Wilkolaz gmina, Krasnik powiat of Lubelskie, Poland
Wilkołaz (Wilkolaz) Gmina Page
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4. Wilkołaz (Wilkolaz)

The Gmina of Wilkolaz
The gmina has a population of XX and covers an area of XX sq.km.
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gmina, XX, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 XX) XX

Księże Niwa (Ksieze Niwa)
Marianówka (Marianowka)
Mazurów (Mazurow)
Obroki Kol.
Ostrów (Ostrow)
Ostrów Kol. (Ostrow Kol.)
Piekło (Pieklo)
Południowa Kol. (Poludniowa Kol.)
Pułankowice (Pulankowice)
CHURCH: no data
Rudnik Kol.
Rudnik Szlachecki
Wilkołaz Dolna (Wilkolaz Dolna)
Wilkołaz I (Wilkolaz I)
The parish was established here in 1325. Tartars settled in this area. The parish church was built in the 17th century
CHURCH: no data
Wilkołaz II (Wilkolaz II)
Wilkołaz III (Wilkolaz III)
Wilkołaz Wieś (Wilkolaz Wies)
Wilołaz Górna (Wilolaz Gorna)
Wólka Rudnicka (Wolka Rudnicka)
Zalesie Kol.

Postal/Zip Codes for the Gmina of Wilkolaz

Map of the Gmina of Wilkolaz


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