Canadian Census

The 1830 Foucault, Noyan and Sabrevois Census

The 1830 census is available from the Library and Archives Canada, reference RG4 B77 with title "Census Fragments". It was taken between NOvember 1st and December 4th 1830. It is particularly useful to resolve ambiguities in the Provincial census of 1831 and 1825.

If you see something that does not agree what is written on the original image, please bring it to the attention of . Some entries are incorrect in the original census. I will not make changes to "correct" such errors in the original, no matter how well documented the evidence is. The enumerator appears to have a handwriting style that includes two forms of lower case "t". One form is indistinguishable from the letter "s". Rather than assume that I am correct in that interpretation I have transcribed the "t/s" as written. Consequently, several names that are recognizable with a "t" today, appear to have been renderred with an "s".