Arecibo Merchants
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Arecibo Merchants
In her Ph.D dissertation (Princeton University, 1988), Astrid Cubano compiled a list of merchants established in Arecibo, Puerto Rico between the 1830s and 1880s.  In Appendix I, she listed 79 merchants, along with their national origin (when identified) and the time period of their business activity in Arecibo.  Transcribed below, with format modifications, is the list of the medium and large scale merchants compiled by Cubano.
Pedro Puig y Amell, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Pedro Puig y Pi, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Francisco Coll, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Juan Borrás, Spaniard, 1850s
José Benito Huerta, Spaniard, 1850s-70s
José Puig y Amell, Spaniard, 1860s
Fernando Ledesma, Spaniard, 1840s-80s
Ignacio Coll, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Bernardo Huicy, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Pablo José Curbelo, Spaniard, 1860s
Francisco Ulanga, Spaniard, 1840s-60s
Agustin Goicuría Ulanga, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Manuel Ortiz Latorre, Spaniard, 1830s-50s
Juan Ortiz Latorre, Spaniard, 1840s-50s
Juan José Barriola, Spaniard, 1850s-60s
Miguel Comas, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Rafael Migoya, Spaniard, 1860s
Manuel Mujica Ortiz, Spaniard, 1870s
Miguel Mujica Ortiz, Spaniard, 1880s
Juan García Latorre, Spaniard, 1850s-60s
Eusebio Latorre, Spaniard, 1860s-70s
Gregorio Ledesma, Spaniard, 1860s-80s
José Clivilles, Spaniard, 1860s-80s
Manuel Galanes y Prego, Spaniard, 1860s-70s
Ramon Galanes y Prego, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
José María Escoriaza, [Spaniard], 1840s
Miguel Roses Bisbal, Spaniard, 1860s-80s
Sebastián García Puigserver, Spaniard, 1850s-70s
Antonio Roses Bisbal, Spaniard, 1860s-80s
Juan Rupert Catala, Spaniard, 1870s
Bartolomé García, Spaniard, 1860s
Bartolomé Mayol Enseñat, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Amador Alcover Enseñat, Spaniard, 1880s
Ramon Villamil, Spaniard, 1880s
José María Caso, Spaniard, 1840s-70s
José Feo y Bello, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Bernardo Pericas y Rubi, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Antonio Pizá Bisbal, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Angel Peláez, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Lorenzo Hernaiz Lezcano, Spaniard, 1880s
Pastor del Valle, Spaniard, 1860s
Ruperto Muro Ledesma, Spaniard, 1870s-80s
Ramon Argundi, Spaniard, 1860s
Eduardo Gras y Rosell, Spaniard, 1860s-70s
Jaime Gras y Rosel, Spaniard, 1860s
Vicente Caballero, Spaniard, 1880s
Luis Moise, Spaniard, 1850s-60s
Antonio García, Spaniard, 1870s
Lorenzo Roses Borrás, Spaniard, 1880s
Gustavo Fernando Bahar, Foreigner, 1840s-50s
Guillermo Kortright, Foreigner, 1840s-50s
Francisco Pizzini, Foreigner, 1830s-70s
Estevan Costa, Foreigner, 1830s-50s
Carlos H. Bithorn, Foreigner, 1850s-60s
Santiago Marín, Foreigner, 1840s
José Toste, Foreigner, 1830s-40s
Angel Fantauzzi, Foreigner, 1850s-70s
Adolfo Nones Isaacson, Foreigner, 1870s-80s
Salvador Figueroa, Creole, 1840s-50s
Santiago Huicy Marîn, Creole, 1860s-70s
Adolfo Bahar y Girau, Creole, 1880s
Benigno Balseiro Zeno, Creole, 1870s-80s
Fernando Fernández, Creole, 1860s-80s
Carlos Federico Storer, Creole, 1860s
Juan Ball II, origin unknown, 1860s-70s
Carlos H. Ball, origin unknown, 1870s
Pablo Rodríguez, origin unknown, 1840s
Felipe Toste, Creole, 1850s-60s
Francisco Perez, origin unknown, 1840s
Alejo Perez, origin unknown, 1840s
Francisco Durán, origin unknown, 1850s
Salvador Lalanda, origin unknown, 1850s
Mariano Romero, origin unknown, 1840s
Diego Soto, origin unknown, 1840s
Ramon Delgado Marquez, origin unknown, 1860s
Ruiz y Ruiz, origin unknown, 1880s
Francisco de Torres, origin unknown, 1870s
Nemesio A. Diaz, origin unknown, 1870s
Manuel Villamil, origin unknown, 1870s
In preparation of the Ph.D. dissertation "Trade and politics in nineteenth century Puerto Rico" (Princeton University, 1988), Astrid Cubano reviewed Arecibo protocolos (notarial records) and taxpayer lists.  In compiling the above list of 79 medium and large scale merchants established in Arecibo from the 1830s to the 1880s, Cubano included merchants who at some point owned mercantile assets in excess of 5,000 pesos.

Cubano commented that "[t]hese merchants are nearly the totality of the almacenista-commission agent sector and of the important store owners established in the town throughout those years.  The origin of 65 of  the group ... were identified: 49 were immigrants from Spain (62 percent of the total), 9 were foreigners and only 7 were creole....  Creoles, it seems, filled the lower ranks of rural 'pulperos' and 'ventorrillo' owners, but as these numbers show only rarely ascended the upper levels of the trade world." [p. 96]


Cubano, Astrid, "Trade and politics in nineteenth century Puerto Rico,"  (Ph.D. dissertation), Princeton University, 1988.

Please note, a Spanish language translation of the dissertation was subsequently published.

Cubano Iguina, Astrid, "El hilo en el laberinto: claves de la lucha politica 
en Puerto Rico, siglo XIX," Ediciones Huracan, Rio Piedras, PR (1990).

Richard Benedict
8 March 2000


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