Adams James died 09-07-1850 son of William Adams & Rosannah    
Adams Edwin died 26-07-1850 son of William Adams & Rosannah  
Adams William died 24-03-1849 son of William Adams & Rosannah  
Babcok Henry died 06-08-1848  
Billings Elise Ann died 16-11-1855 daughter of L Billings & MS  
Billings Lewis died 21-01-1883 husband of Lucy  
Billings Nancy V 1834-1913 wife of Myron E Martin  
Billings Sylvia C died 31-05-1899 wife of Edward Hauver  
Bingham Solomon died 11-02-1859 husband of Sylvia  
Bingham Sylvia   died 01-02-1855 wife of Solomon  
Brown Louisa Robina died 05-06-1853 daughter of James Brown & Maranda  
Brown Susannah died 03-06-1824 wife of Charles Brown  
Bullis Joseph died 10-03-1850  
Burgess Ellen died 15-02-1856 wife of Silas H Wheeler  
Burgess  Sarah died 10-08-1898 wife of William Palmer   
Billings Allan E died 17-01-1858 son of Lewis Billings & Lucy  
Carlton Ellen died 11-08-1876 wife of John Tipping  
Carlton James died 303-01-1855  
Carr Agnes died 08-02-1849 daughter of J J Carr & CL  
Carr James died 27-01-1843 son of Hamilton Carr & Catherine  
Cook Eliza Ann died 05-03-1842 wife of Joshua Lewis  
Comer Hannah B died 09-12-1881 wife of David Dayton  
Clark Helen Ella died 26-08-1857  
Crothers Andrew L died 09-03-1838  
Crothers Harold R 1877-1904 son of J J Crothers & A A  
Crothers  George died 25 -09-1860  
Crothers James died 15-04-1840 husband of Margaret Kerker  
Crothers Robert 1800-1884 husband of Mary Foreman  
Crothers Robert died- 07-1880 husband of Angeline Stow  
Crothers Sarah Nelly 1856-1858  
Dean Ellen 1850-1876 wife of Levi S Mandigo  
Deuel Taber 1810-1878 husband of Jane A Martin  
Dowd B 1843-1929 wife of William H Tipping  
Dunphy Ellen died 29-04-1907 wife of James A Martin  
Esinhart William H died 25-03-1855 son of William J Esinhart & Eliza A  
Fadden Catherine A died 19-02-1886 wife of William G Mandigo  
Fairfield James died 14-10-1866  
Fairfield Margaret died 24-01-1867 daughter of James Fairfield & Margaret  
Fanning Ellaner died -05-06-1856 wife of Richard Martin  
Fargo Aaron R died 7-04-1829  
Fargo Harley W died 21-06-1835  
Foreman Mary 1810-1883 wife of Robert Crothers  
Fargo Elizabeth died 30-10-1879 wife of Gardner Green  
Gartin Rachel died 25-09-1867 wife of James Fairfield  
Grant George A died 15-02-1850 son of Peter Grant & M  
Grant Peter died 21-03-1851 native of Boharm Banffshire Scotland  
Green Amanda M 1822-1890 wife of James Lewis  
Green Gardner died 17-01-1869 husband of Elizabeth Fargo  
Greene Edith A died 18-08-1880 wife of James A  Tipping  
Greene John Edson died 10-09-1856 son of Hillman Greene & Almira  
Greene Martha L 1854-1898 wife of W G Lewis  
Hagan James 1837-1919 husband of Margaret T Wiley  
Hagan George died 15-07-1900 son of James Hagan & Margaret Wiley  
Hagan Mary died 05-08-1900 wife of Joseph Roy  
Hall Elizabeth Ann 1862-1920 wife of De Witt Wheeler - Buried in Gorefield Sask
Hall Elizabeth died 30-11-1848 wife of  William Lewis  
Hauver Edward 1814-1878 husband of Sylvia Billings  
Hauver Elria J 1851-1886 wife of Edouard Roy  
Hauver Lucia died 14-02-1849 daughter of Edward Hauver & Sylvia Billings  
Hauver Oscar P died 24-01-1892  
Howden William Henry 1859-1927 husband of Maud B Roy  
Shutts Ophelia S 1832-1911 wife of Ephriam M Wheeler  
Jameson Mathew 1844-1917  
Johnson Eliza Ann 1835-1898 wife of H W Reed  
Johnston Hugh 1810-1896  
Johnston Lydia died 31-05-1845 wife of Joseph Bullis  
Keep Lucy J 1801-1848 wife of Charles Brown  
Kerker Margaret died 09-09-1867 wife of James Crothers  
Kirkpatrick Ann died 21-08-1872 wife of Alex Tipping  
Lewis Alma D died 29-08-1872 daughter of W G Lewis and Martha  L Green  
Lewis Amanda E died 20-03-1872 wife of John Burgess jr  
Lewis Archie H died 28-05-1900  
Lewis Arthur H died 16-08-1874 son of W G Lewis & Martha L Green  
Lewis David Heman died 01-01-1857 son of James Lewis & Amanada Green  
Lewis Eugene R died 30-05-1885  
Lewis James died 28-10-1904 husband of Amanda Green  
Lewis Jasper C died 13-08-1832 son of Joshua Lewis & Eliza Ann  
Lewis Lucy J died 20-10-1882 wife of James Carlton  
Lewis Margaret T L died 24-01-1853 daughter of William Lewis & Belinda  
Lewis Martha E died 06-02-1857 daughter of Nelson Lewis & Mathilda Martin  
Lewis Martha G died 18-01-1853 daughter of William Lewis & Belinda  
Lewis William A died 11-10-1862 son of William Lewis & M M Martin  
Lewis William G 1843-1915 husband of Martha L Green  
Lewis William Nelson died 15-03-1882 husband of M M Martin  
Lord Mary Rose 1838-1912 wife of Eloi Roy  
Mandigo Joshua died 10-04-1835  
Mandigo William G died 09-03-1881 husband of Catherine A  Fadden  
Martin Alice A died 28-12-1859 daughter of Richard Martin & Eleanor  
Martin Arthur   dies 26-07-1856 son of Richard Martin & Eleanor  
Martin George W died 03-05-1844 son of Richard Martin & Eleanor  
Martin George W died 09-07-1862 son of Richard Martin & Eleanor  
Martin Helen May died 06-08-1876 daughter  of Myron E Martin & Nancy  V Billings  
Martin Henry died 16-02-1876  
Martin James A died 29-04-1907 husband of Ellen Dunphy  
Martin Jane A 1823-1902 wife of Taber Deuel  
Martin Lucy Britomarte died 01-09-1874 daughter of Myron E Martin & Nancy  V Billings  
Martin Mary B died 12-01-1854 wife of Peter Martin  
Martin Myron E died 29-02-1828 husband of Nancy V Billings  
Martin Myron E died 07-07-1875 son of Myron E Martin & Nancy V Billings  
Martin MM 1833-1916 wife of William Nelson Lewis  
Martin Peter died 08-01-1853 husband of Mary B  
Martin Richard 09-11-1879  
McIntyre Jennie M died 11-04-1883 wife of John McIntyre  
Macfie John   died 11-09-1826 son of  Alex Macfie & Ann Tough  
Macfie Ann died ??? daughter of Alex Macfie and Ann Tough  
Miette Catherine A died 20-01-1849 wife of James J Carr  
Molleur xxxxx 1847-1883 wife of Napoleon Roy  
Palmer George A died 29-03-1895  
Palmer James E died 28-05-1927  
Palmer Mary 1847-1937  
Palmer Orr 1843-1927  
Palmer Robert died 19-03-1888 son of William Palmer & Sarah Burgess  
Palmer William died 03-04-1887 husband of Sarah Burgess  
Palmer William J died 27 Nov 1892  
Pelkie William died 08-02-1868 son of Lewis Pelkie &  Ann  
Pickering Margaret J died 29-11-1883 wife of Loring Pickering  
Roy Eloi 1836-1888 husband of Mary Rose Lord  
Roy Joseph died 04-06-1928 husband of Mary Hagan  
Roy Maud B 1870-1892 wife of William Henry Howden  
Roy Rose Ann died 24-08-1872 daughter of Joseph Roy & Mary Hagan  
Shutts Elise Ann died 23-08-1873 wife of Allen Wheeler  
Snow Chira A died 24-06-1849  
Stow Angeline died 14-02-1843 wife of Robert Crothers  
Stow Chester A died 10-12-1855 son of Otis Stow & Alsina  
Shutts Ophelia S 1832-1911 wife of Ephriam Wheeler  
Tipping Alica died 29-09-1848 daughter of Dr Alex Tipping & Ann Kirkpatrick  
Tipping Alexander died 02-10-1861 husband of Ann Kirkpatrick  
Tipping Arlington died 01-09-1873  
Tipping Claude 1876-1892 son of W H Tipping & B Dowd  
Tipping Edith Amanda died 02-03-1881 daughter of John Tipping & Ellen  
Tipping Harriet E died 27 Apr 1869 daughter of John Tipping & Ellen  
Tipping Helen M died 29-01-1884  
Tipping Lousia J died 22-10-1854 daughter of Dr Alex Tipping & Ann Kirkpatrick  
Tipping Lucy Ann died 16-03-1882 daughter of John Tipping & Ellen  
Tipping Martha died 11-10-1877 wife of M J Hunter  
Tipping Mary died 15-02-1848 wife of Henry Babcok  
Tipping William H 1840-1902 husband of B Dowd  
Thompson Deborah 1814-1898  
Wiley Margaret 1846-1918 wife of James Hagan  
Wheeler Allen died 30-05-1863 husband of Elsie Shutts  
Wheeler Amanda M died 06-04-1867 wife of Peter Cotton  
Wheeler Ann Louise died 23-10-1881 daughter of E M Wheeler & Ophelia Shutts  
Wheeler Dewitt 1859-1905 husband of Elizabeth Ann Hall  
Wheeler Elvin Albert 1863-1925 son of Ephriam Wheeler & Ophelia Shutts  
Wheeler  Ephriam Miles 1826-19?? husband of Ophelia Shutts  
Wheeler Ephriam  died 12-02-1839  
Wheeler Lucy 17-08-1867 wife of Lewis Billings  
Wheeler Silas Hamilton 1857-192? husband of Susan Wheeler  
Wheeler Susan  1853-1920 wife of Silas H Wheeler  
Wheeler William died 12-09-1889 son of Silas Wheeler & Susan Burgess  
Yearter Mary died 19-05-1874 wife of William T Mandigo