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St James Anglican Church

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St James Anglican Cemetery

The St James Anglican (Episcopal) Church is located in the Village of Ormstown (previously called Durham), in the Chateauguay Valley of Southwestern Quebec Province, in Canada. The cemetery is located on the north side of the church at the corner of Gale and Church Streets.

The St-James Anglican congregation in Ormstown dates from 1831. The original church was completed in 1834 at a location a short distance to the south of the present church. The present church was built in 1852. It is now part of a 4 point charge including Huntingdon, Franklin Centre and Herdman.

The present cemetery is managed by a volunteer committee and it was from their records that this web page was created*. The inscriptions on the monuments in the present cemetery date from 1831 although those few early dates must refer to burials in the original cemetery. The original cemetery was located near the original church which has now been built over by the commercial buildings of Lambton St. It is not known what happened to the remains interred there. There are more than 460 known burials in the present cemetery.

This information web site consists of an index of names with links to a list of inscription names and dates. The inscription list is not complete, listing usually only the names and dates. Any information on living persons has been omitted. A plot map will help locate the monuments if you wish to view them in person. We have taken a complete set of pictures of all the monuments and images from that collection are available on request.

If you know of any errors in this list, please contact the webmaster and your note will be passed on to the committee.

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Note: The inscription information on this web page has been obtained from the files of the cemetery committee exclusively. There is another independant transcription document available from the Quebec Family History Society that lists the inscription information recorded during a field trip in 2000. Their information may be different and may be more accurate than the inscriptions recorded by the cemetery committee. This web page is not related in any way to the QFHS publication.


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