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                    					PEDIGREE OF MALLORY
                    A plausible Pedigree to be studied in conjunction with the Text
                                  (See key in Preface to Pedigree)
Taken from the book "A HISTORY OF THE MALLORY FAMILY" by S.V. Mallory Smith, published by PHILLIMORE CO LTD,
Shopwyke Hall Chichester, Sussex, 1985
ISBN 0 85033 576 0
                           Richard Mallore
                    			v. temp. King Stephen and Early King Hen. II,
            i.e., between 1135 and 1189.
          Held at Swinford and Bredon, Leics., Welton, Northants., and Nun Eaten, Warwcs
	|			             |			                        	|
  Bertram Mallory,                    Geoffrey Mallory,                   			Jane.
 v. temp. King Hen. II,          v. temp. late King Stephen and King Hen. II,       v. temp. King Stephen,
  i.e., 1154-1189                   i.e., between 1154-1189             			daughter of Sir -
 lord of Holwell, Beds.              lord of Kirkby Mallory and Walton. Leics.,      	Mallory. Married Sir
			                   Botley, Warwcs			          John Stapleton, Con-		
								                          troller of the King's
Note: Welton later .   		        	|                              		Household. (Harleian,
passed to Holwell branch		        |				                 2118.)
Ped. A, P136     			        |
	|			                   |				                	|
   Sir Thomas Mallory             	Sir Anketil Mallory             				Elgiva Mallory
   V. temp. King. Hen. II,         		kt. 1174, obit. 1187,
   lord of Walton, Leics.       		lord of Tachebrook Mallory, Warwcs.
                   			 Governor of Leicester and Leicester Castle
    Arms:'Or a lion rampant Gules			|
  collared Argent.' (Single tail.			|
  Harleian, 1400.)					|
	|			                       |					        |
  ? Ralph Mallory = Liecia        		Robert Mallory,           			 Henry Mallory = Iseu It
    of Hyde 		v. 1202              	v. 1186, lord of                    		  v. 1199, lord of Kirkby Mallory
      |              			Tachebrook Mallory, Warwcs.                  and Walton, Leics. Succeeded to
 Elianor Mallory = Fenton						                Tachebrook Mallory, Warwcs	.
 Granddaughter													|
 and coheir of			--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Sir Thomas			|                        			  |                           	|
 of Walton                     	Sir William Mallory, 			Gilbert Mallory (? Sir) 	Christine
                    		kt., 1216, lord of Kirkby Mallory 	v. 1227, 1270. Held land at	Mallory,
   Note: Walton passed to 	and Tachebrook Mallory 	        	Tachebrook Mallory 		v. 1250		
   Kirkby Mallory line		|				        	|
                                |  				                |                                                 	
                          	Sir Richard Mallory,         			Simon Mallory
                   	kt., 1221, lord of Kirkby Mallory,       		v. 1264, lord of
                               Botley and Walton, and ? 			Draughton. Northants. and
                                Swinford and Bredon          			Hoton, Leics.
                                        |                                    		  |   	 Note: Swinford later
                                        |                                    		  |   	 passed to Draughton
                                        |                              					 branch.
                                        |                     			      Ped. B, P137
	|		                |			      |		        	|
  Robert Mallory   		Sir Thomas Mallory 		Sir William Mallory 		?          = 	Sara Mulethorpe,
 obit. 1279,       		v. 1296, kt., 1300, 		v. 1293, lord of 		Sir Anketil Mallory,		
lord of Kirkby 		lord of Kirkby   		Walton, Tachebrook, 		v. 1231, 		
Mallory 			Mallory. Or possibly   		Mallory, Botley and 		Octon, Yorks.jure
                    		son of Robert      		Peckleton			uxoris	
			Mallory, obit. 1279		?|
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