Original Settlers on the First Concession Ormstown.

Seigniory of Beauharnois

Original Settlers on the First Concession Ormstown.

Early Ormstown Map

While searching Microfilms of the Ellice Papers or Seigniory of Beauharnois Paper records at the Quebec National Archives, a map was found that appears to show the earliest settlers on the First Concession in Ormstown Region, on the northwest side of the Chateauguay River. The date is unknown but is definitely before the 1812 War when many of the original American settlers abandoned their clearances and probably earlier than 1804. One local expert was of the opinion that the writing was that of Francis Winters, the seigniory agent from 1796 until his death in 1806. Another indication of the date period is from information supplied by a descendant. Ezekial Smith Sr and 6 sons came into Ormstown from Vermont in the 1790s and left in 1813 when they refused to pledge allegiance to the Crown.

There was a list of the first 16 lots with sizes and names as well as names marked on the map lots themselves. In some cases the names are different for the same lot. These have been marked with a *. I am listing the names here just as they appear but keep in mind that the map is very difficult to read so excuse any mistakes in interpretation of names. ? indicate an uncertainity in the spelling or an unreadable letter(s).

The lot numbers shown on the map are not the same as the lot numbers used in the 1822 when the lots were reconceeded. The lots appear to have been surveyed since their dimensions are noted on the map. It is also obvious that the lots were resurveyed and resized to a standard width before they were reconceeded. I have listed both the old original lot numbers and the later lot numbers where they can be determined.

Some allotments are shown behind the riverfront lot. These are marked as "Back". There is one that has 3 lots deep.

Name Old lot # Lot Size
Later Lot #
Buckley Johnson 1,2 2x100 1,2
Amos Bidill 3 125  
John Phillips Jr 4 112.5 5
John Phillips Sr 4 125 5
David Chandler 5 98.5  
Joseph Aniesburg 6 186.5  
David Smith 6 back 100  
Benjamin Bowlling (Boullin) 7 239  
Ezekiel Smith Sr 8 282.75  
Ezra Newcomb* 8    
Levi Smith* 8    
Ezekiel Smith Jr 9 125  
John Goodwin 10 217.25  
Dalio? Francis Sawyers* 10    
Jo?? King* 10    
Oliver Shurtleff 11 206  
Barzelai Spears 12 100  
Trepheniah Jones* 12    
Stephen Lamphire* 12    
Jonathan Ewift?? 13 100  
? Archambault 14 75  
? Perry 14    
? Archambault 15 100(75)  
Wm. Perry 15 75  
Domain (next to the mouth of Outarde) 16 100 26
No??? Hibbard 16    
Jacob Thomas 17 114.6  
Ja?? Page? 17,18 Back    
John Seely 19    
? Hubbard 20    
Jabiz. Piper 21    
Del. Sawyers 21 Back    
Jabiz. Piper 22    
Bewall Newcomb 22 Back 117  
Judah Piper 23,24    
Lyman Morehouse 23,24 Back    
David Baxter 25    
Grove? Page 25 Back    
Johnson ?rant 26 Back    
John Campbell 26,27    
Jacob Smith 28,29    
Wm. Pritchard 30    
Abram Bedell? 32    
Caleb Page? 33,34    
Nathaniel Page 35,36    
Levi Wilson 34,35 Back    
Nathan Page 34,35 BackBack    
David San??bry 37    
Josiah Faico??? 38    
Hen??? Page 39    
Joseph Burke 40    
Abiel Pre?on 41    
R??? 42    
R??? 43    
Joseph Bu??? 44   46
Thomas Graham 45   47
James McClatchie 46   48
John Monnike This one is shown as the last lot on the south side of the River (Jamestown Island concession) but without any lot number.

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