Rudnik gmina, Krasnystaw powiat of Lubelskie, Poland
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4F10. Rudnik

The Gmina of Rudnik
The gmina has a population of 4000 and covers an area of 88 This gmina consists of rolling low hills with valleys cutting through them and steep sided gullies with limestone cliffs. There are many small lakes, and large woods on the hills with a total area of 780 hectares..
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gmina, 22-430 Rudnik, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 84) 684 11 29

Borów ( Borow )
Bzówek ( Bzowek )
Józefów ( Jozefow )
Majdan Borowski
Majdan Borowski I
Majdan Kobylański ( Majdan Kobylanski )
Majdan Łuczycki ( Majdan Luczycki )
Majdan Średni ( Majdan Sredni )
CHURCH: no data
Maszów ( Maszow )
Maszów Górny Kol. ( Maszow Gorny Kol. )
Maszów Kol. ( Maszow Kol. )
Międzylas ( Miedzylas )
Mościska ( Mosciska )
Mościska Kol. ( Mosciska Kol. )
Płonka ( Plonka )
Płonka Kol. ( Plonka Kol. )
CHURCH: no data. Wooden construction, Roman Catholic parish church.
Płonka Poleśna ( Plonka Polesna )
Romanówek ( Romanowek )
Równianki ( Rownianki )
Rudnik is quite small, maybe 500-1000 people. It lies in a small valley in the gently rolling low hills of the Lublin Upland. The land is mainly arable crops, with many farmsteads clustered along the roads leading out of the village. The centre of the village is at a crossroads, where there is a church and the gmina (district) administrative office. The village is quite strung out along the roads leading away from this junction.
The only ways to get to the village are by car or, irregularly, by PKS bus, probably by going to Zolkiewka first.
The first mention of Rudnik comes from 1492, it was divided into 2 parts, Rudniczek and Rudnik Niszy. The former was a royal village (owned by the crown), whilst the latter belonged to the civil administration in Krasnystaw. In 1921 Rudnik Niszy had a population of 722 among 144 households.
CHURCH: no data
Serafin Kol.
Suche Lipie
Suszeń ( Suszen )
Wierzbica Kol.

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