Châteauguay County


There are two different resources that you can use to ask questions to others relating to Châteauguay County and the Châteauguay Valley in general. They are the MESSAGE BOARD and the MAILING LIST.

Châteauguay (Quebec) Message Board

The Châteauguay (Quebec) Message Board on the RootsWeb system allows you to post messages that can be read by others on the web. While it can send you a notice when new messages are posted, you must go onto the internet to view the message. Personally I find that more trouble than reading your email from a mailing list at your leisure off-line. It does have the advantage that the posted message can be read by anyone browsing the internet.

BeauHuntChat Mailing List

A mailing list that serves all the Châteauguay Valley including Beauharnois, Huntingdon and Châteauguay Counties. To use it, you must subscribe as follows:

Send a message to QUEBEC-BEAUHUNTCHAT-L-request@rootsweb.com
that contains (in the body of the message) the command:


and no additional text.

Any message sent to the list address will be relayed to all the other subscribers to the list. The advantage of a Mailing List is that you will receive all messages by e-mail and the messages will usually have quoted text that helps to put the message in context. I personally find this to be more convenient and faster than having to go on the internet to see the message. One disadvantage of a mailing list is that only people subscribed to the list will see the message whereas a posting to a Message Board can be seen by anyone browsing the internet.

An archive is maintained so that you can view past messages. You can also search for any keyword or phrase in the archive if you wish.

Comté de Châteauguay


Il y a deux ressources disponible pour demander les questions aux autres à propos de le comté de Châteauguay et de la Vallée de la Châteauguay en general. Ils sont le Babillard («Message Board») et la Liste de Discussion («Mailing List»).

Le Babillard Châteauguay (QC)   («Châteauguay (Quebec) Message Board»)

Le Babillard Châteauguay (Quebec) sur le system RootsWeb .....

La Liste de Discussion BeauHuntChat   («BeauHuntChat Mailing List»).

Une liste de discussion qui servi tous la Vallée de la Châteauguay compris les comtés des Beauharnois, Huntingdon et Châteauguay. Pour employer la liste de discussion, vous doit s'abonner comme suivante:

Envoyer un message au QUEBEC-BEAUHUNTCHAT-L-request@rootsweb.com

qui contenant (dans le corps de message) le mot suivante:



Un message envoyer au QUEBEC-BEAUHUNTCHAT-L@rootsweb.com serai transmettre au tous les autres abonnés. L'avantage de la liste de discussion ....

Un désavantage d'une liste de discussion est juste les personnes abonnés à la liste tandis que un message au babillard pouvait voir par tous les personnes sur le internet.

Les archives est maintenir pour voir les vieux messages. Aussi vous pouvez recherche un mot ou une expression dans les archives.

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