Canadian Census

The 1825 District of Bedford Census

The official enumeration date for the 1825 census was between June 20th and September 20th, 1825. Ages were supposed to be recorded according to that date. The 1825 census only includes the names of the head of household and the age groups of the individuals in the family. There are three groups of individuals. Three columns are for those under the age of eighteen. These columns are not gender specific. Next, there are eight columns for males and, lastly, five columns for females. It is possible to derive significantly more information about the family with a little arithmetic. The first column of females enumerates those under the age of fourteen. As these are also enumerated in the first two columns of the non-gender specific children, it is possible to subtract one from the other and thus derive the number of males under the age of fourteen. Depending on the numbers and distribution of individuals in the columns it is often possible to determine the numbers of males and females in both the under six and the six but under fourteen groups. The third column of non-gender specific teenagers is for those aged fourteen but not eighteen. If one totals the individuals in all the columns, allowing for the duplication of the females under the age of fourteen, and then compares that to the total number in the family then any difference must represent individuals who have been enumerated twice. The only remaining place that can occur is in the columns for females aged fourteen but not forty-five. A little more arithmetic and one can derive the number of males aged fourteen but not eighteen and also isolate the females in that same age bracket from those that are eighteen but not forty-five. I have included eight additional columns in this transcription that show these "derived" values. In a few cases, enumeration errors show up when the foregoing logic yields in an impossible result. It would be inappropriately speculative to discuss the many causes for such errors. Be aware that enumeration errors do exist.

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