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OVELY NELLY -- 1774 & 1775


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The Lovely Nelly was a Snow class ship built in 1762 at Chepston, South Wales for Captain John Walker and Company, and registered at Whitehaven, England. This ship made two sailings carrying emigrants from the GALLOWAY area of Southern Scotland to Prince Edward Island.

For more information about these lists, they are published in the book "Emigrants from Scotland to America 1774-1775" by Viola Root Cameron.

Lovely Nelly 1774 & 1775
1774 list
Emigrants namesageParish
John Smith33Colvend
Mrgt. McViccar wf28
Wm. & Mary Smith6/4
John McGeorge24
Jean Stevenson66
James Wardrop26Lochmaben
David Harrieson40Haddon
Jannet Henderson44
Grizell Harrieson19
Agnes Harrieson17
Helen Harrieson13
Jannet & Margt.9/7
John Crocket31Colvend
Margt. Young wf28
James Crocket son6
Wm. & Joseph4/1
John McCracker23
Walwood Waugh33Annan
Helen Henderson30
4 boys & 1 girl10 to 1
Catherine Colven30
Margt. Campbell26
Wm. Campbell24
Wm. McKie30Kelton
Issabell McKie29
John, Eliza., & Mary6, 4 & 1
Wm. Troop24Kelton
John Troop22
Alexr. Coupland18
Wm. McBurnie26Colvend
Ro. McBurnie20
Thos., Wm & Christn. Armstrongs17, 15 & 10Glencairn
Chas. Blackie36Southwick
Jannet Herries wf36
John son6
William son4
James son3
Ann daughter10 mos.
James Taylor25
Ro. Blair50Newabby
Henny Shannon20
John Smith45Kirkbean
Jannet Sturgeonno age given
Jannet daughter6
Mary daughter16
Jan daughter9
Agnes daughter5
Isabella daughter3
Nelly daughter1
Ro. Coultart20Kirkgunzeon
Wm. Smith24Colvend
Mary Wilson50
Ro. Stewart16Southwick
Jannet Stewart14
Wm. Wilson23Colvend
John Wilson21Colvend
James Wilson4 mos.Colvend
Andrew Brigg30Galloway
Margaret Griver
John Carson20Galloway
Charles Carson18
Gavin Johnson22Lanark
William Blair30Galloway
Charles Aikin22
Thomas Chrisholm36


Shipped at Douglas Isleman:

Thomas Trumball

Jean MacKay wf

Trumbell's three children

Shipped at Whitehaven:

Robert Douglas

John Grinlaw

Shipped at Port Kirkcudbright;

Anthony McCliland

McCliland's 5 children

John McClean

His wife and son

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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