The COMMERCE Passenger List --- 1803



All following on August 10, 1803 aboard Commerce, Robert Galt, master bound to Pictou. All from Perthshire, town or parish unknown.

NAMEAGESCause of EmigrationOccupation
James McLawson60Farm taken from himFarmer
Isabella McLawson58Wife
John McLawson21Child
James McLawson18Child
Eliza McLawson11Child
James Stewart37Farm taken from himFarmer
Janet Stewart37Wife
Donald Stewart11Child
Isabella Stewart9Child
Janet Stewart7Child
Charles Stewart11/4Child
Donald Gordon40Rent raised and could not live by it.Farmer
Christian Gordon31Wife
Isabella Gordon6Child
Henry Gordon5Child
James Gordon3Child
Donald Gordon9 mos.Child
Duncan McGregor41Farm taken from himFarmer
Margaret McGregor30Wife
Katherine McGregor8Child
Charles McGregor6Child
Hugh McGregor4Child
Jessie McGregor11/2Child
Alexander McGregor60Farm taken from himFarmer
Margaret McDonald40
Donald McLauren33Farm taken from himFarmer
Eliza McLauren32Wife
James McLauren6Child
Janet McLauren4Child
John McLauren2Child
William McLauren25Rent raised and could not live by it.Farmer
Janet McLauren20Wife
Donald McLauren1Child
Alexander Stewart20Want of employmentLabourer
Donald Kennedy45Rent raised and could not live by it.Farmer
Margaret Kennedy35Wife
Janet Kennedy10Child
John Kennedy8Child
Robert Kennedy6Child
Donald Kennedy3Child
Duncan Robertson42Farm taken from himFarmer
Isabella Robertson31Wife
Alexander Robertson6 1/4Child
Eliza Robertson4 1/4Child
Margaret Robertson11/4Child
Isabella Robertson3 mos.Child
John Reid25Farm taken from himFarmer
Eliza Reid23Wife
Alexander Reid3 1/4Child
Ann Reid11/4Child
John McFarlane41Rent raised and could not live by it.Farmer
Ann McFarlane39Wife
Eliza McFarlane10Child
James McFarlane8Child
John McFarlane6Child
Ann McFarlane4Child
Margaret McFarlane2Child
Janet McFarlane2 mos.Child
Alexander McIntosh42Rent raised and could not live by it.Farmer
Agnes McIntosh34Wife
John McIntosh13Child
Margaret McIntosh11Child
James McIntosh9Child
William McIntosh3Child
James Bullians24Child (?)
Charles McDonald35Farmer
Agnes McDonald31Wife
Eliza McDonald9Child
Alexander McDonald2Child
James MacDonald9 mos.Child


This list is in the National Library of Scotland, Melville Papers, Mss 1053 f. 107.

Port Glasgow: List of all persons who have Emigrated from Perthshire on board ships at this Port since the Passing of the Emigrant Act 43d George 3d cap. 56.

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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