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Cemetière de Ste-Philoméne

A cemetery within the Municipality of Mercier (previously named Ste-Philoméne) that was originally within Châteauguay County and is now in the MRC de Roussillon.

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Map of Mercier


Cimetière de Paroisse de Ste-Philoméne

Cimetière de Ste-Philomene

The Ste-Philoméne Parish Cemetery is located on the north side of the parish church, on Boul. St-Jean-Baptiste (Rte 138) at the corner of Rue de l'Eglise in the Town of Mercier. (45.311N/73.746W) Mercier is 5.6km (3.5mi) south of the Town of Châteauguay.

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