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A listing of the two cemeteries within the Municipality of Ste-Clotilde. This municipality was originally within Châteauguay County (1855-1980) and is now in the MRC Les Jardins des Napierville.

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Map of  Beechridge and Ste-Clotilde
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Beechridge Presbyterian Cemetery

Beechridge Cemetery

The Beechridge Presbyterian Cemetery dates from the 1820s when a large Scotch and English Settlement had grown up in the northeast corner of what was then known as Williamstown in the Seigniory of Beauharnois. Now it is within the Municipality of Ste-Clotilde in the MRC Les Jardins-de-Napierville. It is located behind the Beechridge Presbyterian Church on Rte 209, 1.3km (0.8mi) NE of the junction with Rte 205. (45.188N/73.673W) Although many of the original families have moved to other parts of the province or elsewhere in Canada, the cemetery is still active and the church is open during the summer for regular services.


Cimetière de la Paroisse Ste-Clotilde de Châteauguay

 Cimetière de Ste-Clothilde

The Cimetiere de Ste-Clotilde de Châteauguay is located on the west side of the parish church in the village of Ste-Clotilde. (45.158N/73.678W)


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