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Salem Pioneer Cemetery, River John, Pictou County

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This listing compiled by Gordon A. WATTS -- August 1997

This represents a partial listing of headstones in this Cemetery

In Memory of
James William
son of
John and Isabella Gould
died 18 October 1874
aged 24 years 1 month

James Redmond
died February 1882
aged 72 years
Annabelle Allan
his wife
died 12 June 1891
aged 79 years

died 9 February 1882
aged 72 years
Annabelle Allan
his wife
died 12 June 1891
aged 79 years

James W. Rogers
1836 -- 1907
his wife
my mother
Elizabeth Redmond
1841 -- 1882

In Memory of
Alexander L.
son of
Alfred and Nancy Archibald
died 16 August 1869
aged 9 years

In Memory of
Alfred Archibald
1832 -- 1875
Nancy McLean
his wife
1834 -- 1908

In Memory of
David Langille Elder
died 29 September 1888
aged 86 years
Catherine Patriquin
wife of
D. Langille
died 19 March 1890
aged 83 years

Robert Redmand
died [ ]
aged [ ] years
his wife
Sarah E. Cloughe
died 5 November 1876
aged 26 years

John Tattrie
died 14 October 1907
aged 87 years
Catherine Fairweather
wife of
John Tattrie
died 8 June 1905
aged 76 years
Sarah Tattrie Cameron
1834 -- 1916

Please Note:

In compiling this, a partial listing of headstone inscriptions in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery of River John, Nova Scotia, I have taken a few minor liberties as follows.

- Where abbreviations were used I have substituted the complete words

- I have capitalized all surnames

- In a few instances, where the inscription was illegible, I have placed the questionable information in brackets or put question marks beside it.

I hope that this listing may prove useful for those viewing it.

Gordon A. WATTS

Fax (604) 942-6843

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