The [Barque] Ellen Passenger List --- 1848


The PASSENGER LIST of the [Barque] Ellen --- 1848

The following is a list of passengers mostly farmers who embarked at Loch Laxford on 22nd of May, 1848 on the barque Ellen , 380 tons register, Dugald McLachlan, Master

The Ellen
Donald KerrFlora KerrBarbara McIntosh
Sarah KerrCathie KerrElizabeth McIntosh
William Kerr
John KerrHugh McIntoshJohn Bethune
Ann BethuneElspet McKayHecato McKenzie
Meran BethuneGeorgina McKayDonald McKenzie
Barbara BethuneDiana McKayAngus McKenzie
John BethuneMargt. McKenzie
Ann BethuneRoderick McKay
Johan BethuneBarbara McKayBenjamin Gunn
Flora Gunn
Angus McKayJohn McLeodDonald Gunn
Elizt. McKayAnn McLeod
Barbara McKayIsabella McLeodFingal Morrison
William McKayJean McLeod
Georgina McKayBarbara McLeodHector Falconer
Margaret McKayMary Falconer
Donald McLeodFlora Falconer
W. Meran McLeodMargaret McLeodCatherine Falconer
Colin McLeodAlexander Falconer
Ann McKaySimon McLeodHughina Falconer
Elizt. McKayThos. McLeodMary Falconer
Margt. AdamJanet McLeodJames Falconer
Johan Falconer
Murdo MorrisonGeorge McIntoshPeter Falconer
Elizt. MorisonJanet McIntosh
Ann MorrisonKathel Kerr
Alex. MorrisonAnn McIntoshAnn Kerr
John MorrisonAnn McIntoshJohn Kerr
Donald MorrisonRobina McIntoshGeorge Kerr
Donaldina McIntoshBell Kerr
William McKayCina McIntoshWilliam Kerr
Janet McKayRoderick McIntoshBarbara Kerr
Catherine McKayHughina McIntosh
Neilina McKayMary McKenzie
Roderick McKayJohn McKay
Murdo McKayJess McKayDonald McLeod
Georgina McKayBetty McLeod
Donald McKayHugh McLeod
Jean McKayHugh McKenzieChristy McLeod
Maria McKayBetty McKenzieAnn McLeod
Donald McLeodWilliam GunnElspet Matheson
Johan McLeodChristy GunnRobert Matheson
Hugh McLeodDonald Gunn
Lucy McLeodDonald McKenzie
Robertina McLeodMcKenzie GunnMary McKenzie
David McLeodMerran GunnAlex McKenzie
Betty McLeodJohn GunnDonald McKenzie
Mary GunnMurdoch McKenzie
Donald McLeodJane GunnHenry McKenzie
Mary McLeodDonald GunnJohn McKenzie
George McLeodRobert GunnMary McKenzie
Mary McLeodAngus GunnFlora McKenzie
William Gunn
Ann Sutherland
George McLeodJane LamondFairly McKay
Nancy McLeodMerran LamondJean McKay
Margt. McLeod
John MathesonDavid McKay [Cabin Passenger]
Neil McLeodJohan Matheson
Catharine McLeodWilliam MathesonDond. Morrison
John MathesonCathrine McKay [wife]
James McKayPatrick Matheson
Bessie McKayKenneth MathesonPeter Morrison

Margaret Morrison having failed to appear after the ship was cleared out the following parties are now substituted in their stead vizt.

ED. NOTES: The names below appear above with one difference -- the ages were included on these 3 passengers.

The Ellen [additions]
Mrs. Ann Sutherland [80]Fairly McKay [24]Ann McKay [18]
Jean McKay [26]

I Dugald McLachlan do declare that the above is a true statement of the passengers on board the Ellen from Loch Laxford.

[Signed] D. McLachlan

Declared before me this 30th June 1848

[Signed] Wm. J. Johnson

Sub. Coll. H.M. Customs

Compiled by: Morgan Robertson

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