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Little White Church on the Hill

The Little White Church on the Hill

The Russeltown Protestant Church is located at Russeltown Flats, municipality of St-Chrysostome in the southwest corner of Quebec, Canada. The present church dates back to 1826 and was first used as a Methodist/Congregationalist meeting place. In 1853, it became a Presbyterian Church property and remained so until Church Union in 1925 whereupon it joined the newly formed United Church of Canada. It is now part of the Hemmingford United Church congregation. The church is normally used for one regular service a year - a celebration in the summer and occasional special events.

The Russeltown Protestant Church is considered the oldest original church structure in the Chateauguay Valley. In 2001, a provincial heritage grant permitted extensive renovations to be carried out to preserve the structure for the future.

Russeltown Church Cemetery

The Russeltown Church Cemetery

The Russeltown Church Cemetery is located to one side and at the back of the church. The earliest burials date back to the late 1820s in this cemetery although there were two earlier burying grounds nearby. The cemetery is officially part of the Church and is managed by a Cemetery Committee. From all appearances, they have done an excellant job of maintaining the condition of the cemetery.

The source of this cemetery listing is a document prepared by the late Gerry Rodgers in 1988 from his records of inscriptions in the cemetery. The records were scanned into computer format and edited for Web publication. Hopefully all the scanning errors were caught but if you find any obvious ones, please contact the Webmaster.

The list comprises an alphabetical index of all the persons mentioned on monument inscriptions. These index entries are linked to a list of monument inscriptions by an identifying number that is also keyed to a monument location map. In this way, one can easily locate the family name, read the inscription and locate the monument in the cemetery.

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