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Lubelskie province
Welcome to Lubelskie Province!
Genealogy Help for Everybody

This is a large and growing site to help all those who are seeking their ancestors from the Lubelskie/Lublin province of Poland, of any faith and anyone who has an interest in learning something about the province, past and present. If you have any comments or information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Throughout the site there are guide pages, it is worth checking them out even if you think you know what you are doing. They will indicate what you can find and what you need to know to make the best use of the information. This site covers a wide range of subjects, both directly genealogy orientated and indirectly through support information. So, while you can find addresses of relevant organizations you can also find out how people farmed in the past and present for example. It is our aim to help you to not only discover the bare bones family tree but also to learn how these people lived and how family still in the region live. No matter how deep you go into the site you can always find your way back here by looking for the 'LUBGENWEB HOME' button!

We try and respond fairly quickly to mail (but we do have an occasional holiday), but often we ignore pleas for help if it is clear that the sender has not bothered to check out what is on the site. We also do not help with family trees, that is your job. Remember that while we are very willing, this is all done in our spare time and completely unpaid. We have no connections to any company or governmental department.

How you can help, & what this site is about
If you have any information, pictures etc which do not appear here, then you can have it added to the site - just write to us at the address at the bottom of the page. If you are planning to visit the region, then don't forget to take your camera with you, and pop into the local tourist offices to see what they have available, as they often have booklets full of useful information (a growing number in English). If you have any local knowledge or even family stories, we would be glad to hear about it and will fit it in on the relevant page.
This page contains information about the province that you are unlikely to find elsewhere, and focuses on individual locations.
For advice on how to find your ancestors, parish addresses etc, you should go to the PolandGenWeb main page

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Web sites for the Lublin Province
Other Web sites can be found through the appropriate Powiat Page (see above).
  • Lublin Official Home Page- not the most informative city site, but some nice pictures and they have a camera giving a picture of the main gate to the old town, updated every 30 seconds (click on the 'Goat' image at the top of the page, and then the 'goat' at the top right corner of the next page to come up).
  • The Lublin Catholic Archdiocese -- in Polish
  • The Lutheran Church in Lublin -- Very helpful site for genealogists
  • SGGEE -- Focuses on those of Germanic  origins in Russian Poland and Volhynia. Lots of information and a discussion group.
  • JewishGen - some useful links for everyone, the best of which is the Shtetlseeker, an excelent place name search function. This site is not to be missed if you have Jewish ancestry or family involved in the death camps.
  • Greek-Catholic Church in Poland -- Not much in English, but hopefully that will change.
  • Hrubieszow -- from the JewishGen project
  • PolishRoots - A guide to searching for ancestors in Poland, with maps of changes to political borders and some good template letters.
  • Poland Border Surnames - Useful addresses for genealogists working in Poland and surrounding countries, also with a good emailing list.
  • Polish Telephone Yellow Pages (PanoramaFirm) -- Either enter a name in the search facility, or the catergory feature further down the page. Note the English option button in the top right corner of the first page does not help, so input the name of the place you are interested in in the box marked 'miasta' and then click 'szukaj'. The next screen that comes up will have an English flag button on it that actually works!
  • 1929 Polish Business Directory -- Fascinating lists of businesses and who owned them . Remember that this is interwar Poland, so includes parts of former Poland now in countries on the eastern side and does not include former German regions in western Poland.


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