Details on the Sources for the SW QC Placenames

SouthWestern Quebec Placenames

Sources of Information


During the preparation of the SW Quebec Placenames List, I "mined" many documents for possible entries. The primary source was Robert Sellar's History of Huntingdon and Beauharnois Counties and Robt. McGee's comprehensive index to the history. Another prime source were the Journals of the Châteauguay Valley Historical Society. Add to that, almost 60 years of personal experience living in the Châteauguay Valley. I learnt a great deal of history about our region doing this research.

I also learnt that not all sources are strictly accurate. Old maps especially should be suspect. Many of them were printed overseas and it is obvious that the location and name information had got scrambled in the communications. Where I found conflicting data, I either discarded the obvious mistakes or pointed out the inconsistencies in the entry description. In many cases, however, there is no corroborating evidence and in those cases, the data was accepted as given. There is no guarantee that the data in this document is 100% correct but I have endeavoured to interpret it as best I can from the documents consulted. If you have information that any entry is in error, please contact the author.

Following is a list of the sources used during the preparation of the Southwestern Quebec Placenames list.

Thanks to all who have contributed.

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