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Department of Health, Demographic Registrar

Here is a list of offices located in the various municipalities holding birth, marriage and other vital records. There are no governmental records listing such events prior to 1885 when the task of official vital record keeping was made a governmental function. Before that date, the Catholic parish churches of the respective municipalities of Puerto Rico were the official originators and repositories of these records.

The procedure for requesting abstracts of any of these official government records is as follows: 

If the event happened before July 22, 1931, your request for a vital record should be made to the Demographic Registrar office in the municipality where the person resided at the time. (See list below)
If event occurred after July 22 your request should go to: 
    Departamento de Salud, Registro Demografico
    PO Box 11854, San Juan, PR 00910

    Your request for a document must include:

    1. A money order of $5.00 for each record made to the order of 

      Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.
2. The full and complete name and surnames of the person whose record you want.
3 Your relationship to that person and why you want the document.

4. Copy of your ID, preferably a drivers license, a passport or other document that has a photo and lists your place of birth.

5. A stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Click on to the website below for list of Demographic Registrars of Puerto Rico

The Superior District Courts of Puerto Rico

The Superior District Courts maintain records of wills, deeds and other legal documents related to civil and criminal cases under their jurisdiction. Each of the courts has jurisdiction over legal matters occurring in one or more municipalities. Copies of documents can be obtained through the Administrative Officer of the particular court. Fees and procedures for obtaining the legal documents vary and it is always advisable to call ahead for up-to-date fees procedural information and jurisdictions covered

Corte Superior del Disticto de Aguadilla
Centro Judicial Calle Progreso, Box 1010
Aguadilla, PR 00605
(787) 891-0115
Corte Superior del Districto De Ponce
Carretera #1 Box 1791
Ponce, PR 007033
(787) 840-7380
Corte Superior Del Districto de Aibonito
Urb. El Roble
Aibonito, PR 00607
Corte Superior del Districto de San Juan
Avenida Muñoz Rivera - P.O. Box 887
Hato Rey, PR 00919 
(787) 763-0590
Corte Superior del Districto de Arecibo
Avenida Rotario - Box 1235 
Arecibo, PR 00613
(787) 878-0060
Corte Superior del Districto de Utuado
Avenida Nueva - Box 950 
Utuado, PR 00761
(787) 894-2476
Corte Superior de Bayamón
Carretera #2 - PO Box 60619
Bayamon, PR 00619
(787) 780-8402
Corte Superior del Districto de Mayagüez
Calle León - Box 97 
Mayagüez, PR 00708
(878) 832-6304
Corte Superior del Districto de Caguas
Carretera #9 
Caguas, PR 00625
(787) 744-0953
Puerto Rican Municipalities

Almost all of Puerto Rico's 78 municipalities (pueblos) maintain websites that contain general facts related to their history. Although not usually listed, the municipalities do have an archive where the official record of governmental transactions is kept. 

The websites listed below have addresses and telephone numbers of the mayor or other officials you can write or call to arrange a visit to access the contents of their "archivo municipal" Additionally these sites have photographs, biographies, histories, place names and other information that has genealogical research value.

Aguadilla --

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