Chateauguay Protestant Cemetery Inscription Name List

Chateauguay Protestant Cemetery

Inscription Name List


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Chateauguay Protestant Cemetery

The Chateauguay Protestant Cemetery is located in the Chateauguay Village or Chateauguay Centre section of the City of Chateauguay, in the southwest region of Quebec. It is on Boul. de Salaberry Sud, on the east side of the Chateauguay River, a few hundred yards southeast of the bridge across the river. This was the location of the original St-Andrew's Presbyterian church dating from the early 1830s. St-Andrew's Church was associated with St-Edward's Presbyterian Church in Beauharnois and shared a minister until the early 1900s. The first church building was demolished and replaced with a stone building in 1880. In the early 1900s, The stone church was replaced by the present St-Andrew's Church on Rue Dupont in the Chateauguay Heights section of the city. The old stone church was demolished around 1910.

The cemetery became incorporated as a separate company in 1929 and has since expanded to meet the needs of a greatly enlarged community following the large residential developments of the latter half of the 20th century. Unfortunately the high demand for burial lots has resulted in the cemetery being completely sold (except for some small cremation plots). The cemetery is managed entirely by a volunteer committee and by the fine appearance, they are doing a good job of maintaining it.

In the summers of 2002 to 2004, a complete set of photographs were taken of the monuments in this cemetery. A complete documentation is being prepared from the photos and available church records but this will take some time to finish. When finished it will be available as a hardcopy book and a CDRom with all the pictures as well as a website showing the inscriptions (but not the photos).

Meanwhile this list showing all the names that appear on the stones has been extracted from the database. It lists the names alphabetically and the lot number for the stone bearing each name. Married women are listed with both their maiden name (where available) and their married name. Names of persons who were buried here but do not have a monument inscription bearing their name are not included at this time. Consult the lot map to determine the location of a monument if you wish to visit the cemetery in person.

If you have an interest in a particular name, contact the webmaster for the particular information. A photo of a particular stone can be provided as an e-mail attachment but please limit your request to 1 or 2 stones. Keep in mind that many of the old stones have multiple sides with inscriptions.



  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Abercrombie, Jane  (Mrs. Capt. A. Fullerton)	A-18
Abrams, Shirley J.  (Mrs. Donald F. Beeser)	C-401
Adams, Mae I.  (Mrs. Peter R. McNab)	B-276BC
Aird, Euphemia  (Mrs. Alexander Webster)	B-180
Allard, Francis	C-358
Allard, Mrs. Francis  (Elizabeth MacKenzie)	C-358
Allard, Philip	C-336
Almagro, Christina  (Mrs. Paul Tahill)	D-C22
Amyot, Jeremie	A-137
Amyot, Mrs. Jeremie  (Florance Crozier)	A-137
Andersen, Bertha "Babs"  (Mrs. Jack Campbell)	A-154-1-1
Anderson, Lilias Niven  (Mrs. Alexander Barclay)	B-191
Angenend, Gerda Geb.  (Mrs. Werner Trampf)	A-138
Arbour, D'Arcy	D-C06
Arbour, Mrs. D'Arcy  (Laurel Daly)	D-C06
Archer, Annie  (Mrs. Norman Goodale)	B-214C
Ariss, Ernest	C-388
Ariss, Mrs. Ernest  (Mary Emerson)	C-388
Armstrong, Mrs. ?  (Wilhelmina Latter)	C-376B
Arnold, Jarvis W.	A-151-1-1
Arnold, Sidney W.	C-423
Arnold, Mrs. Sidney W.  (Susan Goodwin)	C-423
Artagnan, Reginald G.	B-203
Artagnan, Mrs. Reginald G.  (Emma P. ?)	B-203
Artagnan ?, Emma P.  (Mrs. Reginald G. Artagnan)	B-203
Ascah, James	D-B18
Ashley, Norman R.	B-173BC
Ashley, Mrs. Norman R.  (Archelena McConochy)	B-173BC
Atkinson, Lawrence B.	C-405
Atkinson, Mrs. Lawrence B.  (Mildred V. Oneill)	C-405
Auger, Annie W.  (Mrs. J. Bissonette)	C-424
Austin, Gordon Leslie	B-220
Austin, Mrs. Gordon Leslie  (Mabel Winnifred Dawe)	B-220

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Ball, Helen Marion  (Mrs. James Cullen Joyce)	C-320
Barclay, Alexander	B-191
Barclay, Mrs. Alexander  (Lilias Niven Anderson)	B-191
Barclay, William Anderson	B-197
Barclay, Mrs. William Anderson  (Beverly Currie Hughes)	B-197
Barnes, Mrs. ?  (Lillian Edith Brophy)	C-425
Barnes, Frederick	A-143-4
Barter, Colin	C-392
Barter, Mrs. Colin  (Lyla Bruce)	C-392
Beeser, Donald F.	C-401
Beeser, Mrs. Donald F.  (Shirley J. Abrams)	C-401
Beeser, Edward A.	C-401
Behague, William Frederick	A-78
Behague, Mrs. William Frederick  (Alice Jane Sidaway)	A-78
Bennett, Mavis Hargrave  (Mrs. Robert Leslie Holmes)	C-321
Bergeron, Georges	C-391
Bergeron, Mrs. Georges  (M. Ruth Sills)	C-391
Berryman, Henry J.	C-353A
Berryman, Mrs. Henry J.  (R. Jane Call)	C-353A
Bishop, Harold Appleby	B-236
Bishop, Mrs. Harold Appleby  (Grace Shirley Campbell)	B-236
Bissonette, Mrs. J.  (Annie W. Auger)	C-424
Blachney, Charlotte  (Mrs. Franz Gropler)	A-153
Black, Margaret L.  (Mrs. William A. Jack)	A-32
Bobo, Vivian E.  (Mrs. William David Hamilton)	A-94
Bolton, Nellie  (Mrs. Arthur Gower)	C-422
Bonneville, Percy	C-334
Bonneville, Mrs. Percy  (Gladys ?)	C-334
Bonneville ?, Gladys  (Mrs. Percy Bonneville)	C-334
Boon, William John	A-155
Bordeau, Irene  (Mrs. Armand Pelletier)	A-143-6
Bosshart, Carl W.	B-230
Bosshart, Mrs. Carl W.  (Lorna L. Herbert)	B-230
Boulter, Annie Jane  (Mrs. James A. Hamilton)	A-95
Boulter, Bessie Eugenie	A-37
Boulter, Caroline Elizabeth	A-37
Boulter, Caroline Elizabeth	A-37
Boulter, Clarissa Ann	A-37
Boulter, George	A-37
Boulter, Mrs. George  (Mary Elizabeth Fletcher)	A-37
Boulter, George Reginald	A-37
Boulter, Horatio	A-37
Boulter, James	A-37
Boulter, Mrs. James  (Ann Jane Shaw)	A-37
Boulter, James Nathaniel	A-37
Boulter, James Sidney	A-37
Boulter, Mrs. James Sidney  (Elizabeth Gebbie)	A-37
Boulter, Maria Louisa	A-37
Boulter, Mary Etta	A-37
Boulter, Mary Olive	A-37
Boulter, Nathaniel	A-37
Bourdeau, Lily  (Mrs. ?)	D-E03
Bourgaize, Curtis	B-229
Bourgaize, Garnet	B-225
Bourgaize, Rexford E.	D-E01
Bourgaize, Mrs. Rexford E.  (June P. Gavey)	D-E01
Bourgaize, Robert	D-A17
Bourgaize, Mrs. Robert  (Ivy Langlois)	D-A17
Bourgaize, Roma Sylvestre	B-225
Bourgaize, Wilbert	A-143-5
Bourgeois, Marie  (Mrs. John McCaig Milburn)	C-367
Bowers, Dorothy  (Mrs. Haydn John Dickenson)	A-64
Bowers, James	A-71
Bowers, Mrs. James  (Ada Moseley)	A-71
Boyd, Rhoda Ann  (Mrs. William Sutherland Richardson)	A-41
Boyd, Robert John Gordon	B-171
Boyd, Mrs. Robert John Gordon  (Jane Craik Wright)	B-171
Boyer, Arthur Edmond	D-B15
Boyer, Louis Edmond	A-151
Boyer, Mrs. Louis Edmond  (Marie Rose Picard)	A-151
Boyle, Harold	C-369
Boyle, Mrs. Harold  (Beverly ?)	C-369
Boyle, Shawn	C-365
Boyle ?, Beverly  (Mrs. Harold Boyle)	C-369
Brady, Norman K.	A-124
Brady, Mrs. Norman K.  (Mavis E. Martin)	A-124
Brand, Mary Purvis  (Mrs. John Harding)	A-152
Brauer, Brigitte  (Mrs. Hermann Maier)	D-B16
Bremner, Albert J.	C-380
Bremner, Mrs. Albert J.  (Virginia Grant)	C-380
Bright, M. E. (Dottie)  (Mrs. A. S. (Dubbie) Friedlander)	B-263
Brophy, Dorothy K.  (Mrs. Ivan A. Hamilton (1st))	A-89
Brophy, Lillian Edith  (Mrs. ? Barnes)	C-425
Brown, Leslie	D-A13
Brown, Mrs. Leslie  (Ruby Strongman)	D-A13
Brown, Ralph Walter	B-183
Brown, Roland W.	C-413
Brown, Mrs. Roland W.  (Marion S. New)	C-413
Brown, Hildegarde Godwin  (Mrs. George Douglas Goodfellow)	B-216
Brownlow, May  (Mrs. Gordon J. Rundlett)	A-153-1-1
Bruce, Lyla  (Mrs. Colin Barter)	C-392
Brugghen, Van der, J. J. L.	B-205
Bruneau, Laurette Violet  (Mrs. Stanley Boyd McRobert)	B-174AB
Bullick, Muriel P.  (Mrs. Kenneth C. Clements)	D-C14
Burns, Joan  (Mrs. Charles Ross Duggan)	B-280BC
Burns, William Colter	A-139
Burns, Mrs. William Colter  (Catherine Coote)	A-139
Burrows, Gordon	D-D07
Burrows, Mrs. Gordon  (Helen Kazuke)	D-D07
Butler, James	A-121
Butler, Mrs. James  (Ida Wilken)	A-121

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Cadieux, Grace Rita  (Mrs. William Roper)	C-378
Call, R. Jane  (Mrs. Henry J. Berryman)	C-353A
Cameron, Carol	B-272BC
Cameron, Donald	B-199
Cameron, Mrs. Donald  (Agathe Seguin)	B-199
Cameron, Leonard	B-272BC
Cameron, Mrs. Leonard  (Margaret Nixon)	B-272BC
Cameron, Thomas Leslie	B-199
Cameron, Mrs. Thomas Leslie  (Sarah MacLeod)	B-199
Campbell, Derek A.	C-368
Campbell, Elizabeth  (Mrs. Matthew McLean)	A-73
Campbell, Grace Shirley  (Mrs. Harold Appleby Bishop)	B-236
Campbell, Jack	A-154-1-1
Campbell, Mrs. Jack  (Bertha "Babs" Andersen)	A-154-1-1
Campbell, John	C-368
Carle, Joseph	B-215
Carson, John Henry	A-140
Carson, William	A-73
Caryl, Nance  (Mrs. George H. Roberts)	B-238
Caryl, Rose  (Mrs. George Smith)	A-39
Castle, Frank W.	D-B08
Castle, Mrs. Frank W.  (Olive Finlay)	D-B08
Cavin, Henri F.	C-362B
Cavin, Mme. Henri F.  (Emma Malherbe)	C-362B
Cawthron, William E.	B-200
Cawthron, Mrs. William E.  (Florence Weldon)	B-200
Champion, Alfred Hugh Earle	B-223
Champion, Mrs. Alfred Hugh Earle  (Clara Anne McGinnis)	B-223
Chass , Mrs. ?  (Evelyn Tope)	D-B06
Chiquette, Mrs. Philippe  (Margaret Pountain)	A-135
Chiquette, Phillippe	A-135
Clackett, George J.	B-212
Clackett, Mrs. George J.  (Mary Ann Putt)	B-212
Clark, Agnes  (Mrs. Thomas Yarnell)	B-229
Clark, Ann	A-67
Clark, Charlotte  (Mrs. William Goodfellow)	A-27
Clark, David	A-67
Clark, Mrs. Henry  (Marion Francis Deuel)	A-140
Clark, James	A-67
Clark, Mrs. James  (Isabella Lumsden)	A-67
Clark, Margaret	A-67
Clark, Thomas	A-67
Clarke, Ernest	A-55
Clarke, R. Neil	A-143-4
Classen, Harald	B-277AB
Classen, Mrs. Harald  (Jocelyne Lapierre)	B-277AB
Classen, Josef	C-327
Classen, Mrs. Josef  (Gerda ?)	C-327
Classen ?, Gerda  (Mrs. Josef Classen)	C-327
Clayton, Bernard	B-249
Clayton, Mrs. Bernard  (Emma Louise Rudge)	B-249
Clayton, Shirley Bernice  (Mrs. David Alfred Gaston)	C-351
Clayton, William	C-419
Clayton, Mrs. William  (Sheila MacDonald)	C-419
Clements, Kenneth C.	D-C14
Clements, Mrs. Kenneth C.  (Muriel P. Bullick)	D-C14
Clinton, DeWitt	A-5
Clinton, Mrs. DeWitt  (Theresa McGlashan)	A-5
Clinton, Malcolm Russell	A-5
Clinton, Mrs. Malcolm Russell  (Dorothy Reid)	A-5
Clinton, Norman George	A-5
Clive, Jane  (Mrs. Mark Clare)	B-254
Collins, Edward	A-137
Collins, Mrs. Edward  (Betty Dery)	A-137
Collins, Gary	B-196
Collins, Herbert	B-196
Collins, Mrs. Herbert  (Mary Jane Mingo)	B-196
Comley, Frank Herbert	C-417
Comley, Mrs. Frank Herbert  (Elsie Maud Ward)	C-417
Coote, Catherine  (Mrs. William Colter Burns)	A-139
Cornford, Mrs. ?  (Marie Kennedy ?)	D-A08
Cox, Douglas	B-276A
Cox, Mrs. Douglas  (Doreen Deschenes)	B-276A
Cox, George H.	A-114
Cox, Mrs. George H.  (Ruth Campbell Pilborough)	A-114
Cox, Herbert C. Cox	A-114
Cox, Mrs. Herbert C. Cox  (Henrietta E. Pearse)	A-114
Cox, William	A-64
Cox, Mrs. William  (Hilda Dickenson)	A-64
Craib, James E. M.	B-240
Craig, Daniel	A-104
Craig, Mrs. Daniel  (Jane Crawford)	A-104
Craig, James	A-104
Craig, John	A-104
Craik, Agnes  (Mrs. Anthony C. Lockhart)	A-45
Craik, David	A-111
Craik, Mrs. David  (Ann Jane Stewart)	A-111
Craik, David Allan S.	A-111
Craik, Mrs. David Allan S.  (Isabelle E. Emerson)	A-111
Craik, Francis J.	A-111
Craik, James	A-111
Craik, Mrs. James  (Margaret Jane MacDonald)	A-111
Craik, Jane	A-111
Craik, John Stewart	A-118
Craik, Mary  (Mrs. William Wright,Jr.)	A-22
Craik, Robert	A-118
Craik, Mrs. Robert  (Mary Jane Elizabeth Lang)	A-118
Craik, Robert Lang	A-118
Craik, Mrs. Robert Lang  (Helen Grace Lamb)	A-118
Craik, Robert Victor	A-111
Crawford, Jane  (Mrs. Daniel Craig)	A-104
Crawford, N W.	B-196
Crooks, John Barry	C-406
Crooks, William J.	C-406
Crooks, Mrs. William J.  (Margaret Cushen)	C-406
Crozier, Florance  (Mrs. Jeremie Amyot)	A-137
Cunningham, Mark Clare	B-254
Cunningham, Mrs. Mark Clare  (Jane Clive)	B-254
Currie, Alistair G.	B-246
Curry, Mary Jane	A-37
Cushen, Margaret  (Mrs. William J. Crooks)	C-406

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
D'Aguilar, Sharon Cecile	A-151
Daly, Charles P.	C-427
Daly, Mrs. Charles P.  (Alice M. ?)	C-427
Daly, Laurel  (Mrs. D'Arcy Arbour)	D-C06
Daly ?, Alice M.  (Mrs. Charles P. Daly)	C-427
Darlington, Eunice  (Mrs. ? Evans)	C-357
Davidson, Effie C.	A-41
Davidson, William J.	B-255
Davidson, Mrs. William J.  (Patience R. Reid)	B-255
Davies, Steven	A-152-1-1
Davis, Vergie  (Mrs. Frederick Durin, Sr.)	B-211
Dawe, Mabel Winnifred  (Mrs. Gordon Leslie Austin)	B-220
Delaney, Freda  (Mrs. Edgar Lederhose)	D-D11
Dervarits, Adalbert	C-354
Dervarits, Mrs. Adalbert  (Karolina Heider)	C-354
Dery, Betty  (Mrs. Edward Collins)	A-137
Deschenes, Doreen  (Mrs. Douglas Cox)	B-276A
Deuel, Marion Francis  (Mrs. Henry Clark)	A-140
Dickenson, Haydn John	A-64
Dickenson, Mrs. Haydn John  (Dorothy Bowers)	A-64
Dickenson, Hilda  (Mrs. William Cox)	A-64
Dickenson, Jean  (Mrs. Theodore R. Wearing)	A-64
Dickenson, John Reginald	A-64
Dickenson, Mrs. John Reginald  (Ethel Shaw Maybury)	A-64
Dickson, Francis	A-139
Dickson, Mrs. Francis  (Elizabeth Hamilton)	A-139
Dickson, Janet	A-139
Didkowsky, P.	C-417
Didkowsky, V.	C-417
Dimitriu, George Stefan	C-352
Dimitriu, Stefan	C-352
Doane, Richard C.	B-217
Doane, Mrs. Richard C.  (Mary Elizabeth Goodfellow)	B-217
Dow, William Elwood	C-340
Dow, Mrs. William Elwood  (Gertrude Gavey)	C-340
Doyle, Patricia M.  (Mrs. William E. Leach)	B-257
Dryden, Lillian Ethel  (Mrs. Lawrence Henry Melville)	B-183
Duggan, Charles Ross	B-280BC
Duggan, Mrs. Charles Ross  (Joan Burns)	B-280BC
Dumont, Mrs. Bruce  (Lynn McGlashan)	B-184
Dunbar, David Valentine	B-189
Dunbar, Mrs. David Valentine  (Altha Rockafield)	B-189
Duncan, Agnes  (Mrs. James Goodfellow)	A-27
Duncan, Alexander	A-58
Duncan, Mrs. Alexander  (Isabella McClymont)	A-58
Duncan, Alexander McG.	A-58
Duncan, Elizabeth	A-58
Duncan, John	A-7
Duncan, John	A-57
Duncan, Mrs. John  (Margaret Segar)	A-57
Duncan, Mrs. John  (Janet MacFarlane)	A-7
Duncan, Lillian Isabella	A-57
Duncan, Thomas	A-145
Duncan, Thomas	A-58
Duncan, Mrs. Thomas  (Elizabeth McClimont)	A-145
Duncan, Mrs. Thomas  (Hannah Stuart)	A-58
Duncan, Thomas F.	A-145
Duncan, William	A-145
Dunk, Alfred T.	C-326
Dunk, Mrs. Alfred T.  (Elma Schrader)	C-326
Dunn, Royden L.	C-421
Dunn, Mrs. Royden L.  (Dorothy Phillips)	C-421
Durin, Frederick (Sr.)	B-211
Durin, Mrs. Frederick (Sr.)  (Vergie Davis)	B-211
Durin, Frederick R. , Jr.	B-210

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Eccles, Andrew Lal	B-272A
Eccles, Mrs. Andrew Lal  (Yvonne Estale ?)	B-272A
Eccles ?, Yvonne  (Mrs. Andrew Lal Eccles ?)	B-272A
Ellam, Sybil  (Mrs. Charles Lawrence King)	C-393
Elliot, Robert	A-1
Elliot, Mrs. Robert  (Jane Hamilton)	A-1
Elliot, Thomas	A-1
Elliot, Mrs. Thomas  (Margaret MacFarlane)	A-1
Ellis, Andrew L.	A-150-1-1
Elms, Leah  (Mrs. Gerald I. Patterson)	D-B04
Emerson, Isabelle E.  (Mrs. David Allan S. Craik)	A-111
Emerson, Mary  (Mrs. Ernest Ariss)	C-388
Evans, Mrs. ?  (Eunice Darlington)	C-357
Evans, Elizabeth  (Mrs. Paul Sauve)	C-386
Everall, Margaret  (Mrs. Cecil Barnard Hanson)	B-172A
Everett, B.  (Mrs. H. Thomas)	A-143-3

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Fairley, John	A-134B
Fairley, Mrs. John  (Sarah Greenhorn)	A-134B
Farncombe, Leonard C.	C-403
Farncombe, Mrs. Leonard C.  (Kate Ethel Sweet)	C-403
Ferguson, Isabella M.  (Mrs. Gibson J. K. Smith)	B-250
Ferguson, Kim Elizabeth	B-253
Fewtrell, Bruce Robert	C-356A
Fewtrell, Mrs. Bruce Robert  (Evelyn Robertson)	C-356A
Findlay, Robert	A-2
Finlay, Olive  (Mrs. Frank W. Castle)	D-B08
Finn, Anthony	D-B10
Finn, Mrs. Anthony  (Gloria Gale)	D-B09
Fiske, K. Harwood	B-207
Fiske, Kenneth S. M.	B-207
Fiske, Mrs. Kenneth S. M.  (Holly M. Tucker)	B-207
Fitka, John P.	C-372
Fitka, Mrs. John P.  (Doris Negley)	C-372
Fletcher, Allan	B-237AB
Fletcher, Mrs. Allan  (Dorothy Rose Gilbert)	B-237AB
Fletcher, Annie L.  (Mrs. William Maxwell)	B-203
Fletcher, Mary Elizabeth  (Mrs. George Boulter)	A-37
Fosty, Gregory Morgan	C-352
Fougere, Henriette  (Mrs. ? Giles)	A-150
Fox, Fauline  (Mrs. Francis Tooke)	C-397
Fredrick, Catherine  (Mrs. Stanislas St-Aubin)	A-117A
Friedlander, A. S. (Dubbie)	B-263
Friedlander, Mrs. A. S. (Dubbie)  (M. E. (Dottie) Bright)	B-263
Frigon, Ren 	B-266AB
Frigon, Mrs. Ren   (Judith Moen)	B-266AB
Fuhlrott, Mrs. ?  (Lieselotte Mattern)	C-385B
Fuhlrott, Holger	D-B20
Fullerton, Alexander	A-48
Fullerton, Mrs. Capt. A.  (Jane Abercrombie)	A-18

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Gale, Gloria  (Mrs. Anthony Finn)	D-B09
Gandey, Edith  (Mrs. Richard J. Priest-Brown)	A-134A
Garayt, Ella R.  (Mrs. Norman G. McGlashan)	B-185
Gardner, Mary A.	B-173A
Gaston, Arthur Gower	C-422
Gaston, Mrs. Arthur Gower  (Nellie Bolton)	C-422
Gaston, David Alfred	C-351
Gaston, Mrs. David Alfred  (Shirley Bernice Clayton)	C-351
Gaston, James Gordon	C-422
Gauthier, Andre, Jr.	A-121
Gavey, Mrs. ?  (Ethel Jane West)	C-356B
Gavey, Gertrude  (Mrs. William Elwood Dow)	C-340
Gavey, June P.  (Mrs. Rexford E. Bourgaize)	D-E01
Gay, Bill	A-124
Gebbie, Mrs. Alexander S.  (Rosa Hamilton)	A-99
Gebbie, Elizabeth  (Mrs. James Sidney Boulter)	A-37
Gebbie, Marion  (Mrs. Matthew B. Gilmour)	A-17BC
Gebbie, Ruby Mary	A-99
Gentles, Agnes S.  (Mrs. Norman E. Jack)	A-30
Gibbons, Phoebe	B-237C
Gibson, Mary  (Mrs. William Wright, Sr.)	A-105
Gilbert, Alan	B-237AB
Gilbert, Mrs. Alan  (Rose Elizabeth Pearce)	B-237AB
Gilbert, Mrs. Charles Stanley  (Ethel Annie Trump)	B-192
Gilbert, Dorothy Rose  (Mrs. Allan Fletcher)	B-237AB
Gilbert, Irby W.	B-231
Gilbert, Mrs. Irby W.  (Dorothy Lee)	B-231
Giles, Mrs. ?  (Henriette Fougere)	A-150
Gillies, Alice  (Mrs. James Reid)	D-B12
Gilmour, A. F.  (Mrs. Andrew Lang)	A-60
Gilmour, A. Willmina  (Mrs. Charles A. McRobert)	B-175
Gilmour, Agnes F.  (Mrs. William Wright, Sr.)	A-20
Gilmour, Herbert B.	A-16
Gilmour, Mary  (Mrs. William D. Hamilton)	A-107
Gilmour, Matthew	A-16
Gilmour, Mrs. Matthew  (Janet Wright)	A-16
Gilmour, Matthew B.	A-17BC
Gilmour, Mrs. Matthew B.  (Marion Gebbie)	A-17BC
Gilmour, Rosa	A-11
Gilmour, William Hugh	A-11
Gilmour, Mrs. William Hugh  (Katherine Wyard Smith)	A-11
Gleave, John	B-244
Gleave, Mrs. John  (Frances Mainwaring)	B-244
Goddard, James Thomas Edward	C-313
Goddard, Mrs. James Thomas Edward  (Bessie Margaret Jones)	C-313
Goldie, Robert	A-23BC
Goldie, Mrs. Robert  (Rosa Wright)	A-23BC
Golding, Doris E.  (Mrs. George H. Hunt)	C-325
Goodale, Norman	B-213A
Goodale, Mrs. Norman  (Annie Archer)	B-214C
Goodfellow, Caroline Elizabeth	B-216
Goodfellow, George Clarke	B-216
Goodfellow, George Douglas	B-216
Goodfellow, Mrs. George Douglas  (Hildegarde Godwin Brown ?)	B-216
Goodfellow, Mrs. James  (Agnes Duncan)	A-27
Goodfellow, John Thomas	B-208
Goodfellow, Mrs. John Thomas  (Eleanor Cowan Mercer)	B-208
Goodfellow, Mary Elizabeth  (Mrs. Richard C. Doane)	B-217
Goodfellow, Philip Foster	B-216
Goodfellow, Mrs. Philip Foster  (Elizabeth V. Treglown)	B-216
Goodfellow, Sarah  (Mrs. Hugh Watt)	A-86
Goodfellow, William	A-27
Goodfellow, Mrs. William  (Charlotte Clark)	A-27
Goodfellow, William (Jr.)	A-27
Goodwin, Susan  (Mrs. Sidney W. Arnold)	C-423
Goudie, Amelia  (Mrs. James L. Jack)	A-26
Graham, Margaret L.  (Mrs. Herbert J. Jost)	A-82
Grant, Mrs. ?  (Francis Tommie ?)	C-342
Grant, Virginia  (Mrs. Albert J. Bremner)	C-380
Gray, James A.	B-256
Green, Robert	A-150
Green, Mrs. Robert  (Bertha Prior)	A-150
Greenhorn, Sarah  (Mrs. John Fairley)	A-134B
Griffiths, Lily  (Mrs. ? Pountain)	A-135
Gropler, Franz	A-153
Gropler, Mrs. Franz  (Charlotte Blachney)	A-153
Gross, Bernhard	B-264
Gross, Mrs. Bernhard  (Liesel Riffelmacher)	B-264
Gunther, Heinz	B-262C

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Hallett, Mary E.  (Mrs. ?)	A-151-1-1
Hamblin, Grace Eva  (Mrs. Thomas Warburton)	B-239
Hamilton, Bernice  (Mrs. Herbert R. Oliver)	A-88
Hamilton, Elizabeth  (Mrs. Francis Dickson)	A-139
Hamilton, Elizabeth Gebbie	A-95
Hamilton, Ivan A.	A-89
Hamilton, Mrs. Ivan A. (1st)  (Dorothy K. Brophy)	A-89
Hamilton, Mrs. Ivan A. (2nd)  (Irene M. Mageau)	A-89
Hamilton, James	A-99
Hamilton, Mrs. James  (Mary Wright)	A-99
Hamilton, James A.	A-95
Hamilton, Mrs. James A.  (Annie Jane Boulter)	A-95
Hamilton, James Percival	A-95
Hamilton, Jane  (Mrs. Robert Elliot)	A-1
Hamilton, Rosa  (Mrs. Alexander S. Gebbie)	A-99
Hamilton, Sidney B.	A-101
Hamilton, Mrs. Sidney B.  (Jean Smith)	A-101
Hamilton, William D.	A-107
Hamilton, Mrs. William D.  (Mary Gilmour)	A-107
Hamilton, William David	A-94
Hamilton, Mrs. William David  (Vivian E. Bobo)	A-94
Hammel, Ida Emilie  (Mrs. Herman Edward Huhnke)	A-135
Hanna, William	A-75
Hanson, Cecil Barnard	B-172A
Hanson, Mrs. Cecil Barnard  (Margaret Everall)	B-172A
Hanson, Hugh Fellowes	B-172A
Hanson, Mrs. Hugh Fellowes  (Enid Martin)	B-172A
Harding, Esther Mary  (Mrs. Carlos B. McKyes)	A-152
Harding, Henry Philip	A-152
Harding, Mrs. Henry Philip  (Frieda Wiedrich)	A-152
Harding, John	A-152
Harding, Mrs. John  (Mary Purvis Brand)	A-152
Harding, Lois Frieda	A-152
Harmer, Walter	B-251
Harmer, Mrs. Walter  (Elizabeth ?)	B-251
Harmer ?, Elizabeth  (Mrs. Walter Harmer)	B-251
Harris, Marie  (Mrs. Goldie Thompson Quesnel ?)	B-258
Harvey, Marie E.  (Mrs. John T. Loch)	D-D15
Hay, Amelia Maria  (Mrs. George Meldrum (2nd))	A-40
Hayman, Peter	B-172BC
Haynes, Alice  (Mrs. ? Smith)	A-12A
Hayr, Annie L.  (Mrs. Robert Jack)	A-25
Heider, Karolina  (Mrs. Adalbert Dervarits)	C-354
Herbert, Lorna L.  (Mrs. Carl W. Bosshart)	B-230
Hersey, Dorothy  (Mrs. James A. Myatt)	C-408
Hill, Norma  (Mrs. Harvey J. Stacey)	C-400
Hillidge, Nancy I.  (Mrs. Hugh Milmine)	B-259
Hodge, Hilda M.  (Mrs. Robert A. Wright)	B-214AB
Hodgson, Margaret  (Mrs. R. H. Metcalfe)	A-123
Hodkin, Gladys  (Mrs. Carl McMahon)	A-140
Holland, Eva  (Mrs. Ralph Wesley Moyer)	B-242
Holmes, Ethel  (Mrs. William Yarnell)	C-377
Holmes, James	A-143-5
Holmes, Mrs. James  (Gertrude McGlashan)	A-143-5
Holmes, Robert Leslie	C-321
Holmes, Mrs. Robert Leslie  (Mavis Hargrave Bennett)	C-321
Holowathy, John A.	B-228BC
Horn, Mrs. J.  (Ann Clark)	A-67
Horton, Frank R.	D-A10
Hoyland, Frank	D-C15
Hoyland, Mrs. Frank  (Joan Leacock)	D-C15
Hughes, Beverly Currie  (Mrs. William Anderson Barclay)	B-197
Hughes, Wilfred Perry	B-197
Huhnke, Herman Edward	A-135
Huhnke, Mrs. Herman Edward  (Ida Emilie Hammel)	A-135
Hunt, George H.	C-325
Hunt, Mrs. George H.  (Doris E. Golding)	C-325
Hunter, Elizabeth  (Mrs. James Meldrum)	A-29
Hunter, Judy Lynn	B-232
Hunter, Robert	A-29
Huntly, Mrs. Michael Edward (Grace Elizabeth Peck)	C-414
Hurst, George Martin	A-133
Hurst, Mrs. George Martin  (Edith Annie Mitchell)	A-133
Hypponen, Saima  (Mrs. William Tohni)	A-154-1-1

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Ilczyszyn, Anna  (Mrs. ? Stawnycza)	C-381

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Jack, Annie Jane	A-25
Jack, George	A-102
Jack, James L.	A-26
Jack, Mrs. James L.  (Amelia Goudie)	A-26
Jack, Jane  (Mrs. Robert Lang)	A-55
Jack, John	A-55
Jack, Mrs. John  (Elizabeth Lang)	A-55
Jack, Lannet	A-102
Jack, Margaret A.  (Mrs. Leslie A. McMillan)	B-243
Jack, Margaret Olive	A-26
Jack, Marjory	A-102
Jack, Mary  (Mrs. Peter Reid (1st))	A-13
Jack, Norman E.	A-30
Jack, Mrs. Norman E.  (Agnes S. Gentles)	A-30
Jack, Robert	A-31
Jack, Robert	A-25
Jack, Mrs. Robert  (Annie L. Hayr)	A-25
Jack, Mrs. Robert  (Roberta H. ?)	A-31
Jack, Robert Allan	A-26
Jack, Ruth  (Mrs. Peter Reid (2nd))	A-13
Jack, Stanton Robert	A-31
Jack, Mrs. Stanton Robert  (Louise Slack)	A-31
Jack, William	A-102
Jack, William A.	A-32
Jack, Mrs. William A.  (Margaret L. Black)	A-32
Jack?, Roberta H.  (Mrs. Robert Jack)	A-31
Jarvey, Mrs. Jules  (Amandine St-Aubin)	A-117A
Jennings, Gertrude  (Mrs. Duncan McGregor)	B-179
Jennings, Miriam  (Mrs. Colin Roy McGregor)	B-179
Joerger, Eric	D-E06
Johansson, Hilma  (Mrs. J. Donald McPherson)	B-235
Jones, Bessie Margaret  (Mrs. James Thomas Edward Goddard)	C-313
Jones, Elizabeth F.  (Mrs. Charles Ernest Smith)	B-198C
Jones, Ethel Louise  (Mrs. Herbert Wilkes Kyle)	B-190
Jones, Helen Margaret  (Mrs. Jean Marie Robitaille)	D-B07
Jordan, Stanley J.	C-398
Jordan, Mrs. Stanley J.  (Betty F. ?)	C-398
Jordan ?, Betty F.  (Mrs. Stanley J. Jordan)	C-398
Jost, Alan G.	A-82
Jost, Herbert J.	A-82
Jost, Mrs. Herbert J.  (Margaret L. Graham)	A-82
Jost, Margaret  (Mrs. ? Rice)	A-82
Joyce, James Cullen	C-320
Joyce, Mrs. James Cullen  (Helen Marion Ball)	C-320

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Kangaskolkka, Lyyli Helena  (Mrs. Kalle Iivari Niittyla)	C-390
Kansanoja, Matti	C-395
Kansanoja, Mrs. Matti  (Annie Niemi)	C-395
Kazuke, Helen  (Mrs. Gordon Burrows)	D-D07
Keith, Alexander	A-15
Keith, Mrs. Alexander  (Christina Morrison)	A-15
Keith, Margaret	A-15
Kennedy, Marie  (Mrs. ? Cornford)	D-A08
Kennedy, Richard	D-C24
Kennedy, Mrs. Richard  (Pauline Tahill)	D-C24
Kerr, Alison Glenton	B-181
Kerr, Ronald Lewis Glenton	B-181
Kerr, Mrs. Ronald Lewis Glenton  (Stella Isabel Muir)	B-181
King, Charles Lawrence	C-393
King, Mrs. Charles Lawrence  (Sybil Ellam)	C-393
Kingswell, Mrs. ?  (Annie ?)	A-155
Kingswell ?, Annie  (Mrs. ? Kingswell)	A-155
Kittelsen, Birger Strom	A-140
Kittelsen, Mrs. Birger Strom  (Doris Mellor)	A-140
Knight, Clara	C-330A
Kolozs, Anna  (Mrs. ?)	C-342
Kreutzer, Edward	C-330B
Kreutzer, Mrs. Edward  (Beverly Ladouceur)	C-330B
Kreutzer, Kathleen	C-330B
Kyle, Herbert Wilkes	B-190
Kyle, Mrs. Herbert Wilkes  (Ethel Louise Jones)	B-190
Kyle, Thelma  (Mrs. William Mitchell)	C-342

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Lacasse, Amanda	B-224C
Ladouceur, Beverly  (Mrs. Edward Kreutzer)	C-330B
Lamb, Helen Grace  (Mrs. Robert Lang Craik)	A-118
Lamb, Sarah  (Mrs. Alexander McRobert)	A-92
Lang, Andrew	A-109
Lang, Andrew	A-60
Lang, Mrs. Andrew  (A. F. Gilmour)	A-60
Lang, Archy	A-60
Lang, Charles	A-109
Lang, Mrs. Charles  (Helen Lochead)	A-109
Lang, Charlotte	A-109
Lang, David	A-33
Lang, Mrs. David  (Catherine C. MacFarlane)	A-33
Lang, Elizabeth  (Mrs. John Jack)	A-55
Lang, Elizabeth J.	A-109
Lang, James	B-168
Lang, James	A-60
Lang, Mrs. James  (Mary C. Maxwell)	B-168
Lang, Mrs. James  (Margret Leitch)	A-60
Lang, John	A-60
Lang, Mabel Janet	A-60
Lang, Mary  (Mrs. Robert Watt)	A-60
Lang, Mary Jane Elizabeth  (Mrs. Robert Craik)	A-118
Lang, Mary Scott  (Mrs. Ernest Rowe)	B-176
Lang, Robert	A-55
Lang, Mrs. Robert  (Jane Jack)	A-55
Lang, Ross	A-109
Lang, Mrs. Ross  (Roda Oborne)	A-109
Lang, Selena A. M.  (Mrs. Roger H. C. Verschingel)	B-169
Langevin, Robert	C-319
Langevin, Mrs. Robert  (Beatrice Sparks)	C-319
Langlois, Ivy  (Mrs. Robert Bourgaize)	D-A17
Lapierre, Jocelyn  (Mrs. Harald Classen)	B-277AB
Larsen, Kaj Michael	C-394
Latter ?, Wilhelmina  (Mrs. ? Armstrong)	C-376B
Leach, William E.	B-257
Leach, Mrs. William E.  (Patricia M. Doyle)	B-257
Leacock, Joan  (Mrs. Frank Hoyland)	D-C15
Lederhose, Edgar	D-D11
Lederhose, Mrs. Edgar  (Freda Delaney)	D-D11
Lee, Mrs. ?  (Donalda Miller)	A-142
Lee, Dorothy  (Mrs. Irby W. Gilbert)	B-231
Lee, Gerald Osgood	A-142
Lee, J. Robin	A-149
Lee, Lois  (Mrs. Ethelbert Suckling)	A-142
Leitch, Margret  (Mrs. James Lang)	A-60
Lemieux, Nellis	D-D05
Lemieux, Mrs. Nellis  (Brenda Patterson)	D-D05
Lennon?, Bernice A.  (Mrs. Wilfred Woodhouse)	C-418
Lewin-North, Lilian  (Mrs. ? McDowell)	C-431B
Lilley, Mrs. ?  (Elizabeth Robb Wilson)	C-411
Lilly, Sarah Isabella  (Mrs. John Richardson)	A-69
Lobban, Dorothy  (Mrs. Kenneth E. Smith)	B-194
Loch, John T.	D-D15
Loch, Mrs. John T.  (Marie E. Harvey)	D-D15
Lochead, Helen  (Mrs. Charles Lang)	A-109
Lockhart, Anthony C.	A-45
Lockhart, Mrs. Anthony C.  (Agnes Craik)	A-45
Lockhart, John	A-50
Lockhart, Robert	A-50
Lockhart, Mrs. Robert  (Mary Wilkins)	A-50
Lockhart, Sarah Ann	A-50
Longley, Edward T.	B-198AB
Longley, Mrs. Edward T.  (Violet M. ?)	B-198AB
Longley ?, Violet M.  (Mrs. Edward T. Longley)	B-198AB
Luker, Vera  (Mrs. Alexander J. White)	C-430
Lumsden, Isabella  (Mrs. James Clark)	A-67

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
MacDonald, Margaret Jane  (Mrs. James Craik)	A-111
MacDonald, Sheila  (Mrs. William Clayton)	C-419
MacFarlane, Catherine	A-67
MacFarlane, Catherine C.  (Mrs. David Lang)	A-33
MacFarlane, Christina	A-67
MacFarlane, Georgina	A-34
MacFarlane, Janet  (Mrs. John Duncan)	A-7
MacFarlane, Margaret  (Mrs. Thomas Elliot)	A-1
MacFarlane, Peter	A-34
MacFarlane, Mrs. Peter  (Mary Jane Sayer)	A-34
MacFarlane, Peter Alexander	A-34
MacFarlane, Rhoda Maria	A-34
MacFarlane, Thomas Walter	A-33
MacGregor, John F.	D-C10
MacKellar, Frances R. B.	A-41
MacKenzie, Elizabeth  (Mrs. Francis Allard)	C-358
MacKenzie, Ronald M.	C-416
MacKenzie, Mrs. Ronald M.  (Hannah McComish)	C-416
MacLeod, Catherine  (Mrs. Arthur Allan McDonald)	B-182
MacLeod, Sarah  (Mrs. Thomas Leslie Cameron)	B-199
Mageau, Irene M.  (Mrs. Ivan A. Hamilton (2nd))	A-89
Maier, Hermann	D-B16
Maier, Mrs. Hermann  (Brigitte Brauer)	D-B16
Mainwaring, Frances  (Mrs. John Gleave)	B-244
Malherbe, Emma  (Mme. Henri F. Cavin)	C-362B
Mang, John	B-224AB
Mangnall, James C. B.	A-146
Mangnall, James R.	A-146
Mangnall, Mrs. James R.  (Janet M. ?)	A-146
Mangnall ?, Janet M.  (Mrs. James R. Mangnall)	A-146
Manninen, Anna  (Mrs. Taavetti Pakarinen)	C-366
Marshall, Elizabeth Ann	A-29
Martin, Enid  (Mrs. Hugh Fellowes Hanson)	B-172A
Martin, Mavis E.  (Mrs. Norman K. Brady)	A-124
Masson, Edward David	D-D13
Masson, Mrs. Edward David  (Elinor McGuire)	D-D13
Mattern, Lieselotte  (Mrs. ? Fuhlrott)	C-385B
Maxwell, Mary C.  (Mrs. James Lang)	B-168
Maxwell, William	B-203
Maxwell, Mrs. William  (Annie L. Fletcher)	B-203
Maybury, Mrs. ?  (Jane Sleeman)	A-64
Maybury, Ethel Shaw  (Mrs. John Reginald Dickenson)	A-64
Maybury, Gertrude J.  (Mrs. William Edgar Pilborough)	A-64
Mayer, Ilse  (Mrs. Karl Preimel)	C-379
McBrine, Evelyn M.  (Mrs. Glen R. Yeomans)	C-348
McChesney, Mrs. ?  (Olive M. ?)	C-324
McChesney ?, Olive M.  (Mrs. ? McChesney)	C-324
McClean, Norman	C-399
McClean, Mrs. Norman  (Kathleen Smith)	C-399
McClimont, Elizabeth  (Mrs. Thomas Duncan)	A-145
McClymont, Isabella  (Mrs. Alexander Duncan)	A-58
McComish, Hannah  (Mrs. Ronald M. MacKenzie)	C-416
McConochy, Archelena  (Mrs. Norman R. Ashley)	B-173BC
McCormick, Mrs. ?  (Barbara May Patterson)	D-B03
McCrae, Duncan	A-48
McCrea, William	C-314
McCrea, Mrs. William  (May Welsh)	C-314
McCutcheon, Desmond Scott	C-337
McCutcheon, Mrs. Desmond Scott  (Mildred Sybil ?)	C-337
McCutcheon, Mildred Sybil  (Mrs. Desmond Scott McCutcheon)	C-337
McDade, Shane Kevin	C-404
McDade, Thomas George	C-404
McDonald, Arthur Allan	B-182
McDonald, Mrs. Arthur Allan  (Catherine MacLeod)	B-182
McDonald, Catherine	B-182
McDonald, F/Sgt. Donald	B-182
McDonald, Isabel Rose  (Mrs. David Howard Reid)	B-170
McDowell, Mrs. ?  (Lilian Lewin-North)	C-431B
McFarland, John	A-140
McFarland, Mrs. John  (Alice I. Sanderson)	A-140
McGee, Joyce  (Mrs. M. Williams)	D-D09
McGinnis, Clara Anne  (Mrs. Alfred Hugh Earle Champion)	B-223
McGlashan, Gertrude  (Mrs. James Holmes)	A-143-5
McGlashan, Lynn  (Mrs. Bruce Dumont)	B-184
McGlashan, Norman G.	B-185
McGlashan, Mrs. Norman G.  (Ella R. Garayt)	B-185
McGlashan, Robert	B-184
McGlashan, Mrs. Robert  (Iris Tatem)	B-184
McGlashan, Theresa  (Mrs. DeWitt Clinton)	A-5
McGregor, Colin Roy	B-179
McGregor, Mrs. Colin Roy  (Miriam Jennings)	B-179
McGregor, Mrs. Duncan  (Gertrude Jennings)	B-179
McGuire, Elinor  (Mrs. Edward David Masson)	D-D13
McIntosh, Mrs. ?  (Ruby Norman)	D-A11
McIntosh, Everett L.	D-E04
McIntosh, Mrs. Everett L.  (Margaret R. Spurrell)	D-E04
McIntosh, Isabella Ann  (Mrs. George Meldrum (1st))	A-40
McKnight, Mrs. ?  (Vera Jean Smith)	A-117
McKyes, Mrs. Carlos B  (Esther Mary Harding)	A-152
McLarnon, Mrs. ?  (Veronica E. Wilkinson)	B-189
McLean, Eileen Doris  (Mrs. Louis G. Smith)	B-248
McLean, Mathew (Jr.)	A-73
McLean, Matthew	A-73
McLean, Mrs. Matthew  (Elizabeth Campbell)	A-73
McLean, Robert C.	A-73
McLean, Robert James	A-83
McLean, Mrs. Robert James  (Sarah Rivette Taylor)	A-83
McMahon, Carl	A-140
McMahon, Mrs. Carl  (Gladys Hodkin)	A-140
McMillan, Leslie A.	B-243
McMillan, Mrs. Leslie A.  (Margaret A. Jack)	B-243
McMullan, Sarah  (Mrs. William Watt)	A-81
McNab, Peter R.	B-276BC
McNab, Mrs. Peter R.  (Mae I. Adams)	B-276BC
McPherson, J. Donald	B-235
McPherson, Mrs. J. Donald  (Helma Johansson)	B-235
McRobert, Alexander	A-92
McRobert, Mrs. Alexander  (Sarah Lamb)	A-92
McRobert, Alexandra W.	A-92
McRobert, Charles	A-92
McRobert, Charles A.	B-175
McRobert, Mrs. Charles A.  (A. Willmina Gilmour)	B-175
McRobert, Janet Irene	B-175
McRobert, Lois	B-174AB
McRobert, Norma L.	A-92
McRobert, Stanley Boyd	B-174AB
McRobert, Mrs. Stanley Boyd  (Laurette Violet Bruneau)	B-174AB
McRobert, W.	A-92
Mehring, Kurt	A-143-4
Mein, Janet M.  (Mrs. Ronald E. Nurse)	C-361
Meldrum, "unreadable stone"	A-74
Meldrum, George	A-40
Meldrum, George	A-29
Meldrum, Mrs. George (1st)  (Isabella Ann McIntosh)	A-40
Meldrum, Mrs. George (2nd)  (Amelia Maria Hay)	A-40
Meldrum, George Shaw	A-29
Meldrum, James	A-29
Meldrum, Mrs. James  (Elizabeth Hunter)	A-29
Meldrum, James (Jr.)	A-29
Mellor, Doris  (Mrs. Birger Strom Kittelsen)	A-140
Melville, Lawrence Henry	B-183
Melville, Mrs. Lawrence Henry  (Lillian Ethel Dryden)	B-183
Menard, Roma A.	C-371A
Menke, Robert	C-318
Mercer, Eleanor Cowan  (Mrs. John Thomas Goodfellow)	B-208
Metcalfe, Chester Melvin	A-123
Metcalfe, Mildred L. H.	A-123
Metcalfe, R. H.	A-123
Metcalfe, Mrs. R. H.  (Margaret Hodgson)	A-123
Milburn, John McCaig	C-367
Milburn, Mrs. John McCaig  (Marie Bourgeois)	C-367
Miller, Donalda  (Mrs. ? Lee)	A-142
Miller, Emily  (Mrs. Rev. Wilfrid B. Tucker)	A-9
Mills, Francis  (Mrs. Samuel S. Sceley)	A-151
Milmine, Hugh	B-259
Milmine, Mrs. Hugh  (Nancy I. Hillidge)	B-259
Milmine, Margaret V.  (Mrs. J. Herbert Oliver)	C-316
Mingo, Mary Jane  (Mrs. Herbert Collins)	B-196
Mitchell, Edith Annie  (Mrs. George Martin)	A-133
Mitchell, William	C-342
Mitchell, Mrs. William  (Thelma Kyle)	C-342
Mizener, Donald	D-C08
Mizener, Mrs. Donald  (Phyllis Reid)	D-C08
Mizener, Leona Ruth	D-C17
Modeland, Seward Gordon	B-226
Modeland, Seward Terry	B-226
Moen, Judith  (Mrs. Ren  Frigon)	B-266AB
Moore, Claudia  (Mrs. ? St-Jean)	B-241
Moore, Edward	B-241
Moore, Mrs. Edward  (Freda Webster)	B-241
Morrison, Christina  (Mrs. Alexander Keith)	A-15
Morrissette, Albert	D-C12
Moseley, Ada  (Mrs. James Bowers)	A-71
Moyer, Ralph Wesley	B-242
Moyer, Mrs. Ralph Wesley  (Eva Holland)	B-242
Muir, Stella Isabel  (Mrs. Ronald Lewis Glenton)	B-181
Mullahoo, Ravi	C-331
Mundy, Donald F.	D-E02
Musel, Walter	A-136
Myatt, James A.	C-408
Myatt, Mrs. James A.  (Dorothy Hersey)	C-408

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Nauboris, Hilda  (Mrs. Herbert J. Priest-Brown)	C-383
Naveri, Eino O.	C-315
Negley, Doris  (Mrs. John P. Fitka)	C-372
New, Marion S.  (Mrs. Roland W. Brown)	C-413
Niemi, Annie  (Mrs. Matti Kansanoja)	C-395
Niittyla, Kalle Iivari	C-390
Niittyla, Mrs. Kalle Iivari  (Lyyli Helena Kangaskolkka)	C-390
Nixon, Margaret  (Mrs. Leonard Cameron)	B-272BC
Nixon, Stanley	D-B13
Norman, Ruby  (Mrs. ? McIntosh)	D-A11
Nurse, Michael E.	C-361
Nurse, Ronald E.	C-361
Nurse, Mrs. Ronald E.  (Janet M. Mein)	C-361

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Oborne, Roda  (Mrs. Ross Lang)	A-109
O'Brien, Kathleen V.  (Mrs. Ernest Wells (1st))	B-213BC
Oliver, Herbert R.	A-88
Oliver, Mrs. Herbert R.  (Bernice Hamilton)	A-88
Oliver, J. Herbert	C-316
Oliver, Mrs. J. Herbert  (Margaret V. Milmine)	C-316
Oneill, Mildred V.  (Mrs. Lawrence B. Atkinson)	C-405

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Pakarinen, Taavetti	C-366
Pakarinen, Mrs. Taavetti  (Anna Manninen)	C-366
Palmer, Mabel  (Mrs. Joseph Stacey)	C-341
Palmer, Phyllis Maude  (Mrs. ? Upshall)	D-B01
Pappin, George	D-A12
Pappin, Mrs. George  (Evelyn Patterson)	D-A12
Parks, Frances Gwendolyn  (Mrs. ? Thompson)	C-364A
Parsons, William L.	B-222
Parsons, Mrs. William L.  (Kathleen M. ?)	B-222
Parsons ?, Kathleen M.  (Mrs. William L. Parsons)	B-222
Pasanen, Paavo	A-154-1-1
Pasanen, Mrs. Paavo  (Alina Rissanen)	A-154-1-1
Patriquin, Mrs. ?  (Agnes Whelan)	A-147
Patriquin, Alice Myrtle	C-371B
Patriquin, Douglas	A-147
Patterson, Barbara May  (Mrs. ? McCormick)	D-B03
Patterson, Brenda  (Mrs. Nellis Lemieux)	D-D05
Patterson, Evelyn  (Mrs. George Pappin)	D-A12
Patterson, Gerald I.	D-B02
Patterson, Mrs. Gerald I.  (Leah Elms)	D-B04
Payne, Gerald Ralph	B-221
Pearce, Rose Elizabeth  (Mrs. Alan Gilbert)	B-237AB
Pearse, Henrietta E.  (Mrs. Herbert C. Cox)	A-114
Peck, Grace Elizabeth  (Mrs. Michael Edward Huntly)	C-414
Pelletier, Armand	A-143-6
Pelletier, Mrs. Armand  (Irene Bordeau)	A-143-6
Peltzer, Adele  (Mrs. ? Poirier)	B-202
Peltzer, Gustav	B-202
Peltzer, Mrs. Gustav  (Martha ?)	B-202
Peltzer ?, Martha  (Mrs. Gustav Peltzer)	B-202
Perkins, Arthur	A-153-1-1
Perkins, Mrs. Arthur  (Marja Liisa Tohni)	A-153-1-1
Phillips, Dorothy  (Mrs. Royden L. Dunn)	C-421
Picard, Marie Rose  (Mrs. Louis Edmond Boyer)	A-151
Pietz, Walter H. G.	D-C19
Pilborough, Edgar	A-64
Pilborough, Ruth Campbell  (Mrs. George H. Cox)	A-114
Pilborough, William Edgar	A-64
Pilborough, Mrs. William Edgar  (Gertrude J. Maybury)	A-64
Pinson, William H.	A-48
Poirier, Mrs. ?  (Adele Peltzer)	B-202
Poland, George Herbert	B-204
Poland, James	B-204
Poland ?, Sarah Hazel  (Mrs. ? Poland)	B-204
Pountain, Mrs. ?  (Lily Griffiths)	A-135
Pountain, Margaret  (Mrs. Philippe Chiquette)	A-135
Powell, Leonard H.	B-262AB
Powell, Marion Jean Ritchie Powell	A-118
Pregent, Mrs. Albert  (Helen Wilson)	B-206
Preimel, Karl	C-379
Preimel, Mrs. Karl  (Ilse Mayer)	C-379
Prest, David Graham	B-234
Priest-Brown, Herbert J.	C-383
Priest-Brown, Mrs. Herbert J.  (Hilda Nauboris)	C-383
Priest-Brown, James E.	C-382
Priest-Brown, Richard J.	A-134A
Priest-Brown, Mrs. Richard J.  (Edith Gandey)	A-134A
Prior, Bertha  (Mrs. Robert Green)	A-150
Pronk, Cornelia  (Mrs. Willem Van Westenbrugge)	B-265
Pusztai, Martha  (Mrs. Miklos Szentmiklosi)	D-D04
Putt, Mary Ann  (Mrs. George J. Clackett)	B-212

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Quesnel, Goldie Thompson	B-258
Quesnel ?, Mrs. Goldie Thompson ?  (Marie Harris)	B-258

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Rankin, Netta T.	A-154
Redman, Harry	A-154
Reid, David Grant	C-431A
Reid, Mrs. David Grant  (Muriel White)	C-431A
Reid, David Howard	B-170
Reid, Mrs. David Howard  (Isabel Rose McDonald)	B-170
Reid, Dorothy  (Mrs. Malcolm Russell Clinton)	A-5
Reid, Elsie Hope	A-13
Reid, James	D-B11
Reid, Mrs. James  (Alice Gillies)	D-B12
Reid, Mary  (Mrs. ?)	B-207
Reid, Patience R.  (Mrs. William J. Davidson)	B-255
Reid, Peter	A-13
Reid, Mrs. Peter (1st)  (Mary Jack)	A-13
Reid, Mrs. Peter (1st)  (Mary Jack)	A-13
Reid, Mrs. Peter (2nd)  (Ruth Jack)	A-13
Reid, Phyllis  (Mrs. Donald Mizener)	D-C08
Reid, William John	B-201
Reid, Mrs. William John  (Bertha M. Wright)	B-201
Reynolds, Gordon	B-224C
Reynolds, Mrs. Gordon  (Judy Taillon)	B-224C
Riach, Richard	C-428
Rice, Mrs. ?  (Margaret Jost)	A-82
Richardson, Douglas	A-41
Richardson, E. R.	A-46
Richardson, Mrs. E. R. "Bob"  (Florence J. G. Wright)	A-46
Richardson, Frances M.	A-69
Richardson, Gordon	A-41
Richardson, Isabella E.	A-69
Richardson, Jack	A-41
Richardson, James S	A-69
Richardson, John	A-69
Richardson, Mrs. John  (Sarah Isabella Lilly)	A-69
Richardson, Julius J. G.	A-41
Richardson, Marguerite	A-41
Richardson, Wilhelmina D.	A-69
Richardson, William Sutherland	A-41
Richardson, Mrs. William Sutherland  (Rhoda Ann Boyd)	A-41
Richey, Marjorie  (Mrs. Charles Ralston Schurman)	B-245
Riffelmacher, Liesel  (Mrs. Bernhard Gross)	B-264
Rissanen, Alina  (Mrs. Paavo Pasanen)	A-154-1-1
Roberts, George H.	B-238
Roberts, Mrs. George H.  (Nance Caryl)	B-238
Robertson, Evelyn  (Bruce Robert Fewtrell)	C-356A
Robitaille, Jean Marie	D-B07
Robitaille, Mrs. Jean Marie  (Helen Margaret Jones)	D-B07
Roper, Mrs. ?, Sr.  (Doris Pearl ?)	C-384
Roper, William (Bud)	C-378
Roper, Mrs. William (Bud)  (Grace Rita Cadieux)	C-378
Roper ?, Doris Pearl  (Mrs. ? Roper, Sr.)	C-384
Ross, James	A-120
Ross, Mrs. James  (Eleanor Spendley)	A-120
Ross, James Herbert	A-120
Rossi, Carlos	C-350
Rossi, Mrs. Carlos  (Doretta Wilson)	C-350
Rowe, Charles Francis	B-176
Rowe, Mrs. Charles Francis  (Marjory Mary Snow)	B-176
Rowe, Ernest	B-176
Rowe, Mrs. Ernest  (Mary Scott Lang)	B-176
Rowe, F/Sgt. Frederick	B-176
Roy, Daniel Patrick	D-A14
Roy, Raoul (Ralph)	D-A04
Rudge, Emma Louise  (Mrs. Bernard Clayton)	B-249
Rudge, Ethel E.  (Mrs. Charles Wilcox)	C-387
Runciman, Louise	A-37
Rundlett, Gordon J.	A-153-1-1
Rundlett, Mrs. Gordon J.  (May Brownlow)	A-153-1-1
Ryan, Charles	C-426
Ryan, Mrs. Charles  (Ruth Sissons)	C-426
Ryder, Frank	A-148

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Sambault, Steven	C-338
Sanderson, Alice I.  (Mrs. John McFarland)	A-140
Sauve, Paul	C-386
Sauve, Mrs. Paul  (Elizabeth Evans)	C-386
Sayer, Mary Jane  (Mrs. Peter MacFarlane)	A-34
Sceley, Beatrice	A-151
Sceley, Samuel S.	A-151
Sceley, Mrs. Samuel S.  (Francis Mills)	A-151
Sceley, William Samuel	A-151
Schrader, Elma  (Mrs. Alfred T. Dunk)	C-326
Schulz, Magelena (Leni)  (Mrs. Attila Vagacs)	C-329
Schulz, Rudolf	C-328
Schulz, Mrs. Rudolf  (Margarethe Zorn)	C-328
Schurman, Charles Ralston	B-245
Schurman, Mrs. Charles Ralston  (Marjorie Richey)	B-245
Segar, Margaret  (Mrs. John Duncan)	A-57
Seguin, Agathe  (Mrs. Donald Cameron)	B-199
Shaw, Ann Jane	A-37
Sidaway, Agnes Louise  (Mrs. Samuel Tucker)	B-222
Sidaway, Alice Jane  (Mrs. William Frederick Behague)	A-78
Sills, M. Ruth  (Mrs. Georges Bergeron)	C-391
Simmons, Cecil J.	B-256
Simmons, Frederick	D-A06
Simmons, Mrs. Frederick  (Helena ?)	D-A06
Simmons ?, Helena  (Mrs. Frederick Simmons)	D-A06
Sissons, Ruth  (Mrs. Charles Sissons)	C-426
Sleeman, Jane  (Mrs. ? Maybury)	A-64
Smith, Mrs. ?  (Alice Haynes)	A-12A
Smith, Charles Ernest	B-198C
Smith, Mrs. Charles Ernest  (Elizabeth F. Jones)	B-198C
Smith, Rev. David M.	B-248
Smith, Donald	A-39
Smith, George	A-39
Smith, Mrs. George  (Rose Caryl)	A-39
Smith, George (Jr.)	A-39
Smith, Gibson J. K.	B-250
Smith, Mrs. Gibson J. K.  (Isabella M. Ferguson)	B-250
Smith, Isabel Jean	B-248
Smith, James	A-79
Smith, Mrs. James  (Ila V. Windsor)	A-79
Smith, Jean  (Mrs. Sidney B. Hamilton)	A-101
Smith, Katherine Wyard  (Mrs. William Hugh Gilmour)	A-11
Smith, Kathleen  (Mrs. Norman McClean)	C-399
Smith, Kenneth E.	B-194
Smith, Mrs. Kenneth E.  (Dorothy Lobban)	B-194
Smith, Louis G.	B-248
Smith, Mrs. Louis G.  (Eileen Doris McLean)	B-248
Smith, Marjorie	A-39
Smith, Vera Jean  (Mrs. ? McKnight)	A-117
Snow, Marjory Mary  (Mrs. Charles Francis Rowe)	B-176
Sparks, Beatrice  (Mrs. Robert Langevin)	C-319
Spendley, Eleanor  (Mrs. James Ross)	A-120
Spurrell, Margaret R.  (Mrs. Everett L. McIntosh)	D-E04
Stacey, Harvey J.	C-400
Stacey, Mrs. Harvey J.  (Norma Hill)	C-400
Stacey, Joseph	C-341
Stacey, Mrs. Joseph  (Mabel Palmer)	C-341
St-Aubin, Amandine  (Mrs. Jules Jarvey)	A-117A
St-Aubin, Stanislas	A-117A
St-Aubin, Mrs. Stanislas  (Catherine Fredrick)	A-117A
Stawnycza, Mrs. ?  (Anna Ilczyszyn)	C-381
Stewart, Ann Jane  (Mrs. David Craik)	A-111
St-Jean, Mrs. ?  (Claudia Moore)	B-241
Strongman, Ruby  (Mrs. Leslie Brown)	D-A13
Stuart, Hannah  (Mrs. Thomas Duncan)	A-58
Suckling, Ethelbert	A-142
Suckling, Mrs. Ethelbert  (Lois Lee)	A-142
Sweet, Kate Ethel  (Mrs. Leonard C. Farncombe)	C-403
Szentmiklosi, Miklos	D-D04
Szentmiklosi, Mrs. Miklos  (Martha Pusztai)	D-D04

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Tahill, Christopher	D-C20
Tahill, Paul	D-C22
Tahill, Mrs. Paul  (Christina Almagro)	D-C22
Tahill, Pauline  (Mrs. Richard Kennedy)	D-C24
Taillon, Judy  (Mrs. Gordon Reynolds)	B-224C
Tatem, Iris  (Mrs. Robert McGlashan)	B-184
Taylor, Sarah Rivette  (Mrs. Robert James McLean)	A-83
Tennant, A. Elizabeth  (Mrs. Irven A. Watt)	B-186
Tessier, James Ernest	C-373B
Tessier, Ronnie	C-374A
Thomas, H.	A-143-3
Thomas, Mrs. H.  (B. Everett)	A-143-3
Thompson, Mrs. ?  (Frances Gwendolyn Parks)	C-364A
Thomson, Peter	A-155-1-1
Thomson, Mrs. Peter  (Dorothea Thomson ?)	A-155-1-1
Thomson ?, Dorothea  (Mrs. Peter Thomson)	A-155-1-1
Tohni, Marja Liisa  (Mrs. Arthur Perkins)	A-153-1-1
Tohni, William	A-154-1-1
Tohni, Mrs. William  (Saima Hypponen)	A-154-1-1
Tommie ?, Francis  (Mrs. ? Grant)	C-342
Tooke, Francis	C-397
Tooke, Mrs. Francis  (Fauline Fox)	C-397
Tope, Evelyn  (Mrs. ? Chass )	D-B06
Trampf, Werner	A-138
Trampf, Mrs. Werner  (Gerda Geb. Angenend)	A-138
Treglown, Elizabeth V.  (Mrs. Philip Foster Goodfellow)	B-216
Treherne, Mrs. Cecil W.  (Amy Willmore)	B-228BC
Tucker, Holly M.  (Mrs. Kenneth S. M. Fiske)	B-207
Tucker, Mrs. Rev Wilfrid B.  (Emily Miller)	A-9
Tucker, Mrs. Samuel  (Agnes Louise Sidaway)	B-222
Tucker, Rev. Wilfrid B. M.	A-9
Tully, Donald W.	A-19
Tully, Mrs. Donald W.  (Mary Jane Watt)	A-19

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Upshall, Mrs. ?  (Phyllis Maude Palmer)	D-B01

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Vagacs, Attila	C-329
Vagacs, Mrs. Attila  (Magdelena (Leni) Schulz)	C-329
Van der Brugghen, J. J. L.	B-205
Van Westenbrugge, Willem	B-265
Van Westenbrugge, Mrs. Willem  (Cornelia Pronk)	B-265
Vanier, Marcel	D-A05
Vanier, Mrs. Marcel  (Lena Whimp)	D-A05
Vastamaa, Jalmari	B-280A
Verschingel, Roger H. C.	B-169
Verschingel, Mrs. Roger H. C.  (Selena A. M. Lang)	B-169
Visser, Shirley	B-247

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Wagener, Mrs. ?  (Joanne ?)	A-143-4
Wallace, Victor Keith	C-389
Wallace, Mrs. Victor Keith  (Aleta Alberta ?)	C-389
Wallace ?, Aleta Alberta  (Mrs. Victor Keith Wallace)	C-389
Wallis, Ida Shaw	A-37
Warburton, Thomas	B-239
Warburton, Mrs. Thomas  (Grace Eva Hamblin)	B-239
Ward, Elsie Maud  (Mrs. Frank Herbert)	C-417
Watt, Alexander	A-86
Watt, Elizabeth Agnes	B-187
Watt, Hugh	A-86
Watt, Mrs. Hugh  (Sarah Goodfellow)	A-86
Watt, Irven A.	B-186
Watt, Mrs. Irven A.  (A. Elizabeth Tennant)	B-186
Watt, Jane	A-86
Watt, Margaret Jean	B-187
Watt, Mary Jane  (Mrs. Donald W. Tully)	A-19
Watt, May	A-86
Watt, Robert	A-86
Watt, Mrs. Robert  (Mary Lang)	A-60
Watt, William	A-81
Watt, Mrs. William  (Sarah McMullan)	A-81
Waugh, Frank	D-E07
Waugh, Mrs. Frank  (Norma ?)	D-E07
Waugh ?, Norma  (Mrs. Frank Waugh)	D-E07
Wearing, Theodore R.	A-64
Wearing, Mrs. Theodore R.  (Jean Dickenson)	A-64
Webster, Alexander	B-180
Webster, Mrs. Alexander  (Euphemia Aird)	B-180
Webster, Bruce	B-177
Webster, Mrs. Bruce  (Patricia ?)	B-177
Webster, Freda  (Mrs. Edward J. Moore)	B-241
Webster, James	B-241
Webster, William 'grandpa'	B-177
Webster ?, Annie  (Mrs. James Webster ?)	B-241
Webster ?, Mrs. James ?  (Annie Webster ?)	B-241
Webster ?, Patricia  (Mrs. Bruce Webster)	B-177
Weldon, Florence  (Mrs. William E. Cawthron)	B-200
Wells, Mrs. Ernest (1st)  (Kathleen V. O'Brien)	B-213BC
Welsh, May  (Mrs. William McCrea)	C-314
West, Ethel Jane  (Mrs. ? Gavey)	C-356B
Westenbrugge, Van, Willem	B-265
Westenbrugge, Van, Mrs. Willem  (Cornelia Pronk)	B-265
Whelan, Agnes  (Mrs. ? Patriquin)	A-147
Whimp, Lena  (Mrs. Marcel Vanier)	D-A05
White, Alexander J.	C-430
White, Mrs. Alexander J.  (Vera Luker)	C-430
White, Muriel  (Mrs. David Grant Reid)	C-430
Wiedrich, Frieda  (Mrs. Henry Philip Harding)	A-152
Wilcox, Charles	C-387
Wilcox, Mrs. Charles  (Ethel E. Rudge)	C-387
Wilken, Ida  (Mrs. James Butler)	A-121
Wilkins, Mary  (Mrs. Robert Lockhart)	A-50
Wilkinson, Veronica E.  (Mrs. ? McLarnon)	B-189
Wilkinson-Kapla, Eva	D-A16
William, Sydney A.	B-178
Williams, Dora M.  (Mrs. Leslie Wyse)	A-12BC
Williams, M. (Pete)	D-D09
Williams, Mrs. M. (Pete)  (Joyce McGee)	D-D09
Willmore, Amy  (Mrs. Cecil W. Treherne)	B-228BC
Wilson, Doretta  (Mrs. Carlos Rossi)	C-350
Wilson, Elizabeth Robb  (Mrs. ? Lilley)	C-411
Wilson, Helen  (Mrs. Albert Pregent)	B-206
Wilson, Ian Richard	A-148
Wilson, Mary	A-149
Wilson, William	B-206
Wilson, Mrs. William  (Helen ?)	B-206
Wilson ?, Helen  (Mrs. William Willson)	B-206
Windsor, Ila V.  (Mrs. James Smith)	A-79
Woodhouse, Wilfred	C-418
Woodhouse, Mrs. Wilfred  (Bernice A. Lennon?)	C-418
Wright, Agnes F.	A-20
Wright, Bertha M.  (Mrs. William John Reid)	B-201
Wright, David	A-105
Wright, Florence J. G.  (Mrs. E. R. "Bob" Richardson)	A-46
Wright, Gordon William	A-21
Wright, Jane Craik  (Mrs. Robert John Gordon Boyd)	B-171
Wright, Janet  (Mrs. Matthew Gilmour)	A-16
Wright, John David	A-21
Wright, John G.	A-23A
Wright, Mary  (Mrs. James Hamilton)	A-99
Wright, Robert A.	B-214AB
Wright, Mrs. Robert A.  (Hilda M. Hodge)	B-214AB
Wright, Robert G.	A-20
Wright, Rosa  (Mrs. Robert Goldei)	A-23BC
Wright, William (Jr.)	A-22
Wright, Mrs. William (Jr.)  (Mary Craik)	A-22
Wright, William, Sr	A-20
Wright, Mrs. William, Sr  (Agnes F. Gilmour)	A-20
Wright, Mrs. William, Sr.  (Mary Gibson)	A-105
Wyse, Leslie	A-12BC
Wyse, Mrs. Leslie  (Dora M. Williams)	A-12BC
  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Yarnell, Thomas	B-229
Yarnell, Mrs. Thomas  (Agnes Clark)	B-229
Yarnell, William	C-377
Yarnell, Mrs. William  (Ethel Holmes)	C-377
Yeomans, Glen R.	C-348
Yeomans, Mrs. Glen R.  (Evelyn M. McBrine)	C-348

  Surname, Given Name  (Alternate Name)                     Lot #
Zorn, Margarethe  (Mrs. Rudolf Schulz)	C-328

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