Krasnik, a small town to the south of Lublin, Poland

Kraśnik (Krasnik)

Krasnik is built on a hill, with 2 churches, a synagogue, a market square and the remains of a castle. Later expansion has extended the town over the flat lands surrounding the hill to the north and east. The day we visited, the main square was being renovated and was more like a building site than a square. One of the problems the town faces is that the main road still goes through the centre of town, diagonally across the town square. All day cars, vans and even large lorries thunder through and make crossing from one half of the square to the other difficult.

The view from the main hill north, mainly of 20th and some 19th century houses. In the distance are some housing blocks from the 1960/70's.

A rather shaky looking balcony on a house on one of the quiter roads off the main square.

There is some poorer housing, difficult to date, but not much.

A mixture of types of housing not far from the centre. I liked the wooden house squeezed between its brick cousins.

Probably from the first half of the 20th century, a 2 storey wooden house.

A mill on the northside of the town, down by one of the rivers and probably from the early 20th century, and a rare industrial building for Krasnik.


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