Urzedow gmina, Krasnik powiat of Lubelskie, Poland
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4G1. Urzędów (Urzedow)

The Gmina of Urzedow
The gmina has a population of XX and covers an area of XX sq.km.
This is an agricultural gmina and it specialises in orchards. they also grow soft fruit - 10% of all rasberries grown in Poland are grown here. There are 1700 farms, the average size is 5.2 hectares. Most of the soft fruit is sold to Western Europe. Urzedow dates from the 14th century, was located on the way from Cracow to Vilnius. In 1405 the town of Urzedow received location rights, and the next 2oo hundred years was a period of great prosperity. They even had earthern banks surrounding the town, the remains of which are still visible. Like many other places everything broke down in the 17th century and it eventually lost its town rights in 1869. The gmina is very hilly and the highest point is 258m above sea level. Urzedow was very famous for its excellent quality of pottery, it being a speciality for several hundreds of years. But of course the number of families still in the pottery trade is decreasing, but one of the most famous families is that of Gajewski (from Beczyn), and they have been in the pottery business for over 200 years.
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gmina, XX, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 XX) XX

Bęczyn (Beczyn)
Part of Urzedow. There still remains the old tradition of pottery making here.
Boby Kol.
CHURCH: Parafia rzymskokatolicka Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa, Boby Kolonia 82, Boby Kolonia, pow. Kraśnik, woj. Lubelskie
Boby Księże (Boby Ksieze)
Boby Wieś (Boby Wies)
Czubówka (Czubowka)
Feliksówka (Feliksowka)
Góry (Gory)
Józefin (Jozefin)
Konradów (Konradow)
Kozarów (Kozarow)
Majdan Bobowski
Majdan Moniacki
Mikołajówka (Mikolajowka)
Moniaki Kol.
Okręlica (Okrelica)
CHURCH: Parafia rzymskokatolicka Trójcy Przenajświętszej, Popkowice, pow. Kraśnik, woj. Lubelskie
Popkowice Księże (Popkowice Ksieze)
Popkowski Majdanek
Poręby (Poreby)
Rozdoły Stare (Rozdoly Stare)
CHAPEL: no data
Skorczyce Kol.
Sokołówka (Sokolowka)
Stara Wieś (Stara Wies)
Urzędów (Urzedow)
This has been a trading village since at least 1405, later it obtained town rights. The high point was in the 16th century after it was rebuilt following a Tartar raid early in the century. It obtained dykes and a palisade, with gates named Lublin, Krakow and Opole. Fragments of buildings and the dykes still remain. the parish church dates from the 18th century. There is also a Neo-gothic cemetary chapel and also a very small wooden chapel (1890) which has many pilgrims come to visit it.
CHURCH 1: Parafia rzymskokatolicka, Kościelna 1, Urzędów, pow. Kraśnik, woj. Lubelskie
CHURCH 2: no data
CHURCH 3: no data
Zadworze Kol.
Zakościelne (Zakoscielne)

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Map of the Gmina of Urzedow


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