The HUMPHREYS Passenger List

UMPHREYS --- 1806


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NOTE: The following list, like the Spenncer, Isle of Skye, and Elizabeth & Ann, also for 1806, was made by the customs officials on Prince Edward Island. None of the details found in British listings are to be found here. This list is a nominal one, giving only additional information on gender and age. The original is in PAPEI 2702.

A List of Passengers imported in the Brig HUMPHREYS John Young Master from Tobermory N. Britain. 14 July 1806.

The HUMPHREYS -- 1806
No.Malesabove 6016--60under 16
1D'd McDonald24
2Sam'l May Williams32
3John Allen25
4Tho's Allen4
5C.D. Rankin29
6Geo. Rankin3 mos.
7Don'd McIntyre23
8Gellin McPherson38
9Arch'd McPherson9
10Arch'd McEachern30
11Lauchlin McEachern3
12John McEachern22
13Lauchlin McDonald11
14Colin Connell20
15Angus McDonald60
16Don'd McDonald20
17Don'd McEachern60
18Don'd McEachern24
19John Livingston20
20Dugald McEachern18
21Hector McEachern9
22Duncan Henderson47
23Donald Henderson18
24John Henderson2
25Hugh McKinnon51
26Neal McKinnon19
27John McKinnon14
28Malcolm McKinnon12
29Angus McKinnon8
30Rod'k McKinnon2
31Neal McKinnon42
32Neal McKinnon20
33Don'd McKinnon26
34Alex'r McPhardon28
35Angus McPhardon2
36Lauchlin McKinnon45
37John McKinnon4
38Roderick McKinnon2
39Duncan McKinnon2 months
40Angus McLane55
41John McLane16
42Ja's McLane14
43Don'd McLane10
44Cha's McEachern17
45Alex'r McQueary40
46John McQueary8
47Sandy McQueary6

The HUMPHREYS -- 1806
No.Femalesabove 6016--60under 16
1Maria Williams29
2Francis Allen25
3Maria Allen2
4Flora Rankin24
5Flora McIntyre40
6Sarah McIntyre20
7Mary McIntyre18
8Flora McPherson33
9Mary McPherson4
10Marg't McPherson2
11Jane McPherson2 months
12Sarah McEarchen30
13Jane McEarchen6
14Marg't McEarchen1 month
15Mary Carmichael35
16Flora McDonald9
17Penny McDonald7
18Mary McDonald4
19Ann McDonald50
20Cath'e McDonald24
21Christ'n McDonald22
22Sarah McEachern52
23Mary McEarchen19
24Jannet McEarchen12
25Sarah Henderson47
26Mary Henderson20
27Ann Henderson14
28Catherine McKinnon45
29Mary McKinnon20
30Cath'e McKinnon10
31Elizabeth McKinnon6
32Cath'e McKinnon40
33Ann McKinnnon18
34Miron McKinnon25
35Mirron McKinnon4
36Cath'e McKinnon1
37Elizabeth McPhardon24
38Cath'e McKinnon38
39Marg McKinnon8
40Jennet McKinnon6
41Ann McLane50
42Christy McLane18
43Mary McLane12
44Ann McEacharn50
45Isobele McQueary33
46Flora McQueary13
47Sarah McQueary11
48Margaret McQueary4
49Una McQueary1 month

W. Townshend, Coll'r.

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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