Murray Cemetery at the Falls, Colchester County

urray Cemetery At The Falls

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Murray Cemetery at The Falls, Colchester County

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From the intersection of Rts. 326 and 311 travel North on 311 for 9.2 kms (5.7 miles) and turn right onto a small incline; cross the bridge, through a gate and continue right to a second gate. The cemetery is about 1 km. from this point. Road is passable by car. From the intersection of Rts. 6 and 311 in Tatamagouche travel 12.6 kms. (7.8 miles) South on 311. Turn left and follow directions above.

This work has the approval of Wilbert Sutherland and Daniel McKay, caretakers of the cemetery. Also with the assistance of data from Colchester Archives and surveys by Roy Kennedy of Tatamagouche and John MacKay of Stellarton.

Indexed by Don Beeler

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In Memory of
Gilbert A. Sutherland
his wife
and their five children
[Indexer's Note: NO Dates Given]

William MacDonald
1836 - 1882
their children
1876 - 1880
1862 - 1884

George R. Sutherland
1838 - 1907
his wife
1838 - 1921

In Memory of
James Sutherland
died June 29th, 1897
aged 27 years
John R. Sutherland
died Feb 15th, 1904
aged 29 years

In Memory of
Robert Sutherland
died Jan 31st, 1885
aged 82 years
Native of Sutherlandshire, Scotland

In Memory of
John MacKay
eldest son of
John and Marion MacKay
Died after a short illness
April 29th, 1883
aged 16 years and 7 months
All levelled by the hand of Death
Lie sleeping in the tomb
Till God in Judgement calls them forth
To meet their final doom

John MacKay
1834 - 1919
his wife
Marion MacLeod
1847 - 1933
John McKay
died Apr 25th, 1883
aged 16 years
died Jan 21st, 1891
aged 21 years
died Nov 25th, 1900
aged 28 years
Donald Robert MacKay
died Oct 21st, 1917
aged 38 years

In Memory of
George MacLeod
born Sep 22nd, 1843
died Apr 4th, 1890
Donald MacLeod
born Sep 20th, 1845
died Jan 16th, 1886
Agnes Jane
born 1878
died 1891
Daughter of Donald and Anna B. MacLeod

Hugh McDonald
1822 - 1886
his wife
Christena Sutherland
1831 - 1895
thier daughter
1871 - 1896

In Memory of
William McLeod
died Jun 7th, 1908
aged 65 years
his wife
died July 4th, 1886
aged 45 years
their daughter
died May 29th, 1875
aged 16 months

George Sutherland
1833 - 1922
his wife
Dorothy McLeod
1840 - 1924
In Loving Remembrance of
Mary C.
eldest and beloved daughter of
George and Dorothy Sutherland
died April 13th, 1896
aged 28 years
Infant Daughter
died Aug 2nd, 1888
In Memory of
Barbara Sutherland
died Nov 23rd, 1901
aged 27 years
Asleep in Jesus

William Murray
1866 - 1897
his wife
Bessie McKay
1867 - 1897

Alexander Murray
died Nov 14th, 1890
aged 73 years
wife of Alexander Murray
died March 26th, 1898
aged 83 years

In Memory of
William Murray
died Feb 19th, 1878
aged 33 years
Beloved husband farewell
The years were few but virtues ---

In Memory of
Donald Murray
died Feb 25th, 1911
aged 61 years
his wife
died May 30th, 1928
aged 78 years
infant son
died 1873
aged 8 weeks
infant son
died 1875
aged 3 weeks
John Murray
died June 1912
aged 34 years

In memory of
Daniel Henderson
died in Butte, Montana
March 14th, 1914
aged 29 years
Son of Norman and Annie Henderson
In Memory of
Norman Henderson
died Nov 10th, 1919
aged 73 years
his wife
Annie MacKay
died Dec 7th, 1916
aged 53 years
Alexander H. Henderson
died Aug 18th, 1922
aged 63 years
In Memory of
Private A.H. Henderson
died for King and Country
in France
March 4th, 1917
aged 21 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Donald Henderson
a Native of Inverness, Scotland
He emigrated to Pictou Co. NS in 1822
and was married to Catherine Douglas
Feb 1st, 1834
& died at New Annen Nov 3rd, 1880
in the 68th year of his age
leaving a Wife and family of four sons
and five daughters
to mourn their loss

Sacred to the Memory of
Catherine Douglas
wife of
the late Donald Henderson
died June 27th, 1904
aged 90 years

In Memory of
Janet Sutherland
wife of William Sutherland
died June 13th, 1866
aged 36 years
O farewell earth and all beside
I leave you now ocean wide
to waft o'er the dark vale of death
and find a home of rest at last

In Memory of
William Sutherland
died May 3rd, 1901
aged 80 years
As you are now
So once was I,
as I am now
so you must be
Prepare for death
and follow me.

Sacred to the Memory of
Alexander Sutherland
a Native of the Parish of Clyne
Sutherlandshire, Scotland
Died Nov 17th, 1857
aged 72 years
He was an honest and respectable man
and one who feared God during his life
And who died in hope of a happy resurrection
Be ye followers of those
who through Faith and patience
inherit the promise

In Memory of
wife of Alexander Sutherland
a Native of Sutherlandshire, Scotland
died 14th of Feb 1883
aged 85 years
If we believe that Jesus died and rose again
even so them also which sleep in Jesus
Will God bring with Him

In Memory of
Elizabeth McPherson
wife of Geo. Sutherland
died Jan 23rd, 1882
aged 40 years
leaving a husband and five children
to mourn their loss
In Memory of
George Sutherland
died Aug 16th, 1896
aged 60 years
leaving a wife and five children
to mourn their loss

In Memory of
Elizabeth McKay
died June 6th, 1945
aged 88 years

In Loving Memory of
Donald Copper McKay
native of Caithnessshire, Scotland
died Oct 1st, 1917
aged 92 years

In Loving Memory of
Catherine McKay
wife of Donald C. McKay
died Feb 1st, 1907
aged 82 years

In Memory of
son of Donald and Catherine McKay
died Oct 20th, 1862
aged 7 years

Murdock D.
1887 - 1969
Jennie S. Gray
1885 - 1972
Margaret M.
1889 -- no dates

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