The LULAN Passenger List to Pictou--- 1848


The PASSENGER LIST of the LULAN --- 1848

A list of passengers embarked on board Barque LULAN at Glasgow for Pictou 17h of August 1848. George McKenzie, Master. 472 Register Tons.

The Lulan
George CowieJohn PollockEffie McAuley
John FergusonColin McLuckieDonald McAuley
David MosesWm McCalloch
Thomas LowtherJohn FairlieRory McLellan
William BurtRobt. SillarsFlora McLellan
Jas. NeilsonJohn GilliesHugh McLellan
Andrew NeilsonAnn GilliesMargaret McLellan
Wm. GrantFlora GilliesMary McLellan
Margaret GilliesDonald McLellan
Geo. PrenticeChristina GilliesCatherine McLellan
Jane PrenticeCatherine GilliesRory McLellan
Peter SamsonAngus McPhee
Janet SamsonMarion McPheeNeil McPherson
Peter SamsonRonald McPheeCatherine McPherson
Margaret SamsonAngus McPheeDonald McPherson
Agnes SamsonChristina McPheeSamuel McPherson
Jane SamsonMarion McPherson
Robert SamsonHugh McLeanAngus McPherson
Jessie McLeanFergus McPherson
Wm. FlemingMarion McLean
Elizabeth FlemingEffie McLeanDuncan McIntyre
Alexander FlemingCatherine McLeanMary McIntyre
Jane FlemingDonald McLeanMary McIntyre
Hugh FlemingMary McLeanCatherine McIntyre
Elizabeth FlemingAnne McIntyre
Archibald McAuleyNeil McIntyre
Hugh MaxwellCatherine McAuleyEffie McIntyre
James NeilsonAnne McLellanAngus McDonald
Marion NeilsonPenny McLellanMarion McDonald
Mary NeilsonAnn McDonald
John NeilsonMary McDonald
Catherine NeilsonArchibald McLeodNeil McDonald
Hector McLeodDonald McDonald
Marion McLeodChristina McDonald
Murdo McLeodChristine McLeod
Catherine McLeodJessie McLeod
Margaret McLeodJohn McLeodJohn McIntyre
Mary McLeodEwing McLeodCatherine McIntyre
Mary McLeodMary McIntyre
Malcom McDonaldEffie McIntyre
Ann McDonaldMary McIntyre
Ronald McDonaldPeter McIntyreChristina McIntyre
Donald McDonaldGormal McIntyreEffie McIntyre
Christina McDonaldDonald McIntyreDonald McIntyre
Mary McDonaldAnn McIntyre
John McDonaldAngus McIntyre
John McIntyreAnne Morison
Peggy McIntyreAnne Morison
Donald McDonaldMary Morison
Malcom McLellanJames Morison
Ronald McDonaldAllan Morison
Alex GilliesDonald McDonald
Flora GilliesMary McDonald
Peggy McDonaldMary Morison
John Morrison
Isabella MorrisonAllan BlackNeil McCormaig
Ann MorrisonMargaret BlackMary McCormaig
Angus MorrisonDuncan BlackDonald McCormaig
John Black
Finlay McInnesJohn Clarkson
Penny McInnesDonald McDonaldMrs. Clarkson
Donald McInnesCatherine McDonaldCabin passengers
Mary McDonaldJames Carmichael
Finlay McLellanDonald McDonaldJessy Carmichael
Mrs. R. GrantMiss J. DawsonMrs. Honeyman
Mr. J.A. DawsonMr. HoneymanMr. Faickny

Revised list cabin passengers add James Waddell.

James Carmichael and Capt. Geo. McKenzie, New Glasgow, joint owners of this ship.

A large number of these people went later to P.E. Island and Cape Breton

Compiled by: Morgan Robertson

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