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Canadian Census

The 1852 District 2, Sutton, Missisquoi Co., Census - Reel 1127

The official enumeration date for the 1852 census was January 12th, 1852 and ages were supposed to be recorded according to that date. The District two enumerator took his oath regarding completion of the census on February 16th, 1852. This date should be considerred when interpretting the "Age Next Birthday".

Approximately 1219 individuals

Oldest person John Batteis, age 94

The census is in two parts: Schedule A is the Personal Census and lists each person in the household. Schedule B is the Agricultural Census and lists landowners. Each entry in each Schedule is on four pages that span three sheets. The first page is on the right side of the first sheet. The next two pages are on the next sheet and the last page is on the left side of the third sheet. Each sheet is numbered. Some families continue from one sheet onto the next. It is unclear if the enumerator failed to complete these sheets sequentially or whether the sheet numbers were applied later. None the less, mistakes were made so that the continuation of one sheet is not always found at the beginning of the next sequentially numbered sheet. Persons using the following transcriptions and indices are cautioned to be alert to this problem. By correlating names between the Personal and Agricultural Schedules it is possible to sequence some of the sheets in the order in which they were completed. However, this is an incomplete process and the following is given only as a guide. I believe the sheets should be sequenced:

Agricultural Schedule: 109, 111, 113 and 115.

Personal Schedule: 59, 105, 79, 77, 75, 73, 69, 71, 103, 101, 97, 95, 83, 85, 93, 65, 61, 81, 91, 89, 63, 87, 99, 67, 107.

To facilate browsing from sheet to the next, the sheets below have been arranged in this sequence. The sheet number headings and all sheet number references have been faithfully retained, consistent with the original document.

Spelling was not standardized till about 1900. Prior to that it was essentially phonetic. For this reason, names are found with multiple spelling variations. Further, the use of "ss" was only coming into use around the time of this census so that names containing what would be an "ss" today are often found with and "fs" instead. This transcription has preferred to reproduce what appeared to be the original spelling in all its forms. In some cases a preferred or modern spelling has been included as an "Alternate Surname" but this is only the transcriber's opinion. If you see something that does not agree what is written on the original image, please bring it to the attention of . Some entries are incorrect in the original census. Please check the images first. I will not make changes to "correct" such errors in the original, no matter how well documented the evidence is. High quality images of this census are available at the Library and Archives Canada web site.