Canadian Census

The 1825 to 1831 Census Cross Reference

Between 1825 and 1831 in the towns of Foucault, Noyan and Sabrevois three censuses were taken. Because that is only a period of six years one might expect many individuals to appear in two or more of them. It is apparent from the very varied spellings that some enumerators were English and some French, leading to Anglicized forms of French names and French forms of English names. This table is an attempt to correlate between the three census records. Because only the names were considerred and because the equivalences are very subjective there are undoubtedly errors in this list. For example, no attempt has been made to distinguish between the "John" who might be a father and his son of the same name. None the less, this correlation can sometimes be helpful in locating an individual in multiple records. Please inform me if you locate any of these errors so that I may correct them.

If you see something that does not agree what is written on the original image, please bring it to the attention of . Some entries are incorrect in the original census. I will not make changes to "correct" such errors in the original, no matter how well documented the evidence is.