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Origin of the Sisco and Medor Families of Northern Vermont

David J. Ellis
1 Wilshire Drive
Londonderry, New Hampshire, 03053
Edition 1
2011 David J. Ellis

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These hypertext documents discuss and detail the structure of several families that are significant to my own genealogical research. At least one of these document sets is primarily an extract of a self published conventional book. Should you be able to provide additional evidence that would clarify or contradict any of this material please send email to .

An advantage of hypertext (Web) publishing is that cross references, and images of pertinent documentation, may be included in a manner that permits extremely easy access. In these hypertext documents each fact is followed by one or more pointers to the source that was used to derive the fact. This is reasonably self explanatory for births and deaths. However, the citations following an individual's name are those that are used to determine the relationship, whether parental or spousal.

A copy of this book in PDF format may be viewed online at the Church of Latter Day Saints web site.