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Cities, Towns & Villages in Lubelskie, Poland

Below is a list of places in the Lubelskie region of Poland for which I have created pages. Some of these pages have an awful lot of information, whilst others don't as it takes time to gather suitable data. The further from my home city of Lublin it is, the less frequently I get a chance to do some gathering. I try and put up as many pictures as I can, and often they are linked together into a kind of a 'walk', where you start at one end of a village, say, and progress through to the other end. Each spring and summer should increase the number of places listed here.

Names in black and in brackets is the district of Lubelskie in which the place is located (see map). If the district is marked '- city' then this means that it has been absorbed into a city and is now just a district of that city instead of a separate entity.

Zamosć (Zamosc) (Zamosc)

Biała Podlaska (Biala Podlaska) (Biala Podlaska)
Biłgoraj (Bilgoraj) (Bilgoraj)
Bełżyce (Belzyce) (Lublin)
Bychawa (Lublin)
Chełm (Chelm) (Chelm)
Kazimierz Dolny (Pulawy)
Krasnystaw (Krasnystaw)
Kraśnik (Krasnik) (Krasnik)
Łęczna (Leczna) (Leczna)
Lubartów (Lubartow) (Lubartow)
Nałęczów (Naleczow) (Pulawy)
Opole Lubelskie (Opole Lubelskie)
Piaski (Swidnik)
Puławy (Pulawy) (Pulawy)
Ryki (Ryki)
Świdnik (Swidnik) (Swidnik)
Turobin (Bilgoraj)
Wieniawa (Lublin - city)
Włodawa (Wlodawa) (Wlodawa)

Biskupice (Swidnik)
Chodlik (Opole Lubelskie)
Czwartek (Lublin - city)
Dąbrowice (Dabrowice) (Lublin)
Dys (Lublin)
Głusk (Glusk) (Lublin - city)
Kalinowszczyzna (Lublin - city)
Krasne Kosów (Krasne Kosow) (Lubartow)
Krzczen (Leczna)
Łukcze (Lukcze) (Leczna)
Marysin/Jakubowice Koninskie (Lublin)
Nowy & Stary Krasne (Lubartow)
Ortel Królewski I & II (Ortel Krolewski I & II) (Biala Podlaska)
Piaski (Lublin - city)
Ponikwoda (Lublin - city)
Puchaczów (Puchaczow) (Leczna)
Rogóźno (Rogozno) (Leczna)
Rudnik (Lublin)
Sobibór (Sobibor) (Wlodawa)
Slawin Villages (Lublin - city)
Spiczyn (Leczna)
Stara Wies (Stara Wies) (Lubartow)
Starowies (Starowies) (east of Leczna)
Trawniki (Swidnik)
Wąwolnica (Wawolnica) (Pulawy)

Lublin's Suburbs - Remants of former villages (Including: Helenow, Kalinowszczyzna, Lipniak)

Virtual Reality Tours

Note on Virtual Reality Tours

The semi-VR tours accessable from this page allow you to do more than see just a random series of pictures of a place. Here you will be able to look in 4 directions and move from one location to the next, choosing which direction you go and being able to see where you have come from and where you are going. The direction you choose is up to you.

"Lublin" is photo based and covers the old town and part of the new.

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