallory Simeon Eaton McDougall Mary Jane Ascot Huntingville Rev C.P. Mallory
SG 1869.10.09 1869.10.05 m Maloney Ernest Vivian Hatley Walker Jennie Fitch Bay Fitch Bay d/o late Wm Walker, Fitch Bay, Stanstead
SN 1875.10.21 1875.10.19 m Maloney Frank W. Hatley Parker Valerta A. Hatley St.James', E. Hatley only d/o Asabel Parker,esq;Rev.A.J.Balfour
SG 1894.02.09 1893.12.14 d Mandigo Mr. Morey 84y 6m Cedarville
FMJ 1839.08.10 1839.07.30 d Mann Miss Mary Minerva 20y Sherbrooke long & painful illness
CT 1856.06.05 1856.05.23 b Mann s/o Mann Stewart Sherbrooke
CT 1857.05.07 1857.05.02 d Mann Samuel formerly Chester, VT 86y Sherbrooke d.at res.of W.R.Willard
SG 1857.05.09 1857.05.02 d Mann Samuel Chester VT 86y Sherbrooke d at res of W R Willard
SG 1861.08.03 1861.08.01 m Manning Alexander Toronto C.W. Smith Susan St Peter's Ch. Sherb. youngest d/o Hon. Hollis Smith
CT 1856.03.06 1856.02.29 d Marlleurn Catherine Elizabeth w/o Matthieson Rev. Alexander, D.D. 33y Montreal
SG 1857.01.03 1856.12.20 d Marston Samuel Shipton 81[?84] Kingsley
FMJ 1841.08.05 1841.07.30 d Martin Hellen Marion d/o Martin Ashley 7y 3d Danville, Shipton scarlet Fever
SG 1851.04.05 1851.03.30 m Martin Lionel Gould Adelin Barnston Rev. J. Green, at parsonage
SG 1857.08.22 1857.08.02 d Martin Betsey Maria youngest d/o Martin Daniel & Sarah 1y 19d Sherbrooke
SG 1861.07.27 1861.07.24 m Martin Charles Hudson NY Cheney Martha W. Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev. E.J. Sherill; d/o Elias Cheney
SN 1877.06.07 1877.06.05 d Martin Frederick Simon s/o Martin Geo. R. 5y 10m Sherbrooke
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.12 d Martin Mation Gladys d/o Martin William & Maggie Boston 2y 8m 14d scarlet fever
SG 1896.03.13 1896.03.04 d Martin John Bury 76y 6m Bury
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.07 m Martineau William Coaticook Saunders Mary Richmond Rev Father McAuley
SG 1851.04.26 1851.04.24 d Masson Margaret 55y Sherbrooke d. at res. of Rev. Jas. Robertson
SG 1854.06.03 1854.05.28 d Mathewson John Lewis eldest s/o Mathewson late Capt. 23y Shipton run over by train at night
FMJ 1841.08.05 1841.07.29 d Mathieson Elizabeth 3rd d/o Mathieson David, J.P. 5m Parkhill, Melbourne
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.22 d Matthews William Stubbing 67y Montreal
SG 1856.12.27 1856.12.16 m May James Whitcomb Amy Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1896.04.24 1896.04.22 m MayConnell Thomas H. Bethel, ME Cairns Flora A. East Dudswell East Dudswell eldest d/o J.R. Cairns; Rev W.H. Raney
SG 1894.02.16 1894.01.02 d Mayhew Rosa 25y 2m 9d Manchester NH
SG 1861.12.07 1861.08.19 m Maynerd Amerst Compton Mears Sarah E. Westbury Waterville Rev. S.G. Phillips
SG 1863.03.14 1863.03.05 m Mayo Reuben edward Compton Pierce J. Compton Coaticook Rev P.T. Moulton
SG 1896.06.05 1896.06.02 d McAuley Jane Ballamena, Co Antrim, IR 60y 113 King St.
SG 1858.02.13 1858.01.14 m McCarrol David Brown Martha Sherbrooke Sherbrooke eldest d/o Rev. Wm.D. Brown
SG 1873.05.02 1873.04.29 d McCarthy Mary Ella d/o McCarthy M., merchant tailor 6y 4m 20d Sherbrooke spinal fever
SN 1876.05.18 1876.05.08 m McCarthy M. Wakefield Georgie bride's father's res. Rev.W.Jackson
SG 1894.04.06 1894.04.03 m McCarthy A. D. Doyle Kattie N. St Patrick's, Sherbrooke eldest s/o D.S. McCarthy; d/o late Mr Doyle
SG 1896.05.29 1896.05.19 d McCarthy Justin Joseph 2nd s/o McCarthy M., contractor 8y? 5m Sherbrooke
SG 1896.09.18 m McCarthy E. J. contractor Montreal Hurley Minnie Sherbrooke St Peter's Cathedral write-up from Peterborough Examiner Sep.9
SG 1863.09.05 1863.08.27 m McCaw John eldest s/o T. McCaw Steele Ellen yngest d/o W.M. Drummondville Rev. T.C. Wurtele
CT 1855.04.05 1855.03.29 m McClary Charles, Jr. Clufton McClary Jane Compton Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
SG 1863.02.21 1863.02.08 d McClary J. W. Chaudiere Jcn. 23y 5m 8d Compton d. at father's res of consumption
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.25 d McClymont William 3rd s/o McClymont Alex. 12y Capelton Farm
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.02 d McClymont Thomas s/o McClymont Alex 6y 8m Capelton Farm
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.04 d McClymont John s/o McClymont Alex 8y 4m Capelton Farm
SG 1894.02.23 1894.02.07 d McClymont Robert s/o McClymont Alex 3y 5m Capelton Farm
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.24 d McClymont David 2nd s/o McClymont Alex. 14y 7m Capelton Farm scarlet fever
CT 1855.04.26 1855.04.18 d McCulloch James 34y Sherbrooke
SG 1858.07.24 1858.07.11 d McCurdy John Springs 84y Springs
CT 1855.07.12 1855.07.05 m McDonald W. E. St. Johns Gray Annie St. Johns Sherbrooke Rev. C.P.Reid
SG 1861.06.29 1861.05.24 d McDonald Archibald 42y Hatley
SG 1862.06.21 1862.06.14 d McDonald Murdoch 68y Hampden long & painful illness
SG 1862.08.23 1862.08.11 b McDonald d/o McDonald John Orford
SN 1877.03.15 1877.03.03 d McDonald Donald Finlay s/o McDonald J. B. 16y 5m 8d Lake Megantic consumption
SG 1896.03.13 1896.03.12 m McDonald Norman J. Lingwick Nicholson Flora Ann Lingwick Sherbrooke Rev Wm. Shearer
SG 1896.04.10 1896.03.29 d McDonald w/o McDonald D. Y. 18y 6m Gould Station
SG 1896.05.08 1896.04.25 d McDonald Ann w/o Witty John J. 61y 9m Sherbrooke Richmond papers plse copy
SG 1896.06.05 1896.06.01 b McDonald d/o McDonald Alexander D. 1252 Cambridge St Cambridgeport, MA
SG 1854.08.26 1854.08.06 d McEwan James Peter oldest s/o Milne Rbt & Jane Brompton 25y 6m Bradford VT surname of James may be Milne
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.16 m McGill des Rivieres Joseph Henry Montreal Fuchs? Lucy Montreal eldest s/o James; eldest d/o late Francis Rbt….
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.08 d McGivern Michael 70y 11m 4d Barnston
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.27 d McIntosh John 81y Montreal
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.23 d McIntosh Agnes May d/o McIntosh Alex. 6m Westmount d at 319 Victoria Ave.
SG 1869.10.02 1869.09.23 d McIver Lilias Evandrina 2nd d/o McIver Lewis 14y Robinson
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.11? d McIver Mrs. w/o McIver Alexander Lingwick d during the week ended Jan.13th
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.08 b McIver s/o McIver A. L. Robinson, Bury
SG 1854.12.16 1854.12.14 b McKay son s/o McKay Neil
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.07 d McKay Murdo J. 67y Red Mtn, Lingwick
SG 1896.01.17 1895.11.02 d McKay John C. 3rd s/o McKay Neil N Hill, Lingwick 35y 7m 23d Vancouver BC d at St Paul's Hospital
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.12 b McKay d/o McKay Donald Scotstown
SG 1861.12.07 1861.10.25 m McKee S. Compton Kerr Catherine Compton Compton Rev. S.G. Phillips
SG 1865.10.21 1986.09.26 m McKee George W. Coaticook Butler Mrs.Margaret C. widow d/o R.G. Lloyd, Compton
SG 1858.08.21 1858.08.12 d McKenty Mary Sheldon d/o McKenty N. S. 5w Lennoxville
SG 1858.08.21 1858.08.13 d McKenty Maria Thayer d/o McKenty N. S. 5w Lennoxville
CT 1855.05.17 1855.04.27 d McKenzie Mrs.Alexanderian McLeod formerly of Shipton 24y Minnetonka, Minn. d. at res. of Wm. A. Spafford.
CT 1857.02.26 1857.02.17 d McKenzie Lydia w/o Hanning Henry R. Danville 2nd d/o late Major McKenzie
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.26 d McKenzie Marion Elizabeth d/o McKenzie Murdock 14y 5m hemorrhage of lungs
CT 1855.06.28 1855.06.12 d McKerley Nancy w/o Langbrey Clark 3?y Granby
SG 1894.06.29 1894.06.19 b McKibbin s/o McKibbin S. M. Chicago
SG 1896.04.10 1896.04.06 b McKibbin d/o McKibbin S. M. Chicago IL
CT 1856.06.12 1856.05.28 d McLarry John Ireland 113y Compton probably the oldest man in Canada
CT 1856.02.28 1856.02.21 d McLaughlin Catherine w/o Hall Henry Richmond d. suddenly
FA 1835.07.06 1835.06.29 d McLean Rosanna? w/o Childs Gardner 25y Granby consumption; d/o Col Francis McLean, CT
SG 1864.08.27 1864.08.19 d McLean Catharine d/o McLean Donald & Christin Winslow 17y Hatley
SG 1894.02.09 1894.01.31 b McLean d/o McLean M. A. Springhill, QC
SG 1896.02.21 1896.01.31 d McLean Angus 37y Winslow QC
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.02 m McLean Donald Winslow McLean Christy Lingwick Lingwick only d/o Murdo McLean; Rev J.M.Maclennan
SG 1862.06.28 1862.06.24 m McLellan James Orford McKie Christiana Winslow Sherbrooke Rev. A. Duff
SN 1878.01.31 1878.01.25 b McLellan s/o McLellan James Glen & Christina Ashvale, Orford still born
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.02 m McLennan Neil Lingwick McDonald Maggie Lingwick Gould, P.Q. Rev J.M. McLennan
SG 1872.12.06 1872.11.12 b McLeod d/o McLeod John
SN 1875.06.17 1875.06.12 d McLeod Howard Ambrose Edwd s/o McLeod John A. & Alicia 8m 6d Sherbrooke
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.30 b McLeod d/o McLeod Goe. Echo Vale
SG 1896.02.21 1896.02.17 b McLeod d/o McLeod George Echo Vale
SN 1875.05.13 1875.05.08 b McMannary s/o McMannary D., merchant Sherbrooke
SG 1863.10.10 1863.08.27 d McMannis Sophia w/o Ayers Carlton 70y 7m Compton
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.06 d McManus John 85y Orford Boston papers plse copy.
SN 1876.12.14 1876.12.01 b McMaster d/o McMaster A. Eneas Scotstown, QC
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.08 d McNeill Neil 54y Danville long & painfull illness
CT 1855.05.10 1855.05.04 b McPherson s/o McPherson W. A. Quarries, Kingsey, C.E.
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.16 d McQuillams Mary Co Derry, Ireland, wid/o McClary Charles 68y Orford
SN 1875.03.25 1875.03.13 m McRae Thomas Eaton McKay Mary A. Eaton Colebrook, NH d/o Hugh McKay m.at res.of Thos.McKay
FMJ 1841.06.17 1841.06.17 d M'Cullough Wm. Florian only child of M'Cullough W. H. Windsor 1y 10m Sherbrooke scarlet fever
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.24 b McVetty s/o McVetty James L. Learned Plain
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.01 d McVetty John 80y Megantic Co.
SG 1896.01.17 1896.01.06 b McWilliams s/o McWilliams P. G. Boston, MA
SG 1893.06.09 1893.06.06 m Meredith Charles London, ON Angus Elspeth Hudson d/o R.B. Angus St Paul's Montreal Rev James Barclay D.D.
SG 1863.08.22 1863.08.17 b Merriam s/o Merriam C. R. Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.10.14 1841.10.06 d Merrick Martha Elleanor youngest d/o Merrick Elias 1y 3m Lennoxville whooping cough
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.18 m Merril Reuben Compton Brown Esper Compton Huntingsville Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1865.04.15 1865.03.22 d Merrithew Hannah wid/o Nevers Jabez 87y Compton d at res of s-in-law Henry Stanton
SG 1863.02.21 1863.02.11 m Metcalf David E. Eaton Cummings Araminta Eaton Grove Hill Rev. A. Giles
SN 1875.08.26 1875.08.24 m Metcalf George W. Indianapolis Hodge Mary Augusta Eaton Eaton d/o Samuel Hodge; Rev.James Pearen
FMJ 1841.03.11 1841.02.20 d Miles Alfred Morley s/o Miles Rev. Richard 6y Granby
CT 1856.02.14 1856.02.09 b Miles d/o Miles Lennoxville
SG 1859.05.07 1859.05.06 b Miles d/o Miles Lennoxville
SG 1854.04.08 1854.03.27 d Millar George 61y Eaton formerly of Lincolnshire, England
CT 1855.06.07 1855.05.27 d Miller Ann 2nd d/o Miller William 11y? Richmond
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.?? m Miller Wm. J. Fitch Bay, QC Buel Hattie A. Fitch Bay Derby Rev J.R. Lorimer at Baptist parsonage
SG 1896.01.24 1896.01.22 d Miller Andrew, Jr. s/o Miller Andrew, Sr. 25y Agnes QC
SG 1869.09.25 1869.09.20 m Millier Clement Danville Unsworth Mary Josephine Montreal Sherbrooke youngest d/o late James Unsworth, England
SG 1869.10.02 1869.09.20 d Millier Wm. S. 3rd s/o Miller Wm. Richmond 34y 2m Melbourne
CT 1855.09.20 1855.09.13 d Millington John only s/o Millington Joseph, P.M. Blackheath, Eng. 17y Sydenham Place,Kingsey long & painful illness
CT 1855.02.08 1855.01.30 b Mills d/o Mills E. Lyman Montreal
SG 1873.02.07 1873.01.24 d Mills Jessie E. youngest d/o Mills John & Mary 30y Butternut Pt, Orford
SG 1874.01.02 1874.01.01 m Mills Samuel, Jr. Westbury Woodrow ?Mica A. Westbury Sherbrooke Rev C.P. Mallory
SG 1859.01.15 1859.01.10 d Milne Mary Magdalene 4th d/o Milne Robert & Jane 14.5y Brompton brain fever
FA 1835.03.30 1835.03.22 b Miner s/o Miner Harlow Granby
FMJ 1841.04.01 1841.03.27 b Minor d/o minor Harlow Granby
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.16 m Minor Benjamin Magog Call Minnie W. Magog Magog d/o James Call; Rev G.W. Chapman
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.21 b Miquelon s/o Miquelon A.C., deputy post mstr Sherbrooke
SG 1872.12.06 1872.12.04 d Mitchell John Henry youngest s/o Mitchell William & Annie 15y 8m Ascot inflammation of the brain
SG 1896.04.24 1896.04.14 d Mitchell Sarah w/o Coates Sylvester 70y ?m 2d Birchton, Eaton Twp
SG 1862.08.23 1862.08.22 d Moe Maria wid/o Whitaker Robert Charleston, MA 43y Sherbrooke youngest d/o late David Moe, Sherb.
SG 1865.03.04 1865.03.01 d Moe Mary Jane d/o Moe Hiram 15y Orford
SN 1875.12.16 1875,12,10 d Moe Hannah w/o Moe Mayor Hiram Orford Orford
CT 1855.07.12 1855.07.03 b Moffatt d/o Moffatt John Ogilvy Sherbrooke
FMJ 1839.11.16 1839.11.12 m Montizambert Edward Lewis, advocate Bowen Lucy Irwin Quebec Cathedral 3rd d/o Hon Mr Justice Bowen
SG 1894.02.09 1894.02.07 b Moorcroft d/o Moorcroft Thos. Sherbrooke res. 28 Island St.
CT 1855.07.26 1855.07.07 m Moore George W. Compton Peck Clarissa Hatley Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
SG 1862.04.05 1862.03.25 m Moore John Colborne Kingsey Abercrombie Victoria Kingsey Kingsey Rev. Andrew Balfour
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.17 d Moore David 70y? Upper Cappelton, QC
SG 1896.01.10 1896.01.05 d Moore Sarah Ann w/o Rooney J. F. 61y 1m 16d Waterville
SG 1864.09.10 1864.09.06 b Morehouse twins/o Morehouse N.
SG 1864.09.10 1864.09.09 d Morehouse Isabella Lorimer d/o Morehouse Nathan & Margaret 3d Sherbrooke
SG 1864.09.17 1864.09.13 d Morehouse Margaret Lorimer d/o Morehouse Nathan & Magaret 7d Sherbrooke
SG 1871.02.25 1870.01.29 b Morehouse s/o Morehouse W. A. Sherbrooke
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.12 b Morency s/o Morency W. W. Sherbrooke
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.30 b Morency s/o Morency W. W. Sherbrooke
SG 1859.02.19 1859.02.11 d Morey Frederick Slade s/o Morey Thos. S. & H. Jane 3y 11m Eaton inflamation of the brain
SG 1864.05.21 1864.04.23 d Morkill Anne w/o Falshaw James Edinburgh sister of R.D. Morkill, Sherb.
SG 1864.08.20 1864.08.12 b Morkill d/o Morkill R. D.
SN 1875.09.02 1875.09.01 m Morkill James Sherbrooke LeBaron Mary East Hatley East Hatley eldest s/o Mayor R.D.Morkill;only d/o E.H.Le
SN 1876.06.15 1876.06.07 b Morkill s/o Morkill J.F. Sherbrooke
SN 1877.10.25 1877.10.24 m Morkill R. Dalby, Jr. Sherbrooke Brooks Georgie Sherbrooke St.Peter's, Sherbrooke eldest d/o Geo.Brooks,merchant;Rev.Reid
SG 1865.01.14 1865.10.07 m Morrill Joseph E. Lingwick Emerson Sarah R. Shipton Rev A.J. Parker, of Danville
SN 1877.04.19 1877.03.16 d Morrill Mary w/o Ramsay Slocum P. Ulverton, (Durham) 66y 11m Ulverton
SG 1859.05.07 1859.05.03 m Morris L. E. Felton Isabella Sherbrooke youngest d/o late Hon. W.B. Felton
SG 1862.02.01 1862.01.25 b Morris s/o Morris Livingstone E. Sherbrooke
SG 1865.08.12 1865.08.03 d Morris Livingston infant s/o Morris L. E. infant Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.07.01 1840.12.29 m Morrison Louis Shefford Savage Harriet Matilda Shefford Granby Village Rev R. Miles, Congregationalist Minister
SG 1861.08.03 1861.05.02 m Morrison Thos. C. Southmayd Maria E. New Orleans d/o late Rev. D.S. Southmayd
SG 1861.08.03 1861.07.02 m Morrison Peter Bury Bothwell Mary Jane Durham Portland Rev Dr Chickering
FMJ 1841.10.07 1841.09.19 m Mosher Alexander Barnston Standish Eleanor Barnston, L.C. Barnston
SG 1863.04.11 1863.04.04 m Mosher Joseph Stanstead Hall Ellen Stanstead Rev. J. Borland
SG 1863.09.12 1863.09.03 d Mosher Lois wid/o Bartlett Rev. Willard 76y less 4d Melbourne
SG 1854.08.26 1854.08.04 m Moulton Joseph Ascot Hopkinson Victoria R. Ascot Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1861.12.07 1861.12.01 m Moulton E. Ascot Fletcher Cordelia Stanstead Compton Rev. S.G. Phillips
SG 1863.04.18 1863.04.13 d Moulton Mary Abbie eldest d/o Moulton Hiram & Salome Coaticook diptheria
SG 1863.12.12 1863.11.22 d Moulton Lucy mother-in-law of Cunningham Henry Dudswell 71y 9m 11d Dudswell buried in family plot in Ascot
SG 1875.04.09 1875.04.03 d Moulton Wm. W. 42y 1m Ascot consumption
SN 1875.05.20 1875.05.16 d Moulton Sarah w/o Cunningham Henry 61y.2m 10d Dudswell
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.21 m Moulton Dorman A. Lennoxville Boisvert Ellen Mary Lennoxville Sherbrooke Rev A.E. Dufresne, RC Church
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.04 m Moulton Edward L. Fiske Jennie Estelle Waterville, P.Q. Boston d/o Franklin A. Fiske
SG 1896.04.24 1896.04.03 d Moulton Dorman A. Berkeley, Colo. 42y Ashland, Neb. d at Thomas Moulton's; formerly Lennoxville
SG 1861.07.13 1861.07.08 d Mowle Mary w/o Mowle William 70y Cookshire
SG 1862.06.28 1862.06.26 m Mowle E. J. Woodcote Place Wilford Susan A. Cookshire Cookshire Rev. J. Dalziel
SG 1869.11.06 1869.10.23 d Mowle Capt John Deal, Kent Co, England 71y 10m Sherbrooke
SG 1864.05.07 1864.04.29 b Moy twins/o Moy Jas. Sherbrooke
SG 1865.10.14 1865.10.02 m Moy Robert E. Huntingville McGovern Rosanna West Farnham Huntingville Rev C.P. Mallory
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.11 d Mullins Francis 22y Montreal consumption
SN 1877.11.29 1877.11.19 d Mullins John 85y East Sherbrooke
SN 1875.05.27 1875.05.15 d Mulvanay Henry Belfast, Ireland 72y 2d Sherbrooke b.1803;emig'd.to Richmond 1828 & Sherb…
SN 1875.09.02 1875.08.17 d Mulvena John 86y Richmond
SG 1896.01.17 1896.01.12 b Mulvena d/o Mulvena John Birklands, Sherbrooke
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.29 d Munkitterick Aubrey J. eldest s/o Munkitterick Joshua Marbleton 20y West Milan, NH suddemly
SG 1861.07.27 1861.07.21 d Murphy Margaret eldest child of Murphy John R. 3y 5m 19d Danville C.E. 22 hours of illness
SN 1878.01.24 187.01.17 d Murphy Patrick Monasootha Co.,Ireland Lennoxville inflammatory rheumatism
SG 1896.02.14 1896.01.27 d Murphy Willie C. only s/o Murphy Wm. merchant tailor Sherbrooke 8y Vancouver BC
SG 1863.08.01 1863.07.23 d Murray Jean wid/o Murray Robert Paisley Scotland Eaton b. in 1777, Ayr; resided Eaton 36 yrs
SN 1874.12.31 1874.12.29 b Murray d/o Murray Wm. Sherbrooke
SN 1876.07.13 1876.07.12 d Murray Jessie-Henrietta youngest d/o Murray Bernard 1y 5m funeral from res.King St. 3:30PM July 14
SN 1876.12.14 1876.12.02 b Murray s/o Murray Wm., merchant Sherbrooke
SN 1876.12.14 1876.12.10 d Murray Bella-Marie-Moreau 2nd d/o Murray Wm., merchant 5y 2m 15d Sherbrooke
SG 1893.06.09 1893.06.06 m Murtland John Arthur Pittsburg, PA Smith Kathleen Kendrick Sherbrooke St Thomas Ch Toronto youngest d/o Stephen Edgell Smith, Sherb.
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.20 d Mussen Reginald only child of Mussen Wilber F. & Julia A. 1y 2m 3d Chicago
SG 1896.01.03 1895.12.31 m Muzzey Charles Wesley Lefebre Anna St Peter's Sherbrooke Rev Canon Thorneloe
SN 1877.11.29 1877.11.18 b Nagle s/o Nagle P. W. West Orford
SG 1859.08.13 1859.08.05 d Napier Mary w/o Rennie David 97y Brompton native of Scotland
SG 1865.02.04 1865.01.25 m Newell Geo. B. Eaton Hall Mary M. Eaton Eaton Rev E.J. Sherrill
SG 1869.08.14 1869.08.02 d Newell Lucia Margaret d/o Newell Mary & George Eaton 3y 4m 16d Dudswell d at Leonard Gilbert's
SG 1851.03.29 1851.03.05 m Newton H. W. Compton Willson Helen P. Compton
SG 1853.01.07 1853.01.02 m Newton George Sherbrooke Bryant Eliza A. Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev. J. Robertson
CT 1855.02.15 1855.02.08 d Nichols Mrs. wid/o Nichols Dr. John Sherbrooke 76y 9m Hunterstown Mills mother of Wm. Parker.
CT 1855.06.23 1855.08.19 b Nichols s/o Nichols J. H. Montreal
CT 1856.12.18 1856.12.16 b Nicolls d/o Nicolls Rev.Principal Lennoxville
CT 1855.08.16 1855.07.23 d Noble Catharine Sarah d/o Noble Mary & Robert 2y 6m Haskell Hill
SG 1871.09.09 1871.08.31 d Noble Florence Maria d/o Noble C. 10y South Winslow typhus fever
SN 1877.02.08 1877.01.19 d Noble Alexander 85y Parkhill, ON
SN 1877.09.06 1877.08.12 d Noble Jennie w/o Ross Chas. A. 21y 2m Gould,QC 2nd eldest d/o Colin Noble,Stornoway,Winslow
SG 1894.02.02 torn away m Noble F. A. Cookshire Adams Mary Lydia Rev Mr Baldwin of Cookshire
CT 1857.11.19 1857.11.01 d Noel Cornelius s/o Noel John & Mary 25y Ascot
SG 1857.11.21 1857.11.01 d Noel Cornelius s/o Noel John & Mary 25y Ascot
SN 1876.09.28 1876.09.22 d Noël William Henry 3rd s/o Noël Narcisse Richmond
SG 1855.08.11 1855.07.23 d Noele Catherine Sarah d/o Noele Mary & Robert 2y 6m Haskell Hill
SG 1875.04.09 1875.04.06 m Norris William Barford Fields Abbi E. Hartland, VT Island Pond, VT Rev H.G. Burrage, M.A. at Christ Church
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.18 b North d/o North George Chicago b at Princeton Ave.
CT 1855.06.07 1855.05.09? d North? Leonard M. Shipton 27y Trenton, Michigan d. at res.of brother, of bleeding of the lungs
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.01 d Northey Alla May only child of Northey C. D. 1y 9m Frelighsburg
CT 1856.04.24 1856.04.17 d Norton Mrs. H. V. w/o Norton Martin American House 42y Sherbrooke
SG 1858.11.20 1858.11.12 d Norton Clara Eliza 4y 4m Sherbrooke
SN 1878.04.11 1878.04.09 d Norton George only child of Norton John,prop.Union House Magog 3m
CT 1856.12.11 1856.12.05 b O'Connor s/o O'Connor Sherbrooke
SG 1861.10.12 1861.10.09 d O'Connor Charles formerly Danmore Co, Ire 48y Sherbrooke of Her Majesty's Customs
CT 1855.12.13 1855.12.11 b Odell d/o Odell T. B.
SN 1877.04.05 1877.04.03 m Odell Charles J., merchant Sherbrooke Richards Susie Acton-Vale Acton-Vale 2nd s/o T.B.Odell;2nd d/o Capt.Richards
SN 1878.01.24 1878.01.18 b Odell d/o Odell Chas. J., merchant
CT 1855.06.21 1855.06.11 b O'Dwyer d/o O'Dwyer W. W. Abbotsford
SG 1851.02.08 1851.01.15 m O'Halloran James Farnham Finley Mary Ann Farnham Dunham C.E. d/o Edward; Rev. John Tomkins
SN 1877.05.10 1877.05.07 m Olivier Charles F. Sherbrooke Benedict Janet Stanstead Stanstead Rev.Mr.McAuley
SN 1878.04.11 1878.04.07 b Olivier s/o Olivier C. F. Sherbrooke
SG 1851.07.05 1851.05.07 m Olney Benjamin the 1st Shipton McFadden Mary Tingwick Danville Rev. A.J. Parker
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.25 m Olney Sylvanus Warwick Gorman Joanna Warwick
SG 1863.07.04 1863.06.25 d Olney youngest child of Olney John nearly 3yrs Shipton
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.14 d O'Reilly Patrick 21y Capelton Farm
SG 1871.10.07 1871.10.01 d Orr Eva w/o Libbey B. F. 18y 6m Ascot
SN 1877.11.08 1877.11.03 b Osburn d/o Osburn George O. Nashua, NH Orford
SG 1854.11.04 1854.10.21 m Osgood James St Johnsbury VT Bill Amanda M. Compton Rev. J. B. Selley, M.D.
CT 1855.03.15 1855.03.10 d Osgood Alexander 64y Sherbrooke
CT 1855.04.05 1855.02.24 d Osgood Francenia wid/o Osgood Jonas 84y Eaton
CT 1856.12.18 1856.11.20 m Osgood C. N. D. Toronto Wilson Marion Forrester Dundas, C.W. only d/o James Wilson, late of Scotland
SG 1857.04.11 m Osgood Wm. W. Westbury Blodgett Lucy Ann Ascot Huntingville Rev. C. P. Mallory
SG 1858.03.27 1858.03.22 d Osgood Lucy w/o Osgood William H. Ascot 19y 11m 16d 3rd d/o Ira Blodgett
SG 1859.01.15 1858.12.29 d Osgood Francis Jane d/o Osgood Erastus & Adeline 10y 5m Compton
SG 1861.02.02 1861.01.02 d Osgood Rowena w/o Ralfe Horace 26y Dudswell
SG 1862.09.27 1862.09.15 m Osgood L. D.   O'Conor Harriet W. Bury Rev Jno Kemp; 2nd d/o late C O'Conor, Sher
SG 1862.10.04 1862.09.17 d Osgood David L. father of Osgood Erastus Compton 83y Compton
SG 1863.06.27 1863.06.20 b Osgood d/o Osgood L.D. Sherbrooke
SG 1864.08.13 1864.08.03 d Osgood Hannah Conway, NH 74y Buckingham, C.E.
SG 1864.12.17 1864.12.12 m Osgood Benjamin E. Dudswell Dawson Matilda Garthby Rev T.S. Chapman, M.A
SG 1871.09.09 d Osgood Frank J. eldest s/o Osgood J. C. Compton 23y 3m Marshaltown, Iowa typhoid fever
SG 1896.09.18 1896.08.30 d Osgood Frederick J. s/o Osgood C. F. Eaton 23y 10m Nashua, NH typhoid fever
SN 1876.08.24 1876.08.17 d O'Sullivan Mary wid/o Fitzgerald Andrew 74y 6m Ascot
FMJ 1839.07.20 1839.07.02 d Oughtred Thomas Kirton Tackitts, YKS, England 35y Eaton lvs widow & 3 children; late school master
SG 1865.02.18 1865.02.01 m Pack Dr J.Q. surgeon dentist St Johns Phelps Ednah M. Stanbridge Philipsburgh d/o late Edwin Phelps
FMJ 1841.04.22 1841.04.12 m Packard Chester B. Copp Ann M. Stanstead Rev R.V. Hall
FMJ 1839.09.28 1839.09.24 m Paddon John B. Greaves Mrs Martha Elizabeth Compton wid/o A.F.S. Greaves
SG 1864.09.17 1864.09.15 d Paddon John Edward eldest s/o Paddon J. B. 20y Uplands, Lennoxville
SG 1851.04.05 1851.03.24 m Page Samuel Newbury VT Baldwin Lucinda Barnston 4th d/o Lotis [sic] Baldwin
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.12 b Page s/o Page W. D. Brompton
SG 1896.04.17 1896.04.16 b Palmer s/o Palmer Victor Bury
SG 1896.04.24 1896.04.18 d Palmer infant s/o Palmer Victor Robinson, Bury 2 days old
SG 1875.11.12 1875.11.02 b Paradis d/o Paradis E. Z. St Johns
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.23 b Paradis s/o Paradis Alfred Sherbrooke
SG 1861.10.05 1861.09.30 m Parent William A. Houle Mary Sherbrooke Rev. Mr. Dufresne
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.23 b Park s/o Park Wm., Jr. Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.05.13 1841.05.01 d Parker Sephonia w/o Martin Marsh 46y Shipton sister of Rev. A.J. Parker, Danville, L.C.
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.06.20 d Parker Mary d/o Parker Rev. A. J. 5y 6m Danville, Shipton
CT 1855.04.26 1855.04.20 b Parker d/o Parker W. E. Springfield Cottage,Waterville
CT 1857.01.01 1856.12.24 b Parker s/o Parker W. E. Waterville b. at Springfield Farm
SG 1857.03.28 d Parker Aaron Reading Mass.     95y Compton d. at res. of son Alfred
SG 1864.05.07 1864.04.24 d Parker Clara eldest d/o late Parker Alexander Caledonia Springs Baltimore, MD consumption
SF 1865.07.20 1865.07.16 b Parker s/o Parker W. E. Springfield farm,Waterville
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.26 d Parker Capt Wm Frederick Royal Navy; br/o Parker Maj Gen Ed. Augustus England 73y Stanstead nephew of late Adm Sir Wm Parker, Baronet
SN 1875.02.25 1875.02.11 d Parker Malvina w/o McNeight John, Sr. 54y Cookshire
SN 1877.07.21 1877.06.05 m Parker John H. Sherbrooke Fuller Henrietta R. Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev.I.Brock
SG 1894.01.05 1893.12.30 d Parker Harvey 87y 4m 15d Dixville
SG 1854.12.16 1854.12.14 m Parsons Eben Compton Hool Charlotte Compton Rev. John B. Selley, M.D.
SG 1859.01.22 1859.01.14 d Parsons Joseph Compton 74y Compton "Printers in Mass & NH plse copy."
SG 1862.12.20 1862.09.30 d Parsons Mary eldest d/o late Parsons J. S. 36y Compton consumption
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.21 m Parsons Alonzo H. Stanstead Bachelder Henrietta Newport Wesleyan Parsonage Rev J. Tomkins
SN 1875.12.30 1875.12.05 d Paton George R. Tillycouttry, Scotland 48y 4m Sherbrooke
SN 1877.09.06 1877.08.28 b Paton d/o Paton Andrew Rockmount, Sherbrooke
SG 1896.05.01 1896.04.20 d Pattee Adeline Rebecca wid/o Osgood Erastus 77y 2m 20d Haverhill, MA buried at Compton, QC
SG 1864.06.18 1864.06.14 m Paul James Compton Hopkins Amelia Compton Huntingville Rev C.P. Mallory
SG 1861.12.07 1861.11.24 d Peabody Francis 90y Potton old age
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.29 m Pearce George Nelson Lennoxville Davis Sarah Jane Staten Is, NY St Paul's, Windsor VT Rev George Fuller
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.20 b Pearce s/o Pearce George Newton Windsor, VT
SG 1896.01.17 1896.01.14 b Pearce s/o Pearce George N. Windsor VT
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.09 d Pearce David D. 52y Lennoxville
SG 1861.12.21 1861.12.13 d Pearl Agnes H. d/o Pearl Rev. C. 18y Waterville consumption
CT 1856.01.24 1856.01.21 m Pearson Peter Sherbrooke Tredalle Adaline M. Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev.Mr.Dufresne
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.25 m Pearson John Brome Ruiter Elizabeth Dunham Fullford, Brome Rev R.D. Mills
CT 1855.03.22 1855.03.14 m Pease George Ascott Remm Mary Ann Ascott
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.15 d Peck Lizzie Janette w/o Thompson John 24y 4m North Hatley
SG 1896.02.21 1896.02.16 b Peers d/o Peers Capt.
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.07 b Pehlemann s/o Pehlemann John Dudswell
FA 1835.09.14 1835.08.28 d Pennoyer Sarah Amanda youngest d/o Pennoyer Joseph 1y Compton dropsy on the brain
FMJ 1839.11.30 1839.11.24 b Pennoyer d/o Pennoyer Joseph Compton
CT 1855.01.11 m Pennoyer W. B. Compton Smith Adeline H. Compton Waterville, C.E.
SN 1876.04.27 1876.04.19 d Pennoyer George Winslow heart disease
SN 1876.05.04 1876.04.18 d Pennoyer George W. 34y Gould,QC of heart disease [Corrected]
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.16 m Pennoyer James Austin Lothrop Pennie? Jennette
FMJ 1839.11.30 1839.10.25 d Percival Ann Caroline eldest d/o Percival Dyer & Lodema Barnston, L.C. 27y Lowell, Mass.
CT 1855.09.13 1855.08.08 m Percival Solon G. Conventry Bean Eixada Conventry Derby Rev. A.Norcross
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.06.09 d Perkins James Edgar, Sr. At Sea on his passage to Canada [surname???]
CT 1855.11.08 1855.09.11 d Perkins Isaac Newton Hatley 21y Nicholas Co., KY d.at res.of J.B. Allen
SG 1859.08.20 1859.07.28 d Perkins John 76y Shipton
SG 1863.07.04 1863.06.22 d Perkins Lavina Anna d/o Perkins Joel 12y 3m Shipton
SG 1861.12.28 1861.12.25 m Perry Calvin Hatley Paul Lucia B. Stanstead Barnston Rev J.F. Ferguson
SG 1896.05.29 m Perry Horace W. Compton Village Baker Florence Elizabeth St Peter's Cookshire 2nd d/o E.S. Baker; Rev A.H.Robertson
CT 1856.09.11 list Petition 231 electors of Wellington Co. nominate Webb William H.
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.08 b Petry d/o Petry Hamilton, head master Lennoxville
CT 1855.12.06 1855.11.30 d Peyton Dorinda Louisa w/o Graham Robert 50y Montreal
SG 1862.08.09 1862.07.26 d Phelps Charles s/o Phelps A. P. & Mary L. Ball 6m Stanstead
SG 1894.01.12 1893.12.20 d Phelps Mary Ellen w/o Caswell Henry H. 51y Stanstead Plain
SG 1861.03.09 1861.02.08 d Phillips Mrs. E. wid/o Phillips M. J. Windsor, Eng. 78y? Hatley d of apoplexy at s-in-law's Dr. Gilbert
SG 1862.12.06 1862.11.24 d Phillips Emma Charlotte 2nd d/o Phillips Rev S.G. Phillips 2y 8m 6d Compton
SG 1858.02.13 1858.01.18 d Picard Emma w/o Picard George 41y Eaton consumption
SG 1873.02.07 1873.01.19 m Picard Jacques, M.P.P. Genereaux Orpha Quebec d/o late E.A. Genereaux, Crown Land Dept
SN 1875.04.11 1875.02.27 d Picard Lucy d/o Picard Geo. 20y 6m Eaton
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.20 m Picken G. W. Bury Station Nicholson Kate Lingwick Lingwick youngest d/o late Murdo Nicholson
CT 1856.09.04 1856.09.01 m Pierce Asahel Gosford Brompton Wilkie Mary Ann Shipton Melbourne m.at Wesleyan parsonage
SG 1861.06.29 1861.06.11 m Pierce Wm. Merrill Maria Martinville, W Clifton Rev. A. Gillies
SG 1864.05.14 1864.05.06 d Pierce Samuel 81y 4m Brompton settled 1801; reared 15 children, etc
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.12 d Pierce Charles 48y 10m Stanstead paralysis
SG 1894.02.16 1894.02.14 d Pierson Kathleen d/o Pierson Joseph Richmond 4y Richmond burned previous day
CT 1855.11.29 1855.10.23 m Planche Edward Hurd Graty Ann Newport, C.E.
FMJ 1841.10.21 1841.08.22 d Poers Simon, Sr., farmer 64y Compton early settler over 40 yrs ago, etc
SG 1857.08.15 1857.08.10 d Pommerleau Henrietta w/o Wiswell ? C. 18y 2m Lennoxville
FMJ 1839.03.30 1839.03.20 m Pomroy Selah Stanstead Buck Harriet H. Montreal Ottawa Hotel, Montreal Rev Henry Wilkes
CT 1857.07.02 1857.06.30 m Pomroy Selas? J. Compton Adams Victor S. Coaticook Coaticook eldest d/o A.A.Adams
SG 1857.07.11 1857.06.30 m Pomroy Selah J. Compton Adams Victor S. Coaticook Coaticook Rev. John B. Selley, M.D.; eldest dau.
SG 1861.07.20 1861.07.05 b Pomroy s/o Pomroy S. J. Compton
SG 1871.09.09 1871.09.03 b Pomroy d/o Pomroy S. J. Compton
CT 1857.09.10 1857.09.01 m Pool Ozro Hatley Le Barron Phedora Hatley Hatley Rev.H.G.Burrage
SG 1857.09.12 1857.09.01 m pool Ozro Hatley LeBarron Phedora Hatley Hatley Rev. H.G. Burrage
SG 1894.01.05 1894.01.01 m Pool Rufus Barnston Martin Emma J. Bedford Dixville Pastor J.W. Gregory
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.06.22 m Pope Lemuel Nutting Tabitha Shipton Rev A.J. Parker
CT 1856.07.03 1867.06.28 d Pope Lt.Col. John Eaton 70y 6m Cookshire after a painful illness of nearly 3 months
CT 1857.02.19 1857.02.16 b Pope s/o Pope A. W. Cookshire
SG 1863.03.07 1863.03.01 d Pope Betty wid/o Flint Simson Danville 85y Danville
SN 1878.02.07 1877.10.21 d Pope Fanny w/o Garvin John 77y 9m Cookshire
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.24 d Pope Lemuel 81y Robinson, Bury
SG 1862.08.16 1862.08.09 d Porter Nancy w/o Jameson Thomas abt 70y Irasburg, VT
SG 1871.02.25 1870.12.22 m Porter R. L. St Stephen, NB Abbott Abina L. Magog Montery Co, Calif. Rev W.H. Wilson
SG 1871.01.21 1870.01.02 m Poulter George Sherbrooke Carter Sarah A. Frelighsburg, QC Frelighsburg Rev W. Seales
CT 1855.03.22 m Powers Jason Burke, VT Winslow Cynthia A. Compton Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
FMJ 1841.07.01 1841.05.08 d Presby Edward D. S. 5y 7m Montreal small pox
SG 1864.10.01 1864.09.26 b Presby d/o Presby G. H. Sherbrooke
SN 1876.12.07 1876.11.26 d Presby Georgie 2nd s/o Presby G.H. & E.B. 7y 1m
SN 1878.02.28 1878.02.18 m Price James Sherbrooke Ord Maria Bury Cookshire Rev.E.C.Parkin
SG 1896.01.31 1896.01.19 b Price d/o Price J. F. Toronto 6 Orford Ave.
SG 1896.02.21 1896.02.14 b Price d/o Price R. G. East Sherbrooke
SG 1896.05.15 1896.05.03 b Price s/o Price C. H. Lake Megantic
SG 1857.07.04 1857.06.29 m Prince Thomas Bury Reeve Rahab Bury Rev. E.J. Sherrill
CT 1857.03.26 1857.03.24 m Putney Aaron Compton Huntington Acheah H. Compton Rev.J.B.Selley, M.A.
SG 1857.03.28 1857.03.24 m Putney Aaron Compton Huntington Achsah H. Compton Rev. J. B. Selley, M.D.
SN 1877.04.19 1877.04.12 b Ramsay s/o Ramsay G. F. Lennoxville
SN 1877.05.31 1877.05.24 d Ramsay Cora-Ellen d/o Ramsay George & Elizabeth 3y 7m 7d Lennoxville
FA 1835.05.18 1835.04.01 d Rankin Do?? w/o Rankin Andrew 67y Windsor torn
SG 1859.05.28 1859.05.25 d Rankin Marion Amanda d/o Rankin David 12y 6m Brompton
SG 1896.02.07 1896.02.01 d Rann Geo. W. London, Eng. 67y 6m 16d Newport, VT
SG 1857.01.03 1856.12.26 m Ras[?]kin Zera[?]h Richmond Matthews Emma E. Cleveland Danville Rev. A.J. Parker
SG 1863.06.27 1863.06.20 d Rawson Colbeck Schmidt youngest child of Rawson Christopher 5y Lennoxville
FA 1835.12.28 1835.12.15 b Raxford d/o Raxford Abbotsford
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.28 d Ray Stillman 63y 10m Stanstead
CT 1856.09.11 1856.09.10 m Rea George Compton Alcosa Mrs. Martha Compton bride wid/o Thos.Coke Alcosa?, M.D.
SN 1877.10.04 1877.09.29 d Reddington Mary w/o Malone Joseph Sherbrooke 60y Sherbrooke heart disease
FMJ 1839.08.10 1839.07.24 d Redfield Mary W. w/o Redfield Hon. I. F. Montpelier, VT 22y Cavendish, VT
SG 1861.03.09 1861.03.05 d Reed Patrick district gaoler 72y Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.09.23 1841.09.14 d Reid Emily d/o Reid Rev. C. P. 2m 23d Compton
CT 1856.03.06 1856.02.22 d Reid Nancy youngest d/o Reid Rev. Canon 27y Frelighsburg
SG 1862.09.20 1862.09.17 d Reid Charlotte Louisa d/o Reid Capt. Geo. W. 1m 24d Sherbrooke
SG 1894.04.06 1894.02.24 d Reilly Elgin Loren only child of Reilly Henry & Ruth 2y 26d Lime Ridge, QC grandson of Loren Gilbert
SG 1864.05.07 1864.04.23 d Reynolds Capt. Z. Waterloo 56y Waterloo
SG 1894.01.19 d Reynolds Miss Esther Compton 15y Compton d at res of A.A. Merrill of lung congestion
SG 1859.11.26 1859.11.14 d Rhem Thomas W. 21y 4m Coaticook
SG 1872.08.09 1872.07.18 d Rice Mrs. Cyrus 54y Eaton long & painful illness
SG 1875.10.29 m Rice Windsor V. Riceburg Brown Belle Dunham Dunham All Saints Ch 2nd d/o David Brown
FA 1835.08.17 1835.08.04 b Richardson d/o Richardson Chs. Lennoxville
SG 1862.02.01 1862.01.13 b Richmond d/o richmond Rev. W. Compton
SG 1864.10.22 1864.10.15 m Ricker Hiram F. Lennoxville Watson Anne Lennoxville Waterville Rev. Joseph Forsyth
SG 1854.01.07 1853.12.17 d Riddell George s/o Riddell James Compton 25y Compton Centre typhoid fever
SG 1859.06.25 1859.05.20 m Riddell Dr. Alexander T. Waterville Wilson Rebecca Ascot Eaton youngest d/o late Dr. Wm. Wilson
SFC 1832.01.03 1832.01.02 d Rider Hannah w/o Frost Richard 49y Grandy
SG 1854.10.21 1854.10.04 d Ridgway? George New?? 45y Dudswell magistrate; lvs widow+3 young chldrn
SG 1894.04.27 1894.04.26 m Riley John P. Megantic, QC Taylor Margaret J. Megantic QC Sherbrooke Rev Wm Shearer
SN 1874.12.24 1874.12.19 b Rioux s/o Rioux G.E.district magistrate Sherbrooke christened Dec.21 by Bishop of Sherbrooke
CT 1855.06.21 1855.06.20 b Ritchie s/o Ritchie Thomas W. Sherbrooke
CT 1857.04.09 1857.04.02 d Ritchie Julia w/o Cowan William Quebec 78y Montreal
CT 1857.06.11 1857.06.07 b Ritchie s/o Ritchie Thomas W. Sherbrooke
SG 1859.05.28 1859.05.18 m Ritchie William C. Beloit, Wis. Ritche Mary Field Beloit, Wis Beloit, Wis. 3rd d/o H. Ritchie, M.D.
SN 1875.04.29 1875.04.28 d Ritchie William, N.P.&registrar Commercial St. 77y funeral at 10AM Fri. Apr.30
SG 1894.04.06 1894.02.24 d Ritchie Wm. Coates 61y 8m 8d Chicago IL
FMJ 1841.06.03 1841.05.28 d Roberts Thomas s/o Roberts Edward 4y Granby
FMJ 1841.06.03 1841.05.29 d Roberts Charlotte d/o Roberts Edward 2y Granby
SG 1859.02.26 1859.02.06 b Robertson d/o Robertson George R., advocate
SG 1865.10.14 1864.12.29 m Robertson James E. Lingwick Thurbur Mary Eliza Lingwick Rev A.J. Parker, of Danville
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.09 m Robertson L.R. editor Stanstead Jrl Benton Almira F. Lunenburgh VT Johnson, VT d/o late Hon R.C. Benton
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.18 d Robertson George R., advocate ?52y Sherbrooke
SN 1875.06.10 1875.06.05 b Robertson d/o Robertson Hon.J.G.prov.treasurer Sherbrooke
SN 1876.07.27 1876.07.21 d Robertson Nora only d/o Robertson Hon. J. G. 13m 16d Sherbrooke
SN 1877.05.17 1877.05.17 b Robertson s/o Robertson Hon. J. G. Sherbrooke
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.17 b Robertson d/o Robertson R. Olcott, VT
SG 1896.04.17 1896.04.08 m Robertson Dr E. A. St. Albans Johnston Edna Florence St Peter's Sherbrooke s/o Dr D.T. R..;d/o Capt Weir Johnston etc
CT 1855.04.12 1855.04.02 d Robinson George Frederick only s/o Robinson L. R. & P. W. 4y Stanstead
CT 1855.07.12 1855.07.10? d Robinson Dr. Chas. Papineauville 27y 7m Lancaster, C.W.
SG 1861.07.20 1861.06.13 d Robinson John P. Compton 78y Sycamore IL
SN 1876.09.07 1876.09.04 m Roch Joseph formerly Sherbrooke Coté Agnes La Baie-du-Febvre La Baie-du-Febvre d/o N.Coté,manufacturer;Rev.Mr.Paradis
SN 1876.11.30 1876.11.24 m Rodgers Herman S. Eaton Kingsley Amanda Swellhand Eaton Eaton 2nd d/o Henry Kingley m.at"Ark of Safety"
SG 1863.04.18 1863.04.02 m Rogers B. A. Eaton French Persis Eaton Grove Hill Rev. A. Gillies
SN 1877.01.25 1876.12.28 m Rogers Reginold Bassit, rector Preston,Ruthland Stuart Laura Augusta Lennoxville Dacre,Cumberland,Eng. youngest d/o Wm.Henry Stuart;grm's.rel.listed
SN 1875.07.08 1875.07.0? b Rogers? d/o Rogers? W. H. Sherbrooke
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.03 m Rolf Noble C. Ham Amadon Sarah Tingwick
SG 1851.11.08 1851-11-01 d Rooney James Antrim Ire>Sherbrooke 87y Melbourne d. at son's res.
SG 1896.05.29 1896.05.10 d Rooney Mrs Elizabeth mother of Goss Mrs Herbert J. Berlin Falls, NH 73y Berlin Falls NH
FA 1835.08.17 1835.08.06 d Ross William formerly Barmet, VT 51y Compton
CT 1855.08.16 1855.08.10 d Ross Rev. G. M. 50y Drummondville Rector of Oaklands for nearly 30 years.
CT 1855.11.22 1855.11.15 m Ross William Blow Leg.Assembly,Quebec Frazer Janet Lugo Trinity Chapel, Quebec youngest d/o late Capt.John Frazer,76thReg
SG 1869.07.03 1869.06.05 d Ross Henrietta Douglas d/o Ross James, M.P.P. 2y Lingwick
SG 1869.07.03 1869.06.27 d Ross John R. Pope s/o Ross James, M.P.P. 8y 7m Lingwick
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.06 d Ross Grace Isabella wid/o Van George Devereux England Scotstown QC 3rd d/o late Roderick Ross, Ottawa
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.27 d Rowan Joseph s/o Rowan William Richmond Barton Landing, VT funeral on Sunday 30th Sept. etc
CT 1855.11.29 1855.10.26 m Royce David Charleston, VT Nutting Ruth B. Charleston, VT Lennoxville Rev.C.P.Mallory
SN 1875.10.14 1875.10.13 b Royer s/o Royer J.P., merchant Sherbrooke
SN 1876.05.11 1876.05.06 d Royer Piere-Raoul-Rodolphe s/o Royer J. P. 5m 25d Sherbrooke
SG 1864.11.19 1864.10.27 d Rugg Sarah Jane wid/o Spalding Caleb 55y 5m 18d
SG 1896.03.13 1896.02.16 d Rugg Judson E. s/o late Rugg Lorenso Compton New Haven CT
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.11 b Rushby d/o Rushby J. A. 8 Warren Ave see later correction
SG 1896.04.17 b Rushby d/o Rushby J. A. Springfield, MA 8 Warren Ave.
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.26 b Russell d/o Russell W. E. Arthabaska
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.27 d Ryan Mary Gertrude w/o Ryan Henry 48y Piopolis
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.03 m Sage James Barnston Smith Anna Coaticook Compton Wes. Pars. Rev Benj Cole
FMJ 1841.03.18 1841.02.22 d Salt Mr. 73y Sorel
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.11 b Salter s/o Salter H. East Sherbrooke
SG 1896.04.17 1896.04.10 d Sampson Mary Arabella w/o Spearing R. J. 43y Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.02.16 m Sanborn Nathaniel White Sophia Rev A. Moulton
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.03 m Sanders Charles W. Compton Carr Ellen M. Compton d/o Levi Carr
SG 1896.04.17 1896.04.15 b Sangster d/o Sangster Joshua Sherbrooke
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.03 m Sargeant Nathaniel, 2nd Potton Potter Ellen P. Potton Potton Rev R. Barry
FMJ 1841.07.01 1841.06.08 d Savage Edward Henry youngest s/o late Savage Peter   5y 4m Shefford
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.01.20 m Scales Henry Smith Maria Rev A. Moulton
FMJ 1841.09.23 1841.09.21 d Scales William s/o Scales S. A. 3y 5m Sherbrooke
SG 1857.07.25 1857.07.16 m Scarth Rev Archibald Campbell Farnham Bellows Harriette Louisa Lennoxville Lennoxville Rev L Doolittle, MA at St Georges Ch
CT 1857.07.30 1857.07.16 m Scarth Rev.Archibald Campbell S.T.L.missionary at Farnham Bellows Harriette Louisa Lennoxville St.George's,Lennoxville Rev.L.Doolittle MA&Rev.Prof.Thompson MA
SG 1864.02.06 1864.02.01 d Scarth Mary Elizabeth Elliott d/o Scarth Rev. A. infant Lennoxville
SG 1865.08.12 1865.08.09 d Schumake Katie May d/o Schumake Henry J. 6m 20d Sherbrooke
CT 1855.05.03 1855.04.27 d Scobell Joseph, architect 63y Montreal disease of the heart
SG 1864.05.07 1864.04.13 d Scott Willie s/o Scott L. O. C. & C. 4w 1d Barnston whooping cough
SG 1894.04.13 1894.04.07 b Scott d/o Scott John Scotstown?
SG 1857.10.10 1857.10.03 b Selley d/o Selley Rev John B. Quebec
CT 1855.04.05 1855.03.19 b Selly s/o Selly Rev. John. B., M.D. Compton
FMJ 1841.04.22 1841.04.12 b Sergeant s/o Sergeant A. M. Granby
SG 1896.09.18 1896.09.07 m Sevigny P. P. Lennoxville Goyette Aimee Valcourt long write-up
SN 1875.01.21 1875.01.12 m Shea Walter Montreal McKeown Alice Montreal St.Patrick's, Montreal s/o Marice Shea;eldest d/o Patrick McKeown
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.27 b Sheridan s/o Sheridan Thomas Thetford Mines
CT 1856.09.25 1856.09.23 m Sherwood Wm., barrister Brockville, C.W. Pawson Sarah Jane Montreal Montreal,Wesleyan Ch. eldest d/o late Wm.Pawson,Montreal
FA 1835.11.23 1835.09.08 d Shirtleff Capt. Asaph 66y Compton
SG 1869.09.18 1869.09.14 m Shorey Samuel C. Montreal Knight E. O?ena Stanstead 2nd d/o Albert Knight
SN 1874.10.01 1874.09.17 d Short Florence Bertha d/o Short Edward & Eliza 1y 5m Sherbrooke Cholera infantum
SN 1875.04.11 1875.01.08 m Short Robert, advocate Cookshire Lanigan Mary Sherbrooke Ulverton, QC eldest d/o Geo.Lanigan; Rev.T.Bell
SN 1876.08.03 1876.07.14 d Short Francis Albert s/o Short John, Jr. 9m 2d Sherbrooke
SN 1878.02.28 1878.02.24 b Short s/o Short Robert, advocate Cookshire
SG 1862.08.16 d Shurtleff Dr. Lathrop father of Shurtleff Dr. S. Massawippi 65y Massawippi
SG 1865.12.30 m Shurtleff Thomas Turner Barnston Webster Mary Ann Barnston Barnston Rev H.G. Barrage
SN 1877.06.07 1877.05.26 b Shurtleff s/o Shurtleff Otis Coaticook
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.13 d Silver Nancy 59y Compton
SG 1857.10.10 1857.10.01 m Simmons Henry Sherbrooke Widger Ellen Sherbrooke Rev W. D. Brown
SG 1869.07.10 1868.07.07 d Simmons Jane w/o Armstrong James 38y Sherbrooke
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.08 d Sisco William Compton 61y
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.24 b Slack d/o Slack E. Waterloo
FMJ 1839.07.27 1839,07.16 b Sleeper d/o Sleeper T. Sherbrooke
CT 1855.06.14 1855.04.30 d Sleeper Charles Wellman only s/o Sleeper Wright & Philinda formerly Stanstead 4y 4d Prescott, Wisconsin measles
SG 1859.06.18 1859.06.15 m Small James Dunham Brooks Lucinda L. Ascot Rev. Jas. Robertson; d/o G.W.Brooks
SG 1896.06.26 1896.06.26 d Smiley Anne wid/o Irwin William 61y 3m 6d Sherbrooke funeral Sunday [June 28] to Malvern Cem….
FA 1835.04.13 1835.04.07 m Smith John Granby Webster Laura Granby Granby Rev Thos. Johnson of Abbottsford
FMJ 1841.10.07 1841.09.16 m Smith Stephen H. Stanstead Bachelder Mahala Stanstead Stanstead Rev John Swasey
FMJ 1841.11.25 1841.11.13 d Smith Emily d/o Smith Merrick Lennoxville 4y 7m whooping cough
CT 1855.02.08 1833.01.30 m Smith T. P. Caswell Louisa A. Stanstead
CT 1855.02.22 1855.02.14 m Smith Levi Compton Pope Adelaide F. Clifton Compton by Rev.C.P. Mallory
CT 1855.11.08 1855.10.25 m Smith Isaac, Jr. Stanstead Thayer Mary E. Stanstead Stanstead Rev.R.V.Hall
CT 1855.11.22 1855.11.20 m Smith Stephen E. Danville Ibbotson Emily Montreal Montreal 3rd d/o Henry Ibbotson
SG 1857.03.07 1857.02.25 d Smith Richard 74y 9m Sherbrooke
CT 1857.07.02 1857.06.20 d Smith Mary G. w/o Stimson Arba 41y Compton d/o Joseph Smith.
SG 1857.07.11 1857.06.20 d Smith Mary G. w/o Stimson Arba 41y Compton d/o Joseph Smith
SG 1857.10.31 m Smith David Sherbrooke Moy Eliza Sherbrooke Rev. W.D. Brown
SG 1858.03.06 1858.03.01 b Smith s/o Smith S. E. Danville [?]
SG 1859.06.25 1859.04.29 m Smith John[?] Eaton Jordan Eliza Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1861.01.12 1861.01.02 d Smith Mrs. Susanna w/o Smith Joseph B. 75y Eaton illness of nearly 9 years
SG 1863.05.02 d Smith Margaret w/o Smith Chas. Jr. 37y North Ely long & painful illness
SG 1864.05.14 1864.04.25 d Smith Levi father of late Smith Hon. Hollis   90y Waterville
SG 1865.01.28 1864.12.20 d Smith Joseph Badger 78y Johnville, Eaton Twp catarrh; early settler abt 50y ago etc
SG 1869.08.21 1869.08.08 b Smith s/o Smith A. M. Sherbrooke
SG 1869.10.02 1869.09.30 d Smith James Dagg eldest s/o Smith Andrew McKay 3y 8m Sherbrooke funeral 1869.10.02
SG 1872.08.09 1872.07.30 m Smith Alvie E. Charleston, N.H. Driver Mary Jane Richmond Derby Centre Rev H.T. Jones
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.09 d Smith Emma Maud infant d/o Smith Rev. N. infant Cookshire
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.15 d Smith James 71y Stanbridge
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.15 d Smith David 80y North Sutton
SG 1896.01.31 1896.01.22 m Smith Robert A. Maple Grove, QC Bowen Edna L. Waterville, P.Q. Lowell, Mass. Rev E.S. Tasker
SG 1896.03.27 1896.03.05 d Smith Malcolm 68y 1m 4d N Hill, Winslow
SG 1896.04.17 1896.04.14 d Smith Eliza Julia w/o Roe Ven Henry,D.D., D.C.L Windsor Mills d at St Georges parsonage; etc
SG 1896.09.18 1896.07.22 m Smith John Spring Hill, QC Smith Jessie Ann Spring Hill, QC Spring Hill eldest d/o late John Smith; Rev Maclennan
SG 1859.11.26 1859.11.21 m Snelling John Compton Mayhew Harriet Barnston Coaticook Rev. H.G. Burrage
SF 1865.10.12 1865.09.30 b Somers twin s/o Somers David
SG 1865.10.14 1865.09.30 b Somers twin sons of Somers David
CT 1855.07.05 1855.06.23 b Soupras d/o Soupras Charles St. Matthias
CT 1855.12.20 1855.12.16 d Southmaid Esther W. w/o Walton J. S.,editor Sherb.Gaz. 52y New Haven, CT funeral to take place 1:00pm Dec.20 Cong..
SG 1861.08.03 1861.04.29 d Southmayd John Allan, attorney abt 45y Sacramento Calif
SG 1861.08.03 1861.05.03 d Southmayd Daniel Starr, printer formerly Sherbrooke 35y Portland Oregon
FMJ 1841.08.19 1841.08.04 d Spafford Rachel w/o Spafford Dudley 55y Compton
SG 1854.12.23 1854.12.14 m Spafford Lucius P. Compton Farnham Melissa Compton Compton Rev. C.P. Mallory
CT 1856.10.02 1856.09.19 d Spafford Milton Garey only child of Spafford Marcus M. & Mary A. 15m Stevens' Pt., Wisc.
SG 1859.01.22 1859.01.04 d Spafford Edward Everett infant s/o Spafford D. P. & A. ?. 4m 11d St Anthony, Minn.
SG 1861.01.19 1860.11.27 d Spafford Sidney Julian youngest s/o Spafford Tyler Lennoxville 25y Stockton, Calif. consumption
SG 1861.04.20 1861.04.18 d Spafford Tyler 69y 11m Lennoxville funeral Apr.21 at Universalist Chapel
SG 1861.08.03 1861.07.12 d Spafford Edwin L. s/o Spafford Wm. A. A. Marion 10y 9m 9d Mecina, Minn.
SG 1863.08.15 1863.07.29 d Spafford David eldest s/o Spafford Wm. & Marion 8y 4m Medina, Minn. diptheria
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.13 b Spafford s/o Spafford Sidney L. Lennoxville
SG 1863.09.12 1863.09.06 b Spalding s/o Spalding Rufus W. Compton
SG 1864.11.19 1864.09.11 d Spalding Caleb 59y 7m Compton
SG 1871.01.21 1870.01.12 m Spear Marcus D. Grinnel, In. Beebe Emma S. Stanstead Newport, VT Rev Geo Bailey, Congregationalist
SG 1896.05.08 1896.04.08 b Speer d/o Speer H. B. Dominion
CT 1855.01.04 1854.12.22 m Sprague Volney Lewiston Twombly Sophia C. Lowell, Mass. Auburn
SG 1877.10.12 1877.09.06 d Sproull Lillie E. w/o Sisco George 23y 16d Compton
SG 1862.09.20 1862.09.13 d Squire Widow L. mother-in-law of Parker Rev. A. J. Danville 78y Danville
SG 1863.09.19 1863.09.14 d Squires Anna Maria d/o Squires Thos.& Elizabeth 19y Sherbrooke
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.30 d St. Cyr Minnie d/o St. Cyr E. 22y Sherbrooke
SN 1876.09.14 1876.09.04 m St. Louis Louis-Frederic,druggist Richmond Dillon B. Elizabeth Richmond Richmond 2nd d/o D.B.Dillon,tailor; Rev.P.Quinn
SG 1862.02.01 1862.01.26 d Stacey George s/o Stacey George, late Chf War Dp London, Eng. 57y Eaton inflamation of the lungs
SG 1865.03.11 1865.03.04 d Stafford James s/o Stafford Irwin 36y 6m Sherbrooke
CT 1856.09.25 1856.09.11 m Statton John Cookshire Betts Sarah Clifton Sawyerville Rev.Richard Wilson of Eaton
SG 1896.02.07 1896.02.04 d Steele Margaret w/o Robins John C. 63y East Sherbrooke
SN 1874.10.01 1874.09.23 d Stenson Benjamin Thomas s/o Stenson M.T.,school inspector 20m 13d Wotton, QC
SN 1875.06.03 1875.05.31 b Stenson d/o Stenson M.T.,school inspector Wotton
FMJ 1839.02.23 1839.02.19 d Stevens Wing S. abt 26y Stukely typhus fever
CT 1856.09.04 1856.09.01 m Stevens Alvy Stillman? Brompton Pierce Mary Brompton Melbourne m.at Wesleyan parsonage
SN 1875.01.14 1875.01.07 d Stevens Thomas f/o Stevens Major S.A. 88y 9m Sherbrooke d. at son's res.
SG 1894.01.05 1894.01.03 d Stevens Major S. A. 68y 6m Sherbrooke funeral 1894.01.06 & b Elmwood Cemetery
SG 1896.02.28 1896.02.24 b Stevens d/o Stevens Fred Megantic Village
SG 1851.01.25 1851.01.01 m Stevenson William Jr. Newport Planche Matilda R. Newport Newport Rev. E.J. Sherrill
FMJ 1841.11.18 1841.10.11 m Still Stephen Mix Mrs. Matilda Hatley Rev John Swasey
SG 1859.09.24 1859.09.15 d Stimpson Cyrene w/o Leavitte Nathaniel 54y Eaton
FMJ 1839.11.30 1839.11.11 m Stimson Arba, merchant Smith Mary Compton eldest d/o Joseph Smith; Rev C. Jackson
SG 1862.10.11 1862.09.25 m Stimson Andrew W. Melbourne Clark Georgina R. Melbourne Hatley Rev C. Heard [sic]
SN 1875.06.24 1875.06.22 d Stobbs Fanny w/o Stobbs Frederic George Three Rivers
SG 1855.09.08 1855.08.31 d Stockwell Olive P. w/o Magoon E. B. Sherbrooke 25y Bratleboro VT
CT 1855.09.13 1855.08.31 d Stockwell Olive P. w/o Magoon E. B. Sherbrooke 25y Bratleboro, VT
SG 1858.11.13 1858.11.10 m Stockwell Preston Maine USA Mack Maria A. Lennoxville Rev. W.D. Brown
SG 1863.09.12 1863.09.07 d Stockwell Arthur Parker s/o Stockwell J. P. 12m 3d Danville
SG 1863.08.15 1863.08.03 d Stokes Tyler T. only s/o Stokes James & Hellen 2y 4m Lennoxville
SG 1869.11.06 1869.11.02 m Stone Hollis Eaton Dagneau Achsa C. Dudswell Marbleton Rev John Stuart, Wesleyan Parsonage
SN 1875.08.26 1875.08.16 b Stone d/o Stone Lyman Birchton
SN 1876.04.27 1876.04.20 d Stone Albert Eaton 21y Sherbrooke
FMJ 1839.12.07 1839.11.14 d Stratton widow Mary 97y 9m 10d Eaton
SG 1874.09.04 1874.09.02 m Straw Curtis Barford Bailey Clara Barford   Rev D. Connolly at Wesleyan Parsonage
CT 1855.05.17 1855.05.09 m Strobridge Henry N. Eaton Pope Lucinda M. Eaton Huntingville Rev.C.P. Mallory
SG 1855.07.14 1855.06.21 m Summers Thomas Sherbrooke Coulter Alice Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev. B. Slight, A.M.
CT 1855.07.19 m Summers Thomas Sherbrooke Coulter Alice Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Rev.B.Slight
SG 1857.08.01 1857.07.09 m Sunbury Samuel L. Eaton Wilcox Emeline A. Ascot Huntingville w/o late Elam[?] Warner
SG 1864.05.07 1864.04.09 d Sunbury John G. 72y Eaton dropsy
SN 1874.12.03 d Sunbury Emma Jane w/o Jordan Abel 22y 1m 24d North Stratford, NH d/o John G.& M.A.Sunbury.
SN 1875.01.07 1875.01.05 d Sunbury David E. only s/o Sunbury Henry & Susan 2m 24d Dudswell
CT 1856.03.06 1856.02.16 m Sutherland Archibald Cook Danville Oxley Sophia Toronto Invermay C.W. eldest d/o late Wm.Oxley;Rev.John McKinnon
CT 1857.03.12 1857.03.07 b Sutherland d/o Sutherland A. C. Danville
SG 1857.03.14 1857.03.07 b Sutherland daughter d/o Sutherland A. C. Danville
FMJ 1841.06.17 1841.06.07 m Sutton Wm. B. Barnston Cleaveland Martha S. Compton Stanstead Rev R.V. Hall
SG 1851.05.10 1851.05.01 d Sutton Elizabeth w/o Johnson Henry Barnston
CT 1855.06.21 1855.06.12 m Sutton Dean. H. Barnston May Maria Stanstead Stanstead d/o late Hezekiah May; Rev.R.V.Hall
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.18 b Swail s/o Swail Henry Lyndonville, VT
SG 1865.10.14 1865.08.02 m Swan E. Eaton Smith Maria Eaton Huntingville Rev C.P. Mallory
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.22 b Sweanor s/o Sweanor Felix T. North Bay, VT see later correction
SG 1894.02.09 1894.01.22 b Sweanor s/o Sweanor Felix T. North Bay, ON
SG 1865.01.28 1865.01.21 d Tait Thos., merchant abt 55 Melbourne
FMJ 1841.06.17 1841.06.07 m Taplin Hiram Clifford Lucina Barnston Rev John Swasey
CT 1855.07.05 1855.06.17 d Tarbox Richard 56y Danville Junction
FA 1835.05.25 1835.05.04 d Taylor Hiram s/o Taylor David Hatley 14y Coaticook R. in Ascot drowned
SG 1859.04.16 1859.04.07 m Taylor Hurber Cookshire Short Mary Lucy Sherbrooke Sherbrooke 3rd d/o John Short m. at St Peter's Ch.
SG 1862.07.26 1862.07.21 d Taylor Louisa E. d/o Taylor L. F. 2?y Cookshire
SG 1864.01.16 1864.01.02 d Taylor John Lancashire, Eng. 75y Salem, NH fathr of Mrs Adam Lomas?, Sherb+7 others
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.25 d Taylor Eliza w/o Taylor J. F. 48y Cookshire
SN 1875.04.22 1875.04.12 m Taylor F. French Cookshire Fairbairn Mrs. Mary Mich., USA Raleigh, NC m.at res.of Wm.Thomson by Rev.E.R.Reich
SN 1876.10.05 1876.08.27 d Taylor Grace-Adelaide youngest d/o Taylor J. F. formerly Cookshire 18y Cary, NC
SN 1877.07.05 d Taylor Franklin French s/o Taylor J. F. formerly Cookshire 7m Carey, NC
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.07 d Taylor Augustus eldest s/o late Taylor Ezra Eaton 68y Toronto
SG 1896.04.17 1896.04.15 d Taylor Ann wid/o Lomas Adam 83y Sherbrooke funeral on Friday
CT 1855.03.22 1855.03.09 d Telray Robert Blakeney only s/o Telray Robert B.,GTR Stn.Mstr 3y Sherbrooke
SG 1857.11.14 1857.10.30 d Terrell Samuel Lee 66y Eaton
SN 1877.07.05 1877.07.02 b Terril s/o Terril Frederick William Montreal
FMJ 1841.08.05 1841.07.29 d Terrill Alanson Frederick, law 3rd s/o Terrill Joseph H. 24y Sherbrooke law student; funeral on Sat.[July 7]
CT 1857.09.03 1857.08.21 d Terrill Charles Bailey youngest s/o Terrill T. Lee & Harriet abt 2y Stanstead
CT 1857.11.19 1857.10.29 d Terrill Samuel Leo 66y Eaton
SG 1859.01.15 1859.01.13 d Terrill Joseph Hazard 77y Sherbrooke
SG 1861.04.27 d Terrill Charlotte A. formerly Eaton 36y Florence, Ga. consumption
SG 1861.11.30 1861.11.27 d Terrill Jeresha? M. wid/o Chamberlain Abial 68y Sherbrooke d/o late Samuel Lee Terrill, CT, etc
SG 1863.06.27 1863.06.23 m Terrill Frederick W., advocate Sherbrooke Kendrick Ellen L. Compton Compton at St James Ch; 2nd d/o A.W. Kendrick
SG 1869.07.10 1869.06.30 m Terrill Joseph Lee, advocate Robertson Josephine Stanstead 2nd d/o G.R. Robertson, advocate
SN 1875.07.08 1875.06.20 b Terrill s/o Terrill Joseph L. Stanstead Plain
SN 1875.12.30 1875.12.22 m Terrill Frederick W.,advocate Montreal McIver Alexandrina A. Robinson St.Paul's, Robinson only surviving d/o Lewis McIver;Rev.C.Thorp
SN 1876.06.08 1876.05.20 d Terrill Thomas-Preston 57y Sherbrooke
SG 1857.04.25 1857.02.12 d Terry Samuel M. s/o Terry late Mason 20y Eaton
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.16 m Terry Moses Eaton Johnson Sarah Eaton Eaton Rev C.P. Mallory
SG 1869.12.18 1869.12.08 d Thatcher Hattie w/o McLary Charles 19y Orford
SN 1877.09.27 1877.09.22 d Thibaudeau A. T., tailor Lothmiere 32y Sherbrooke congestion of the lungs
SG 1893.06.09 1893.05.23 b Thicknesse d/o Thicknesse M. E. Godalming Surrey Eng
FA 1835.11.30 1835.11.27 b Thomas s/o Thomas Daniel Melbourne
FMJ 1839.06.22 1839.06.18 d Thomas Adeline d/o Thomas Leonard abt 18y Melbourne
SG 1851.11.08 1851-11-01 m Thomas Henry Compton Kenyon Sarah Ann Hinesburgh VT Rev. C. P. Mallory
CT 1855.03.29 1855.03.20 d Thomas Daniel, Notary Public;JP b. Woodstock,VT 65y Melbourne settled in Melbourne 1811, etc……
SG 1861.07.06 1861.07.01 m Thomas Daniel Sherbrooke Edie Leonora M. A. T. Melbourne Richmond Rev Dr Falloon; neice of Thos Tait
SG 1861.12.28 1861.12.23 d Thomas Samuel Simpson Melbourne 24y near Kingston accidentally killed on Gr Trunk Rlwy
SG 1864.01.16 1864.01.10 d Thomas Henrietta Maria eldest d/o late Thomas Dan'l 24y Melbourne diptheria
SN 1877.08.30 1877.08.20 b Thomas d/o Thomas D. M. Sherbrooke
FA 1835.09.28 1835.09.25 d Thompson infant d/o Thompson Daniel infant Sherbrooke
FMJ 1839.08.10 1839.08.04 d Thompson Lois w/o Thompson Daniel, merchant 32y Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.02.04 1841.01.17 d Thompson Mrs. w/o Thompson Otis Derby, VT
CT 1855.07.12 1855.07.03 m Thompson George Montreal Ogilvie Catharine Riviere St. Pierre Lachine
SG 1894.01.19 1893.12.30 b Thompson s/o Thompson Wm. South Ham
SG 1894.01.19 1894.01.02 b Thompson d/o Thompson J. G.   South Ham
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.14 d Thompson? William Lucius s/o late Thompson Dan'l 4y 5m Sherbrooke
FMJ 1839.09.28 1839.09.19 d Thornbury Philip formerly Sherbrooke 18y Montpelier, VT an illness of 30 hours.
SG 1865.10.21 1865.10.16 m Thurber S.W., M.D. Derby Line Lewis Martha A. S Hardwick Hardwick, VT Rev Payson Tyler
SN 1876.12.28 1876.12.25 m Thwaites Thomas Hatley Perkins Eliza Hatley St.James',East Hatley
SG 1851.11.08 1851.11.06 d Tilloch Elizabeth wid/o Galt John Esq. 70y Sherbrooke d. at res. of son, A.T. Galt, Esq.
SG 1864.04.23 1864.04.07 m Tite James H. Hatley Perkins Ann E. Potton Hatley Rev Z. Young
CT 1855.07.12 1855.06.28? m Todd Silas Compton Heath Susan Barnston, L.C. Coaticooke Rev.John Pugh; [Wed. is June 20 or 27]
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.13 d Todd Mrs. wid/o Todd James 77y 14m[sic] Hardwood Flat, Bury heart disease
CT 1855.02.15 1855.02.12 b Torrance d/o Torrance James Montreal
FA 1835.03.16 1835.03.09 d Towle Cahrles Bellows only s/o Towle Charles & Lucy 5y Lennoxville
SG 1858.10.16 1858.10.10 d Towle Charles 66y Lennoxville
SG 1869.07.10 1869.07.06 m Towle C. E., P.L.S. Lennoxville Macalpine Minnie Frederickton, NB Acton Vale Rev L.C. Wurtele
SG 1861.08.10 1861.08.06 d Trolloppe John Norfolk, Eng. 70y Sherbrooke
SG 1896.06.12 1896.06.10 m Tubbs Calvin Johnville Leavitt Katie Eaton Sherbrooke Rev Wm. Shearer at St Andrew's manse
FMJ 1839.06.01 1839.05.26 m Tuck Samuel, Jr. Parsonsfield, Maine Arms Adeline Sherbrooke Sherbrooke eldest d/o Wm. Arms; Rev Jas Robertson
SG 1862.11.29 1862.11.19 m Turner David B. Eaton Owens Nancy Ascot Sawyerville Rev R. Brown
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.11 m Turner Henry West Bolton, P.Q. Turner Lizzie West Bolton West Bolton Rev Mr Stuart
SN 1874.09.03 1874.08.29 d Unsworth Joseph Hatton twin s/o Unsworth Joseph & Mary 9m 16d Sherbrooke
SG 1874.09.04 1874.08.29 d Unsworth Joseph Hatton twin son of Unsworth Joseph & Mary 9m 16d Sherbrooke
SN 1875.10.28 1875.10.26 d Valls Anna-Maria wid/o Felton Hon.Wm-Bowman 79y Sherbrooke funeral 9PM Fri.Oct.29;d.at res.of E.P.Felton
SG 1875.10.29 1875.10.26 d Valls Anna Maria wid/o Felton Hon. Wm Bowman 8?y Sherbrooke d at res of E.P. Felton
SG 1875.04.09 1875.04.08 b Varney d/o Varney S. Brompton
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.14? m Vaughn Edward Magog Blunt Sophia E. Stukely, Q. Rev O. Lambly
SG 1874.12.18 1874.12.15 m Vear Robert Capelton Short Eliza Capelton Rev Geo Purkis
SG 1894.03.02 1894.02.15 b Ventiner d/o Ventiner Fred Cookshire
SG 1894.01.12 1894.01.04 b Verner d/o Verner James S. Merrimacport
SG 1862.07.12 1862.09.07 m Von Iffland Rev. A. A., B.A. Langworthy Harriet Susan St George's Lennoxville 3rd d/o late Rbt Langworthy etc
CT 1855.04.05 1855.03.21 d Wade Thomas Wallace 2nd s/o Wade John 22y Melbourne
FMJ 1839.03.23 1839.03.03 d Wadleigh Rufus s/o Wadleigh Capt. Wm. 37y Kingsey consumption; 1st white infant b in twp, etc
SG 1854.02.11 1854.02.06 m Wadleigh Edwin Hatley Smith Rosa Hatley Rev. C. P. Mallory
CT 1856.08.07 1856.07.31 d Wadleigh Matilda d/o late Wadleigh James 20y Kingsey
SG 1864.07.09 1864.06.23 d Wadleigh John R. C.M. 11th Reg VT Vol 23y Brattleboro, VT diptheria after shot in head in Virginia, etc
FA 1836.01.04 1835.12.31 m Walker George Sherbrooke Woodman Mary Hatley Rev Mr Moulton of Stanstead
SG 1851.03.08 1850.10.30 d Walker Robert   36y Truxillo, Peru
SG 1854.09.26 1854.09.21 m Walker E[?]emon Esq JP Durham Ly[?]ster Isabella Durham Durham Rev.D. Dankerley; eldest d/o Rich. L.
SG 1857.09.12 1857.09.08 d Walker Eunice Maria d/o Walker Wm. 25y Sherbrooke
CT 1857.09.17 1857.09.08 d Walker Eunice Maria d/o Walker William 24y Sherbrooke
CT 1857.10.22 1857.10.20 m Walker Edmund F. Sherbrooke Beckett Caroline Sherbrooke Maple Grove d/o H.Beckett; Rev.C.P.Reid
SG 1861.12.14 1861.12.06 m Walker Edmund F. Bailey Hannah H. Sherbrooke, probably d/o late Joseph Bailey
SN 1875.12.16 1875.12.10 b Walker d/o Walker E. F.
SN 1876.08.17 1876.08.16 d Walker Edmund F. 47y Sherbrooke funeral 2PM Fri. Aug.18
SN 1877.07.21 1877.06.19 m Walker Paul E. Sherbrooke Russlow Katie M. North-Danville North Danville only d/o Wm.Russlow; Rev.A.H.Milliken
FMJ 1841.04.08 1841.03.30 d Walton Mary wid/o Walton George Peacham 73y Irasburgh
FMJ 1841.05.20 1841.04.26 d Walton George P., publisher of Vermont Watchman; s/o Walton Gen. E. P. 23y New Orleans etc
FMJ 1841.07.08 1841.07.03 b Walton s/o Walton J. S. Sherbrooke
CT 1855.12.06 1855.11.27 d Walton Gen. E.P. Montpelier, VT br/o Sherb.Gazette editor;pub.VT Watchman
SN 1875.04.29 1875.04.27 d Walton Joseph Sloper 73y Sherbrooke funeral at 2PM Friday [April 30]
FMJ 1841.04.29 1841.04.01 d Ward Mrs. Esther H. sis/o Hall Rev. R. V. Stanstead 24y Charlotte, VT lvs 11 day-old infant……
SG 1851.04.05 1851.03.29 m Ward Osgood Ascot Wood Alice Ascot Ascot 3rd d/o late Geo. Wood
CT 1855.06.21 1855.06.12 m Ward Ezra Bradford Sanborn Bradford Bradford Derby Line by N. Sheafe, Esq.
SG 1855.09.08 1855.08.21 m Ward Wm. Eaton Nason Ruth Holland VT Stanstead Rev. R. V. Hall
CT 1855.09.13 1855.08.21 m Ward William Eaton Nason Ruth Holland, Vt Stanstead Rev. R.V. Hall
CT 1855.11.08 1855.11.05 m Ward William Tilleard, M.D. Barford Lettice Letitia S. Brighton, England Sherbrooke Rev. C.P.Reid
SG 1865.04.15 1865.03.17 d Ward Adrian 73y Eaton appoplexy
SG 1869.07.03 1869.06.03 m Ward William Spaldin Eaton Hodge Julia Ann Eaton Grove Hill Rev A. Gillis
SG 1869.11.06 1869.10.15 d Ward Alice C. 2nd d/o Ward William & Ruth 10y 4m 18d Eaton
SN 1875.06.03 1875.06.02 d Ward Frederick youngest s/o Ward H. 9y Sherbrooke
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.03 m Warner Charles H. Stoke Butler Sarah Ascot Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1851.07.05 1851.06.24 m Warner Chester W. Eaton Boyding Almeda Ascot Rev. C.P. Mallory
CT 1855.01.25 d Warner Elam Sherbrooke abt 40y Lennoxville
SG 1861.08.03 1861.07.27 d Warner Rachel D. d/o Warner Joshua 15.5y Marbelton, Dudswell
FMJ 1839.04.19 m Warren Rev John B., pres. Of Louisiana Institute Southmayd Mrs. Joanna Kent Concord MA Brazoria, Texas Rep. d/o late Rev Mr Kent, Benson VT
SG 1896.01.03 1895.12.25 m Watkins Wm. G. Ingham Fannie Louisa Lennoxville White River Junction Rev A.J. Gillis
SG 1896.06.19 1896.06.13 m Wearne Charles Cilles Rosa Meth. ch Sherbrooke only d/o Robt. Cilles of Belvedere
FMJ 1839.11.23 1839.11.17 d Webb Edward Brompton 51y Brompton Commander Royal Navy
FMJ 1841.02.25 1841.01.20 m Webster John Smith Nancy B. Stanstead Rev A. Moulton
FMJ 1841.11.11 1841.10.26 m Webster Ronaldo Burbeck Sarah Jane Compton Hatley Rev John Tomkins, Wesleyan Mnstr
CT 1855.10.18 1855.10.04 m Webster Horace, Jr. White Co., Minnesota Pease Miranda E. Ascot Compton Rev.C.P.Mallory
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.30 d Webster Lucy wid/o Webster Israel 92y 3m 25d Compton arr from Harvard VT 52y ago etc
SN 1875.06.24 1875.06.15 m Webster Joseph Montreal Hughes Elizabeth Montreal Montreal Rev.Father O'Dowd
SN 1877.08.02 d Webster Orrin 55y Sherbrooke cholera morbus
SG 1896.06.12 m Webster George W. Sherbrooke Predmore Elizabeth B. Lawrence MA Rev Henry Wood at St John's Ch.
SN 1877.03.15 1877.03.09 d Weekes George, N.P. f/o Weekes W. H. Cookshire 79y 8m Montreal
SG 1863.04.11 1863.03.18 d Weir Mary w/o Weir Daniel 72y Ascot res. of Canada for 42 yrs.
SG 1896.02.14 1896.02.05 m Weir D. A. Stoke McCaffrey Annie Stoke Stoke Centre Rev Fthr Martel; youngest d/o Michael McC
SG 1851.03.08 1851.02.20 d Welch Polly w/o Copp Richard Georgeville Stanstead
FMJ 1841.07.22 1841.07.10 d Wells Lucy d/o Wells Sheldon 18y East Farnham sudden death etc
SG 1851.11.08 1851.10.20 d Wells Mrs. Caroline 41y Compton U.C. papers plse notice
SG 1854.12.16 1854.12.01 d Wells Lovina w/o Wells Hiram in 48y Hereford
CT 1855.04.05 1855.03.10 d Wells Moses Hatley 86y
CT 1855.07.19 1855.07.07 m Wells Leaonard Farnham Twp. Wells Sarah Farnham Farnham eldest d/o Sheldon Wells;Rev.Wm.Jones
SG 1863.08.08 1863.08.02 m Wells George P. West Canaan, NH Browne Mary Ann Lebanon, NH gd/o A C Browne, Sherbrooke
SG 1865.12.23 1865.11.25 d Wells George Irasburgh 32y Norfolk, VA mbr of Co B 9th VT Volunteers
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.20 m Wells Francis C. Compton Heath Hannah L. Compton Compton d/o Capt. Heath; Rev. W.W. Ross
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.12 d Wells Francis C. 57y 5m Ayer's Flat accidentally killed
SG 1865.08.12 1865.07.01 d Westman Elijah 58y Dudswell
FA 1835.08.10 1835.07.30 d Weston Caroline 2nd d/o late Weston Dr. John 17y Charleston, Hatley short illness
CT 1856.12.25 1856.12.13 m Weston George Dudswell Cote Therese Dudswell Dudswell Rev.T.S.Chapman at St.Paul's Church
SG 1861.02.23 1861.02.18 d Weston Sally w/o Ritche Wm. 66y Sherbrooke
SG 1862.11.01 1862.10.28 m Weyland Henry G. Weedon Stacy Louisa Eaton Rev T.S. Chapman
SG 1894.06.29 1894.06.11 b Weyland d/o Weyland Wm. C. M. Marbleton
CT 1855.09.13 m Wheeler E. E. G. Charleston Tucker Julia J. Irasburg Derby Rev. A.Norcross at Bates' Hotel
SG 1861.04.06 1861.03.25 m Wheeler Wm. Jordan Caroline Newport Eaton Rev. A. Gillies
FMJ 1839.09.21 1839.09.04 d Whitcher Cela w/o Whitcher Col. Ebenezer 69y Compton
FMJ 1839.09.21 1839.09.12 d Whitcher Col. Ebenezer 75y Compton
SG 1859.12.17 1859.12.07 m Whitchill Jas. Walden, VT Simons Asenath Eaton Rev. A. Gillies at the bride's mother's.
SG 1854.02.11 1854.01.31 m Whitcomb Joel Compton Kent Martha Ascot Rev. C. P. Mallory
FMJ 1839.05.18 1839.04.29 d White Lucy wid/o White Caleb 95y Stanstead
FMJ 1841.02.04 1841.01.24 b White s/o White Rufus L. Granby
CT 1856.01.24 1856.01.17 d White Helen wid/o Gairdner Hon.Mr.Justice 45y Montreal
SG 1861.06.08 1861.05.28 m White William Thomas Quebec Colby Emily S. Stanstead Rev. R.V. Hall; only d/o Dr. M.F. Colby
SG 1871.09.09 1871.09.06 b White s/o White Wm.
SG 1896.02.21 1896.02.15 d White Michael Newton, Co Westmeath IR 91y Sherbrooke b. 4 March 1804
FMJ 1841.10.07 1841.09.27 d Whitney Lucinda w/o Cushing J. P. 53y Richmond, Shipton
SG 1865.12.30 1865.12.21 m Whitney Henry N Parsonfield, ME Robinson Margaret Stanstead Hatley Rev H.G. Barrage
SG 1859.08.20 1859.08.01 d Whittemore Sarah wid/o Baker Jesse 82y Sherbrooke Twp
SG 1875.10.29 d Whittier Willis Cherry River, P.Q. heart disease
SG 1863.10.10 1863.09.24 m Wigget Peter J. Huntingville Maynard Charlotte J. Huntingville Huntingville Rev. C.P. Mallory
SG 1872.10.04 1872.09.12 d Wiggett John F. Island Pond, VT, 2nd s/o Wigget Anthony Waterville, P.Q. 38y Wentworth, NH lvs wife & child etc
SN 1875.09.09 1875.09.01 m Wiggett C. F. Waterville Burbeck Annie Ellen Waterville Waterville d/o J.C.Burbeck;Rev.T.L.Hall & A.J.Balfour
SN 1877.07.19 1877.07.12 b Wiggett d/o Wiggett J. W.
SN 1877.08.30 1877.08.19 b Wiggett d/o Wiggett James Sherbrooke
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.29 d Wiggett Edith 2nd d/o Wigget James conductor QCR 12y 8m 17d Sherbrooke
SG 1861.03.09 1861.02.23 d Wilcox Miss Ann Plymouth, Eng. 66y Sherbrooke d at res of T. Buckingham
SG 1861.11.02 1861.10.29 d Wilcox Mary Jane w/o Elliott Wm. A. 29y Waterville scrofula of the throat
SG 1894.06.01 1894.05.04 d Wilcox George 46y 4m 1d White River Junction
CT 1857.11.05 1857.10.21 d Wilford Peosis Harriet 3rd d/o late Wilford Richard 19y Cookshire carcinomatous
CT 1857.11.12 1857.10.21 d Wilford Persis Harriet 3rd d/o late Wilford Richard 19y Cookshire carcinomatis
FMJ 1841.04.08 1841.04.02 d Willard William E. s/o Willard William 22y Dudswell bore his sickness with much patience….
SG 1851.04.05 1851.03.26 m Willard G. Marshall Dudswell Jordan Hannah Newport
SG 1862.02.08 1862.01.17 d Willard Rebecca wid/o Haskell Benjamin 74y Ascot
SG 1862.08.23 1862.08.09 d Willard Ellen w/o Kimball Edson A. 38y Oakland, Calif. d/o W.R. Willard, Sherb.
SG 1864.04.16 1864.04.08 d Willard Sophronia w/o Call John 32y 5m Dudswell
SG 1864.09.24 1864.09.22 d Willard William H. 80y Sherbrooke
FMJ 1841.07.22 1841.07.08 d Willey Sarah Ann d/o Willey Abel 16y 8m Shipton scarlet fever
SG 1851.07.05 1851.05.08 m Willey Noah W. the 2nd Shipton Emerson Merinda M. Shipton  
SG 1863.03.07 1863.02.18 m Willey Thaddeus Shipton Twp. Morrill M. Cordelia Shipton Danville Rev. A. J. Parker
FMJ 1841.03.25 1841.03.17 m Williams Daniel Philipsburg Moran Catharine Granby Granby Rev R. Miles
SG 1851.01.25 1850.11.03 d Williams Eunice Parmelia d/o Williams Thos. & Talitha 24yr 7mo Williamstown VT
CT 1857.08.20 1857.08.15 d Williams Walter Charles only child of Williams Tho's Sherbrooke 7y 6m brain fever
SG 1857.09.05 1857.08.09 d Williams Gilbert P. 56y Newport C.E.
SG 1861.06.08 1861.05.15 m Williams Merrill Greensboro VT Hyndman Anna Maria Sherbrooke Danville VT youngest d/o C.M. Hyndman
SG 1861.06.29 1861.06.22 m Williams Dudley A. Newport Maguire Margaret Clifton Rev. A. Gillies
SG 1862.06.07 1862.05.31 d Williams Wm. Green, Trumball Co, OH 80y Eaton, L.C. formerly foreman for late W.B.Felton, Sherb.
SG 1862.09.27 1862.09.23 m Williams A. H. Newport Cross Louisa M. Eaton Westbury Rev R. Brown
SG 1864.04.09 1864.03.10 m Williams Hollis B. Eaton Glidden Sophia A. Compton Compton Rev A. Gillis
SG 1872.08.09 1872.07.27 d Williams Jennie Alberta May d/o Williams Hiram & Agnes Newport, P.Q. 4m Sherbrooke
SG 1873.05.02 1873.03.30 d Williams Sophronia N. w/o Heard Samuel Newport, P.Q. d/o late Asaph & Jerusha Williams
SG 1875.11.12 1875.10.07 m Williams Herbert S. IL, USA Young Mary M. St Thomas, P.Q. St Thomas Rev H. Cairns
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.19 d Williams Esther d/o Williams Amos Eaton see later correction
SG 1894.02.02 1894.01.19 d Williams Esther 2nd d/o Williams A. W. 21y 4m 3d Bulwer, P.Q.
SG 1894.02.09 1894.02.08 d Williams Hiram E. 64y Pittsburg, NH
SG 1894.01.12 1893.11.22 d Willis Minnie W. 19y Dixville
SG 1894.01.12 1894.01.08 d willis Thomas K. 21y Dixville
SG 1894.05.11 1894.05.08 m Willis William A. Sherbrooke Wheeler Rose M. Montreal St George's Montreal 2nd s/o late Lieut-Col;d/o lateFrederick W…
SG 1853.01.07 1853.01.05 m Willson James Melbourne Hills Eliza Ann Melbourne Rev. Wm. Scott
FA 1835.07.06 1835.07.02 d Wilson Thomas abt 18y Ascot
CT 1855.10.18 1855.10.10 m Wilson James H? L. Ascot Langworthy Mary Garland Hatley Lennoxville Rev.T.Pennefather at St.George's Church
SG 1861.02.23 1861.02.12 d Wilson Sarah d/o Wilson Thomas Lingwick 21y Portland typhoid fever
SG 1862.01.11 1862.12.21 m Wilson Henry E. Ascot Charnock Ellen F. Ascot Lennoxville s/o late Dr Wilson; d/o John H. Charnock
SG 1863.02.28 1863.02.22 d Wilson Charles Henry s/o Wilson Henry E. Ascot 5m Ascot
SG 1864.02.27 1864.02.17 b Wilson d/o Wilson J. H. L. near Lennoxville Crescent Farm
SG 1865.04.22 1865.04.17 b Wilson d/o Wilson I. Huntingville
SG 1873.05.02 1873.04.19 d Wilson Eliza M. w/o Dongan Jas. 64y Lennoxville long & painfull illness etc
SG 1875.10.29 m Wilson Chester, Jr.   Bates Whitby Sutton Rev J.H. Fowler, M.A.
SN 1877.05.31 1877.05.27 d Wilson Henry youngest s/o late Wilson Dr. Yorkshire, England 37y Milby heart disease
SG 1896.04.03 1896.03.30 d Wilson Mrs Elizabeth Ann 97y 5m Ascot d at Massawippi Cottage
SG 1896.06.05 1896.05.31 d Wilson Bertha L. only d/o Wilson H. J. Canon City, Col.
SG 1863.03.14 1863.03.05 m Windor W., baliff Bury Saunders Cynthia Bury Bury eldest d/o W. Saunders, farmer
SG 1894.06.29 1894.06.26 m Winget John Barton Landing VT Desilet Catherine Alberta Ascot Corner St George's Lennoxville Rev A.C. Scarth
FA 1835.10.12 1835.10.05 list Winners Cattle Show Lennoxville
SG 1877.10.12 list Winners Agricultural Society Wolfe County
SG 1877.10.12 1877.10.02 list Winners Annual Show Marbleton
SG 1896.01.03 list Winners School District 11 East Dudswell
CT 1856.12.25 1856.12.21 b Winter s/o Winter A.
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.09 b Witty d/o Witty Charles F. New York
FMJ 1839.02.23 1839.02.18 d Wood Caroline youngest d/o Wood George 2y 1m Ascot
FMJ 1841.10.28 m Wood Hiram O. Wheeler Lucy A. Barnston, L.C. Barnston Rev R.Cooney, Wesleyan Mnstr of Stanstead
FMJ 1841.11.18 1841.11.06 d Wood Mary w/o Brown Theophilus 22y Stanstead d/o Ephraim Wood
SG 1861.06.29 m Wood George Gibson Newport Sawyer Mary Lorinda Eaton Newport C.E. Rev. T.W. Constable
SG 1862.08.16 1862.08.12 d Woodrow Harriet w/o Grixton Richard 23y Westbury d/o John & Hannah Woodbury; NH papers etc
SG 1871.02.25 1871.02.13 d Woods Verde M. w/o Cushman Frank C. 25y E Hatley
SG 1894.01.12 1893.12.24 b Woods s/o Woodrow W. L. South Barnston
FA 1835.05.25 1835.05.14 b Woodward d/o Woodward Deacon Wm. Waterloo Village, Shefford
FMJ 1839.03.23 1839.03.14 m Woodward Harmon Waterloo, Shefford Fuller Cynthia Maria Dunham Farnham 2nd d/o Dr. Fuller; Rev Mr Ward, Stanstead
SG 1854.08.26 1854.08.22 d Woodward George youngest s/o Woodward A. G. 9m 10d Sherbrooke
CT 1855.08.02 1855.07.28 b Woodward d/o Woodward A. G. Sherbrooke
CT 1856.09.18 1856.09.12 d Woodward Charles William 2nd s/o Woodward A. G. Sherbrooke 15y Compton
SG 1864.12.03 1864.11.12 d Woodward Deliverance f/o Woodward A. G. Sherbrooke 59y Lowell, Mass.
SN 1875.07.08 1875.07.07 m Woodward Noah Smith Sherbrooke Medland Agnes Constance St.Peter's, Sherbrooke yngst s/o A.G.Woodward;youngest d/o John
SN 1875.08.05 1875.07.31 d Woodward Roseana Maud youngest d/o Woodward John & Mary S. 2y 5m 12d Sherbrooke
SN 1876.09.14 1876.09.13? b Woodward s/o Woodward N. S.
SG 1894.01.26 1894.01.21 d Woodward Irene wid/o Stone Joseph 73y 5m Buckingham, C.E. Joseph was former mayor of Waterville
CT 1855.06.23 1855.05.23 d Wooley Emily d/o Woolley Joseph Derby Line, VT 22y Milford, GA
SG 1855.09.01 1855.05.23 d Wooley Emily d/o Wooley Joseph Derby Lane VT 22y Millford, GA
SG 1870.10.08 1870.09.22 d Woolsey George, Jr. 2nd s/o Woolsey George & Mary Ascot typhoid fever
SG 1865.01.21 1865.01.13 b Wright s/o Wright William, hotel-keeper Bury
CT 1855.01.25 1855.01.17 b Wurtele s/o Wurtele Jonarhan Montreal
SG 1861.05.25 1861.05.19 b Wurtele d/o Wurtele Louis C. Lennoxville
SG 1851.01.25 1851.01.21 m Wyman Wesley R. Compton Salla Mary Clifton Eaton Rev. E.J. Sherrill
SG 1861.06.15 ?? m Wyman L. W. Compton Salls Hannah L. Stanstead
SG 1862.10.11 1862.10.09 m Wyman Ryley Barnston Wilcox Maria Ascot Sherbrooke Rev A. Duff
SG 1864.08.20 1864.08.10 m Wyman Ermand U. Compton Caswell Althine Compton Rev L.P. Adams
SG 1869.07.03 1869.06.24 d Wyman Ellen E. w/o Webber R. N., M.D., mayor Richmond 33y Richmond obit
SN 1876.10.19 1876.10.15 m Wyman Joseph A. Barnston Fletcher Phebe Hatley St.James', East Hatley d/o J.Wesley Fletcher; Rev.A.J.Balfour
SG 1896.04.24 1896.04.15 d Yates John W Bromwich, England 64y Stoke
FMJ 1841.04.29 1841.04.23 d Young Margaret wid/o Kilbourn Col. Charles   74y Stanstead consumption
CT 1855.03.22 1855.03.05 m Young Almon Hatley Buck Emily Newport
CT 1857.09.03 1857.08.22 d Young H. Bailey Terrill only s/o Young Andrew, Jr. & Abba S. abt 3y Stanstead
SG 1894.02.16 1894.02.11 d Young David, custom officer Stanhope, Barnston 72y neuralgia of the heart
SG 1894.06.15 1894.06.05 m Young George P., attorney Spear Grace Mabel Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minn.
SFC 1832.05.22 nil  
SFC 1832.07.17 nil
FA 1834.06.30 nil
FA 1834.07.07 nil
FA 1835.02.23 nil
FA 1835.03.02 nil
FA 1835.04.06 nil
FA 1835.05.04 nil
FA 1835.05.11 nil
FA 1835.06.08 nil
FA 1835.06.29 nil
FA 1835.07.20 nil
FA 1835.07.27 nil
FA 1835.08.04 nil
FA 1835.08.24 nil
FA 1835.10.05 nil
FA 1835.10.23 nil
FA 1835.11.09 nil
FA 1835.11.16 nil
FA 1835.12.07 nil
FA 1835.12.14 nil
FA 1835.12.21 nil
FA 1836.05.02 nil
FMJ 1839.04.13 nil
FMJ 1839.05.04 nil
FMJ 1839.05.25 nil
FMJ 1839.06.08 nil
FMJ 1839.07.06 nil
FMJ 1839.08.03 nil
FMJ 1839.08.17 nil
FMJ 1839.09.14 nil
FMJ 1839.10.12 nil
FMJ 1839.11.02 nil
FMJ 1841.04.15 nil
FMJ 1841.07.29 nil
FMJ 1841.09.30 nil
SG 1851.02.01 nil
SG 1851.07.19 nil
SG 1851.08.09 nil
SG 1851.08.16 nil
SG 1854.07.22 nil
SG 1854.09.02 nil
SG 1854.11.18 nil
SG 1854.12.09 nil
CT 1855.03.01 nil
CT 1855.03.08 nil
CT 1855.04.19 nil
CT 1855.05.24 nil
CT 1855.05.31 nil
SG 1855.08.18 nil
CT 1855.10.04 nil
CT 1855.10.11 nil
SG 1855.10.27 nil
CT 1855.11.01 nil
SG 1855.11.03 nil
CT 1855.11.15 nil
CT 1855.12.27 nil
CT 1856.01.03 nil
CT 1856.01.17 nil
CT 1856.02.07 nil
CT 1856.02.21 nil
CT 1856.03.13 nil
CT 1856.03.20 nil
CT 1856.04.10 nil
CT 1856.04.31 nil
CT 1856.05.29 nil
CT 1856.06.19 nil
CT 1856.06.26 nil
CT 1856.07.10 nil
CT 1856.07.24 nil
CT 1856.07.31 nil
CT 1856.08.21 nil
CT 1856.08.28 nil
CT 1856.10.09 nil
CT 1856.11.13 nil
CT 1856.11.20 nil
CT 1856.11.27 nil
CT 1857.01.08 nil
CT 1857.01.29   nil
CT 1857.02.12 nil
SG 1857.02.21 nil
CT 1857.03.05 nil
CT 1857.03.19 nil
SG 1857.03.21 nil
CT 1857.04.02 nil
CT 1857.04.30 nil
SG 1857.05.02 nil
CT 1857.05.21 nil
SG 1857.05.30 nil
CT 1857.06.04 nil
SG 1857.06.13 nil
CT 1857.06.18 nil
CT 1857.06.25 nil
SG 1857.06.27 nil
CT 1857.07.09 nil
SG 1857.07.18 nil
CT 1857.08.06 nil
SG 1857.08.08 nil
CT 1857.08.13 nil
CT 1857.08.27 nil
SG 1857.09.19 nil
CT 1857.09.24 nil
SG 1857.09.26 nil
CT 1857.10.15 nil
SG 1857.10.17 nil
CT 1857.10.29 nil
SG 1857.11.07 nil
SG 1857.11.28 nil
CT 1857.12.03 nil
SG 1857.12.05 nil
CT 1857.12.10 nil
SG 1857.12.12 nil
CT 1857.12.17 nil
SG 1858.03.13 nil
SG 1858.04.17 nil
SG 1858.06.05 nil
SG 1858.06.12 nil
SG 1858.06.19 nil
SG 1858.07.10 nil
SG 1858.07.17 nil
SG 1858.07.31 nil
SG 1858.08.28 nil
SG 1859.02.12 nil
SG 1859.03.05 nil
SG 1859.03.12 nil
SG 1859.03.26 nil
SG 1859.04.09 nil
SG 1859.04.23 nil
SG 1859.05.21 nil
SG 1859.07.02 nil
SG 1859.07.09 nil
SG 1859.07.23 nil
SG 1859.08.06 nil
SG 1861.01.26 nil
SG 1861.02.09 nil
SG 1861.02.16 nil
SG 1861.03.02 nil
SG 1861.03.30 nil
SG 1861.04.13 nil
SG 1861.05.11 nil
SG 1861.08.24 nil
SG 1861.09.14 m
SG 1861.11.09 nil
SG 1861.11.16 nil
SG 1862.01.25 nil
SG 1862.03.22 nil
SG 1862.05.17 nil
SG 1862.05.24 nil
SG 1862.08.30 nil
SG 1862.09.06 nil
SG 1863.01.17 nil
SG 1863.08.29 nil
SG 1863.09.26 nil
SG 1863.10.03 nil
SG 1864.11.26 nil
SF 1864.12.29 nil
SF 1865.12.14 nil
SF 1866.03.01 nil
SN 1873.12.11 nil
SG 1874.07.17 nil
SN 1874.08.13 nil
SN 1874.09.24 nil
SN 1874.10.08 nil
SN 1874.10.22 nil
SN 1874.10.29 nil
SN 1874.11.12 nil
SN 1874.11.26 nil
SN 1874.12.17 nil
SN 1875.01.28 nil
SN 1875.05.06 nil
SN 1875.07.22 nil
SN 1875.07.29 nil
SN 1875.08.19 nil
SN 1875.09.23 nil
SN 1875.09.30 nil
SN 1875.10.07 nil
SN 1875.11.11 nil
SN 1875.11.25 nil
SN 1875.12.23 nil
SN 1876.02.03 nil
SN 1876.02.10 nil
SN 1876.02.17 nil
SN 1876.03.02 nil
SN 1876.03.16 nil
SN 1876.04.20 nil
SN 1876.06.22 nil
SN 1876.06.29 nil
SN 1876.07.20 nil
SN 1876.08.31 nil
SN 1876.10.12 nil
SN 1876.10.26 nil
SN 1876.12.21 nil
SN 1877.01.11 nil
SN 1877.01.18 nil
SN 1877.02.01 nil
SN 1877.02.15 nil
SN 1877.02.22 nil
SN 1877.03.08 nil
SN 1877.03.22 nil
SN 1877.03.29 nil
SN 1877.04.12 nil
SN 1877.04.26 nil
SN 1877.05.03 nil
SN 1877.06.28 nil
SN 1877.08.19 ? page 3 missing
SN 1877.11.01 nil
SN 1877.11.22 nil
SN 1877.12.13 nil
SN 1877.12.20 nil
SN 1877.12.27 nil
SN 1878.02.14 nil
SN 1878.03.21 nil
SN 1878.03.28 nil
SN 1878.04.18 nil
SN 1878.04.25 nil
SG 1894.03.06 nil
SG 1894.05.25 nil
SG 1959.07.16 nil
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