Passengers to Puerto Rico - 1567 - 1577
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Passengers to Puerto Rico - 1567 - 1577
Miguel Hernández

Following the initial voyages of Cristóbal Colón to the new world which he called, Las Indias, in the mistaken belief that he had come upon territories that were part of India, all persons wishing to travel to and/or to settle in these overseas territories( also known as Ultramar ) were required to apply for and be granted a license. The Archivo General de Indias (AGI) in Seville, Spain has custody of all surviving correspondence and records related to Las Indias including the licenses and the passenger lists called, Libros de Asientos -- literally the Books of Seats.

In 1980 the AGI published a book called, "Catalago De Pasajeros a Indias: Siglos XVI, XVII, y XVIII, Volumen V." This volume is comprised of two books, Tomo I (1567-1574 and Tomo II 1575-1577. Luis Romera Iruela and Maria de Carmen Galbis Diez compiled the information in it. To date, this is the only published index of passengers. However, the LDS church has microfilmed the actual Libros de Asientos for the period of 1509-1701 and the microfilm numbers, are as follows.



Film #
(copy 1)
(copy 2)

The following is a list of 75 passengers to Puerto Rico only that was extracted from the Catalogo de Pasajeros a Indias for the ten year period between, 1567 and 1577. It would be logical that there were many more Puerto Rico passengers but these all that are listed. The index, in most cases records the name of the passenger, place of birth marital status, title, rank or occupation, the names of his or her parents and the date of travel. Some also list the names of the wife and children if any who accompany the traveler.

The Spanish surname system (father's surname first, mother's surname second) did not take hold until the late 18th century. Prior to that era people could take whatever surname in whatever order one wished and even a surname that did not belong to either parent. Readers should not assume that simply because they share a surname with one or more of the passengers listed that there is a blood relationship. As experienced genealogists know, a relationship can best be proved through corroborating documents that show a generation by generation linkage.

Passenger List
1. Cristobal de Sanabria
Native of Sevilla, son of Cristobal de Sanabria and Leonor de Uvilla, Canónigo(high-ranking clergyman)
28 January 1567
2. Antonio Gerónimo:
Native of Sevilla, single, son of Antonio Parrodo and Luisa de Villa; servant of Cristobal de Sanabria
28 January 1567
3. Gonzalo de Vargas
Native of Madrid; single, son of Diego de Vargas and Doña Elvira
4 March 1567
4.* Lanzarote de Viera
Native of San Juan de Puerto Rico; son of Alonzo Gutiérrez and Isabel Viera
18 June 1567
5.* Francisco Carrásco
Native of Sevilla. Son of Francisco Carrásco and María Hernández; travels with his wife, Francisca García; native of Sevilla and daughter of Alonzo Gómez and Isabel García and their children, Hernándo and Francisco
1 July 1567
6.* Cristóbal Díaz de Cieza
Native of El Barrio, son of Juan Díaz de Villamídio and María Díaz de Cieza, with his wife, María de Ribas, daughter of Diego de Ribas and Catalina de Ortigoza and their daughter, María
1 July 1567
7. *Juan López
Native of Seville; son of Juan López and Francisca de Cabrera with his wife,Isabel Vázquez daughter of Francisco Vázquez and Mayor Macias.
1 July 1567
8. *Diego Hernández
Native of Gibrarleón; son of Diego Hernández and Leonor López, with his wife, Catalina Ruíz, daughter of Diego Ramírez and and Inés Ruíz.
1 July 1567
9.* Pedro Hernández
Native of Utera, Son of Juan López and Catalina Hernández; with his wife, Isabel de Olivera, native of Seville, daughter of Hernández de Olivera and of María Fernández.
1 July 1567
10.* Pedro Molinero
Native of Choza; son of Damien Molinera and Ana Rodríguez, with his wife, Juana Ortíz, daughter of Tomás Gregorio ______? And Juana Ortíz and their children, Pedro, Santo de Luna.
1 July 1567
11. *Juan Pérez
Native of Chozas, son of Alonzo Pérez and Juana de Díaz, with his wife, María Sánchez, daughter of Juan Martínez and María Sánchez
1 July 1567
12. *Antón Pérez
Native of Chosza son of Alonzo Pérez and Juana de Díaz, with his wife, Francisca Rodríguez, and thrir children, Alonso and Juliana.
1 July 1567
13. *Martín de Cea
Natural de Marchena, son of Juan de Marchena and Ana de Cea, daughter of Pedro Díaz Sanabrazos and Leonor López and their chidren, Diego and Pedro
1 July 1657
14. *Rodrigo de León
Native of Alba de Tormes, Son of Francisco Alvarez and Leonor Botello, with his wife, Ana de Armenteros, daughter of Licenciado (attorney, scholar or discharged soldier) Pedro de Ontiveros and Ana de Armenteros and their daughter, Isabel
2 July 1657
* Laborers brought to Puerto Rico by the Attorney General of the Island, Don Francisco Alegre.
15.Juan Aceituno de Estrada
Native of Talavera de la Reina. Son of Jeronimo de Encinas Aceituno and doña Maria Juárez
8 July 1659
16. Juan Bernal
Native of San Juan de PR, mestizo, son of Pedro a Black and Francisca, an Indian
15 July 1569
17. Diego de Cuellar Daza
Native of San Juan de PR, son of Diego de Cuellar and doña Luisa Maraver
19 July 1569
18. Francisco Rodríguez
Native of Cantalpiedra, Contador ( accountant, auditor, bookeeper, etc.) son of Andrés Fernández Camacho and Bárbola Rodríguez de Mercado, with Maria del Rio, native if the island
19 July 1569
19. Pedro Ruíz Delgado
Native of La Serena, Licenciado, son of Gabriel Ruíz and Leonor Delgado
20 July 1569
20. Francisco de Solís
Native of Salamanca, Governor, son of Francisco de Solís and doña Catalina de Paz, with his wife, doña Catalina Alvarez, daughter of Pedro Osorio and doña Leonor de Mendoza, and their children, don Pedro, don Diego, doña Maria and doña Juana
20 July 1569
21. Alejandro Hernández
Native of Salamanca, servant of Governor Solís, son of Diego Hernández and Isabel Rodríguez
20 July 1569
22. Maria López
Native of Salamanca, servant of Governor Solís daughter of Macías Sanchez and Catalina Rodríguez
20 July 1569
23. Fabian de Villalobos
Native of Placencia, single, son of Pedro de Villalobos and Marcela de Carvajal
20 July 1569
24. Juan Pérez
Native of Chozas de Canales, Son of Alonzo Pérez and Juana Díaz
21 July 1569
25. Hernándo Acero
Native of Acellares, jurisdiction of Villa Diego, servant of Licenciado Calderón, single, son of Juan Acero and María Acero
23 July 1569
26. Nicolas Juan
Native of Hamburg, Germany, artillery man, son of Juan Pedro and Elvira Juana
4 August 1569
27. Adolfo Tarosca
Native of the Duchy of Gueldres (Holland), artillery man, son of Enrique Taros and Ana Taros
4 August 1569
28. Juan de Bonifacio
Native of Madrid, servant of Licenciado Pedro Ruíz Delgado, Son of Juan de Albendal and Isabel Bonifacio
26 September 1569
29. Isabel Bermudez de Lersindi
Native of Málaga, daughter of Tomás López and doña Francisca Bermúdez with her children, doña Luisa, doña María, doña Francisca and Pedro de Lazcano
30 September 1569
30. Juan Marín
Native of Arcos, son of Alvaro Marín and Lucia Martín, with his wife, María Carmona, daughter of Diego Rodríguez an Isabel de Mesa and their son Alvaro Marín
25 January 1570
31. Simon Febo
Native of Ciudad Rodrigo, son of Diego Hernández Fevo and María Hernández
15 January 1571
32. Manuel de Abreu
Native of La Palma., son of Francisco de Faria and Beatriz de Abreu. Servent of Simón Febo
33. Don Juan Ponce de León
Native of San Juan de Puerto Rico, single, son of Juan Ponce de León and doña Isabel de Loayasa
7 June 1572
34. Rodrigo Riberos
Native of Ayamonte
25 October 1574
35. Diego López de Rivera
Native of Seville
25 October 1574
36. Gonzalo de Monroy
Native of Salmanca and his sister doña Teresa de Vargas, single
25 October 1574
37. Alonzo de Avila
Native of Mechoacán, cleric, son of Luís de Avila and Isabel López
19 April 1577
38. Fray Francisco de Gallegos
Domincian Order, native of Seville. Son of Francisco Gallegos and Magdalena de Herreras
22 May 1577
39. Fray Alonzo del Moral
Domincan Order, native of Segovia, son of Alonso del Moral and María de Zaballos
22 May 15
40. Fray Francisco de San Vicente
Dominican Order, Native of Medina del Campo. Son of Fernándo de San Vicente and María López
22 May 1577
The following 16 persons were in his employ
41. Baltasar de Gallegos
Native of San Juan de Puerto Rico. Son of Indians. Servant of Fray Juan Gallegos
23 May 1577
42. Bernardino de Ceballos
Native of Medellín, Son of Alonso de Morán and Maria de Ceballos. Servant of Dominican Friars
23 May 1577
43. Don Fray Diego de Salamanca
Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
44. Leon Pardo
Native of Burgos, single, son of Diego Pardo, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
45. Gregorio Rodríguez de Maluenda
Native of Burgos. Son of Lesmes de Maluenda and María de Polanco, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
46. Bernardo de Salmanca
Native of Burgos, son of Jeronimo de Salamanca, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
47. María and Diego Jiménez
Natives of Burgos, children of Juan Jiménez and María Jiménez, servants of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
48. Marta de Olite
Native of Burgos, daughter of Sebastian de Olite abd Agustina de Urbano, servent of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
49. Francisco Hernández
Native of Burgos, single, son of Pedro Hernández and Catalina de Ureta, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 may 1577
50. Francisco Hernández
Native of Modejar, single, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
51. Luis Pérez de Silva
Native of Modéjar, son of Francisco Pérez de Contreras and Felipa de Silva: Servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
52. Pedro López
Native of Almagro, single, son of Juan López de Parra and Juan López, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
53. Francisco Gutierrez Coronel
Native of Torrija, son of Francisco Gutierrez and Ana Coronel, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 May 1577
54. Esteban Sánchez
Native of Modéjar, son of Esteban Sánchez and Ana Sierra, servant of the Bishop 24 May 1577. Did not make the voyage and his place was taken by Diego Pardo on 21 June 1577
55. Diego Bravo
Native of Caspueñas? Son of Pedro Gutierrez and Ana de Miño, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico. 24 May 1577. Did not make the voyage and his place was taken by Pedro de Abreu on 21 June 1577
56. Pedro Gutiérrez
Native of Madrid, son of Francisco Gutiérrez and María Ortíz, bricklayer, in company of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
24 may 1577
57. Francisco de Avila
Native of Sevilla, single, son of Cristóbal de Avial and Isabel Pérez, servant of Alonzo de Avila, cleric
25 May 1577
58. Rafaela de Monroy
Native of Sevilla, single, daughter of Gutierre de Monroy and Isabel de Morales, servant of doña María Pardo
25 may 1577
59. Fray Jeronimo de la Mejorada
Order of San Jerónimo, native of Medina del Campo, son of Miguel de Herrera and Isabel de Monroy
25 May 1577
60. Diego Pardo
Native of Burgos, single, Son of Diego Pardo and doña Constanza de Escobar, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
21 June 1577
61. Pedro de Abreu
Native of Ciudad de los Reyes, Peru, servant of the Bishop of Puerto Rico
21 June 1577
62. Luís de Balejo
Native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Son of Asencio Martín and Ana de Castañada
10 October 1577
63. María González
Native of Alba de Tormes, single, Daughter of Francisco Sánchez and Inés de González, servant of Rodígo de Léon
2 July 1567
64. Antonio Ruíz
Native of Rocas, son of Antonio Ruíz and Beatriz de Toledo, with his wife Ana Sánchez, daughter of Frnacisco Sánchez and Juana Rodríguez, a laborer brought by the Diastrict Attorney for Puerto Rico, Francisco Alegre
2 July 1567
65. Francisco Alegre Native of Cuenca, single, son of Francisco Alegre and María de Machicao 3 July 1567
66. Eugenio de Vega Native of La Caramena, single, son of Alonso Moreno and Lúcia Diaz 3 July 1567
67. Aloso de Escacena Native of Sevilla, son of Anton Martín and Beatriz Fernández with his wife Leonor Nicloa, daughter of Alonso Nicola and Juana López, a laborer brought by Francisco Alegre the District Attorney of Puerto Rico 3 July 1567
68. Baltazar de Castro Maldonado Native of Puerto Rico, son of Baltazar de Castro and doña Catalina Maldonado, to La Española ( modern day Dominican Republic) 8 January 1569
69. Manuel de Yllanes Native of Guadix, son of Pedro de Yllanes and Isabel Día 15 July 1569
70. Antón de Ferragute Native of Sevilla, single, son of Miguel de Ferragute and Juana de Bergara 21 May 1569
71. Alonso Hernández Native of Puebla de Montalbán, son of Pedro de Anover and Catalina López, his daughter 21 May 1569
72. Pedro de Roncevalles Native of Pamplona, single, son of Iñgo de Roncavalles and María Martín 17 May 1577
73. Francisco Manso de Contreras Native of Puerto Rico, son of Francisco Manso and Beatríz Zapata with his wife, Eugenia Simón, native of Becerrí de Campos, daughter of Francisco Simón and Francisca Pica, with their children, Francisco, Gaspar, Beatríz, Escolástica, and Rafaela, to Peru 20 May 1577
74. María Pardo Native of Burgos, daughter of Diego Pardo and Constanza de Escobar with Ana de Salamanca, their daughter nad their servant, Francisca Rodríguez, native of Burgos and daughter of Alonso de Valdeviesa and Isabel Rodríguez 24 may 1577
75. Juan Tisol Native of Medina de Campo son of Juan Tisol and Juana de Laboya 2 October 1577


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