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About the List of Loyalists petitioning for land circa 1783

This document names 381 claimed Loyalists who were recorded by Alex Taylor circa 1783. The Corps in which many of them served is provided and also the date that they enterred Canada. In a number of cases, the parental or spousal relationship between them is also provided. In some case it is mentioned that they died, implying that such death was between about 1783 (when they were put on the list) and about 1786 (when updates to the list seemed to have ceased.

I have attempted to transcribe precisely what was written but the extensive use of abreviations makes reading this document difficult. You are strongly urged to examine the original.

These pages have been numbered by Canada Archives such that the cover page is the second page in the set. As you read these pages it becomes apparent that some comments contains dates up to three years later than 1783. There are also comments indicating that the person has died, posing the question why were they on the list in the first place. Closer examination of the images reveals that the writing in the first column on most pages is fainter than the ink elsewhere. The explanation that I favor is that firstly the pages are out of sequence. Page 91004 should actually follow page 91013. Secondly, I believe that the first column of all pages, and the first five lines of page 91004, were an original list prepared circa 1783. The other columns and the remaining lines of page 91004 were then added later as Alex Taylor managed to acquire the requested information. This transcription has the pages resequenced as suggested above.

Extracted from Canada Archives No. C-2565, Vol. 190, Taylor, Alex - Taylor, James
FHL US/CAN film #1631061

About 1783No. 346. Alexr. Taylor & many others Loyalists praying for Land.
Wm. Marsh junr. at Caldwells M. N. Si. L. & son to Jacob Marsh Esqr. Who died in Bourgs. Camp in Stillwater. } 1785 Since in Canada.
Rich. McBain St. Jons. Whose father. Died Albany Goal in the War Time.
John Cameron on Do. M. son to Ensign Cameron. No Corps. 1780 Since in Canada.
Darby Collahon D. in St. Johns. Served in the Siege of Quebec & a Settler in our Army & is 18 years in ye. Country.
Patric Fleming B. A. St. Johns whose father was Drowned in St. Lawrence River. Since 1781 in Canada.
Joseph Mock a [son] to the Above Mock in Mifsisque. Do.
Christ. Wehr Lieu. In ye R. Y. Mifsisque N. of L. S. Jns. Johnstons Corps of the 2nd B. R. Yorkers 1777 & Serves in Bourgoynes Camp.
Jacob Hockster @ Mifsisque Rivr. A foreigner that was left Sick in Boston when he was prisoner by the Rebels.","& Came here Last Spring 1786.
John Shaltes
} All in Colonies Loyalists.
James O'Neil on Caldwells M. 84th Major harris 1777 & Dischargd. In 1784 Now in Canada.
John Sliater on Caldwells Manor. in 1st Bataln. Of Royl. Regm. Artilery & 20 years in Canada Since.
John Mace Caldwells M. Served in ye 8th Regt. 9 years in Canada and is 1 years in ye Country [illegible].