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1. Kock
Water mill near Kock.
The Gmina of Kock
The gmina of Kock has a population of 7100 and covers an area of 100.5 sq.km. The southern border of the gmina is formed by the rivers Tysmienica in the west and the Wieprz in the east. The Czarna is the other significant river, and flows south through the gmina, with many large lakes near the town of Kock. The south eastern corner is an area of wetlands, adjacent to the Wieprz. With all this water, it should be of no surprise to discover that fish farming is a speciality here. Most villages in the gmina are formed partly, or completely of scattered farmsteads, each in their own plot of land. Other villages, with some exceptions (like Zakalew) are formed as a series of buildings either side of one road, and may be as long as 1km. Many farmstead villages are just a convenient name for farmsteads scattered across the sides of a shallow valley.
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gminy, ul. 1 Krasickiego 27, 21-150 Kock, woj. Lubelskie. tel: (+48 81) 859 10 04
GMINA E-MAIL: kock@gminy.lublin.pl
GMINA WEB SITE: http://gminy.bmb.pl/kock
Countryside in the gmina of Kock.
A scattering of houses along minor highway 808 and along the south west bank of the Czarna river and its lakes.
Annopol Kol.
A scattering of farmsteads to the south of the minor highway 808 and west of the lakes of the Czarna river. It is divided by a small stream that empties into one of the lakes.
Annówka (Annowka)
A small village on a side road off highway 19, under the eves of a coniferous forest.
Białobrzegi (Bialobrzegi)
A ribbon development village surrounded on three sides by lakes, meadows and wetlands of the Wieprz river valley. This village is on land on the south side of the old Przytoczno-Kock road. There is a small wood on the south edge of the village.
Białobrzegi-Kol. (Bialobrzegi Kol.)
To the west of Kock and 1km south of Wygnanka is this scattering of farmsteads.
Boźniewice (Bozniewice)
A small village stretched along the track from Bialobrzegi to Zakalew, on the former north bank of the Wieprz river, on a small rise above the wetlands to the north, west and south.
Górka (Gorka)
Gorka is a small village on the north bank of the Tysmienica river, beside a bridge on the track to Tarkawice. Some 2km north is a smaller hamlet also called Gorka, consisting of a few scattered farmsteads between the Tysmienica and a wetland forest.
Górka Kol.(Gorka Kol.)
A scattering of farmsteads 2km west of Kock, and north of Gorka.
A scattering of farmsteads between Lipniak and the smaller of the two Gorkas.
A town that was the place where the last battle of the defensive war of 1939 took place. There is a war cemetery here. There is a palace from the 18th century, located in a landscaped park. The present church is in the classical style and dates from 1782, but there has probably been a church here since the 12th century. Kock received town rights in 1417 and was later an important Calvinist centre. In 1750 the estate was bought by Princess Anna Jabłonowska (Jablonowska), who remodelled it including the buildings in the market square. There are many old houses in the town dating from this period and later. 50% of the population were Jews and it was a centre of the Chasidil movement.
The town sits on the east bank of the Czarna river, which forms a series of large lakes at this point, on wetlands just to the north of the confluence of the Czarna, Tysmienica and Wieprz rivers.
CHURCH: Parafia rzymskokatolicka Wniebowzięcia (Wniebowziecia) NMP, pl. Jabłonskiej, Kock, pow. Lubartow, woj. Lubelskie
Part of the old town square (rynek)
I know it looks like a factory, but this is the hotel.
Lebiedziów (Lebiedziow)
A scattering of farmsteads, mainly along one track, 500m west of Wygnanka.
A scattering of farmsteads between a forest and the west bank of the Tysmienica river.
Ług (Lug)
1km south west of Wygnanka is a loose grouping of farmsteads, located quite high for the region at 167.5m above seal level.
Miściska (Misciska)
A pair of farmsteads on the gmina border with Jeziorzany, 2km west of Zakalew. They are situated on a rise above the marshy areas to the west and south.
Poizdów (Poizdow)
A small village on the old road between Kock and Przytoczno. a series of small woods forms a border between the village and the wetlands of the Wieprz to the south. The new minor highway, 822, now passes to the north of the village.
Poizdów-Kol. (Poizdow Kol.)
A small group of buildings plus some outlying farmsteads, 1 km east of Stoczek.
Ruska Wieś (Ruska Wies)
A small group of houses to the south east of, and bordering, Bialobrzegi. It is surrounded by small, long lakes that was once the courses and confluence of the Wieprz and Tysmienica rivers.
The countryside near Ruska Wies.
A small village consisting of houses along one street plus many scattered farmsteads over the valley of a small tributary stream of the Czarna river. to the south is the Czarna and a series of lakes. The local school and the chapel are nearly 1km north of the village proper, along the country road towards Wola Osawinska.
CHURCH: No data.
Talczyn Kol.
A small village and scattered farmsteads on the north west side of the Talczyn to Wola Osawinska road, 2 km north of Talczyn.
The same as Kol. Talczyn, but located on the other side of the road.
A scattering of farmsteads to the west of the series of large lakes of the Czarna river.
A small village built around a small circular road. It is situated in wetlands close to the river Wieprz, which used to flow past the village itself. A small long lake is all that now remains of the old course of the river.
Roadside cross near Zakalew
Zakalew Kol.
A small scattering of farmsteads in the marshy area between Zakalew and Poizdow.
Postal/Zip Codes for Kock Gmina
Annopol ( Annopol ) 
Annówka ( Annowka (Annowka) ) 
Białobrzegi ( Bialobrzegi (Bialobrzegi) ) 
Białobrzegi-Kol. ( Bialobrzegi-Kol. (Bialobrzegi Kol.) ) 
Górka ( Gorka (Gorka) ) 
Poizdów ( Poizdow (Poizdow) ) 
Poizdów-Kol. ( Poizdow-Kol. (Poizdow Kol.) ) 
Ruska Wieś ( Ruska Wies (Ruska Wies) ) 

Map of the Gmina of Kock


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