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Thanks to Gina Smith, we have a list of the militia volunteers for selected companies in the Beauharnois Battalion of Militia for the County of Beauharnois during the Rebellion of 1838 (except for Russeltown which is from May 1839). These have been extracted from microfilms of the paylists in the National Archives in Ottawa. (The NAC microfilm reel # for the Beauharnois Volunteer Cavalry and Beauharnois Loyal Volunteers is #B-2917 and the Russelltown Frontier Company is #B-3189.) Unfortunately it is not clear from the lists where each of the companies were located. I have added a probable location for those companies in brackets where the names are recognized from other research.

As is usual with transcriptions from old handwriting, there are most likely some mis-interpretations of the spelling. In some cases alternative interpretations are provided. Names followed by an (X) are shown as signing for their pay with an X. Names followed by a number in brackets indicate another person in the company with the same name.

The pay rate that these militia members got was probably an important source of hard cash in a time when cash was hard to come by as the settlers were just getting established. As a rough guide, the following were the per diem pay rates for the various ranks in 1838. They appeared to have got a raise in 1839 and the cavalry were paid more on account that they had to supply their own horses. The equivalent dollars is based on the 1 pound = $4.00 exchange rate in effect from the 1850s into the 20th century.

Rank Pay Rate/Day
Lieutenant Colonel 20/5 $4.08
Captain 11/7 2.31
Asst Surgeon 9/0 1.80
Lieutenant 6/6 1.30
Quartermaster 6/6 1.30
Ensign 5/0 1.00
Quartermaster Sergeant 2/6 0.50
Sergeant 1/10 0.37
Corporal 1/4 0.27
Drummer 1/1 0.23
Private 1/0 0.20

I have not provided a search tool for this page since the various name spellings would make such a tool ineffective in my view. If you wish to use a search tool, try the "FIND" or "FIND IN PAGE" command on your browser.

Battalion Staff
First Company (North Georgetown)
Second Company (Jamestown Chateauguay River Concession)
Third Company (Ormstown First Concession)
Captain Watherston's Company (Ormstown Concessions south end)
Captain Tate's Company (Chateauguay River Concessions)
Captain George Howden's Company (North Georgetown)
Captain R. O. Wilson's Company (North Georgetown)
Captain James Craig's Company (English River, Scotch and Irish Concessions)
Captain Finlayson's Company at Norton Creek (1st,2nd,3rd Conc Williamstown)
Captain Ainslie's Company (Williamstown Beechridge)
Captain Robinson's Company at Norton Creek(Williamstown)
Captain Sever's Company at Norton Creek (Edwardstown)
Guard of Beauharnois Loyal Volunteers stationed at Norton Creek
Beauharnois Volunteer Cavalry
Russelltown Volunteer Company

Beauharnois Loyal Volunteers Paylists for November 1838
  Staff of the Beauharnois Volunteers


Lawrence G Brown, lt colonel
George H Phillips, asst surgeon
Robert Robertson, quartermaster
Thomas Steel, quartermaster sergeant
Kutisoff Nicolson, quartermaster

  First Company
(North Georgetown)


Henry Wright, captain
Robert Brodie, lieutenant
Archibald Ogilvy, lieutenant
James Bryson, ensign
Archibald Campbell, sergeant
Hugh Cowan, sergeant
Peter McArthur, sergeant
Hugh Morrison, sergeant
Neil Campbell, corporal
James Cowan, corporal
Alexander Cumming, corporal
Alexander Williamson, corporal

James Adams(X)
William Adams(X)
William Anderson
W G Bate
David Baxter
Andrew Benett
William Benett/Bennett
James Brodie
Craig Brown
Alexander Bryson
David Bryson
James Bryson
Donald Cameron
Alexander Campbell
Thomas Cleg
John Convey
Alexander Craik
James Cruthers
John Cruthers
James Cullins/Cullen
John Cumming
John Cunningham
Robert Cunningham
William Donaldson
Alexander Finlayson
Charles Gage
James Gilbert
Archibald Gilchrist
William Gilchrist
John Glen
Alexander Graham
William Grant
John Greig
William Greig
William Harvey
Hugh Henderson
Robert Henderson
Daniel Kinghorn
Alexander Logan
James Logan
Thomas Logan
David Mair
John Martin
Thomas McClery
James McClery
John McClery
Duncan McCaig
John McCaig
John McConacky(X)
John McConlie
Alexander McCormick
Archibald McCormick
Duncan McCormick
Neil McCormick
John McEwen(X)
Neil McEwen
Andrew McFarlane
Donald McGillis
Neil McGlahlin
Angus McIntire/McIntyre
James McKellar/McKeller
Hugh McKinnon
Neil McLaughlin
Murdoch McLean
Donald McNeil
John McNeil
Angus Menish/Minish
Robertson Miller
James Moore
Alexander Morison
Daniel Morrison
Neil Morison
William Muir
James Muire
Adam Paxton
William Reeves
John Salmon
Alexander Steel
Alexander Thompson
Alexander Thomson
William Thomson
Alexander Williamson
Daniel Williamson

Second Company
(Jamestown Chateauguay River Concession)


Andrew Strachan, captain
Robert Beattie, lieutenant
Andrew Porter, ensign
James Ross, ensign
James Cosgrove, sergeant
Archibald McEwen, sergeant
William Taylor, corporal
Robert Allan
Samuel Berd/Baird
Hugh Brown
Thomas Brown
Matthew Cavanagh
Pat Colly/Conally
John Cowan
Samuel Crutchfield
Pat Cunningham
John Hamilton
Francis Hughes
James McCartney
Daniel McIntosh
William McIntosh
Neil McKay
James McKeegan
Finlay McMartin
Edward Murphy
George Murphy
James Murphy
Patrick Murphy
William Patterson
Thomas Porter
William Porter
John Rodger(X)
Robert Rodger
John Rowan(X)
John Saddler(X)
John Scully
Samuel Shepherd
Hugh Smith
Terens Smith
John Stuart
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Thomson
Robert T Walsh
Anthony Whyte

Third Company
(Ormstown First Concession)


James Nicol, captain
Alexander Mills, lieutenant
Thomas Williams, ensign
James Finn, sergeant
John McClintock(X), sergeant
John McDougall, sergeant
James Mills, corporal
John Sangster, corporal
Edward Cooke, drummer
William Bryson
Samuel Cottingham
Alexander Dickman
John Donald(X)
Patrick Dunphy
Felix Finn
Patrick Finn
Joseph Gibson
James Gray
M W Harrison
John Hay/Hays
Henry Henderson
Robert Kerry
John Ligget/Legat
Donald Livingston(X)
Walter Lyle
John McCartney
Archibald McNeil(X)
Daniel McNeil
James McNeil
Hugh McNown
Thomas McQuige
David McQuigge
John Moloy
William Moloy
Hugh Morgan
John Murphy
Thomas Murphy
David Nicol
Daniel O'Mullan
Thomas Saddler
James Sangster(X)
William Smith
Andrew Struthers
William Todd
John Winter
William Winter
Thomas Young

Captain Watherston's Company
(Ormstown Concessions south end)


Robert Watherston, captain
William Graham, lieutenant
Robert McMullan, ensign
John Anderson, sergeant
Hugh McKellar, sergeant
Arthur Moore, sergeant
Archibald McDougal, corporal
Adam McIlroy, corporal
John Russell, corporal
Thomas Adams
Adam Beattie
Francis Beattie
John Beattie
Andrew Brock
George Brock
John Campbell
Richard Crothers/Cruthers
William Dodds
James Freeland
Edward Gain
John Graham(1)
John Graham(2)
John Greer
Josef Greer
Duncan Leitch
James Ligget
Robert Ligget
David Linton
Robert Linton
Francis McArdle
Andrew McCormick
John McDougall
John McKee
Archibald McKellar
Donald McKellar
Arthur Moore
Robert Rember
James Sadler
William Watson
James Whittal
John Whittal
Drummond Youngson

Captain Tate's Company
(Chateauguay River Concessions, both sides from English River to Ormstown)


John Tate, captain
John McGerrigle, lieutenant
William Cairns, ensign
Henry Craig, ensign
Thomas Barrington, quartermaster sergeant
James Brown, sergeant
Henry Tate, sergeant
Alexander Younie, sergeant
Robert Carson, corporal
William Leach, corporal
James Whyte, corporal
Robert Allan
Robert Barr
John Barrington
John Bothwell
Robert Bothwell
William Bothwell
David Brodrich(X)
John Campbell(X)
Robert Carans
James Carmichael(X)
William Carson
Mathew Cavana
John Cavaner
John Cook
Neal Cook
Peter Coots
John Curen
William Donald
George Elliot
David Fisken
James Harkness
Thomas Harley
William Knox
Robert McClanaghan
Peter McEwen
James McGerigle
James McKeegan
John McLary
Thomas McLary
Francis Morgan(X)
David Ovens(X)
Thomas Porter
John Pringle(X)
Edward Rice
William Rice
Charles Robertson
John Robertson
John Saddler
John Scully(X)
John Selkirk
William Selkirk
David Sinclair
Henry Sproul(X)
William Sproul
Charles Stuart
Timothy Thomson
William Thomson
George Waddell
John Waddell
William Warraner(X)
Charles Watson(X)
Robert Whiteford
William Williams
John Wilson
Thomas Wood
John Wylie
Thomas Wylie

Captain George Howden's Company
(North Georgetown)


George Howden, captain
James Dryden, lieutenant
John Howden, ensign
James Benning, sergeant
Andrew Cheyne, sergeant
John Alexander,corporal
Robert Hall, corporal
William Alexander
Alexander Black
William Black
Robert Brown
Samuel Bursell
Thomas Bursell
William Bursell
George Cheyne
Robert Cheyne
Neil Conley
George Downs
John Downs
William Downs
John Glass
William Hall
William Hamilton
John Herron
Andrew Hunter
William Leith
John Lockerby
Patrick Lynch
James Martin
Donald McCoug/McCaig
Henry McKenrick
Alexander McMartin
Duncan McMillan
Neil McNaughton
Anthony Rigg
Hugh Simon
William Smith
John Somerville
David Tait
James Tait
Thomas Tassie
Thomas Thomson
James Wight
John Young

Captain R. O. Wilson's Company
(North Georgetown)


Robert Orr Wilson, captain
Robert Hall, sergeant
Robert Kemp, corporal
James McKay, corporal
James Adams
William Alexander
William Bennet
Alexander Black
James Bradie
Peter Brady
George Chyne/Cheyne
Robert Chyne/Cheyne
John Cowan
Thomas Dodd
Francois Gendront/Gendron
John Hope
David Mair
Michael Martin
John McAuly
Duncan McCaig
Neil McCaig
Daniel McIntosh
Neil McLachlin
Niel McNaughton
John Metcalf
Anthony Rigg
Andrew Somerville
John Somerville
Hugh Symons
John Symons
James Tait
William Thomson
James Wight

Captain James Craig's Company
(English River, Scotch and Irish Concessions)


James Craig, captain
James Houston, lieutenant
James McCracken, ensign
William Kerr, sergeant
William McKell, sergeant
William Stewart, sergeant
Charles Abbott, corporal
William Carson, corporal
Andrew McCracken, corporal
John Abbott
William Abbott
Robert Adams
Nathaniel Allan
Thomas Allan
Henry Angel
Henry Bennie
James Blair
James Carmichael
William Carmichael
Samuel Conner
Peter Coutts
Archibald Craig
James Craig
Thomas Crow
John Currie
James Davies
George Easton
John Gordon
William Gordon
Daniel Gruer
William Gruer
Lewis Lamont
Nathaniel Lannin
David Marshall
David McClenaghan
Francis McClinon
John McCracken
David McCrackin
Malcolm McFarlan
Daniel McGregor
William McKekie
David McKillen
James Meckle(McKell)
John Metcalf
John Miller
William Miller
John Morison
Ralph Murdoch
Davis Murphy
James Neilson
James Robertson
James Smith
Andrew Stewart
Bishop Stewart
John Stewart(1)
John Stewart(2)
Thomas Telford
James Templeton
Robert Templeton
John Thompson
David Wilson
James Wilson
Robert Wilson
John Wilson
William Wylie

Captain Finlayson's Company at Norton Creek
(1st, 2nd, 3rd Conc Williamstown)


D Finlayson, captain
Duncan McGillivray(X), lieutenant
Kenneth McLeod, ensign
John McCuaig, sergeant
Donald MacKay, sergeant
Donald Finlayson, corporal
Farquhar McLennan(X), corporal
James Ainslie
James Blackburn
Alexander Finlayson
Archibald Finlayson(X)
Donald Finlayson(X)
John Finlayson(X)(1)
John Finlayson(2)
Norman Finlayson
Rodrick Finlayson(X)
Thomas Humble
John Laing
Donald McCuaig(X)
Duncan McCuaig
John McCuaig(X)
Malcolm McCuaig
William McGilvray
Rodrick McLean(X)
Archibald McLellan(X)
John McLellan(X)
John McLenin/McLennan
Alexander McLennan(X)
John McLennan(1)
John McLennan(2)
Donald McLeod
Norman McLeod
Ewen McPherson(X)
Alexander McRae(X)(1)
Alexander McRae(X)(2)
Alexander McRae(X)(3)
John McRae(X)(1)
John McRae(X)(2)
Malcolm McRae(X)
Philip McRae(X)
Kenneth Murchison(X)
Simon Murchison(X)
William Murchison
Andrew Speeding/Spedon
Donald Stuart(X)
John Stuart(X)
Laughlin Stuart(X)
Rodrick Stuart(X)

Captain Ainslie's Company
(Williamstown Beechridge)


John Ainslie, captain
Thomas Gebbie, lieutenant
James Gault, ensign
John Gray, sergeant
James Struthers, sergeant
Alex Chisholm, corporal
Benjamin Francis, corporal
Walter Ainslie
Thomas Allen
Gorwood Bursell(X)
Felix Cavanagh
Thomas Chisholm
George Cross
James Cross
George Easton
John Forrester
Thomas Frances(X)
Patrick Garvy
William Gaynor
John Hargrave
David Henderson
Peter Henderson(X)
George Hope
James Hope
John Kirby(X)
James Laing
John Lawless
Ralph Mathers
Alex Matheson
Andrew McIntyre
Murdo MacKerlick
Alexander McLenen/McLennan
Donald McLenan/McLennan(X)
Farquhar McLenan/McLennan(X)
Rodrick McLeod(X)
Duncan McRae
John McRae
Hugh McRone
James Nolan
Richard Stacey
Richard Stacey, jun(X)
William Stacey
Philip Struthers(X)
David Stuart
Michael Sullivan
C(harles) R Wray

Captain Robinson's Company at Norton Creek


John Robinson, captain
Charles Gordon, lieutenant
John Stuart, ensign
Kenneth Stuart, sergeant
Thomas Vickerman, sergeant
John G Guthrie, corporal
Alexander Richardson, corporal
Abraham Atkinson
George Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson
Numa Barber
John Barwoot
Frederick Barwort
John Bumhour/Bomhower
Walter Bumhour/Bomhower
James Creed
Alexander Dewey
George Dewey
James Dewey
John Dunn
William Dunn
William Elvidge
Andrew Hargrave
William Henderson
James Jackson sr
James Jackson jr
Matthew Jackson
John Lenox
Angus McKinnon
Hugh McLeod
Hugh MacVicar
Daniel Richardson
James Richardson
Aaron Robinson
Isaac Robinson
William Robinson
Edward Sawyer
David Sawyer
Robert Shaw
Donald Stewart
Duncan Stewart
John Stewart
Charles Struthers
Henry Struthers
Isaac Struthers
John Stuart
Norman Stuart
Thomas T Vickerman

Captain Sever's Company at Norton Creek


John Sever, captain
John Lang, lieutenant
William Creaser, ensign
Josiah Black, sergeant
John Creaser, sergeant
William Bowron, corporal
Martin Dunn, corporal
Andrew Ainslie
William Aviston
John Becket
William Blair
George Bowron
John Bridge
John Bridge jr
Philip Creaser
Andrew Curry
Moses Douglas
Henry Duncan
William P Duncan
Owen Dunn
James Elliot
John Foster
Timothy Gorman
Robert Grasbey/Grasby
Patrick Gregory
James Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
Edward Harris
William Hope
Robert Jamieson
Daniel Liddle
Francis McComb
John McHardy
Daniel McIntosh
Farquhar MacKerlich
Kenneth MacKerlich
Colin McRae
Duncan McRae
Farquhar MacRae
Thomas Meggison
Thomas Rice
John Robb
Charlie Robideux
William Robidue/Robideux
John Ross
Malcolm Ross
John Seery
James Swords
Richard Toynton
William Toynton
James Walker jr
John Walker
William Walker
George Wheatly

Guard of Beauharnois Loyal Volunteers stationed at Norton Creek


Thomas Gebbie, lieutenant
James Dewey, sergeant
John G Guthrie, sergeant
James Struthers, sergeant
Isaac Robinson, corporal
George Arston
George Barron
John Becket
John Brigge
William Briggs
Charles Buchart
Andrew Currie
Thomas Francis
James Jackson
John McArty
Francis McCombe
William Murchison
Donald Richardson
Charles Robideau
William Robideau
Peter Rooney
John Ross
Richard Stacey
Donald Stewart
Richard Toynton
John Wilson


Beauharnois Volunteer Cavalry


James Wright, captain
John Bryson, sergeant
James Bryson, corporal
David Baxter
Dennis Bogue
Alex Brown
Alexander C Brown
James Bryson
William Burry
John Cousins
George Cross

Alex Douglas
James Finn
Alexander Fisher
William Gardner
Alexander Graham
Dougal/Dougald Graham
Peter Lynch
Neil McCormick
David Miller
James Mills
Robert Morison
Thomas Murphy
Edward Rice
John Sangster
Alexander Thompson
John Wilson
William Younie

Russelltown Volunteer Company Paylist for May 1839


William Steele, captain
William Broder, lieutenant
Andrew Craik, ensign
John Black, sergeant
Lewis McCoy, sergeant
James Richardson, sergeant
Anson Hogel, corporal
Conrad Row, corporal
James Simpson, corporal
William Hair, driver
Sewel Adams
William Arksey
Joseph Arthurs
William Arthurs
James Black
John Blair
William Blair
Phillip Brady
James Brown
Joseph Brown
William Brown
Hugh Calhoon
Patrick Carny
James Condran
John Covey
William Cowan
Thomas Erskine
William Gibson
Moses Grier
Zeph Grimshaw
Martial Hall
John Hamilton
Arthur Harper
James Henderson
George Hogel
John Hoose
Edward Johnstone
Hiram Knox
Thomas Lavery
Daniel Leahy
William Lindsay
Joseph Longway
Thomas McComb
David Mitchell
Norman Mitchell
Ruben Mitchell
John Montgomery
William Mutter
Denis O'Leary
Thomas Pennington
William Pennington
Joseph P Row/Rowe
Moses Row/Rowe
George Simpson
George Simpson jr
Matthew Simpson
John Smith
Alexander Steele
Robert Steele
William Stelle jr
James Tate
William Tate
Alexander Thomson
John Thompson
David Towns
William Trainer
William Waller
Archibald Welch
Moses Welch
John Wilson


1/ The County of Beauharnois during the time period of 1829 to 1854 included the Seigniory of Beauharnois and the old County of Huntingdon. This would have included the modern Counties of Beauharnois, Huntingdon and the southwest part of the modern County of Chateauguay.

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