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Mt. Pleasant Township Washington County Pennsylvania

Transcription donated by Victoria Valentine

From the Sept. 18, 1897 McDonald PA Outlook Newspaper
McDonald PA

Article titled: Mt. Pleasant Twp Voters of 1848

Uploaded Friday, Sept. 12, 2008


"In 1848 the father of Miss Sadie MCCONAUGHEY was an official in Mt. Pleasant township. He made a list of all the voters in the township, and this list will be interesting to many. The names indicate that the people mostly came from the North of Ireland and Scotland.

[Note:  In the newspaper, this was a long list of names separated by commas, 
and paragraphs to alphabetize by surnames.  Names were put into columns to
make it easier for users of this website.]

A B C's part 1 C's part 2 D
Robert Alender,
Mathew Acheson,
Samuel Acheson,
Ebenezer Armstrong,
Reed Acheson,
John Anderson,
John Ayers,
William Ayers,
Benjamin Ayers,
James Ayers,
Robert Armour,
James Agnew,
Joseph Alender,
John Arbuckle,
John Agnew,
Mathew Anderson,
George Alender,
Walter Able,
James Able.
Johnathan Berry,
John Berry,
Joseph Brannan,
David Bell,
John Bradford, 
Thomas Buchanan,
Wm. Berry,
James Black,
George Biddle,
Samuel Berry.
Aaron Cherry,
Wm. Chisholm,
Charles Coulter,
John Cummins,
Henry Cochran,
Wm. Carter,
Mathew Crawford,
John Cockins,
Bonaparte N. Campbell, 
John Carlisle,
Isaac Cowden,
James Crawford,
Thomas Crawford,
Robert Crawford,
John Cochran,
Wm. Campbell,
John Coffee,
John Campbell,
Edward Cherry,
James Cannon,
John Cowden,
John Cummins,
Oliver Clemins,
Moses Collins,
Samuel Cowen,
James Campbell,
Wm. Caldwell,
Samuel Campbell,
Joseph Cummins,
Wm. Cain,
John Carter,
Wm. Cherry,
Edward Cherry,
Joseph Cowden, 
David Cummins,
Barnet Cummins,
Robert Cowden,
Charles Campbell,
Mark Cowden, 
James Conner.
Alexander Donnan,
Joseph Denny,
John Dougherty,
Hamilton Davidson,
Isaac Donaldson,
Wm. Dinsmore,
Jacob Donaldson,
Andrew Donaldson,
John Dinsmore, 
Robert Dinsmore,
John Douglass,
John Donnan,
Edward Dougherty,
James Dougherty,
Alex. Dougherty,
David Davidson,
Samuel Davidson,
Moses Davis.
[Note: No "E" names.]


Thomas Forsyth,
Samuel Farrar,
John Forsyth,
Robert Farrar,
Wm. Farrar, 
David Fulton,
George Fulton,
John France,
Peter Frances,
Nelson Fullem, 
Samuel Griffith,
John Gormly,
Isaac Griffith,
John George,
Jacob George, 
David George,
John Grounds,
Henry Grounds,
Robert George.
John Henderson,
John Henderson, Sr.,
Mathew Henderson, Sr.,
Wm. Holiday, 
Andrew Hamilton,
James Herriott,
David Hughes,
James Hughes,
James Henwood, 
Wm. Harrison,
John Henwood,
John Henwood,
George Henwood.
[Note: No "I" names.] [Note: No "J" names.]



George Kelso,
Mark Kelso,
Mathew Kemp,
John Kee. 

Wm. Lindsey,
Obediah Lindsey,
John Lindsey,
Wm. Lindsey, Jr.,
John Lyle, 
Joseph Lyle,
David Lyle,
John Lyle, Sr.

[Note: No "N" names.]


Wm. Orr,


Hugh McBride,
Andrew Miller,
John McCartney,
Joseph McNary,
James McCluskey,
John Morris,
Alex. McConaughey,
Robert Morgan,
Samuel Moor,
John McConaughey,
James McClelland,
Robert McCloy,
Thomas Miller,
John McKnight, 
John Miller,
Thomas McLaughlin,
Timothy McCarty,
John McCadament,
Daniel McCalls,
Samuel McCarty,
John McCall,
Daniel McLane,
Henry McCluskey,
George McIlhenny,
Gwin McIlvaine,
Timothy McCarty,
John McCarty,
James Moffit,
John McBurney,
Thomas Miller,
Thomas McCarroll,
John McCalmont,
John McDowell, 
James McDowell,
John Moore,
Thomas McKee,
Laudrick McCarroll,
Andrew McCarroll,
David McGuigan,
John McCalmont,
David McCalmont,
John Martin, 
James McLaughlin,
A. B. McKeever,
Hugh McDowell,
Archibald McCullough,
Wm. Moor,
Samuel McNary,
Henry Mull,
John McElroy,
David Manson,
John McKinley, 
John McLaughlin,
James Miller,
Robert Manson,
Alex. McGuigan,
John McIlvaine,
Wm. McLaughlin,
Robert Manson,
Robert McCall,
Robert McCally, 
John McCarty,
John McDonald.


P R S's part 1 S's part 2 T

John Pollock,





[NOTE: No "Q" names.]
John Rankin,
Patrick Rush,
Henry Robinson,
Mathew Rankin,
John Rodgers,
Wm. Rankin,
John Reed,
Joseph Robinson,
James Rankin, 
Andrew Russell,
Wm. Rankin,
Wm. Robinson,
David Rankin,
Findley Robinson, 
Cyrus Robinson,
Thomas Robinson,
John Rankin,
Joseph Robinson,
Wm. Richardson.
Joseph Scott,
John Scott,
Wm. Starrett,
Wm. Simpson,
Isaac Simpson, 
Thomas Slater,
Robert Smith,
John Simonton,
Wm. Simcox,
Henry Snyder,
John Smiley,
Robert Smiley,
Edward Smith,
Henry Shouse,
Wm. Smith,
John Simpson, 
Robert Smiley,
Wm. Scott,
Hugh Scott,
Andrew Scott,
Crawford Singers,
Wm. Smith,
Robert Smith,
Jas. Smith,
Wm. Slater,
Thos. Smiley.

James Tuten,
Tames (sic) Tannahill,
Robert Tuten,
Allan Thompson,
James Thompson,
Wm. Thompson,
Thomas Tuten,
John Tannahill,
Jas. Thompson,
Joseph Thompson,
Hugh Thompson,
Thomas Thompson,
John Thompson,
Robert Tuten,
Allan Thompson,
Joseph Thompson,
James Thompson,
George Tuten.


U V W X Y - Z
[Note: No "U" names.]

Godfrey Vogel,
Milton Vance,
John White,
Wm. White,
John Whight, 
Nicholas Whight,
Samuel Wilson,
Thomas Warte,
Nathaniel White,
James White, 
Anthony Woodrow,
Simcox Woodrow,
James Warte,
Andrew Wilson,
Wm. Warte.

[Note: No "X", "Y", or "Z" names.] [Note: No "X", "Y", or "Z" names.] [Note: No "X", "Y", or "Z" names.]

"In the above list, when a name appears more than once "Sr" or "Jr" should be annexed." [Last line of article.]





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