Land Concessions

in Wainfleet Township (1795)

This is a partial list of the original land grants of Wainfleet Township, Welland County, Ontario. Trudy Bray (RBHD@MUSIC.MACARTHUR.UWS.EDU.AU) graciously sent me the information to include on this site. Evidently, this is the 2nd half of a map by M. Burwall. If anyone has access to the first part of this map please let me know so we can arrange to get the list completed and presented on the site.

Land concessions in Wainfleet Township (1795) Section 2 of 2 from M. Burwall's Map No. 21 T.D. Undated.

Concessions begin on the north shore of Lake Erie and run East/West from Sugar Hill and Mill Pond on the Niagara Peninsula.

Some concessions lie between the shore of Lake Erie and the boundary of Concession No. 1.

These are:
Lot 14 plus one quarter of 1st concession -- Edward LEE, David MORGAN and David STEEL.
Lot 17 -- Benjamin PAWLING
Lot 18 plus half of 1st. concession -- Benjamin PAWLING
Lot 19 -- John OTTO
Lot 5 -- Christian ZEVITZ
Lot 20 plus approx. one third of 1st concession -- Israel DOAN
Lot 21 plus approx. one third of 1st concession -- Jonathan DOAN

1st Concession
Lot 1 to shore -- Jack MINOR Jun.
Lot 2 plus half of 2nd concession -- Thomas WELCH
Lot 3 plus half of 2nd concession -- Thomas WELCH
Lot 4 -- Thomas WELCH
Lot 5 -- Christian ZEVITZ
Lot 6 plus 2nd concession -- Henry ZEVITZ or ZAVITZ
Lot 7 to shore -- Jacob ZEVITZ Jun. (or ZAVITZ)
Lot 8 to shore plus half of 2nd concession -- Gaspar REAMY
Lot 9 (one third to shore) -- Benjamin PAWLING, middle third -- Steven WHITNEY, next third plus one quarter of 2nd concession -- William CAIN
Lot 10 to shore -- Maurice DOYLE and James MUIRHEAD
Lot 11 -- Hermanus HOVERLAND
Lot 12 to shore -- Jacob ZEVITZ
Lot 13 to shore -- David MORGAN
Lot 14 (threequarters only) --Jacob OTT
Lot 15 to shore -- Christian ZEVITZ
Lot 16 to shore plus forty percent of 2nd concession -- Jacob MINOR
Lot 17 (200 acres) -- Henry HAGGLE
Lot 18 (half only) --Stephen WHITNEY
Lot 19 -- Henry ZEVITZ
Lot 20 (three quarters only) -- Lewis MABEE
Lot 21 -- Lewis MABEE
Lot 22 and:
Lot 23 -- Lieut. Rofs. LEWEN or LEWAN
Lot 24 to shore -- Robert HAMILTON
Lot 25 to shore and:
Lot 26 to shore and:
Lot 27 to shore -- James MUIRHEAD

2nd Concession
Lot 1 -- Israel MINOR and Thomas WELCH
Lot 4 -- Lawrence FRERREY
Lot 5 --Samuel ZEVITZ
Lot 6 -- Henry ZEVITZ
Lot 7 (southern half only) -- Benjamin HARDSON and James LOGAN
Lot 8 (southern half only) -- Gaspar REAMY
Lot 13 -- Thomas Brock FULLER
Lot 14 and:
Lot 15 -- Timothy TRACEY
Lot 16 (northern 60 percent only) -- James MUIRHEAD
Lot 17 and:
Lot 18 -- James MUIRHEAD
Lot 19 -- Hugh INNES
Lot 20 (southern third only) and:
Lot 21 (southern third only) -- David KNAISLY

3rd Concession
Lot 17 (northern 60 percent only) and:
Lot 18 (northern 60 percent only) -- William CRANE

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