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Welcome to the SouthWest Quebec Old Placenames Web Site.


Genealogists and amateur historians often encounter old names of places and geographical or political features when researching old documents. It has been my experience that there are few convenient reference sources that explain where most of these places are. Larger towns and cities that are still in existance may be well documented but the smaller towns, villages, hamlets that have changed names or disappeared over the years are usually a mystery. The 2 inch thick, so-called "Official List of Placenames" (Repertoire Toponymique du Québec) here in Québec is of no help since it lists only names that appear on current or recent maps. It was to address this lack of information that I started the SouthWest Quebec Placename project. I hope that it will be of assistance in your research.

This document is the first result of this project to compile a list of as many of the old place and feature names in Southwestern Quebec as possible with descriptions showing their location related to modern roads and towns, as well as some of the history behind the name where available. The names include cities, towns, villages, hamlets, post offices, lakes, rivers, brooks, points, bridges, rapids, roads, cemeteries, etc, etc, etc. Modern names are also included as a guide to those who are not familiar with the area and have only a road map to guide them. Exact geographical lat/long coordinates are included for most of the places. It is still a work in progress but to date the list has over 1900 entries, gleaned from many sources such as local histories, historical society journals, maps and history books as well as individuals. I draw the line at farm and house names. I may make an appendix list of these at a later date.

Although efforts have been made to minimize errors, there are undoubtably some that have crept in. The location information is only as good as the sources and the interpretation of information. Old maps are particularly prone to errors. After all, the early mapmakers were often in London with 3 month mail service to North America. If you find any information on these pages that you know to be wrong, or if you know of names that have not been included, please contact the Author.

Since this is a region of Québec, the question of language is never far away. The SouthWest region of Québec is probably the most bilingual region of Québec after Montréal. The earliest settlers were generally mostly English, Scottish and Irish immigrant and their placenames were english. In later years, many of these took on french names. I have tried to show both versions where appropriate. See the notes on language for more details.

This web site was published in April 2001 and contains all names collected up to that time. A hardcopy version of this list has been published in June, 2001. It contains considerable additional material that is not on this web site. The project is continuing and the material for a second hardcopy edition is being prepared. For further information on the hardcopy edition or to get the latest information on a particular name, contact the Author.

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